Annual Delivery Plan

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					Annual Delivery Plan
April 2009 - March 2010


  1. Foreword by Chief Executive and Chair

  2. Introduction

  3. Enfield Homes Vision

  4. Enfield Homes Management

  5. Key achievements to date

  6. Challenges ahead

  7. Areas of Focus 2009-10

  8. Performance Management

  9. Financial Management

  10. Value for Money

  Appendix A        Achievements in 2008-09
  Appendix B.       Delivery Plan action plan
  Appendix C.       Performance Indicator tables

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1.    Foreword by Chief Executive and Chair
Welcome to Enfield Homes second Annual Delivery Plan. As we move into
our second phase of operation following a successful Audit Commission, we
are mindful of the need to consolidate the good practice we have put in place
during the past year and to build on those to continue delivering excellent
services for our residents.

We want to learn from customer feedback and develop services as a result,
manage our resources to achieve value for money in every area of our
operations and take our place as a major player in the local community by
working in partnership with the Council and other agencies with whom we
share a common aim and similar values.

One of our most valuable resources is the staff group who have worked hard
over the past year to achieve our main goal of a successful inspection. We will
continue to develop staff to ensure we have a well trained and responsive
workforce who

We are also mindful that without the involvement of residents who have
helped shape the services we deliver currently that we would not have
achieved the two-star rating that we did. Over the coming year we will
continue to develop new ways of engaging residents, ensuring their voices
ring louder through the organisation and lead to further improvements in
service delivery.

Bob Heapy                                             Litsa Worrall
Chief Executive                                       Chair of the Board

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2.0    Introduction

The aim of the Annual Delivery Plan is to create the next level of cascade of
objectives from the 3 Year Business Plan down to the Annual Service Plans. The
Annual Plan will detail the delivery of medium-term objectives and their planned

In accordance with the 5 year Management Agreement set out between Enfield
Homes and LB Enfield we have a programme of agreed service expectations and
outcomes. These relate to the service areas within Enfield Homes and services
delivered through our partnerships.

The 3 Year Business Plan sets out the framework for our medium-term plans, within
the context of 5 strategic aims. These aims along with key objectives are picked up in
the Annual Delivery plan and set out in the context of targets, links to other strategies
and the delivery lead and key partners.

The Annual Delivery Plan is used by Divisional teams to identify their annual priorities
and thus develop their Annual Team Plans.

This is our second year as a ALMO, 2008/9 was primarily used to set up the ALMO.
Having completed this phase we now aim to use 2009/10 to build on our
achievements by concentrating on delivery, with a keen focus on the Decent Homes
programme and emerging business priorities.

3.0 Vision for Enfield Homes
Our Mission is

  •   quality homes
  •   excellent services
  •   successful communities

Our mission statement captures our ambition to go beyond our currently defined role
as a provider of excellent services and prudent asset management and to play a
major role as community leader in improving the lives of our residents.

Enfield Homes Vision is

  •   a clean and safe environment
  •   homes maintained to a high standard
  •   services driven by involved residents who have a real stake
  •   a responsive listening organisation that acts on residents’ views and has their
      trust and confidence
  •   value for money services provided fairly
  •   homes and services in which tenants, leaseholders, staff and all stakeholders
      take pride

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Our vision recognises the central role that our customers play in driving Enfield
Homes forward; the requirement to use their money effectively and their desire for us
to deliver services that meet their needs and standards

Our Values are

Enfield Homes values its customers and will:
   • involve its customers
   • listen to and act on the views of its customers
   • show respect
   • embrace diversity

Enfield Homes values services that:
   • put customers first
   • are accessible by all
   • deliver on commitments
   • are reliable and delivered right first time

Enfield Homes operates its business to achieve:
   • openness and honesty
   • accountability and integrity
   • efficiency and value for money
   • continuous learning and improvement
   • joined up working with partners

Enfield Homes values employees who are:
   • customer focused
   • committed and enthusiastic
   • trained to do the job
   • supported and motivated

Enfield Homes’ values encapsulate the way in which we conduct ourselves at all
levels of the organisation in achieving our vision.

Partnership with Enfield Council
The partnership with Enfield Council plays an overall key strategic significance to
Enfield Homes. This relationship will continue to evolve over time and operates at a
number of different levels:
• The Management Agreement
This governs our relationship, setting out formal reporting lines, agreed key
objectives set by the council and protocols for a wide range of interfaces between the
two organisations. We also deliver services through a number of Service Level
Agreements, these are services that we purchase from Enfield Council.

• Partnership working
The Council supports Enfield Homes’ aims in a productive relationship that benefits
the residents of Enfield. Enfield Homes is committed to contributing positively to the
Council’s vision of making ‘Enfield one of the best places to live, work, study and do
business’, and to the wider Enfield Strategic Partnership (ESP) ambition of creating
‘a healthy, prosperous, cohesive community living in a borough that is safe, clean
and green’.

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To help facilitate these joint aims, Enfield Homes is participating in the Council’s
place shaping strategy “Shaping Enfield’s Communities” and is a full member of the
Enfield Strategic Partnership Board, including membership of the Thematic Action
Groups and Specialist Delivery Groups such as the Enfield Crime Reduction
Implementation Team.

On an operational level, we are contributing to the achievement of the Council’s
targets for reducing homelessness, working to increase the number of larger size
properties becoming available for letting through the Under-Occupation Scheme and
the Grants to Vacate Scheme. We are undertaking a review of our voids re-servicing
and re-letting processes to ensure that we maximise the use of stock and help
reduce costs of temporary accommodation. We are developing proposals for working
with the Council to reduce worklessness in the borough through outreach work on the
estates we manage.

The place shaping agenda requires input from a wide range of residents and we are
working with Council officers to develop inclusive consultation programmes that
enable tenants and leaseholders to have a strong voice in the future development of
the neighbourhoods they live in.

Whilst the relationship with Enfield Council is of key strategic importance to us, we
also work in partnership with a wide range of organisations. Key partnerships include:
    • Federation of Enfield Community Associations (FECA) is a key partner in the
        Tenant Compact (further details under the Resident involvement section).
    • Building contractors – building partner relationships to delivery quality, value
        for money repairs services.
    • The voluntary sector– working with a range of organisations to provide
        advice and assistance to support local communities.

The Services Enfield Homes Provide
Enfield Homes services the council tenants and leaseholders, properties and estate
areas as follows:
• Tenancy and estate management
• Planned and responsive repairs and maintenance, including out-of-hours service
• Caretaking and cleaning
• Grounds maintenance
• Empty properties
• Mutual exchanges
• Right to Buy
• Rent and service charge collection
• Tenant involvement
• Sheltered housing management

4.0 Enfield Homes Management

Enfield Homes went live as an Arms Length Management Organisation on 1st April
2008. As a company we are wholly owned by Enfield Council, creating a partnership
approach to deliver the Local Area Agreement 2005/20100, Sustainable Community
Strategy and the Place Shaping Agenda. This is supported by a clear vision and

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objectives that are embodied in the Enfield Homes Business Plan and further
developed in this Delivery Plan.

Enfield Homes provide Housing Management and Asset Management Services as

PROPERTIES                   NUMBER                        %
Tenanted                     11,915                        73
Leasehold                    4,467                         27
                             16,382                        100

Many of the homes under Enfield Homes management are concentrated on estates
with a disproportionate number of these located in the south and the east of the
Borough, with 71% of all homes under management are flats, 30% of all homes are
of ‘non traditional’ construction which is a particular concern when looking at capital
investment and long-term maintenance issues.


In accordance with Government guidance for an Arms Length Management
Organisation, the Board of Enfield Homes consists of 18 Directors of whom 6 are
residents, 6 are independent members and 6 are Council nominees.
The Board’s main functions are to
    • Define the vision and strategic objectives of Enfield Homes through the
       Strategic Business Plan and the Delivery Plan
    • Monitor achievement of its vision and objectives through service plans,
       performance measures and scrutiny of delivery mechanisms
    • Approve an annual budget and annual accounts
    • Establish a scheme of delegation and frameworks for financial control and
       risk management
    • Represent and communicate the organisation’s values, policies and activities
       to residents and partners

Much of the detailed monitoring and strategic development by necessity is delegated
to committees, there are four Sub-Committees that support the Board:
    • Finance and Audit Committee
    • Access and Involvement Committee
    • Service Delivery Committee
    • Human Resources Committee

Resident Involvement
As part of our Vision for Enfield Homes, we are committed in involving residents in
consultation and participation to help shape and drive our services forward. Our
experience has shown that we can achieve greater returns in terms of value for
money and quality of service delivery through resident participation.

