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									the Zlotnik, Lamb
   & Company
services report                       [ a newsletter for clients and friends                                            fall 2002 ]

Since its inception, the goal of
Zlotnik, Lamb & Company has
                                      > Your partners in business growth
been to build strong, lasting
relationships with its professional
clients. Our associates and staff     Thanks to our nation's aging population,         several years working for a national accounting
have developed a reputation           insurance and estate planning has become         firm as an income tax specialist. In 1984, Mark
for quality, integrity, and           more important to financial professionals than    joined Zlotnik, Lamb & Company to focus on
professionalism. Call us today and    ever before. This is why Zlotnik, Lamb &         estate and succession planning for business
                                      Company recently expanded its services to        owners. Mark is also responsible for
find out how we can be valuable
                                      include a Technical Services Division.           developing sophisticated retirement benefit
members of your planning team.
                                                                                       plans. His extensive experience in designing
                                      Consider the Technical Services Division         deferred giving arrangements and his active
                                      your partner in business growth. Working         involvement with various charities is a
zlotnik lamb & company                closely with your ZLC client service             valuable asset to the team.
                                      representative, our Technical Services
Life insurance/Estate Planning/
                                      Division will help you design innovative and     deborah a. goch, ca, tep
Wealth Management & Retirement
                                      tax-effective compensation, estate, and          Deborah is a Chartered Accountant with
Planning/ Employee Benefits &
                                      insurance planning solutions for your clients.   experience in public practice and the life
Pensions/ Structured Settlements
                                                                                       insurance industry. As a tax consultant, she has
Vancouver                                 areas of expertise                           provided extensive personal and corporate tax
1200 Park Place,                      Together, our Technical Services Division can    planning services to privately-owned
666 Burrard Street,                   provide insight and advice on your clients’      businesses and their owners, specializing in
Vancouver, BC V6C 2X8                 insurance and estate planning questions. We      estate and life insurance planning, corporate
Tel: (604) 688-7208                   would be happy to assist you in the areas of:    re-organizations and trusts. Deborah joined
Fax: (604) 688-7268                                                                    ZLC in 2002. Here, she concentrates on
                                      •   Estate planning                              working with privately-owned companies and
                                      •   Retirement planning                          their owners to create effective retirement,
Victoria                              •   Financing of buy-sell agreements             insurance and estate planning strategies.
3711 Grange Road,                     •   Charitable planned giving arrangements
Victoria, BC V8Z 4S9                  •   Living benefit options                        bruce k. berger, ba, cfp
Tel: (250) 727-3445                   •   Compensation and benefits planning            Bruce’s experience in the financial planning
Fax: (250) 479-9716                   •   Business loan insurance                      industry dates back to 1984 when he began
                                      •   Risk management for key persons              his career working with a major life insurance
Toll Free: 1-800-663-3171                                                              company. In 1996, he joined ZLC to assist            Our Technical Services Division has the skills   clients with estate planning, supplemental
                                      and experience to provide you with effective     pension funding, insurance planning and
                                      financial solutions for your clients. Here’s a    money management.
“Financial advice is only as          closer look at the experts working for you.
good as the person you ask.”                                                           We want to be part of your financial team. Call
                                      mark a. zlotnik, ba, ca, clu                     your ZLC professional to find out how our
                                      Mark began his career in the financial services   Techincal Services Division can add value to
                                      industry as a Chartered Accountant. He spent     your business.
[ the Zlotnik, Lamb & Company professional services report ]

