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CBP Accelerates Your Business Growth
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                                         The CBP Key

       Providing the Key to Your Business
                                                                                            February 2010
       Start Up and Growth!

               In this issue:
                                          Dear Barbara,   
         New Social Media Public           
            Relations Class               Wow! We have a giant thank you to the sponsors and exhibitors
        Annual Economic Impact;           who have stepped forward to
         Introducing CBP's New            support this year's Veterans In
                 Intern                   Business Conference, which will
                                          be held March 18 at the Army
          Veterans in Business            Navy Country Club in Arlington.
          Conference - Close to           We sold out the exhibitor tables in
              Selling Out!                less than three weeks and have
                                          created a wait list as we look to
        Be Pleasant and Positive!         see if we can make space for
        Have You Outgrown Your            more. And despite the 
       Home Office? Move in with          challenging economy our
                 CBP!                     sponsorship has increased. So thank you to:

          Business Law Classes            Platinum Sponsors: the Virginia Small Business Development
                                          Center Network and Freddie Mac;
         The 1,2,3s of Starting a
                Business                  Gold Sponsors: Veteran-owned StrategiCorps, Fedmine, BAE
                                          Systems, and Sandy Spring Bank;

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           Green Resolutions!         Silver Sponsors: C2 Portfolio Essentials, PilieroMazza, and
                                      Goodman & Co;
            CBP Professional           
        Volunteer Spotlight: Don      Bronze Sponsor: Lockheed Martin; and
        CBP Clients In the News!      Coffee Break Sponsor: Unisys.
        Upcoming Conferences          Early bird enrollment, which ended January 31, ran about 20
       You Need to Know About         percent ahead of last year and we anticipate that the
                                      conference will sell out. If you are a veteran owned business
           SBA Online Training        and interested in developing the knowledge, skills and
                                      relationships necessary to contract with the Federal
                                      Government, please sign up to attend this outstanding
                                      conference by visiting our website. 

                                      Finally, we'd like to recognize CBP board members Diane
                                      Dempsey and Amy Horn for their tireless efforts on behalf of
                                      CBP and the Veterans In Business Conference. See you March
                                      Mark Brown, Director
                                      Small Business Development Center
                                      Community Business Partnership

       New Social Media Public
       Relations Class! 

                             Join us for our new Social Media Public Relations Class on February 9,
                             2010 from 6pm-9pm!
                             If you were here with us for First Friday in December, you'll remember
                             what an INCREDIBLE training we had.  Our guest that morning was Lisa
                             Cole of Cole Communications, LLC and our short topic was "Social PR: The
       Free Way To Get Your Business In The News."
       We had such a great response from the ten minute training segment that we've created an
       entire class to fill in the blanks.  Lisa Cole will again be our speaker and will help you create
       your first social media news release from start to finish. 
       The Web 2.0 information highway provides free and easy access to new forms of publicity for
       businesses of all sizes and shapes.  This new workshop will explore free tools to get your
       message and story in the media via the social media news release, which takes the
       traditional press release to another level.  Either bring your laptop or we'll provide one for
       you for this workshop.  You'll take away your new knowledge, your new media release, plus
       valuable reference materials to keep learning and growing.  Click here to register!
       See you on February 9 at 6pm!
       by Lisa Goodman, Director, WBC NoVA

       Annual Economic Impact

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       Survey and CBP's New Intern 
       If you received services from the SBDC office in 2009 you should have received an email
       survey from us. If you didn't receive one email me and I'll make sure you receive it. The
       survey is an annual requirement of the U.S. Small Business Administration and the feedback
       helps us improve our counseling and training. The information is kept strictly confidential
       and reported in aggregate. Complete the online survey and we'll give you a chance to win
       $25 off any future training offered in our offices by the SBDC!
       We are also excited to introduce a new intern, Erika Garnika. She is a senior at Marymount
       University and is doing some economic research for us to complete an internship and her
       degree. You may be getting phone call from her in the next couple of weeks asking questions
       about the successes of your business. We're seeking to gather more in-depth information on
       how we have helped you, which will help us when we talk to our financial supporters. If you
       are able to take the time to answer her phone survey you'll be helping us to continue to fund
       and expand our services to entrepreneurs like you. Please see her note below.
       by Mark Brown, Director, SBDC
                      Erika Garnica is a new intern at CBP for the spring and excited to be joining
                      the wonderful staff at the Community Business Partnership. CBP's mission, of
                      helping people start and grow small businesses, is what initially attracted her
                      to working for CBP. Erika is currently a senior at Marymount University with a
                      major in Economics and minor in English. She will be using the skills gained
                      through her education during her internship at CBP.

