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September 2006 - Asian Studies Notes


									                                 Asian Studies Notes

Vol. 12, No. 1/ September 2006                                      

                                      The East Asian Collection of
                                           Lockwood Library
                                                                                 Thomas W. Burkman, Director of Asian Studies
                                                    In our globalized         Asian Collection, with vernacular books in
                                                world, no department          Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. The Collec-
                                                or discipline at UB can       tion includes reference books, encyclopedias,
                                                perform its scholarship       collected works of literature, and a few subject
                                                adequately      without       areas of strength such as Buddhism and Ko-
                                                taking into account the       rean Confucianism.            Librarian Charles
                                                ideas and published           D’Aniello has constructed a website with
                                                scholarship of Asia.          guides to the UB Collection and outside re-
On the Inside:                                  Currently the aggre-          search repositories in Asian studies (link from
                                                gated publishing out-
Asia at Noon in Fall 2                          put of Asian countries        resources/subject.html). It has long been the
                                                is about double that of       desire of the Asian Studies Program to de-
                                                the US, the number of         velop this Collection from its current minimal
Midwest Japan       3    titles published in China exceeds that in the        size (about 5000 titles) to a resource of practi-
                         US, and the future for popular and scholarly         cal value for Asianist faculty, graduate stu-
                         publishing in such countries as China and In-        dents, and students from Asia. The current
Tibet Exhibitions   4    dia seems limitless. The strength of publish-        size of the Collection is an impediment to UB’s
                         ing in Asia not only says that the large Asian       qualifying for major grants in Asian studies.
China Week at       5
BSC                      populations are avid readers; it also evidences
                         that Asia has much of value to say.                      Cont. on p. 2 THE EAST ASIAN COLLECTION
Calendar            6         The Lockwood Library houses an East

                    Dalai Lama Coming to UB!
      The University at Buffalo is proud to host His Holi-             For a full list of
  ness the Dalai Lama this month as part of our 2006-7             events, go to the
  Distinguished Speakers Series. The visit on September            official Dalai Lama
  18-20, by His Holiness, who is the head of state in exile        website    at     UB:
  of Tibet and spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, is an
  unprecedented event for the university and the local
      September 19 has been designated as a “special day           dalai_lama/
  of learning” at UB, and regular classes will be sus-
  pended to allow students and faculty to participate in
  learning opportunities centered on His Holiness’ visit.

September 2006                                                                                           Asian Studies Notes

                 Asia at Noon Brown Bags this Semester
                               Selected Fridays, 12:00-1:00, in Park 280
    Asia at Noon is a series of brown-bag lunch gatherings         Hollywood Turns to East Asian Films.” She will focus on
at the University at Buffalo, sponsored by the Asian Stud-         the recent trend of Hollywood films utilization of East
ies Program. They are usually scheduled for a Friday at 12         Asian films’ themes and plots. She will present on this
noon, and dismiss promptly at 1:00. The presenter usually          subject at the American Studies Association in October.
takes about 20 minutes, and the rest of the time is devoted        Joo received her M.A. in North American Studies at
to question and answer and discussion. The audience is             Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea, and
comprised of undergraduates, graduate students, inter-             has been studying at UB since 2001.
ested faculty, and folk from the Buffalo community.                   Asia at Noon will also convene October 13, October 27,
    On September 29, Jeongsuk Joo, Ph.D. candidate in              and November 10. See the Asian Studies Calendar on the
American Studies, will present on “Eastern Connection:             back page for speakers and topics.