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Extensive formal and informal involvement structures (see below) have been
developed to deliver high levels of community and customer engagement in every
aspect of the housing service.

Enfield Homes has set up the Tenant Involvement Unit, a dedicated team to develop
and guide resident involvement. By taking a partnership approach the team have
worked with residents in setting the objectives for the Resident Involvement Strategy
2008-2011 entitled ‘People Like You Making A Difference’ and the borough-wide

The resident database known as The Network provides an up-to-date list of residents
who would like to participate with Enfield Homes in influencing their services at a
chosen level. Just over 1000 residents are on the list reflecting the ethnic mix of our

The Tenant Participation Compact
The Tenant Participation Compact is a formal agreement between the Council,
Enfield Homes and its residents for the ways in which tenants and leaseholders are
able to be involved in local decisions relating to their homes and communities.

   •   The key partners in the Compact are the Council, Enfield Homes and FECA
       Ltd (Federation of Enfield Community Associations) on behalf of all tenants.

   •   The stakeholders in the Compact are all Enfield tenants, tenant and resident
       groups, residents living on our estates, our contractors, other agencies and
       organisations such as the police, community groups, community halls’
       management committees, and other social landlords in Enfield and in our out
       of borough areas.

The Compact and its action plans are reviewed by the Compact Review Group which
is made up of representatives from Enfield Homes, the council, tenant
representatives and key partners.

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A number of methods for resident’s involvement have been developed, below are a
few examples:

• Respect Focus Group
This group has developed a good neighbour agreement on behalf of Enfield Homes.

• Resident-led training programme
This training leads to opportunities for residents to mystery shop their housing
services and improve their management of community halls and local associations.

• Leaseholder Panel
The panel acts as a direct communication point between Enfield Homes and
leaseholders. Current and emerging priorities are tabled and debated on by the
group leading to informed actions being implemented to meet stakeholder needs.
With the potential increase in Decent Homes work this panel will be of key strategic

• Sheltered Housing Forum
This forum is used to discuss current issues and report on management decisions
and performance information.

Management Structure
Enfield Homes Executive Management Team comprises:
    • The Chief Executive
    • Director, Housing Operations
    • Director, Property and Asset Management
    • Director, Finance and Resources
    • Head of Communications and Performance
 Executive team

                                      Bob Heapy
                                    Chief Executive

                                                                 Hilton Armand
                         Sandra Sheppard
                                                             Programme Manager
                           Acting PA to
                                                                 Inspection &
                          Chief Executive
                                                           Housing Improvement plan

           Robin Tebbutt        Mike Culligan             Ron Pooley          Kate Tordoff
             Director             Director             Interim Director   Head of Performance
       Finance & Resources   Housing Operations          Technical &       & Communication
                                                      Property Services

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Business Planning Timetable

Enfield Homes uses a business planning timetable for the development of its key
business and financial plans. This timetable ensures all key plans have a robust
programme of consultation and scrutiny. This provides the assurance that our
stakeholders are adequately involved in the development of our plans and have a
fuller understanding.

Date                  Action                                By whom
June 2009             undertake a review of last year’s     Managers
                      strategic & departmental
July 2009             review findings and draw up draft     EMT
                      annual objectives
August 2009           Consultation                          Board, stakeholders / customer
                                                            focus groups
September 2009        Consultation                          Staff

October 2009          1st draft plans produced              Performance Team

November           / Consultation                           Management, Board,
December 2009                                               stakeholders / customer focus
                                                            groups / Staff
January 2010          2nd draft plans produced              Performance Team

February / March      Consultation                          Management, Board,
                                                            Committees and stakeholders
April 2010            Business and Financial Plans Communications team

5.0 Key achievements to date

Enfield Homes has taken great strides in its fairly short existence, having taken on
new initiatives and improvements across services. A summary list of achievements
for the organisation and its impact on customer services is set out in Appendix A

6.0 Challenges ahead

Enfield Homes is an ambitious organisation and we recognise that we need to plan
for the future so that we are fit for purpose, responding in an appropriate and timely
way to our customer needs.

Our Annual Delivery Plan 2009 – 2010 was developed by holding discussions with
the Board, a management ‘away day’, followed by senior management meetings.
Information gathered from ongoing surveys, the Customer Access Survey 2007 and
the STATUS Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2008 also inputted in to help inform and fully
develop our priorities. We will continue to consult our key partners on the priorities at

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the scheduled strategy review meetings to ensure our plans continue to reflect local
emerging priorities.

Our customers

Enfield population is dynamic, growing and is currently the fifth largest London
Borough with a population estimated to be about 285,300. Diversity and deprivation
are increasing in the borough and the gap between the prosperous and
disadvantaged neighbourhoods of the borough is widening.

In common with other Outer London boroughs, Enfield’s position in the indices of
deprivation has worsened – Enfield’s ranking in the 2007 Index of Multiple
Deprivation (IMD) worsened from 104th (in 2004) to 70th most deprived of 354 English
boroughs. There are also high levels of inequality within the Borough (of the 32
London Boroughs, Enfield has the 2nd highest inequality score in London when
comparing the most and least deprived output areas).

Geographically, the greatest challenges for the borough lay within the south and east
regions. These regions are experiencing the highest levels of deprivation, crime, poor
health and low skill levels.


Enfield Homes carries out a number of surveys to ascertain the level of customer
satisfaction. Amongst these, large surveys carried recently have been the Customer
Access 2007 and the STATUS Survey 2008.

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The Customer Access Survey 2007 results are set out for specific groups, e.g.
tenants, leaseholders, BME tenants. Key findings for improving service were:
    •   Preferred method of access: 68% stated the telephone, with no significant
        change when broken down into ethnicity or disability.
    •   Quality of service delivery: Are staff polite? – 69% tenants and 55%
        leaseholders agreed.
    •   Keeping you informed: 41% tenants and 31% leaseholders agreed.

Based on information produced by the STATUS Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2008 the
overall tenant satisfaction picture is a mixed one for Enfield Homes’ tenants:
   •     Satisfaction with overall services, a key National Indicator measure, stands at
        67%. At this level, satisfaction is just below the mean score for London
        Boroughs (based on 2006 results) and around the average for our 2008
        London Average. The analysis suggests that this level of satisfaction is
        slightly (-3) below what would be expected given local circumstances such as
        levels of deprivation and ethnic fractionalisation in the Borough – a slight
        decline since 2006.
   •    Across a range of other measures, landlord services are viewed at around the
        same levels they were in 2006, with some small changes.

   •    The deterioration in the proportion of tenants who feel their landlord is good at
        keeping them informed (-13 percentage points from 2006 result) has not been
        found to the same level for any of the other measures (although is a trend
        seen across London more generally) and is therefore particularly significant.

In order to maintain and further improve overall satisfaction levels in the future key
action points picked up are:

   •    To resolve enquires at first point of contact (1e, 2a, 2b, 2c)

   •    To improve responses to complaints (2b, 2c)

   •    To strengthen communications with residents (1e, 2d, 2f, 5a )

   •    To develop further effective mechanisms for tenant engagement (1c, 1e,
        2d,2f,3b,4a, 5a)

   •    To address the needs of younger tenants, BME tenants, women and North
        Team 2 tenants who consistently show lower levels of satisfaction across the
        range of measures. (1e, 2d, 3b, 3d, 4a, 5a)

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   7.0 Areas of Focus 2009/10
   The Enfield Homes vision will be delivered through the achievement of 5 strategic

   1: Sound stock investment and asset management
   2: High quality accessible services
   3: Successful partnerships and sustainable communities
   4: Organisational excellence
   5: Effective use of resources

   For 2009-10 we have agreed areas of focus through which we will build on work
   already in place and move Enfield Homes forward in achieving those aims. Within
   these areas of focus are a number of key actions that will support the business
   objectives that underpin the strategic aims.

   In 2008-09 we developed our four overarching strategies VFM, Diversity, Customer
   Access and Resident Involvement. The continued implementation of these together
   with the development and implementation of other key strategies and plans will be
   among the key actions in our areas of focus in 2009-10 as set out in the Delivery
   Plan action plan at Appendix B

   In addition we will strive to maintain the momentum in improving performance against
   our key performance indicators and will aim for performance is in the top quartile
   (HouseMark ALMO Peer Group) for 90% of the delivery plan KPIs.