                      At CBP one of her projects will be to conduct a survey of past clients. Through
       this survey CBP will be able to examine the economic impact they had in the long term. This
       information will be used as part of our Economic Impact Research study and will be
       gathered to help CBP analyze and examine the difference between clients who received
       more counseling versus the clients with whom we had shorter term relationships.  It will also
       be helpful in determining if CBP had an impact on job and wealth creation.

       by Erika Garnika, CBP Intern


       Announcing CBP's 2010 Business Plan Contest! 
       With the deadline for the 2010 Business Plan Contest a little over
       two months away (April 14, 2010 at 5pm EDT to be exact), why not
       take this opportunity to put your plan - and therefore your business -
       in front of people who can provide valuable insight? 
       Click here for this year's Business Plan Contest rules and information!
       Every contestant who enters this year's Business Plan Contest will receive:

                            valuable written feedback from a five-person team of professionals,
                            a certificate of participation,
                            a thirty minute "elevator speech" group coaching session from Juli

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                             Monroe of 1to1 Discovery, and
                            an invitation to the fabulous Awards Ceremony
                             Luncheon at the Waterford on Friday, May 7!

                        First Place Winner:  $1000 cash plus a huge prize package!
                        Second Place Winner:  $500 cash!
                        Third Place Winner:  $250 cash!
                        We can't wait to recognize you, your company and your business plan at
                        this year's event!
                        We are seeking 2010 sponsors!  Promote your business, and get your logo on
                        all the signage (which will later be hung in our large classroom), and posted
                        on our web site for a year! You will also be invited to attend the Awards
       Ceremony Luncheon with all participants, sponsors and judges on May 7 at the Waterford; a
       terrific networking event! To become a sponsor, contact Barbara Wrigley and give her a full
       description of what you are donating to our winner's package (minimum $150 value), the full
       retail value, a .jpg formatted logo, and let her know if you can attend the luncheon.  Easy!
       To get a Business Plan Contest flyer containing rules and more; OR to find out how to
       donate a prize for the winner's package, contact Barbara Wrigley or download the flyer
       from our website.

       Veterans in Business Conference is Next
       Month - Register Now Before Event is Sold
       The 2010 Veterans in Business Conference will be held on
       Thursday, March 18, 2010, at the Army-Navy Country Club. This
       fifth annual conference is sponsored by the Small Business
       Development Center at the Community Business
       Partnership. Last year, the event sold out for the fourth year in
       a row! To encourage strategic networking, space will be limited
       to 200 participants.
       Based on your feedback, we have expanded our sponsorship opportunities, assigned more
       time to visit the Market Place and will schedule two facilitators per table to increase your
       opportunity to chat with key individuals. Visit our website to learn more about key topics and
       sponsorship opportunities. 

       Register Today!
       by Mark Brown, Director, SBDC


       Be Pleasant and Positive! 

http://mail.google.com/a/cbponline.org/?ui=2&ik=c84eef2235&view=pt&cat=CBP%20Key... 2/2/2010
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                                           Introductions are a small business owner's lifeblood.   If
                                           you get the chance to speak to a potential funder at a
                                           networking event, use the opportunity wisely.
                                           Provide him or her with interesting, positive and
                                           abbreviated information about yourself and what you do,
                                           and if they like you they will probably ask for more
                                           information and want to like your product.  
                                           What your contact doesn't want is too much detail, too
                                           much history or too much information about your
                                           problems. Pleasant conversation and positive thoughts
                                           leave a good impression.  Good impressions will help to
                                           sell your products and services and, with luck, your
                                           potential loan package.

                                           Be upbeat, leave personal problems at home and be a
                                           good and attentive listener when questions are asked. 
                                           Offer short but detailed answers and you will keep them

       Make your connections about other people not about you. Remember the guy who tried to
       sell you an insurance policy at the Christmas party?   It's not that you don't like insurance;
       you just didn't want spend your time at a party talking about it.  Let the prattling belong to
       others and you will have discovered a productive marketing tool. 
       By being a good listener, you show interest in others and good business sense.  Allowing
       others to ask questions provides you with an opportunity to speak with moderation.  When
       you do have a chance to chat about your business, personal goals, or your possible future
       funding needs you can make a memorable impression.