Cont. from p. 1 THE EAST ASIAN COLLECTION                          needed for faculty research and teaching, the UB Collec-
    In late August, a consultant was engaged to survey the         tion should develop subject collections in synergy other
current Collection and speak with faculty, library adminis-        energetic programs at the University, particularly those
trators, and Arts and Sciences administrators about the            identified for growth in the UB 2020 plan. She also recom-
possibilities of expanding, focusing, and supporting the           mended that the East Asian Collection be renamed the
Collection. With support from CAS and the University               Asian Collection, to include vernacular works in South
Libraries, the Asian Studies Program hosted Professor              Asian and Southeast Asian languages. Her written report
Maureen H. Donovan, Japanese Studies Librarian at Ohio             will be available to interested parties by the end of Sep-
State University. During her 28-year tenure at Ohio State,         tember. Contact Asian Studies if you would like to see it.
Professor Donovan has led the effort for a tenfold increase            A revitalized Asian Collection, with its own identifi-
of the OSU Japanese collection from about 10,000 volumes           able space and reading room in Lockwood, could be an
in 1978 to its current position as the 15th largest academic       invaluable resource for Asian research. By displaying cur-
library Japanese collection in North America (over 105,000         rent newspapers, journals, magazines, and novels, it could
volumes in Japanese). At the same time she has pioneered           serve as a gathering place for the ten percent of UB stu-
in providing web-based services for Asian Studies, includ-         dents for whose first languages are Asian. It could also
ing the Union List of Japanese Serials and Newspapers              serve the growing Asian communities in Western New
( and the Portal to         York.
Asian Internet Resources                                               A major donor is being sought to partner with the Uni-
 ( ).                        versity in the library project. An initial gift could lead to
   Professor Donovan explored such issues as staffing,             other contribu-
physical facilities, sourcing and cataloging, on-line re-          tions from UB
sources, and cooperative relationships with SUNY univer-           and      external
sity centers and other institutions. She had positive things       foundations. The
to say about the makeup and quality of the current Collec-         Director of Asian
tion. Regarding what to assemble in the future, she em-            Studies would be
phasized that UB should not try to duplicate the strong,           happy to speak
comprehensive collections of such established centers of           with anyone in-
Asian studies as Cornell and the University of Toronto.            terested in such a
While strengthening its core of reference books and works          lasting legacy.

                                              ASIAN STUDIES DIRECTORY
                                  Thomas W. Burkman, Director (
 Mary Anne Lang, Office Manager (                           Zhen Li, Graduate Assistant (
                 714 Clemens, University at Buffalo, NY 14260/ Tel: (716) 645-3474 / Fax: (716) 645-3473/

September 2006                                                                                                 Asian Studies Notes

Niagara Falls, September 9
                Asian Studies to host Midwest Japan Seminar
    The Asian Studies Program will host a meeting of the               Seminar is funded by the Japan Foundation, and atten-
 Midwest Japan Seminar Saturday afternoon, September 9,                dees receive partial reimbursement for their travel ex-
 1:00-5:00, at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Niagara               penses.
 Falls, New York.                                                         UB last hosted the Seminar in 2003. Faculty and grad
    The Midwest Japan Seminar is an interdisciplinary                  students with research interest in Japan are welcome to
 gathering of Japanologists from the Midwest states, rang-             attend. On September 9, two papers will be presented:
 ing from WNY to Oklahoma. Established in 1970, MJS                    •   Maki Isaka Morinaga, University of Minnesota, Twin
 has provided Japan scholars with an opportunity to meet               Cities: “Historicizing Onnagata: Grappling with 2-ism in 3
 regularly to discuss and refine their research. The mem-              Stages in 4 Centuries”
 bership includes art historians, anthropologists, histori-            •   Stephen G. Covell, Western Michigan University:
 ans, literature and language specialists, political scientists,       “Cut Flowers: Buddhism and Kokoro no Kyoiku in Con-
 sociologists, and other scholars with research capabilities           temporary Japan”
 in the Japanese language.                                             Attendees should read the papers beforehand. See Asian
    MJS meets five Saturdays as year at host universities              Studies for copies. A dinner will follow at the home of
 through the Midwest. At each meeting, two scholars pre-               Tom Burkman, Director of Asian Studies. For informa-
 sent research papers which are circulated in advance. The             tion and copies of the papers, contact Asian Studies.