Strategic Aim 1: Sound stock investment and asset management
1a To deliver the Decent Homes programme to time and in budget in 2009-2012 and to
complete the Decent Homes programme by 2014
1b To fully discharge Enfield Home’s statutory responsibilities as a landlord
1c To meet the aspirations and priorities of residents for investment in their homes
1d To develop our planned maintenance programme linking it to the Decent Homes
programme to maintain the stock to a good standard and make best use of available
1e To continue to improve our responsive repairs services informed by resident feedback and
supported by partnership development
1f To support the delivery of the council’s asset management strategy
Area of focus - Delivering 2009-10 major works programme and develop capacity for an
expanded programme
Key Actions
Deliver £45 million major works programm
Involve residents in development of local priorities within 2009-10 schemes
Finalise procurement for decent Homes delivery mechanism
Full implementation of Ph II of Apex - asset management system
Develop and undertake annual planned maintenance programmes for:
1. Electrical testing of homes
2. Portable appliance testing at sheltered accommodation, hostels and halls
3. Water safety testing of communal water storage
Prepare and tender External Redecoration programme for 2010-11
Area of focus - Increasing access to homes and estates for residents with disabilities
Key Actions
Complete analysis of Access Audit (Phases I and II) and develop prioritised plan to
deliver agreed improvements, integrating into major works programme as appropriate.

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Complete DDA Access Audit Phase III and identify works required
Area of focus - effective management of non-housing HRA assets
Develop investment programme in community halls to improve facilities and increase
usage by community groups
Develop and deliver programme of investment in play areas on HRA land
Develop programme of environmental improvement works that links into the Decent
Homes programme

  Information produced by our surveys identifies the repairs service as the most
  important by the majority of Enfield Homes’ tenants e.g. STATUS survey 2008 shows
  that eight out of ten (82%) rate this as important, consistent with 2006, compared to
  just over half (54%) who consider the overall quality of their home to be important.
  Taking this feedback into account, we have shaped our aims and objectives to focus
  resources on further developing the delivery of efficient repairs services. Throughout
  our strategies and works programmes we aim to improve Value for Money (through
  partnership relationships and internal efficiencies) and customer consultation to
  deliver increased customer satisfaction.

  Property Estate Overview and Challenges
  Flats account for some 70% of the housing stock and nearly half the stock is of non-
  traditional construction. Non-traditional stock has a high cost of repair and is also
  termed “hard to treat” as it contains little insulation, is difficult and expensive to heat
  and as a result can be cold and damp, conditions conducive to condensation, cold
  bridging and mould growth, especially for low income households who may be
  unable to afford to fully use the heating system.
  There are 53 high-rise blocks, 36 of which are over 10-storeys.
  There are issues with many of the lift installations as spares are no longer available
  so a large-scale replacement programme is planned.

  There are high concentrations of estate based stock in the east of the borough where
  deprivation factors of crime, poor health, benefits receipt etc are higher.

  Much of the stock was built from the late 1950’s onwards so asbestos and health is
  an issue, both for routine maintenance and during more major works. A database is
  maintained with information on location and continuous surveys keep this up to date.
  There are plans to make the available through web access to contractors and others
  bodies like the fire brigade. Removal of asbestos is undertaken during planned works
  but adds to costs.

  Around 28% of the stock is leasehold, both owner occupied and landlord. In common
  with other authorities with similar stock, leaseholders have concerns regarding the
  potentially high cost of some works as recharge costs to some blocks could result in
  bills for leaseholders totalling many thousands of pounds. Difficult to fund, particularly
  in the current economic climate with property sale values are falling.

  A high percentage of garages remain unlet despite offering them to people outside
  the estate. The garages are difficult to maintain and attract anti-social activity. Some
  of the sites have been passed to RSL’s for development, some have been
  demolished and a programme of works have seen some of the worst retained areas
  landscaped or made into open parking which can be better monitored for anti-social
  activity by residents.

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Energy, Fuel Poverty and Insulation
50% of the homes have aged single-glazed steel windows, prone to draughts, cold
bridging and condensation. Replacement of these with energy effective and secure
double glazed windows is tenants highest priority.
In 2008-09 an intensive replacement programme has seen some 1,200 homes fitted
with open flued, gas fired, back boilers changed for energy efficient wall hung room
sealed gas boilers.

Over 1,600 homes have electric heating (under floor or storage radiators) often
without individual room controls. Where feasible these are being replaced by gas
Energy Performance Certificates are produced for homes being relet and those
where major works have changed the energy efficiency.

DDA and Inclusive Environment
Many of the flatted blocks have accessibility issues in particular the high-rise blocks
with podium access or lifts that stop at alternate floors.
An access audit of the common parts flatted block commenced in 2008.
100% of the sheltered accommodation has been surveyed along with much of the
high-rise stock. A third phase has been commissioned which will complete the audit
of high-rise blocks in June 2009. A fourth phase and final of the remaining low-rise
blocks (up to 4-storeys) is due from later 2009 (highly repetitive archetypes).
A programme of works include short-term improvements, mainly signage, with
longer-term upgrading of lighting, lift and entrance door control panels, door
ironmongery and colour contrasts to stair nosings is being undertaken as part of the
external redecoration works or during more major block improvement works.

Fire Safety and Fire Management
The stock is all pre-1980’s construction therefore the flatted blocks generally do not
conform to current building regulations. A full fire risk assessment survey was
undertaken to comply with the Fire Safety Order 2005 and recommendations show
that fire doors to common parts, flat front entrance doors, emergency lighting, and
signage require upgrading. Except where there is an urgent need, works are being
undertaken as part of major capital improvements or planned redecoration. Cost
estimates are particularly high for the taller blocks.

Planned Maintenance
Gas safety achieved a 100% inspection rate in the current year and other planned
programmes are being extended in areas like electrical safety and water storage and
testing which are revealing a need for services replacement both within individual
homes, in communal services and in other facilities like sheltered accommodation,
hostels and halls.

Sheltered Housing
As at mid-2007 there were nearly 1,000 dwellings across sheltered housing schemes
built from the 1950’s onwards.

Some of this sheltered homes accommodation is unpopular due to a lack of self-
contained facilities at some schemes. Even the newest of the stock is showing its
age in terms of design, space standards, facilities and fixtures. Following a
comprehensive review in 2007-08 several homes have been identified for disposal.

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External Funding
There has been some success in previous years to attract grant funding usually to
match funds particular works and Enfield Homes is stepping up efforts to lever in
further funding especially in areas like energy saving.
The energy efficiency and fuel poverty strategies introduced in 2008 are used to
guide major works investment and ensure most effective impact through working in
partnership with bodies like Enfield PCT and Age Concern. Enfield Homes is also
trying to gain the interest of a major energy supplier.

Community Halls
A programme of amenity improvements is planned to ten halls; addressing DDA
issues and improving decoration and toilet facilities making the halls more
commercially attractive for letting. The three schemes have been tendered and the
aim is to complete all works in the current financial year.

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Strategic Aim 2: High quality accessible services
    •   2a Deliver excellent customer focused services that are accessible to all
    •   2b Develop and deliver services based on knowledge of our customers and their
        needs and preferences
    •   2c Improve Value for Money, service quality and customer satisfaction year on year
    •   2d Empower residents to influence decisions that affect their homes, tenancies,
        services and the neighbourhoods they live in.
    •   2e Ensure equal and fair participation and involvement for all residents including the
        vulnerable and traditionally hard to hear members of our communities
    •   2f Regularly communicate our activities, decisions and achievements to residents,
        partners and other stakeholders

Area of focus – increasing our customer insight
Key Actions
Implement 2009/10 Customer access strategy action plan
Area of focus - developing our range of measures to ensure equal access to
services and support vulnerable customers
Key Actions
Review existing debt protocol to ensure financial assistance support packages in place for tenants and
Develop and promote widely an improved package of measures to support leaseholders facing large
bills as a result of major works
Review outreach programme and further develop use of home visits
Work with Enfield Council to ensure Enfield Homes staff are trained to safeguard children and
vulnerable adults
Further development of website to enable more customer transactions, greater access to information
and support more efficient working practice
Area of focus - increasing opportunities for tenants and leaseholders,
particularly hard to reach groups, to influence service delivery and decision
Key Actions
Implement 2009/10 Resident Involvement strategy action plan
Hold elections for 2 resident places on Enfield Homes board and promote the opportunity to a diverse
range of residents through existing and developing mechanisms
Implement 2009/10 Diversity strategy action plan
Area of focus – Implementing the recommendations from Audit Commission
Key Actions
Complete implementation of outstanding recommendations from voluntary improvement work (VIW)
inspection report
Ensure service improvements identified through the inspection self assessment are taken forward
Ensure full implementation of the three key recommendations from the February 2009 inspection
Implement other recommendations from final Inspection report

   Customer Satisfaction Surveys have shown that three quarters of Enfield Homes'
   tenants have contacted us in the last 12 months, compared to the slightly lower
   proportion in 2006. Of these contacts the majority have made contact by telephone,
   with fewer visits to the office and a small percentage of contact via letter and email.
   Overall the experience when contacting us has been positive, with the ease of
   contact gaining the highest increase in satisfaction.

