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                                                                                                    Created: 16.02.09
                                                                                                    Author: Marcel Zus                latest news
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Each year him!, a research based consultancy,speaks to thousands of customers using the following coffee chains; Costa Coffee,
Starbucks, Caffe Nero and Coffee Republic as part of him!'s Coffee Chain Customer Tracking Programme.

him! speaks to customers on entry to the outlet to understand why they are there, who they are with, what they are buying and
how they rate the branch.

him!then speaks to customers on exit so thatthey can understand the customers' experience of the chain and failed or impulse

him! asks customers to rate the coffee chains based on their experience here today on following criteria and the consultancy is
delighted to announce that Costa Coffee scored the highest out of all the coffee chains.

                                        Coffee Chains Average Costa Coffee
 Quality of hot drinks                           8.2                  8.8
 Choice of cold drinks                           8.0                  8.5
 Choice of food items                            7.7                  7.9
 Time to queue here today                        8.1                  8.7
 Speed of service here today                     8.2                  8.8
 Friendliness of staff here today                8.5                  9.0
 Ambience / Atmosphere                           8.2                  8.8
 Cleanliness of counter                          8.4                  9.0
 Cleanliness of tables                           8.3                  9.0
 Overall value for money                         7.7                  8.1

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