 Forthcoming Triveni Program-                                                Visiting Fulbright Scholar in
       - Ekaantha Seetha                                                            Islamic Studies
                                                                                        Short Course Offered
                                                                               The Asian Studies Program will host a Fulbright
                                                                           visiting scholar in the field of Islamic studies in Octo-
                                                                           ber and November. Dr. Syafiz Abdul Mughni of Sura-
                                                                           baya, Indonesia, will be in residence at UB from Octo-
                                                                           ber 22 to November 18.
                                                                                Dr. Mughni is on the faculty of the State Institute
                                                                           of Islamic Studies in Surabaya. His focus in on Islamic
                                                                           thought, civilization, and institutions. He holds M.A.
                                                                           and Ph.D. degrees in Islamic studies from UCLA.
                                                                                The visiting Fulbrighter will teach a short course,
    Triveni is a local Indian cultural organization. It in-                AS 395: Topics in Asian Studies: Islamic Institutions. The
vites outstanding Indian artistes (usually music and dance                 class will meet MW 4:00-5:40, October 23-November
performers) to Buffalo. Triveni has been in existence for                  15, and will carry one hour academic credit. The regis-
over 24 years, and arranges 6 to 8 music and dance pro-                    tration number is 288540. Even though the course be-
grams every year. Triveni will be presenting Ekaantha
                                                                           gins in mid-October, students must register before the
Seetha on September 29 at Rockwell Hall Performing Arts                    Drop/Add deadline of September 8. Faculty are wel-
Center, Buffalo State College.
                                                                           come to visit the course.
    Ekaantha Seetha will feature several of India's leading                     Dr. Mughni is also available for speaking engage-
dancers. Ekaantha Seetha will be a true dance drama,                       ments on campus and in the community, at no charge.
with dance, music and theater as intrinsic components.
                                                                           Contact the Asian Studies Program (645-3474) to make
The Dhananjayans and Rathna will actively communicate                      arrangements.
with the audience in their colorful roles as musicians, nar-
rators and dancers, using both English and Indian lan-
    For information, contact Teja Rao

September 2006                                                                                         Asian Studies Notes