   Enfield Homes aims to provide services through a choice of channels, with residents
   involved in the shaping and management of service delivery. To achieve this we
   need to be committed to increasing opportunities to access our services in ways that

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suit the diverse requirements of our customers, whist maintaining high levels of
customer care.
Enfield Homes is committed to the delivery of inclusive, quality services to enable
sustainable community development. To ensure this happens across all our services
we have embedded equality and diversity in all our key business documents
including the Business Plan, annual Delivery Plan and all Service Plans.
In partnership with Enfield Council we continue to work in line with the Corporate
Equalities Scheme and the Equality Mark for Local Government (to be replaced with
a new equalities framework from April 2009)

                          tenants      leaseholders       All residents
White UK                  4993         784                5777
unknown                   2327         4519               6846
BME                       4039         877                4916

                          11359        6180               17539
BME residents             35.55%       14.19%             28.02%

Overall 28.02% of residents are from BME communities but this increases to 35.55%
for the tenant population. This means that specific targeting of services may be
required to meet the needs of our BME communities.

                  under      25 – 44 45-64         65+    Unknown         Total
                  25 years   years
Tenant            565        3926    3316          3046   501             11354
Leaseholders      19         710     574           346    4531            6180
Totals            584        4636    3890          3392   5037            17539

4.97 % of tenants are under 25 years and 26.82% over 65 years or age. Both
groups may require additional support in accessing services

Illness / Disability   Enfield Homes Tenants    Enfield Homes             Total
                       632                      213                       845

4.8% of tenants have long-standing illnessor isability . Coupled with an aging
population (26.82% over 65 years) these residents may require additional support
and adaptations to their properties in the future.

Enfield Homes Equality and Diversity Strategy was launched in October 2008. This
will help us to deliver a bespoke service to our tenants and leasholders. Significant
issues that will be addressed in our strategy are:

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   •   Improving access to services that relies on comprehensive knowledge of our
       customer to further develop and refine our service delivery
   •   embedding equalities and diversity issues from the earliest is included at each
       stage of policy planning, service delivery and performance monitoring. This
       includes a review of diversity performance indicators to ensure more
       accountability with targets setting to help focus service delivery.
   •   Ensuring compliance with statutory and legislative requirements
   •   Timetable for reaching level 4 of the equality standard has not been set,
       pending a review of the new regime due to be introduced from April 2009.
The Equality & Diversity Working Group, chaired by Kate Tordoff meets quarterly to
review progress on the actions contained in the Equalty and Diversity Action plan .
and share good practice.
Our other two key service delivery strategies are the Customer Access Strategy and
Resident Involvement Strategy. These have been developed with consultation from
residents and our partners to ensure we captured both their needs and aspirations in
terms of service delivery. These strategies set out our vision for the future
development of service delivery and the will drive our service improvement
We aim to see a marked difference in the level of service delivery and resident
involvement over the next year in the following ways:

   •   We have taken strides to increase our customer knowledge base. By
       programming a number of surveys and using our IT systems effectively we
       aim to improve our profiling and data collection methods. This information will
       enable us to better understand the needs and behaviours of our customers
       and customer groups, so that services can be tailored accordingly. This will
       allow us to target services to those most in need and hard to reach groups.

   •   We want to enhance the way in which we deliver services to residents and
       stakeholders. To meet this aim we will look at improved access to services at
       the ‘front end’ and also the ‘end to end’ process in order to ensure that
       services are built around customers needs rather than around the internal
       working if our organisation. We are looking at making it easier to contact us at
       times and in ways that suit the customer’s individual needs and preferences.

   •   We aim to delivery ‘right first time’ across all our services, so customers
       experience a consistently effective and efficient service delivery. We are
       looking at ‘Value for Money’ in terms of new technologies and streamlining
       back office facilities.

   •   We are building a solid base for resident involvement through a programme of
       meeting / forums and resident training in order to empower our customers to
       effectively influence decision making. Some of the groups we have developed
          o   The Network
          o   Tenants and Residents Associations
          o   The Sheltered Housing Forum
          o   The Repairs Steering Group
          o   The Respect Steering Group
          o   Estate inspections Group

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Strategic Aim 3: Successful partnerships and sustainable
   •   3a Establish Enfield Homes as a key partner within the Enfield Strategic Partnership in
       delivering the Sustainable Community Strategy
   •   3b Through the Council’s Place Shaping agenda maximise opportunities to involve
       residents in planning access to local services and improving their neighbourhoods
   •   3c Establish Enfield Homes as a community leader
   •   3d Maximise community development opportunities that attract additional funding to
       our estates and neighbourhoods
   •   3e Build a platform with local partners to deliver our community aspirations and needs
Area of focus – developing partnering opportunities that support business
Key Actions
Agree energy efficiency and affordable warmth strategies action plan with client
Deliver 2009/10 action plan
Develop training and employment project with Homes for Haringey, CONEL and Enfield College that
links in Construction Web
Work with Enfield Council to develop and deliver project to address issues of worklessness on our
Area of focus – developing the role of Enfield Homes as community leader
Key Actions
Contribute to the development of the ESP community cohesion strategy
Area of focus – supporting the place shaping agenda
Key Actions
Work with Enfield Council and other partners to support the engagement of tenants and leaseholders n
the place shaping agenda
As a member of the EPI board work with other community leaders on the development of a community
trust for Edmonton, and other activities identified in the Edmonton review action plan.

   Building stronger, more cohesive and socially inclusive communities is a key priority
   to all of Enfield’s stakeholders. Having learnt from experience that working in
   partnership brings about maximum returns, our strategies and action plans reflect
   high levels of partnership working.

   • Key partner Enfield Council
   Enfield council works hand in hand with our partnership and sustainability aims and
   objectives. We have membership of key strategic working groups with Enfield
   Council including the Enfield Strategic Partnership, Shaping Enfield Communities,
   thematic Action Groups, and Specialist Delivery Groups such as the Enfield Crime
   Reduction Implementation Team. We also work alongside Enfield council on the
   ongoing review of the Asset Management Strategy to shape the boroughs stock
   profile to meet residents’ needs and aspirations.

   • Construction partners
   We are working closely with construction contractors to further develop our partner
   relationships. This involves:

        •   Building internal management processes through business process reviews
            and the development of our performance management framework to produce
            greater intelligence of service delivery activities leading to efficiency savings.

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    •    The incremental approach to local economic sustainability through the use of
         contract agreements on local labour levels and payment policies for sub-

    •    Building cost inflation reductions due to lower procurement costs based on
         longer term contracts and greater buying power of with joint purchasing

•   Other local agencies

Our tenants have informed us through customer surveys that though they are
generally satisfied with the quality of their neighbourhoods, disruptive anti-social
behaviour is the key problem in tenants’ neighbourhoods. Working with local
agencies we aim to be a leader in the community by building on existing partnerships
and to explore new contacts to keep our services abreast with emerging local
community needs:

     •   Further develop community safety by working with the Community Safety
         Unit, building our services to meet community needs around hate crime.

     •   Contact hard to reach groups by advertising community events using the
         local press (e.g. Turkish press). Also arrange events specifically for hard to
         reach groups e.g. the Well London Project designed for older people.

     •   Working in partnership with Enfield Council on the Place Shaping Strategy
         we are looking at more housing, shops and employment in the Edmonton
         Green     area    to    tackle     deprivation   and    social   malaise.

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Strategic Aim 4: Organisational Excellence
4a To maximise the effectiveness of the governance and management of the
4b To create a working environment where all can succeed
4c To promote Enfield Homes as a confident, ambitious organisation
4d To have a Business Planning framework that enables the achievement of
organisational ambitions

Area of focus – ensuring structures and staffing levels are appropriate to
deliver business objectives
Key Actions
Carry out a review of current structures including EMT, Communications team and TIU
Develop arrangements across the organisation to reduce use of temporary staff within Enfield Homes
Carry out a feasibility study of combining the two call centres
Develop a change management plan to implement changes during 2010-11
Area of focus – developing our work force to address long term outlook and
compliance with equalities standards
Key Actions
Set out plans for delivering a workforce development strategy by end 2009/10
Devise and implement leadership development programme as part of succession planning strategy
Area of focus – measuring ourselves against external standards
Key Actions
Explore feasibility of seeking IiP accreditation in this financial year
Explore feasibility of seeking Customer Service Excellence accreditation in this financial year
Carry out benchmarking exercise of costs of Repairs and Major works
Area of focus – strengthening our governance and business planning
Key Actions
Carry out review of business planning processes and tools including performance management

   Enfield Homes is committed to continuous improvement of its business processes
   leading to quality service delivery. To achieve this we recognise that we need clear
   aims, objectives and a planned approach to the development of the organisations
   structures, processes and people.