       Speak positively and you'll be remembered.  Speak negatively and people start avoiding you.
       The Business Finance Center can help you get the best funding for your business. It currently
       has direct micro lending available from $3,500 to $35,000 as well as contacts with business
       banks and commercial financial institutions to help businesses that require larger amounts.
       Visit the Business Finance Center page for information on all the programs we offer.

       By Pauline Leitch, BFC Director

       Have You Outgrown Your
       Home Office? Move in with
       CBP in the New Year!
                                          CBP's Business Incubation Center (BIC) is designed for
                                          clients who have outgrown their home office space and are
                                          not quite ready to move into commercial space. By being

http://mail.google.com/a/cbponline.org/?ui=2&ik=c84eef2235&view=pt&cat=CBP%20Key... 2/2/2010
Community Business Partnership Mail - CBP Accelerates Your Business Growth                        Page 6 of 12

       in the BIC, clients are able to enjoy the benefits of being in a commercial location at a lower
       cost and enjoy the benefits of having access to the advice of business professionals,
       discounts on educational programs, state-of-the-art telecommunications and computer
       equipment, access to training and meeting space and networking opportunities galore.
       In exchange for their monthly license fee of $695, Business Incubation Center clients will
       receive at no additional charge unless noted:

       Description of Space:

                                        Office and Common Areas Use of 100 sq ft of fully furnished
                                         office space including kitchen.
                                        Hewlett-Packard desktop computer and 17" monitor fully
                                         loaded with Windows XP Professional Office Suite and


                                        Wireless Local Area Network with a T1 Carrier
                                        Access to HP Color and B/W Laser Printers and Konica
                                         Copier - Color copies billable at $.65/copy
                                        Unlimited local telephone calls. Direct-Inward-Dial
                                         Telephone number and 3Com Telephone Set. An additional
                                         telephone set and number is available for $45/month.
                                        Private voice mail.
                                        Incoming fax service and outgoing local fax service. Long
                                         distance telephone and fax service at $.04/minute billable

       Additional Benefits: 

                                        Eight (8) hours/month use of training rooms AND Eight (8)
                                         hours/month use of conference rooms
                                        Daily mail pick up and delivery
                                        Unlimited use of extensive business library

       Bonus Benefit:  Access to professional consultants 

                                        Access to a bank of professional consultants with legal,
                                         marketing, accounting, human relations, gov't contracting,
                                         technology and finance backgrounds. 5 hrs/yr free w/each.
                                        Free business consultation with in-house consultants
                                        Monthly meetings with CBP staff to track your growth
                                        Quarterly brown bag luncheons with business experts
                                        Discounts to CBP's training and networking events Free
                                         parking space in unmarked spaces adjacent to building and

       "CBP's incubator program is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs. It helped me to turn my
       one person marketing operation into a brand consultancy that is now playing with the big

http://mail.google.com/a/cbponline.org/?ui=2&ik=c84eef2235&view=pt&cat=CBP%20Key... 2/2/2010
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       boys on the national stage. With CBP's help we've been featured in The New York Times, and
       Washington Business Journal, and even have Fortune 500 clients. Not the sort of thing I
       could've achieved from my basement office."- Tate Linden from Stokefire Consulting -
       Graduated CBPs incubator program in December 2007. 
       Learn more by watching a local edition CNN newsclip or complete our application form
       today!   Have questions or want more information?  Send us an email or call 703-768-1440

       Are you one of the 1000 people following the incubator on these
       social networks? 

       It's not too late to join!



       Business Law Classes Are Next
                                          Do you own your own
                                          business?  If so, you might benefit from the Entrepreneurship
                                          Certificate Program.  The Certificate Program offers nine classes in
                                          entrepreneurship.  Each class offers both real world business skills
                                          and college credit.
                                          Take all nine classes and earn a Certificate in Entrepreneurship
                                          from Northern Virginia Community College or take just the classes
                                          that offer the skills you need. 
                                          Upcoming Saturday morning classes include:  
       Business Law:  January 30-March 6, 2010
       This class develops a basic understanding of the U.S. legal environment. It introduces
       property and contract law, agency and partnership liability, and government regulatory law.
       Financial Management:  March 13-April 24, 2010 (Except holiday April 3)
       This class introduces basic financial management topics including statement analysis,
       working capital, capital budgeting, and long-term financing.

http://mail.google.com/a/cbponline.org/?ui=2&ik=c84eef2235&view=pt&cat=CBP%20Key... 2/2/2010
Community Business Partnership Mail - CBP Accelerates Your Business Growth                       Page 8 of 12

       Contact Dannelle for more information or find us on:
                                      Twitter at beyourboss 
                                      Facebook at NVCC Entrepreneurship Certificate

                      To register for a class, or for more information on scholarships or financial
                      aid, contact Candace Morris at 703-845-6551 (w); or 540-327-7339 (c). For
                      more information about the Career Studies Certificate Program, please visit
                      our website or contact Dannelle Shugart.
       WANTED:  Interested in helping to teach an Introduction to Communications Course?  You
       must have at least eighteen hours of graduate level "Speech" coursework.  Contact Kathy
       Wheeler for more information.

