Rigid Body Dynamics Simulation

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					Rigid Body Dynamics Simulation

              Eugene Paik
  Computer Systems Tech Lab 2008-2009
What is rigid body dynamics?

Dynamics (n) - 1. The branch of mechanics which
treats of the motion of bodies (kinematics) and the
action of forces in producing or changing their
motion (kinetics).

           Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Real World Applications


Computer Animation


Video Game Industry

   2D
   Java
   Real time
   Realistic
   User interactive
Design and Development

   Main.class
       Driver that handles the world and all bodies within it
   Polygon.class
       Basic class for convex polygon rigid bodies
   Vector.class
       Dynamics requires a lot of vector math
Collision Detection

   Separating Axis
   Moving bodies
   Rotating bodies
Collision Response (Linear)‫‏‬
Collision Response (Angular)‫‏‬

   Gravity
       Resting contact forces
   Friction
       Static
       Kinetic
Current State

                   Success
                       Run speed
                       Accurate collisions
                   To-be-worked-on
                       Resting contact
                       Friction