   Our aim is to address areas within:
      • Governance
      • Business Planning Framework
      • Staff development

   Our key strategies within these areas are Value for Money Strategy, HR Strategy,
   Communications Strategy, Customer Access Strategy and the Diversity Strategy.


   We want to enhance the governance of Enfield Homes; this will require a review of
   our governance framework and board member development.
       • Framework review - to achieve this we will look at improving the meeting
          arrangements in order to ensure arrangements are in place that maximise the
          boards’ impact on decision making.

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   •   Board member development – our aim is to build a solid competency base for
       all board members, which is refreshed at regular intervals to meet the
       demands of the role.

Business Planning Framework

Having established ourselves in our first year of business we now need to focus our
attention on enhancing our business planning framework to meet ongoing changes
both of a statutory and business need nature. We are an ambitious organisation
therefore our organisational structures need to be adaptable to meet future needs.

   •   The overall organisational structure is to be reviewed; this will involve the
       reorganisation of directorates to ensure good quality service delivery and
       value for money.
   •   To enable a transparent cascade of strategy and policy development, the
       service planning, performance management, complaints and service
       improvement structures are to be reviewed.
   •   To review key strategies: communications, customer access and diversity and
       value for money to reflect emerging business needs and good practice.

Staff development

During our first year of business a training programme was carried out to provide a
platform for good practice across the organisation. This year we aim to both underpin
this good practice and further develop competencies to meet the new challenges
ahead. This will include a new staff appraisal process to help inform our training
programme, a Leadership programme and the achievement of Investors in People.

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Strategic Aim 5: Effective use of resources
5a To achieve ongoing efficiency and maximise use of resources in all the work of Enfield
5b To manage the business to address long-term decline in HRA availability
5c To identify and evaluate future business opportunities for Enfield Homes
5d To identify opportunities for attracting additional funding and other resources into Enfield
Area of focus - identifying efficiency savings to achieve overall 3% target
Key actions
Carry out programme of SLA reviews revised in the light of inspection outcomes and
emerging priorities
Carry out programme of VFM service reviews revised in the light of inspection outcomes and
emerging priorities
Area of focus – developing our IT architecture to support more efficient working
Key actions
Explore use of mobile working to support frontline service delivery
Carry out applications architecture review
Implementation of Integrator project

   Our aim is to manage our resources to deliver a quality service to our residents and

   Having secured additional resources to enable us to improve the stock to Decent
   Homes standards, we must focus on ensuring that we achieve value for money in
   every area of operation and meet agreed spending levels. We will continue to
   ensure we have a robust financial management and a sound risk management
   framework which includes knowledge of risk management across the organisations
   planning and operational activities.

   We will review the overall organisational structure to ensure good quality service
   delivery and value for money and organisational capacity to deliver the requirements
   of an enhanced capital programme

   8.0 Performance Management
   Performance management matters to everyone who wants to see residents better
   served and strives for added value.

   Enfield Homes uses a basket of performance indicators to measure service delivery
   and key processes. The information gathered is then used to inform change
   management and the service improvement programme.

   PI hierarchy
   The Performance Indicator basket needs to be focused on providing a balanced, true
   overall reflection of Enfield Homes. Performance indicators need to be cost effective
   to collect, robust and ensure data integrity. A hierarchy of indicators is set out to
   address Enfield Homes local needs and to meet the national agenda as follows:

   •   National Indicators (NI) –Implemented from April 2008. This national indicator set
       has been developed as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review 2007.

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    Targets against the set of national indicators will be negotiated through Local
    Area Agreements (LAAs).

•   Best Value (BV) – Pre-dating the National Indicators, a number of Best Value
    indicators are still used for benchmarking with other service providers.

•   Local PIs – these are used to reflect local Enfield Homes needs. Targets are set
    to meet both annual and ongoing local needs.

Performance Reporting
Enfield Homes has a hierarchy of reporting:
LB Enfield
    • Client Liaison Group receives monthly reports on the Delivery Plan PIs which
        includes NIs and former BVPIs.
    • Service Delivery Committee meets bi-monthly and receives reports on the
        Delivery Plan PIs
    • Enfield Homes Board receives quarterly receives reports on the Delivery Plan
    • Executive Team receives monthly reports on both the Delivery Plan PIs and
        other local PIs
    • Managers also monthly reports on both the Delivery Plan PIs and other local
    • Local Teams receive PI information in team meetings and on staff notice

Good practice forums include:
• 1/4ly Performance Reviews – Chaired by CE, attended by all Directors, each
  manager presents 1/4ly PI data and feedback on progress against one of the
  Strategic Plan aims. The forum provides praise and direction on real time

•   1/4ly Performance & Quality Seminars- Held by the Performance Team, the
    seminar aims to bring management together to review good practice, current hot
    topics and support networking.

9.0 Financial Management
Enfield Homes’ Board is ultimately responsible for the Financial Management of the
organisation, but has delegated some of its responsibilities for Financial management
to its Finance and Audit Committee. The Board and the Finance and Audit
Committee meet in alternate months, so that a meeting takes place in each month of
the year (except August). The latest budget monitoring information for both revenue
and capital expenditure, delegated and managed budgets is considered at these
meetings every month, together with other key financial issues.

The Finance and Audit Committee considers at each meeting:

    •   Risk Management

    •   Anti Fraud Activity and Fraud Risk Management

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It also approves the audit plans of both internal and external auditors, and receives
their reports.

Enfield Homes has a full suite of Financial Management rules and procedures,

   •   Initial Scheme of Delegation;
   •   Contract Procedure rules and initial code of practice;
   •   Board Member Code of Conduct;
   •   Board Member Expenses;
   •   Staff Code of Conduct;
   •   Anti Fraud Policy;
   •   Whistleblowing Policy;
   •   Gifts and Hospitality Policy;
   •   Value for Money Strategy and Action Plan;
   •   Risk Strategy.

The initial scheme of delegation, and the contract procedure rules and initial code of
practice are both due to be replaced with permanent rules during the early part of
2009.10. Some of the other policies may also warrant further review during the
course of the year.

At officer level, Financial Management is led and supported by the Finance and
Resources division. It is clear to staff throughout the organisation however that
financial responsibilities, for example for Value for Money, also rest with them.

Enfield Homes manages two budgets:

   •   Delegated (our Management Fee)

   •   Managed

The delegated budget can be sub divided into revenue and capital expenditure.

For 2009.10, these budgets are:

Management Fee:              £18.1m

Delegated (Revenue): £57.7m gross income; £13.7m gross expenditure

Delegated (Capital):         £45m

In addition, there are some earmarked funds to be drawn from reserves for spend to
save initiatives and the Service Improvement plan, which will be added to the
managed or delegated budget as appropriate. The management fee includes some
“one off” items which will need to be eliminated from the budget for 2010.11, as well
as making the 3% efficiency saving.

The Finance team meets with Budget Owners every month to discuss the
management of both delegated and managed budgets, and the results of these
consultations feed into overall budget monitoring statements for each of the principal
budgets which we control. These are reported to the Executive Management Team,

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and then on to the Finance and Audit Committee and the Council’s Director of
Finance and Corporate Resources.

Value for Money is embedded in everything we do, and the role of all staff, from the
most junior to the Chief Executive in maximising Value for Money is something which
we emphasise through a range of formal and informal communications. Our
Management agreement commits us to finding savings of 3% pa, and we will work to
meet this challenging target without reducing the quality of services to residents. We
will commence our budget process for 2010.11 early in 2009.10.

Enfield Homes has developed a robust approach to risk management, including
identification of key joint risks with the Council. Our Risk Strategy aims to embed
awareness of risk management throughout the organisation. Our Risk register,
utilising the recording mechanism employed by the Council, is reviewed by the
Finance and Audit Committee at every meeting. It is Enfield Homes’ expectation is
that it will proactively identify, understand and manage the risks inherent in its
services and associated with its plans and strategies, so as to encourage
responsible, informed risk taking.

As part of our Anti Fraud Strategy, we maintain a separate Fraud Risk register. We
also regularly emphasise to staff our zero tolerance of fraud, the need to comply fully
with anti fraud measures such as separation of duties, and what to do if they suspect
fraud may be taking place.