> Looking to expand your business?
Consider employee benefit plans

Employee benefit plans are becoming a               renewals, expenses and admin services           insurance companies, Bob contributes
major business expense. And with the             • Provide current information on                  invaluable expertise to all members of the
uncertainty of continued government                government benefits/legislative changes          Employee Benefits team.
funding for many key employee benefits,           • Assist with selection of potential insurers
those costs are likely to rise. Controlling      • Work with a company’s management to             ross gibson, diplt
those costs is likely to become a major            resolve any employee disputes                   Ross has over 15 years of experience in
priority for many owners and managers over       • Establish group RRSPs                           employee benefits programs, as well as
the next several years.                                                                            eight years of experience with a large
                                                 Turn to our Employee Benefit Division to           life insurance company. Ross is responsible
Since 1985, Zlotnik, Lamb & Company has          help you expand your business                     for setting up new plans, as well as advising
managed the corporate needs of clients and       opportunities. Our specialists have the           potential and existing clients on how to
advisors alike. Today we handle over 250         qualifications and experience you’re looking       update benefit plans to save costs. Ross also
employee benefit programs and over 75             for. Meet our senior consultants…                 handles pension plans and other retirement
retirement plans. And we can help you too.                                                         arrangements for small and large groups.
                                                 robert e. olson, ba
    how we can help                              As Director of the Employee Benefit                For more information on employee benefit
There are many ways we assist our group          Division, Bob is responsible for a team of        plans, talk to your ZLC client representative
clients. In particular, we:                      highly trained specialists who design,            today. We’d be happy to send you more
                                                 implement and manage our group clients.           detailed information, or schedule an
• Prepare customized group benefit plans          With over 26 years of experience managing         appointment with one of our group benefits
  to reflect a company’s corporate goals          employee benefit programs and 12 years             specialists.
• Negotiate and review premium rates,            working with a number of major life

> Our Wealth Management team can build your business
Helping you offer your clients superior investment solutions

The Wealth Management Division of                william (bill) finlay, ba, ca                     a wide range of financial experience,
Zlotnik, Lamb provides clients with              Bill leads the Wealth Management Division         including positions as an analyst, portfolio
independent investment advice. We take the       at ZLC. Bill assists individuals with the         manager, and an advisor to high-net-worth
time to work with you and your clients to        creation, implementation and ongoing              clients. Here at ZLC, she manages our
determine the most effective strategy to         management of long-term financial plans.           overall product offerings and works closely
achieve their goals. Then we help you select     He also provides clients with specific             with Bill to provide expert advice to
the best investments to realize these results.   guidance on portfolio management and              qualified clients. Carrie acts as an important
Our wide variety of product offerings, from      investment strategy. Bill’s experience as a tax   liason between clients and ZLC’s pooled
third party mutual funds to ZLC Private          advisor and CA give him a multi-                  fund offerings, ensuring portfolios are
Investment Management Funds, allows us to        dimensional understanding of financial             aligned with clients’ specific needs.
satisfy all of your clients’ needs.              challenges—an understanding clients have
                                                 come to appreciate.                               As you can see, when you work with our
An integral part of our Wealth Management                                                          wealth management team, you’re definitely
Division is the expertise and experience of      carrie lyle, bcomm, mba, cma                      in good hands. Interested in finding out
our financial professionals. Here’s a look at     Carrie is Vice President in charge of ZLC         more about our services? Call your ZLC
your wealth management team…                     Private Investment Management. Carrie has         professional today.
                                                          [ the Zlotnik, Lamb & Company professional services report ]