       The 1,2,3s of Starting a Business 

                          The Financial Education Center invites you to attend the 1,2,3s of Starting
                          a Business on Wednesday, February 10 from 2:00pm - 4:00pm.  
                          Click here to register!

       Green New Year's Resolutions!   
                                            Plant a tree in your yard.
                                            Switch your monthly bills to e-
                                             billing. Even if you print them out at
                                             home, you'll eliminate the postage
                                             carbon footprint and reduce paper
                                             use (no envelopes and annoying
                                             "special offer" inserts).
                                           Switch to an electric kettle for
                                             boiling water.   Electric kettles use
               less energy than their stove-top counterparts, and there are stainless steel options
               available if you're wary about boiling water in plastic.
              If you're replacing appliances in 2010, pay a little more for the most efficient
               Energy Star models -- they'll save you money in the long run.
              Use a rain barrel to get free water for your garden and plants.
              Go vegetarian one day a week.  The livestock industry is a huge greenhouse gas

http://mail.google.com/a/cbponline.org/?ui=2&ik=c84eef2235&view=pt&cat=CBP%20Key... 2/2/2010
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              Shop at ebay, recycle.com, consignment and charity stores before hitting the mall
               or your favorite boutiques.  You may be surprised what you can find.

       by Pauline Leitch, CBP's Green Queen 

       Professional Volunteer Spotlight:
       Don Beery
                                  Don Beery makes business happen.  His focus on finding ways to
                                  generate revenue provides his clients
                                  with opportunities to expand their
                                  business in ways never thought about or
                                  thought possible.  A proven business
                                  development executive in venues that
                                  range from the largest companies in the
                                  world to start-ups that have achieved
                                  extraordinary success, Don consolidates
                                  opportunities, his personal
                                  relationships, his personal knowledge
                                  and skills to efficiently find the quickest
                                  paths to revenue.  As a founding partner at Plus Point Partners, Don
                                  provides advice and hands-on help with the full range of issues that
       must be addressed if a company is going to be successful selling to the U.S. Federal
       During his tenure at EDS Don was a Financial Coordinator of the US Army's ASIMS program,
       managing the finances of over $150MM per year. As Director of Business Development for
       Navy and DOD programs at EDS, Don expanded the EDS footprint at DISA and DLA with a
       $350MM contract, and Navy programs at NAVSUP, BUPERS, NAVSEA, NAVAIR, SPAWAR, the US
       Marine Corps and the Marine Corps Exchange.  The personal relationships Don has built
       throughout these many endeavors remain intact today and are a valuable resource for
       gaining access to information and business opportunities for Plus Point Partners' clients.
       At Beyond.com, he established the Government Systems Group.  He created and executed an
       enterprise software sales strategy that provided for software to be sold on an agency-wide
       basis in Defense Mapping Agency (now NGA), Defense Logistics Agency, Department of the
       Treasury, and the Department of Energy that produced annual revenues of $60MM in four
       years.  Don had a leadership role for divestiture of the commercial division of Beyond.com to
       Digital River, Inc. and the Government Systems Group to Softchoice Corporation.
       He was instrumental in the development and sales of the enterprise software management
       tool, ATLAS™ that enabled the distribution and management of enterprise wide software
       throughout the federal government to address the challenges of software inventory tracking
       and control.  Don was the General Manager for the Public Sector and Special Advisor to the
       CEO of Real Networks for Government affairs.
       For the past seven years Don has operated B2Gov, a consultancy to companies seeking to
       build relationships and doing business with the US Federal government.  Clients have
       included multi-national companies in North America, Europe and the Middle East as well as
       local, emerging companies.

http://mail.google.com/a/cbponline.org/?ui=2&ik=c84eef2235&view=pt&cat=CBP%20Key... 2/2/2010
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       Don is a pro-bono instructor and business counselor at Community Business Partnership,
       sponsored by The George Mason University, Mason Enterprise Center within the School of
       Public Policy.  He is also a first responder as a volunteer firefighter, EMS driver and President
       for the Lovettsville Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Company 12 in Loudoun County, Virginia. He
       served 6 years in the US Navy.  He received a B.S. in Finance from George Mason University
       and an MBA from The George Washington University.
       Schedule an appointment with Don Beery by contacting your CBP counselor or Michell