10. Value for Money (VFM)

Value for money and efficiency is a key feature in the Enfield Homes Business
Strategy, specifically addressed by the theme ’Effective use of Resources’. As part
of our first Delivery plan agreed with Enfield Council for 2008/09, efficiency savings of
at least 3% per annum where identified as a central target for achievement in
2009/10 onwards, to be regularly reviewed in line with the Housing Revenue Account
Business Plan.

Our approach and key processes for achieving value for money are set out in our
Value for Money Strategy. This theme is included throughout our strategies and
plans to ensure a clear focus is maintained on VFM due to its central requirement for
the success of Enfield Homes.

The achievement of VFM will demonstrate to our residents that we are delivering our
services efficiently. Efficiency is not about service reductions, but about doing more
for the same by rising productively, increasing effectiveness and getting better value
for money.

The key VFM priorities for 2009-10 are:

   •   Procurement and Decent Homes implementation of new contracts

   •   Customer Access and Business Process Re-engineering

   •   Leaseholder Service Charge review

   •   Reviewing our Service Level Agreements with Enfield Council

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Other Service Reviews
Enfield Homes have used service reviews to deliver VFM and have agreed a rolling
programme of reviews as follows for 2009/10:
    • Leasehold Services
    • Voids
    • Tenant Involvement services

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
As part of our Value for Money Strategy Enfield Homes has a range of Service Level
Agreements for services delivered by Enfield Council. For the first year of operation
as an ALMO, it was agreed that we would continue to use the Council’s support
services, but that we would start to review these to determine whether they represent
VFM for Enfield Homes. A review programme for the next three years has been

The review process will include an appraisal of the quality and costs of the services,
including benchmarking exercises to evaluate services against other suppliers. The
reviews are expected to contribute to the 3% efficiency target set for us by Enfield

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Appendix A            Achievements in 2008-09

Achievement during                       Impact on the customer
Performance &
Communication Services
Customer     Access      Strategy. A number of improvements have been
Improve information and service introduced to the reception service at
delivery arrangements      at  the Edmonton, including:
Edmonton public access point.
                                   • Increased opening hours from 8.30am-
                                   • The installation of a Q-Matic system for
                                    managing access to the reception service.
                                   • All leaflets have been rebranded to Enfield
                                    Homes and updated.
                                   • Notice boards are kept fully updated, and
                                    internal and external signage has been
                                    upgraded generally
                                   • Play area for children
                                   • The Housing Benefit Team now provide a
                                    complementary counter service at the
                                    Edmonton office covering the same hours as
                                    Enfield Homes on Mon-Weds so that
                                    customers can obtain HB advice and hand in
                                    completed HB forms.

                                         As a result of these changes customer
                                         feedback shows a high level of satisfaction
                                         with the reception service and the average
                                         waiting time is close to the published
                                         standard of 10 mins.
                                         The service is also tracking avoidable

                                         External mystery shopping has been
                                         introduced to monitor qualitative aspects of
                                         customer care standards

                                         Both of these initiatives now inform an
                                         ongoing ‘ improvement plan’ for 2009/10

Customer profiling.
A profiling procedure note for           The information has also been used
capturing profiling information for      specifically to tailor services to meet the
tenants and leaseholders was             needs of tenants and leaseholders, for
produced and disseminated to staff.      example, A mailshot was sent to all our
An intensive exercise to increase the    Greek and Greek Cypriot tenants advising
profiling information for leaseholders   them of services offered by the Greek and
was undertaken (including a postal       Greek Cypriot Community Enfield (GGCCE)
survey and door-knocking) and as a       such as rent arrears advice (the information
result the profiling information for     was translated into Greek).
leaseholders has increased from
under 2% in Oct 07 to 38% in Oct 08.     As a result the GGCCE reported a significant
                                         increase in requests for advice. Similar

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Appendix A           Achievements in 2008-09

As of May 08 profiling information mailshots have been sent to tenants from
was held on 79% of tenants (up from other ethnic groups such as Bangladeshi and
62% in 2005 and 72% in 2007).       Somalian tenants.

To improve the website to provide      The full website (
more information to tenants and        went live on 3rd Nov 08 and includes detailed
leaseholders on access points and      information to enable customers to easily
services      available, including     access services and to make them aware of
standards for delivery.                service standards. The website address is
                                       promoted in housing news, leaflets,
To also improve the accessibility of handbooks and other key documents to raise
the website for people who have a awareness of the website and its
disability or who do not speak English functionality.
as a first language.
                                       Language translations are available on the
                                       website in the main community languages
                                       and Browsealoud and large text are available
                                       for visually impaired users. As a result of
                                       these facilities, the accessibility of the
                                       website has been improved.

Performance Management                  More repairs completed on the first visit,
Systems         were introduced   for   improves the convenience of the repairs
monitoring performance in relation to   service for customers. This is a new
appointments made and kept and the      performance indicator and an ambitious
percentage of repairs completed on      target of 88% was set for 08/09. Although
the first visit.                        performance has consistently remained
                                        above 80% (for Nov 82.41%) it is currently
                                        below target.

                                        The percentage of repairs for which an
                                        appointment was made and kept has
                                        increased from 95% in Apr 08 to 97.46% in
                                        Nov 08 (compared to a target of 95%).
                                        These figures are well above the 2007/8 and
                                        2008/9 (Q2) HouseMark median figures for
                                        London, which were 95.47% and 96.01%

Residents were consulted on the         As a result of the consultation, performance
monitoring and reporting of service     information is published in every edition of
standards via the tenants' handbook     Housing News and therefore residents are
focus group. Consultation was also      able to monitor the progress being made by
carried out with all tenants and        Enfield Homes in delivering services.
leaseholders via Housing News (Mar

Housing Operations

Produced a comprehensive Tenants A follow-up survey was conducted in Sept 08
Handbook. Produced in consultation and showed that 92% of tenants found it a

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Appendix A           Achievements in 2008-09

with tenants focus groups it was useful document. A copy is included in the
issued to new and existing tenants. welcome pack for new tenants.

                                       A DVD version of the handbook (with
                                       translation in community languages) has also
                                       been produced.

An Enfield Homes and LBE Joint         Regular publicity information has been
benefit take up action plan and        included in Housing News. Benefit advice is
strategy have been produced with the   promoted in the Tenant and Leaseholder
HB team and consulted with partner     Handbooks, in rent arrears letters, service
agencies and community groups. An      charge invoices, sheltered accommodation
Enfield Homes and LBE Benefit          blocks, Council offices, voluntary sector
Service working protocol has also      partner offices and community halls.
been agreed with the HB team and is
monitored at monthly HB liaison        A take up campaign leaflet has been
meetings.                              produced entitled Your Right to Benefit and
                                       has been used to promote benefit take up at
There is Enfield Homes income          various events such as the Enfield Matters
maximisation policy and benefit        event in July 08, the five community festivals,
advice on         the fuel poverty event in November 08 and
along with links to Enfield Council’s  direct mail shots to tenants in arrears with nil
website housing benefit pages and      HB.
the DWP website. Action to develop
a network of benefit advisors in The Welfare Benefit Advisers (WBAs)
Enfield is underway.                  continue to generate additional benefit
                                      income for tenants. In 2007/8 £1.2 million in
                                      additional benefits was generated by the
                                      WBAs for tenants.

                                       As a result of the above activities, awareness
                                       of benefit entitlement has been raised
                                       amongst tenants and leaseholders.

The reporting arrangements for ASB As a result of these new arrangements,
were reviewed.                     victims of ASB are able to report ASB issues
                                   directly to Enfield Homes rather than leaving
                                   a message with the Community Safety Unit.

                                       Out of hours emergencies relating to ASB
                                       and other matters are dealt with by the
                                       Customer Service Centre and details are
                                       passed to Enfield Homes.

                                       A recent telephone survey has shown that
                                       80% of respondents were aware of the new
                                       freephone number, and 88% said they found
                                       it easy to contact us by phone.

                                       The Quarter 2 (Jul-Sep 08) ASB satisfaction
                                       survey results show that 97% of respondents
                                       were satisfied with the service received from
                                       the person dealing with their report of ASB
                                       (114 survey forms were sent out and there

                                       V10.1                              Page 30 of 50
Appendix A           Achievements in 2008-09

                                        was a 41% response rate).      72% of
                                        respondents found it easy to contact a
                                        member of staff to report ASB.

To accurately apportion leasehold The caretaking, grounds maintenance and
service charges.                  management costs are being reviewed to
                                  improve the apportionment of service
                                  charges. Collation of information to enable
                                  the introduction of new apportionments is
                                  already underway, for example a time
                                  measurement exercise at block and estate
                                  levels has been carried out for caretakers. It
                                  is anticipated that the new apportionments
                                  will be introduced in 2010/11.