                Art and Photo Exibitions Highlight Tibet
                                                  As the               For centuries Tibet was an unknown, mysterious
                                             coming of the        place despite its important role in the history of the Silk
                                             Dalai Lama           Road and the history of Central Asia and China. The
                                             to UB ap-            spiritual life of the peoples of the mountains, the Chang-
                                             proaches,            Thang, and the steppes of Mongolia mystified missionar-
                                             several out-         ies and philosophers. Mention of Tibet evokes the idea of
                                             standing Ti-         mountains, high altitude, and mysticism, even today as
                                             bet-related          cartographers and philosophers study the region and its
                                             art and photo        people. The exhibit illustrates the development of West-
                                             exhibitions          ern knowledge of the land, the people, and the spiritual
                                              have opened         origins of Tibetan Buddhism.
 in the area.                                                     ● “Building Cultures: Druk White Lotus School: A Sus-
 ● The University Libraries proudly present exhibits that         tainable Model for Education and Design.” UB Art Gal-
 use a wealth of images, texts, and objects (devotional and       lery, Center for the Arts, September 16 through Septem-
 other items) to explore: the life and thought of His Holi-       ber 23.
 ness the Dalai Lama (Lockwood Memorial Library), Ti-                   Curated by Brian Carter, Professor of Architecture
 bet's natural history and Tibetan life and customs               and Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning, this
 (Undergraduate Library), Tibetan Buddhism (Lockwood              exhibition of drawings, models, and photographs docu-
 Memorial Library and the Undergraduate Library), law,            ments a new international design award-winning school
 Buddhism, and social change and Tibetan legal manu-              in Ladakh that is deeply rooted in traditional values and
 scripts (Law Library), Tibetan architecture and its re-          cultures while advancing modern educational concepts.
 sponse to environment, religion, and culture                     It is located at the northeastern boundary of India – an
 (Architecture and Planning Library), Tibetan medicine            area known as Little Tibet.
 (Health Sciences Library), and Western geographic no-            ● “A Long Look Homeward: A Journey through Tibet’s
 tions of Central Asia and Tibet across time (Special Col-        History.” Through September 30 at the Buffalo Arts Stu-
 lections; see below).                                            dio, TriMain Building, 2495 Main Street, Suite 500. Tues-
     These exhibits are made possible, in part, by the ad-        day-Friday 11 to 5; Saturday 11 to 3.
 vice and generosity of members of the University and    
 Buffalo communities and others.                                  ● “James Ogden’s Photographs of Tibet, 1905-1928.”
     Special features will include a multimedia workstation       Buffalo Museum of Science, through November 15.
 in Lockwood Memorial Library which will make avail-    
 able excerpts from a lecture on the Dalai Lama by His            of Tibet1905-1928.htm
 Holiness' principal English-language translator and inter-
 preter Dr. Thupten Jinpa and a workstation in the Under-            Gifts to Support Asian Studies
 graduate Library which will present an interview with
 University at Buffalo Tibetan graduate student Ms.                   As the Asian Studies Program continues to grow,
 Kunchok Youdon.                                                  persons and institutions in the community can help the
     For additional information and exhibit locations, pick       program meet its goals. Here are some projects that
 up a brochure at one of the campus libraries or visit            will become a reality only with donor support: All exhibits           ▪ Asian arts residencies
 are free and open to the public.                                  ▪ Lecture series
 ● “Discovering Tibet” is an exhibition of Western notions         ▪ Scholar research
 of Central Asia and Tibet as illustrated by maps and              ▪ New faculty positions
 books from antiquity to the present. It is on view at the         ▪ Growth of the East Asian Collection of the Lock-
 Rare Book Room in Capen Hall during the month of Sep-            wood Library
 tember. The materials come from the Rare Book Collec-                Funds may be donated for endowment or specific
 tions of the University at Buffalo Libraries and from the        projects. Contributions are fully tax-deductible. For
 collection of Dr. Richard V. and Susan B. Lee. Monday-           consultation, contact the Director of Asian Studies,
 Friday 9-5.                                                      (716) 645-3474;

September 2006                                                                                           Asian Studies Notes

                    2006-2007 Program of BPO Features Two
                         Asian American Performers
    In the coming season of Buffalo Philharmonic Orches-           ber 22, at 2:30 pm, the concert program features the inter-
tra (BPO) two Asian American performers are included.              nationally acclaimed pianist Cecile Licad, known for her
The Opening Night Gala on Saturday, September 16, fea-             bold and passionate interpretations. She will perform
tures world-renowned violinist Sarah Chang performing              Brahms’ dramatic Concerto No. 1. Cecile Licad began her
Vivaldi’s ever-popular Four Seasons. Born in Philadelphia          piano studies at the age of three with her mother, Rosario
to Korean parents, Chang is a past recipient of the Avery          Licad, in her native Philippines, and later studied under
Fisher Career Grant, Gramophone’s “Young Artist of the             the highly regarded Rosario Picazo. At the age of seven,
Year” award, Germany’s “Echo” Schallplattenpreis, and              she made her debut as soloist with the Philharmonic Or-
Korea’s “Nan Pa” award. The Gala begins at 5 pm; the               chestra of the Philippines. She is the recipient of the pres-
concert at 8 pm.                                                   tigious Leventritt Gold Medal, and performs worldwide.
     On Saturday, October 21, at 8 pm, and Sunday, Octo-

