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									Project Proposal Audiology Laboratory Kabul
                         Project Proposal Audiology Clinic Kabul

Dear reader,
At this moment there is a great poverty in Afghanistan. Most of the people are poor and
the war makes it difficult for them to survive. Especially the weakest in the society, have
the most problems. Among the victims, children suffer the most. Particularly those with a
handicap need more attention.

It is impossible to provide humanitarian help for every one because of the large group of
people without any facilities. But we can reach particular groups with a specific problem.
At this moment together with BARAN Foundation in Kabul we are trying to set up an
audiology laboratory for hearing impaired children and adolescents in Kabul and
surrounding. Children suffering from hearing loss have the ability to live full and
productive lives in the same way as other children. But they need additional support.

Please read this proposal and try to help those kids there. We appreciate any kind of
support. Those children need our help

Thank you,

Afghan Youths Foundation KEIHAN

                         Afghan Youth Foundation KEIHAN                                  2
                          Project Proposal Audiology Clinic Kabul

Our goal is to set up an audiology laboratory in one of the Kabul districts for screening,
diagnosing and (if possible) treatment of hearing impaired children and adolescents in
Kabul and surrounding areas. Hearing impaired children will be referred to this lab for
specialized audiological examination, screening and registration. In case of a treatable
impairment also the appropriate treatment (if possible) is offered. There will be a monthly
rapport written and all their activities will be documented.

The project evaluation is planned after one year. There are two evaluation visits from The
Netherland: at the beginning and after one year of establishment. All participated
organizations will be informed with a periodic report. The cost of this project for the first
year is estimated about 57.285 euro. After the first year there will be only the maintenance
costs needed to run this lab.

                          Afghan Youth Foundation KEIHAN                                        3
                          Project Proposal Audiology Clinic Kabul

2. The organization
Afghan Youth Foundation KEIHAN has been established by Afghan youth and students
in The Netherlands. Our goal is to help the Afghan youth community in The Netherlands
and participate in the rebuilding of Afghanistan. We are an independent nonprofit
organization and we have no political, religious or ethnic preferences.

3. Key data of the organization
Company name and legal              Afghan Youth Foundation KEIHAN, Stichting
structure (BV, VOF, Ltd. etc)       Afghaanse Jongeren KEIHAN, (Stichting)
Address                             Verlengde Wassenaarseweg 1B
Postal code and city                2342 BG Oegstgeest
Country                             The Netherlands
Name of contact person              Edris Mahtab
Position                            Member
Telephone number                    0031(0) 6 48473312 / 0031 (0) 71 4012376
E-mail address            
Registration no. Chamber of         28111300, Kamer van Koophandel Rijnland,
Commerce including date             Stationsweg 41, Postbus 2059, 2301 CB Leiden, 30-06-
and city of registration            2006.
Bank/giro account number  
Name and address of bank            ABN AMRO, Stationsweg 31-33 Leiden, BO-nummer

4. Project title and location (city, province, country)
Audiology Laboratory Kabul (Kabul, Afghanistan)

5. Project description and set up
Set up of an audiology lab in a district of Kabul for screening, diagnosing and treatment
(non-intensive and with basal hearing aids) of hearing impaired children in Kabul and
surrounding areas. The patients who are examined first by the local doctors will be
referred to this clinic for specialized audiological examination, screening and registration.
In case of a diagnosed impairment, (basic) treatment and follow-up is offered. A report of
the progression will be monthly sent from Kabul. There are also two evaluation visits
planned at the beginning and after one year from The Netherland. All participated
organizations will be informed by a periodic report. This project will be evaluated after
one year.

                          Afghan Youth Foundation KEIHAN                                    4
                              Project Proposal Audiology Clinic Kabul

6. What is the target group?
During the first years, the target group is about 5000 children in Kabul and surrounding
areas. Those children are poor and they have no access to specialized medical services.

7. What are the objectives?
Because of the poverty and war there has been no attention for children with a handicap
resulting in poor medical health situation. Also because of the poverty and their handicap,
those children can not participate in the regular education system. This project will
improve the quality of their life and will provide them an opportunity to start with

8. What is the final result?
In the first year as many as possible children and adolescents will be screened and
registered in Kabul and surrounding locations. The patients with hearing impairment (s)
are diagnosed and, if possible, the treatment will be started. They will be also referred to
educational institutions, in case they are not at school yet.