To improve the formal dispute           A simplified disputes resolution procedure
resolution procedure for leaseholders   was produced and agreed with FECA. A
to give clearer guidelines on how to    leaflet outlining the procedure has been
make a complaint and targets for        printed and is available in reception areas
responses                               and other offices in Enfield. Details have
                                        been included in the leaseholders’ handbook
                                        which has been sent to all leaseholders.

                                        The simplified procedure will provide
                                        leaseholders with a more accessible means
                                        of raising queries or complaints.

To enable leaseholders       to   pay The introduction of direct debits for
charges by direct debit.              leaseholders was publicised in Housing
                                      News, and the leaseholders’ handbook. The
                                      system is now available on Northgate and
                                      the first DD payments will be made in
                                      December 2008.

                                        The payment of charges by direct debit offers
                                        better value for money due to savings on
                                        transaction costs and offers greater
                                        convenience for customers.

Finance & Resources

The set up of a new organisational      Ensuring our policies and procedures comply
structure for finance, HR and           with our statutory duty and best practice.

Technical & Property                    .

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Appendix A           Achievements in 2008-09

The Asset Management Plan was A review of the consultation framework was
reviewed following the launch of the undertaken and includes:
ALMO.                                • Involving residents in the design and
                                        delivery of major works: the five
                                        community festivals were used to engage
                                        with residents in order to help prioritise
                                        the 5-year capital programme.
                                     • FECA have been involved in the tender
                                        evaluation process for major works
                                     • Residents form part of the Project
                                        Steering Groups for individual projects
                                     • Residents from the Network will be
                                        invited to participate in the evaluation
                                        process for the procurement of a
                                        constructor partner and to be on the
                                        Project Board for monitoring the
                                        performance of the contractor.

To ensure appointments available for Appointments for repairs are now available
responsive repairs are accessible for between 8 am and 7pm and Saturday
tenants (e.g. outside office hours).  mornings 8 am till 1pm. The appointment
                                      times were reviewed at the Residents’
                                      Repairs Focus Group meeting on 31/3/08
                                      and residents agreed that the Council offers
                                      a wide range of appointment slots. The
                                      results of the consultation were reported in
                                      the June 08 edition of Housing News.

                                        An effective appointments system reduces
                                        abortive visits and contributes towards
                                        dealing with repairs on time. The percentage
                                        of urgent repairs completed on time for Apr-
                                        Oct 08 was 99.17%, which is in the top
                                        quartile of ALMOs based on the Housemark
                                        2008/9 (Q2) figures (98.70%).

                                        Also, the average time taken to complete
                                        non-urgent repairs for Apr-Nov 08 was 7.44
                                        days, which again is in the top quartile of
                                        ALMOs based on the Housemark 2008/9
                                        (Q1) figures (7.87 days).

Details of the aids and adaptations     As a result, there has been a 30% increase
service were publicised in the          in the number of homes subject to major
tenants' handbook and in the revised    adaptations carried out to Enfield Homes
repairs handbook.                       properties during April-Sep 08 compared to
                                        the previous 6 month period.
 An adaptations publicity leaflet has
been produced and has been sent to      The customer satisfaction surveys carried
all tenants who are shown on the        out during April-Sept 08 show that 92% of
Northgate system as having a            respondents thought the service provided by
disability or are older persons.        Enfield was ‘very good’ or ‘good’.

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Appendix A           Achievements in 2008-09

The Enfield Homes’ handyperson          Close links have been established between
service was reviewed and now            Enfield Homes and Age Concern Enfield who
focuses on carrying out minor repairs   provide a complementary handyperson
for new tenants, those moving due to    service, which is grant funded by Enfield
under occupation and those being        Council through the supporting people
compulsorily decanted.                  programme.

                                        Enfield Homes has promoted the Age
                                        Concern scheme via:
                                           • Housing News
                                           • Information in reception areas in
                                               order to ensure that tenants and
                                               leaseholders have access to a
                                               comprehensive handyperson service.
                                           • Publicised through flyers in new
                                               tenants welcome packs.

                                        The combination of the Age Concern and
                                        Enfield Homes’ handyperson services offer a
                                        flexible, low-cost way for tenants and
                                        leaseholders to get minor jobs completed in
                                        their homes.

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   Appendix B.               Delivery Plan Action Plan

Strategic Aim 1: Sound stock investment and asset management
Area of focus - Delivering 2009-10 major works programme and develop capacity for an expanded programme
             Action               Outputs/Measurable              Target date          Target(s)           EMT       Business       Resources &    Delivery
                                  outcomes                        completion                               lead      objectives       partners      Plan(s)
Deliver £45 million major works   Programme delivered in time     31st March                             R Pooley   1a 1b 1c 1f   Existing        AMP
programme                         and on budget                   2010                                                            resources and   P & TS
                                                                                                                                  Decent Homes    team
                                                                                ?? % non-decent homes                             funding         plans
                                  NI 58 2009-10 target met                      at 31/3/10
Involve residents in              Resident satisfaction with      Throughout    85% satisfaction rate    R Pooley   1c 2b 2d      Existing        AMP
development of local priorities   improvements to their homes     year on       post completion                                   resources and   P & TS
within 2009-10 schemes                                            scheme by                                                       Decent Homes    team
                                                                  scheme        100% schemes have                                 funding         plans
                                                                  basis         resident liaison plans                                            RI
Finalise procurement              Increased capacity to deliver   30th                                   R Pooley   1a 1f         Existing        AMP
arrangements for Decent           expanded major works            September                                                       resources and   P & TS
Homes delivery mechanism          programme 2010-2014             2009                                                            Decent Homes    team
                                                                                                                                  funding         plans

Full implementation of Ph II of   All repairs and stock           31st March                             R Pooley   1a 1b 1d      Existing        AMP
Apex - asset management           management systems              2010                                                            resources       P & TS
system                            integrated                                                                                                      team
                                  Environmental Health
                                  Asbestos data migrated
Develop and undertake annual      Statutory responsibility for    From June                              R Pooley                 Existing
planned maintenance               Health and Safety met           2009 and                                                        Revenue
programmes for:                                                   ongoing                                                         resources
4. Electrical testing of homes                                    through
5. Portable appliance testing                                     year
    at sheltered
    accommodation, hostels
    and halls
6. Water safety testing of

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   Appendix B.             Delivery Plan Action Plan

    communal water storage

Prepare and tender External        Works to include L/H homes    31st march                             R Pooley                   Existing
Redecoration programme for         and DDA recommendations       2010                                                              Revenue
2010-11                                                                                                                            resources
Area of focus - Increasing access to homes and estates for residents with disabilities
            Action                 Outputs/Measurable             Target date          Target(s)        EMT lead      Business      Resources &     Delivery
                                   outcomes                       completion                                          objectives      partners       Plan(s)
Complete analysis of Access        Analysis complete and         31st October   xx                      R Pooley     1b 1c         Existing        AMP
Audit (Phases I and II) and        improvement works                                                                               resources       P & TS
develop prioritised plan to        prioritised.                                                                                                    team
deliver agreed improvements,       Programmed improvements       31st March     no of blocks with                                                  plans
integrating into major works       completed.                    2010           improved access
programme as appropriate.          Residents on our estates
                                   have improved access to
                                   communal areas.