> We’re here for you in more                                                                      > Estate
        ways than one                                                                                     Planning
Providing assistance for all of your clients’ financial needs                                             Checklist
                                                 planning team has the knowledge and              Estate planning can be a complicated topic.
                                                 experience to help you meet your clients’        Because it covers so many areas of personal
                                                 needs. We can arrange for business loan          finance, it can be difficult for professionals
                                                 insurance, organize funding for buy-sell         to know whether clients have planned for all
                                                 agreements, or offer insight and advice if       contingencies. To make things a little easier,
                                                 your clients are contemplating a major           our Estate and Business Succession Planning
                                                 change such as selling the business.             division came up with a list of critical estate
                                                                                                  planning questions. Cover the following and
                                                     wealth management and                        you can be sure you’re constructing a sound
                                                     retirement planning                          estate plan for your client.
It’s impossible to be an expert at everything.   Wealth management and retirement
This is especially true of the complicated       planning can be complex. But our                     individual questions
world of financial planning. That’s why           specialists can help. Our services cover a       • Does your client have a will?
Zlotnik, Lamb & Company has developed            wide range of topics including:                  • Does the will adequately address the needs
several areas of expertise to help you deliver                                                      of the client’s family?
top-quality service to your clients, no matter   • Private investment management                  • Are there special needs to consider in the
what service they’re looking for. Take a look    • Examining pension options                        will – for example, a disabled child?
at some of the services we provide.              • Managing an unexpected large lump sum          • Is there funding to pay off debts and/or
                                                 • Changes in clients’ wealth accumulation          specific bequests?
    insurance planning                             strategy                                       • Is there funding to cover off taxes payable?
Our insurance specialists focus on a variety     • Income planning for seniors
of areas, from living benefit arrangements        • Creditor proofing an investment portfolio           business questions
to basic protection needs. Our living                                                             • Does the client have a succession plan?
benefits cover disability, critical illness and   Working together with your ZLC                   • Is there a shareholders’ agreement? Does it
long-term care insurance. With the help of       representative, our wealth management              cover death, disability and retirement?
Zlotnik, Lamb & Company your clients             experts can help you provide customized          • Is the agreement funded? Are the values
will be well prepared to manage any future       investment strategies for your clients.            current?
healthcare concerns.                                                                              • Is there a need for key person insurance?
                                                     employee benefits and                        • Are there debts that should be paid down
Turn to us to help you establish the best            pensions                                       on the death of a major shareholder?
strategies to manage family protection, fund     If business owners make up a portion of          • Can the company be used to efficiently
a child’s education, or prepare charitable       your book, you’ll want to talk to our              fund the shareholders’ tax exposure?
giving arrangements. Our insurance               corporate resources team. Our advisors can
planning specialists will work with your         help you design effective compensation               taxation questions
ZLC representative to manage all of your         and benefits packages, handle risk                • Can the tax sheltered accumulation
clients’ changing needs.                         management for key persons, assist with            feature of life insurance enhance wealth
                                                 pension planning, and provide insight on           accumulation?
    estate and business                          recruiting and retaining top quality staff.      • Can that feature be combined with life
    succession planning                                                                             insurance needs?
Helping clients organize their estates is an     As you can see, Zlotnik, Lamb & Company
important part of your job as a financial         is capable of managing every aspect of your      If you’re looking for more information about
professional. The task becomes even more         clients’ financial plans. We invite you to give   any of the above areas, please call your ZLC
important (and more challenging) when a          us a call today for more information.            professional. We’re at your service.
business is involved. The ZLC estate
[ the Zlotnik, Lamb & Company professional services report ]

> Zlotnik, Lamb
           & Company
At your service

At Zlotnik, Lamb & Company, we
                                                          Harold Zlotnik CLU             Peter G. Lamb BA, CLU        Garry Zlotnik BComm, CA, CFP,   Martin Zlotnik BComm, LLB
strive to provide the best independent                                                                                          CLU, CHFC
advice, products and services to our
professional clients. We're confident
our advisors have the knowledge
and experience you require to make
us an integral component of your
professional financial team.

Allow us to introduce you to our team
of financial professionals. Whether it’s
detailed financial planning or just a
                                                      Mark A. Zlotnik CA, CLU, TEP   P.M. (Pip) Steele BComm, CFP,         Robert E. Olson BA            H.G. (Howie) Young
second opinion you’re looking for,                                                             CLU, CHFC
you can be sure of our help.

                                                        Amin E. Jamal ACII, CLU      John V.R. Wark BComm, CA, CFP,        Ross Gibson DIPLT          Ken McNaughton CFP, CLU,
                                                                                               CLU, CHFC                                                        CHFC

 Lynne Zlotnik-Nickford BEd       Lynn Newsome         Anthony P. Ciccone BComm         W.A. (Bill) Finlay BA, CA        Bruce K. Berger BA, CFP          Michael Healey BA

                                                                                                                                                      Call us today
                                                                                                                                                      and find out
                                                                                                                                                      how we can
                                                                                                                                                      be valuable
                                                                                                                                                      members of
                                                                                                                                                      your planning
  Harris Abro B.Proc., (Law)   Deborah Goch CA, TEP   Carrie Lyle BComm, MBA, CMA          Kurt Cassidy BA                  Aeronn Zlotnik BA

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