The ACPSS 12th International Conference                            A Reading by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
    The Association of Chinese Professors of Social Sci-               “A Reading by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa:               Po-
ences in the United States (ACPSS) will hold its 12th Inter-       etry/Memoir/Travel Writing” is to be held on September
national Conference on the theme of “China in Transi-              19, 2006, at 10:30am in Poetry Collection, 420 Capen Hall.
tion: Issues and Solutions,” on October 13-15 (Friday to                Tsering Wangmo Dhompa is the author of two books
Sunday), 2006, at Buffalo State College. The host is the           of poetry, Rules of the House and In the Absent Everyday.
Center for China Studies at BSC.                                   She is currently writing a memoir about nomadic Tibet.
    A China Week (October 10-15) at Buffalo State Col-                  The reading is a UB Humanities Institute Celebration
lege will precede the conference. Faculty members who              of the Book event, and is sponsored by the Asian Studies
have been to China or have knowledge of China will dis-            Program, the English Department, the Humanities Insti-
cuss China related issues in classrooms during the Week.           tute, and the Office of the President.
China Week will include two seminars on China and a                     For more information, please contact Susan Moynihan
Chinese Arts and Crafts Show.                                      in English (645-2575).
    BSC will also hold an open dialogue by BSC faculty
on the Dalai Lama on Thursday, September 14, 12:15-
1:30, at Bulger South.

                                                  NYCAS 2006
       The 2006 Annual Meeting of the New York Confer-             popular culture by Asian and Asian-American artists,
  ence of Asian Studies will be held on Friday and Satur-          curated by Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot.
  day, October 6-7, at St. Lawrence University.                          Four UB scholars are on the program. For more
       The meeting will focus on identity in Asia. Issues of       info:
  globalization, Westernization, immigration, ethnicity,
  religion and nationalism create an exceedingly complex 
  terrain for individuals to negotiate. Far from mono-
  lithic, the concept of Asian-ness evades simple categori-
       The Arashi Daiko drumming ensemble of Montreal
  will present a taiko performance Friday evening on cam-
  pus at the Gulick Theater. The Richard F. Brush Art
  Gallery will host an exhibition of contemporary art and

September 2006___________________________ _ _______________                                   _____         Asian Studies Notes

         Asian Studies Calendar                                          ▪ Oct. 27, 12:00-1:00 pm. Asia at Noon. Dr. Syafiz Abdul
                                                                         Mughni, Islamic scholar, State Institute of Islamic Stud-
                                                                         ies in Surabaya, Indonesia. Park 280.
▪ Sep. 10, 1:00-4:00 pm. Asian Studies Annual Picnic.
The Burkmans’.                                                                                                      November
                                                                         ▪ Nov. 10, 12:00-1:00 pm. Asia at Noon. Arabella Lyon,
▪ Sep. 18-20, The Dalai Lama of Tibet will visit UB. For                 Associate Professor of English. “Han Fei and Speech Act
schedule of events:                          Theory.” Park 280.

▪ Sep. 29, 12:00-1:00 pm. Asia at Noon. Jeongsuk Joo,
Ph.D. candidate in American Studies. “Eastern Connec-
tion: Hollywood Turns to East Asian Films.” Park 280.

                                                           October                      B. A. in Asian Studies,
▪ Oct. 2. Application deadline for Postdoctoral
Fellowships 2007-08 at Columbia University.                                                    June 2006
                                                                                          Kenneth Giese, and
▪ Oct. 6-7, the 2006 Annual Meeting of the New York                                        Julie Falkowski
Conference of Asian Studies. St. Lawrence University.

▪ Oct. 10-15, China Week at Buffalo State College. For                                      Congratulations!
information, see p. 5.

▪ Oct. 13, 12:00-1:00 pm. Asia at Noon. Niharika Baner-
jea, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology. “Poor Women’s Mobi-
lization and Participatory Practices in Kolkata, India: A
Critical Review.” UB Gender Week. Park 280.


                 Asian Studies Notes
           Asian Studies Program
                      714 Clemens Hall
                   Buffalo, NY 14260-4610
           Tel.: (716)645-3474 Fax:(716)645-3473

            Asian Studies Notes is published
            6 times yearly by the Asian Studies
            Program, University at Buffalo.

                                   Zhen Li, Editor


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