       In the News!
                    Sharon Zarozny, Founder of Brilliant Exits, LLC had her
                    article "What Are You Getting For Valentine's Day?"
                    published in the February edition of Fairfax Woman
                    magazine.  See page 37. The free magazine is available at metro stops, coffee
                    shops and more in Fairfax County.
                                 CBP volunteer counselor and business strategist, Dale Little, was
                                 quoted in an article "How to Value the Customer" published by All
                                 Biz Answers on January 21, 2010.  Dale is quoted as saying, "The red
                                 carpet treatment for a client may mean the difference between
                                 your company making the sale or maintaining the existing business
                                 relationship, or someone else tkaing the business from you." 
       Did we miss you?  Want to get recognized in future "In the News" articles?  Email info,
       pics and links to Barbara Wrigley, VP Public Relations.

       Upcoming Conferences You Need to
       Know About!
       The US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration is presenting a
       Business Development Program for Service Industries Companies.  The program, Exporting
       Services: A Seminar on Doing Business Internationally, will be held on February 4, 2010,
       from 8:15 am - 12 noon at the Northern Virginia Export Assistance Center, 1100 N. Glebe Rd.,
       Suite 1500, Arlington, VA 22201.  Contact Robyn Kessler at 703-235-0326. 
       Count Me In and co-founding sponsor American Express OPEN have created a new
       opportunity to bring women entrepreneurs together in their local communities via Make
       Mine a Million $ Business (M3) Meetups. The next Washington area meeting will feature
       special guest Nell Merlino, Founder of Count Me In.  Join DC area organizers, CBP clients and
       Make Mine a Million winners Pauline Lewis of oovoo design and Monica Tomasson from Health
       e-Lunch Kids, Inc for this great event!

http://mail.google.com/a/cbponline.org/?ui=2&ik=c84eef2235&view=pt&cat=CBP%20Key... 2/2/2010
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       When: Feb. 9, 2010 at 6:30PM
       Where: Fairview Park Marriott: 3111 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church, VA
       RSVP: Join our Meetup and RSVP - YES
       The cost of $15 per person includes light Hors D'oeuvres / Appetizers
       Women President's Educational Organization presents Access Upcoming Opportunities
       February 10, 2010
       Join Freddie Mac for a Networking Luncheon 11:15 am - 12:30 pm to learn about what to
       expect for 2010. Registration is limited to the first 35 people who sign up. It is a free event
       but for security purposes, pre-registration is required. Contact Liza Avruch by February 3 to
       The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) is hosting an event for small business owners at the
       Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) designed to provide information about doing business with
       the AOC and the CVC. The CVC is looking for products that are made in the U.S. and
       manufactured with U.S.-made materials such as educational toys, jewelry, and souvenir
       apparel whose product themes are focused on the Capitol for its two Gift Shops. The AOC is
       looking for goods and services required to maintain its buildings, such as elevators,
       escalators, air handling units and electrical systems as well as products and services needed
       to maintain the landscaping around the Capitol complex and conserve and repair historical
       objects and artwork.
       When: Thursday, February 18, 2010; 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Check-in begins at 8:30 a.m.)
       Where: U.S. Capitol Visitor Center  Directions   
       Cost: Free - Advance registration is required as seating is limited.
       Register online. For questions or more information call 202-226-2734.
       Save the Date! 
       Moving Forward Business Expo:  Access to Capital and Business Opportunities
       sponsored by the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
       Saturday, April 10, 2010 from 9am to 6pm
       More information:  Magda Cardenas 202-728-0352

       SBA's Online Training - A Great Tool For
       At-Home Learning
       The U.S. Small Business Administration's Small Business
       Training Network offers a huge array of thirty minute training programs, all free, and all
       delivered online.  Topics include

              Financing and Accounting
              Government Contracting
              Business Planning
              Surviving a Slow Economy
              Starting a Business
              Marketing and Advertising
              Business Management

http://mail.google.com/a/cbponline.org/?ui=2&ik=c84eef2235&view=pt&cat=CBP%20Key... 2/2/2010
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        This month's highlighted course is "How to Win Federal Contracts."
        Prefer learning from videos?  Click here for the huge array of offerings. 
        Prefer podcasts?  Click here!
        Prefer YouTube?  This is the newest format - great training and information!  Click here!

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