9. Project starting and finishing date
The starting date is estimated provisionally about 01-09-2008. After the first phase, which
lasts a year, an evaluation will take place to guesstimate the first year and to conclude if
this project can be followed. In the following years because the clinic is already set up in
the first year, only the maintenance costs and staff expenses have to be financed. In this
proposal the budget has been included for the first year. Annually evaluations of the
activities will take place.

10. Project budget (see attachment for details)
At this moment the total costs for the first year are 57.285 euro including staff, housing,
material, etc. which we could predict and consider. However, the transport cost is not
included. For this reason we are looking for Afghan or Dutch governmental or / and non-
governmental organization which are able to take care of transport to Afghanistan.
Previously we were in contact with the Dutch ministry of Defense and they have promised
their participation in transporting the equipments to Kabul. We are all students and we are
trying to contribute financially to this project, but this project demands more financial
supports than we are able to provide. We hope to find sponsoring and / or financial

                              Afghan Youth Foundation KEIHAN                                   5
                        Project Proposal Audiology Clinic Kabul

support from different organizations. At the moment we are in contact with several
organizations and they have been promised their support.

11. Which steps have already been taken?
    a. BARAN foundation, which looks at present after the 280 hearing impaired
       children in Kabul, has offered their help to take care of this project in Kabul.
    b. We are registered as NGO in Kabul.
    c. In Afghanistan doctors and other specialists have been selected and educated for
       this project. They have followed a course for this project.
    d. We have been advised by Mr. Herman ten Berge from Nationale Hoorstichting,
       Mr. Dingemanse from Audiology centre The Hague, Mr. Ketelaars from EmiD
       Ltd, Ms. Van den Beld from The Rehabilitation Fond, Mr. Schoonderwalt from
       Beter Horen foundation, Ms. Van Hest from RVVZ, Mr. Erik Honkoop from Café
       averechts and Mr. Turabaz President Netherlands-Afghanistan Business Council.
    e. EmiD Ltd, Beter Horen foundation, Café averechts and Mr. Turabaz have
       promised to support this project financially.
    f. Further we have contacted the Afghan consulate in The Netherlands and they have
       promised all kind of cooperation.
    g. We have contacted the Dutch ministry of Defense and they have promised their
       help in transporting the goods from The Netherlands to Kabul.

                         Afghan Youth Foundation KEIHAN                                   6
                                   Project Proposal Audiology Clinic Kabul

Attachment: Budget
Expenses (first year)                                        Unit         Unit rate (€)          Costs (€)

1. Human Resources (incl. Tax)
Audiology specialist                                                 12                   350             4.200
Ear mold technician                                                  12                   350             4.200
ENT Specialist / Project manager                                     12                   450             5.400
Subtotal Human Resources                                                                                 13.800

2. Equipment and supplies (excl. Tax)
Generator 5KV                                                         1                 300                 300
Acoustic Cabinet                                                      1               1.800               1.800
AT235H (Tympanometer)                                                 1               6.219               6.219
AD229E (Audiometer)                                                   1               3.863               3.863
Hearing Aid                                                         100                 100              10.000
Otoscope set                                                          2                 100                 200
Pen-light                                                             2                  10                  20
Sound test Machine                                                    2                 200                 400
Microwave                                                             1                  50                  50
Lab-Lamp                                                              1                  25                  25
Drier Machine                                                         1                  30                  30
Exaster                                                               1                 300                 300
Polish                                                                1                 180                 180
Drailler                                                              2                  50                 100
Freezor                                                               1                 100                 100
Eclectorcotir                                                         3                 250                 750
Otoplastic + labratechnique                                           2               1.000               2.000
Spare parts/equipment for machines, tools                            12                  10                 120
Duplication material concentrata                                      6                 200               1.200
Impression material C-silicona                                       20                  80               1.600
Other materials                                                       1               1.000               1.000
Subtotal Equipment and supplies                                                                          30.257

3. Local office (incl. Tax)
Location rent                                                        12                   500                6.000
Fuel and utilities                                                   12                    50                  600
Computer and printer                                                  1                   600                  600
Consumables - office supplies                                        12                    50                  600
Other services (tel/fax, electricity/heating, maintenance)           12                   100                1.200
Subtotal Local office                                                                                        9.000

4. Evaluation visit
Tickets (per person)                                                 1                1.200                  1.200
1 week stay in Kabul (per person)                                    1                  300                    300
Subtotal Evaluation Visit                                                                                    1.500

Subtotal Costs                                                                                           54.557

5. Unexpected costs (5%)                                             1                    0,05               2.728

Total Costs                                                                                              57.285

                                    Afghan Youth Foundation KEIHAN                                                   7

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