Mass production of jute, linen and other shoe materials by bgn16443


									Mass production of
jute, linen and other
shoe materials
From a specialist in
custom design

With 26 years’ experience designing and
manufacturing materials for shoes and
bags, we’re confident we can provide you
with just the materials you need. Our R&D
team follows the latest trends in France and Italy
and is happy to cooperate with you on developing new
products. Send us your design ideas, and let us develop a fabric with
the look you want, at a cost that suits your needs. We even offer jute,
raffia and other eco-friendly fabrics made of all-natural materials.

Leading buyers in the US, Europe and worldwide source from our stylish line of materials.
Using fully automated high-end machinery from Japan and Germany, and raw materials from
Pakistan, we can produce over 60 million yards worth of fabric every month for women’s shoes,
sandals, bags and belts. Visit us online to see our full range of products, including:
• Fashion fabrics                • Elastic fabrics and straps                              • Transparent heels
• Jutes and linens               • Mesh and embroidered fabrics                            • Finished shoes

                                         Longtieton Enterprise Co. Ltd
                                         Pao Yuan Shoes Materials Co. Ltd
                                         No. 29, Industrial Park, 24th Rd., Taichung, Taiwan
                                         Tel: (886-4) 2359 9681      Fax: (886-4) 2359 9110

CSC: TW Magazine: FA Issue: 2006.12       Size: 1FC   Copywriter: -    Artist: Cynthia   Cso: Vicky   AE: Colin
ADP: ##22167 Shoe parts & materails

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