Complete DDA Access Audit          Analysis complete and         31st March
Phase III and identify works       improvement works             2010
required                           prioritised.
Area of focus - effective management of non-housing HRA assets
            Action                 Outputs/Measurable             Target date          Target(s)        EMT lead      Business      Resources &     Delivery
                                   outcomes                       completion                                          objectives      partners       Plan(s)
Develop investment programme       Client and TPWP consulted     30th                                   R Pooley     1d 1f         Existing        AMP
in community halls to improve      on investment programme       September                                                         resources       P & TS
facilities and increase usage by   and programme signed off      2009                                   L                                          team
community groups                                                                                        Cottington                                 plans
                                   Deliver 1st year investment   31st March     xx (to be set when
                                   programme – no of halls       2010           programme signed off)

                                   Increased usage of                           10% increase in
                                   refurbished halls                            bookings
Develop and deliver programme      Investment programme          30th                                   R Pooley     1d 1f         Repairs budge   AMP
of investment in play areas on     developed and signed off by   September                                                                         P & TS

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   Appendix B.              Delivery Plan Action Plan

HRA land                           client                           2009                                                                              team
                                   Deliver 1st year investment      31st March
                                   programme – no of play           2010           xx (to be set when
                                   areas upgraded                                  programme signed off)
                                                                                                                                   Play Pathfinder
                                   Work with Council’s sports       Ongoing                                                        fundingt
                                   and leisure team and lead on     through
                                   resident consultation to         2009/10
                                   deliver enhanced play areas
                                   through play pathfinder
Develop programme of               Programme developed and          30th                                   R Pooley   1d 1f        Existing           AMP
environmental improvement          delivered to time and within     September                                                      resources and      P & TS
works that links into the Decent   budget                           31st March                                                     CLG funding        team
Homes programme                                                     2010                                                                              plans
Strategic Aim 2: High quality accessible services
Area of focus – increasing our customer insight
            Action                 Outputs/Measurable                Target date         Target(s)         EMT lead   Business       Resources &       Delivery
                                   outcomes                          completion                                       Objectives       partners         Plan(s)
Implement 2009/10 Customer         Outcomes of 2008/09 action       July 2009                              Monika                  Existing           CA
access strategy action plan        plan reviewed. 2009/10                                                  Singh                   resources plus 1   strategy
                                   action plan refreshed in light                                                                  short term         P&C
                                   of inspection outcomes and                                                                      project manager    team
                                   emerging priorities, consulted                                                                                     plans
                                   on and agreed

                                   Agreed and funded action         31st March
                                   plan delivered                   2010

                                   Our approach to gathering        30th
                                   and reporting on customer        September
                                   inc data gathering processes
                                   in place and reporting points

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Appendix B.   Delivery Plan Action Plan


                  1st Quarterly report produced   31st October

                  Monthly reports produced        Q3 and 4

                  Annual report produced          31st March
                                                  2010                            Service
                  Data for all customers                                          Improvement
                  cleansed and updated with       31st                            budget
                  equalities data, contact        December
                  details and to enable a ‘
                  single customer view’

                  Percentage of customers for                    65%
                  whom we hold profiling
                  information across all 6
                  equalities strands increased

                  New comprehensive data
                  collection and update
                  protocol launched
                                                  31st October
                  Customers’ demographic                                          Invest to save
                  data increased through use of                                   budget and
                  intermediary community                                          existing
                  organisations                   31st                            resources
                  Customer relationship
                  management (CRM) system
                  business case approved
                  CRM Procurement via OGC
                  CATALIST commenced by           30th June

                  CRM project implementation

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   Appendix B.              Delivery Plan Action Plan

                                                                   31st July


Area of focus - developing our range of measures to ensure equal access to services and support vulnerable customers
            Action                     Outputs/Measurable          Target date         Target(s)   EMT lead      Business      Resources &    Delivery
                                            outcomes               completion                                   Objectives       partners     Plan(s)
Develop support arrangements       xx customers referred for                                       M Culligan   2a 2b 2c     Service         HO team
for tenants and leaseholders       support                                                                                   Improvement     plans
including ongoing review of                                                                                                  budget
floating support, debt advice      xx take up of support
service for those with multiple    offerings
debts and protocol for personal
contact.                           20 households with failing
                                   tenancies supported

Review existing debt protocol to   Agreed and costed protocol      31st October
ensure financial assistance        in place, delivered through     2009
support packages in place for      independent agencies
tenants and leaseholders
                                   Protocol published to all       12th
                                   tenants and leaseholders        December

                                   Establish baseline figure for   31st March
                                   take up of support and          2010
                                   number of vulnerable
                                   households supported
                                   through intensive casework
                                   for targeting further
                                   improvements in 2010.

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   Appendix B.             Delivery Plan Action Plan

                                   CPI/PI 66a - proportion of                    98.25%
                                   rent collected

                                   Current rent arrears as a                     3.00%
                                   proportion of the rent roll

                                   PI66b - percentage of                         7.25%
                                   tenants with more than 7
                                   weeks rent arrears

Develop and promote widely an      Financial support package                                      M Culligan   2a 2b 2c   HRA balances   HO team
improved package of measures       developed and funding in                                                                              plans
to support leaseholders facing     place by 30th June 2009
large bills as a result of major                                                                  K Tordoff                              P&C
works                              Campaign to raise                                                           2f                        team
                                   awareness of support                                                                                  plans
                                   available developed and run
                                   through Qs 2 – 4

                                   xx take up of support
Review outreach programme          Comprehensive evaluation of      30th June                     M Singh      2a 2b 2c   Existing       CA
and further develop use of home    outreach initiative completed                                                          resources      strategy
visits                                                                                                                                   team
                                   Strategic decision on future     31st July                                                            plans
                                   provision of outreach and
                                   proposal for 20010/11

                                   New proposal launched            30th

                                   Final evaluation with clear      31st March
                                   direction for future provision   2010

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   Appendix B.             Delivery Plan Action Plan

Work with Enfield Council to       Training programme agreed                                                Robin       2a 2b 2c
ensure Enfield Homes staff are     with Enfield Council and                                                 Tebbutt
trained to safeguard the           delivered to key staff
vulnerable young and elderly.
Further development of website     Web development plan in          31st July                               K Tordoff   2a 2c 5a     Existing          CA
to enable more customer            place                                                                                             resources         strategy P
transactions, greater access to                                                                                                                        & C team
information and support more       No of hits on website            xx                                                                                 plans
efficient working practice
                                   No of web-based customer         xx
                                                                                                            M Singh
                                   Deploy RightNow FAQ              31st August
                                   system onto Website
Area of focus - increasing opportunities for tenants and leaseholders, particularly hard to reach groups, to influence service
delivery and decision making
            Action                      Outputs/Measurable           Target date         Target(s)          EMT lead     Business      Resources &      Delivery
                                             outcomes                completion                                         Objectives       partners       Plan(s)
Implement 2009/10 Resident         Outcomes of 2008/09 action       31st July                               L           2d 2e 2f     Within existing   RI
Involvement strategy action plan   plan reviewed. 2009/10                                                   Cottingon                resources         strategy
                                   action plan refreshed in light
                                   of inspection outcomes and
                                   emerging priorities, consulted
                                   on and agreed

                                   Conclude review of CHPs          30th           minimum of 2 rounds of
                                   and implement alternative        September      panel meetings and 1
                                   local area panel plus                           borough wide forum
                                   Borough wide Forum                              meeting to take place
                                                                                   during 2009-10

                                   Strategies for youth, BME        31st October
                                   and people with disabilities
                                   engagement, developed with
                                   residents and put in place.

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   Appendix B.             Delivery Plan Action Plan

                                   Suite of performance              31st October
                                   indicators and SMART
                                   targets for resident
                                   involvement developed and

                                   Run 5 community festivals         30th
                                   and a tenant and leaseholder      September

                                   All Year 2 actions from the       31st March
                                   Resident Involvement              2010
                                   Strategy completed.

                                   Satisfaction of tenants with
                                   opportunities for participation                  xx
                                   (from annual survey)

                                   Satisfaction of BME tenants
                                   with opportunities for                           xx
                                   participation (from annual
Hold elections for 2 resident      Advice and support in place       30th April                      L            2d 2e 2f   Within agreed     RI
places on Enfield Homes board      for residents interested in                                       Cottington              resources         strategy
and promote the opportunity to a   applying to be on the board                                                                                 F&R
diverse range of residents                                                                           R Tebbutt                                 team
through existing and developing    Residents from a diverse                                                                                    plans
mechanisms                         range of backgrounds submit
Implement 2009/10 Diversity        Outcomes of 2008/09 action        31st July                       K Tordoff    2a 2b 2c   Within existing   2009/10
strategy action plan               plan reviewed. 2009/10                                                         5a         resources         Diversity
                                   action plan refreshed in light                                                            Darren Welsh      strategy
                                   of inspection outcomes and                                                                Fiona Peacock     action
                                   emerging priorities, consulted                                                                              plan

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   Appendix B.          Delivery Plan Action Plan

                              on and agreed with
                              resources in place

                              Complete equality impact          31st July
                              assessments on key areas of
                              policy and service delivery
                              and develop robust action
                              plans to address any
                              negative impact of polices
                              and strategies on equality

                              Develop, consult on and           30th
                              publish an Enfield Homes          September
                              Equalities Scheme that
                              incorporates the three
                              statutory schemes for race,
                              disability and gender.

                              Publish an Annual Housing         30th
                              Equalities report                 September

                              Deliver all year two actions in   31st March
                              diversity strategy action plan    2010
Area of focus – Implementing the recommendations from Audit Commission inspection.
           Action               Outputs/Measurable               Target date        Target(s)   EMT lead   Business     Resources &   Delivery
                                    outcomes                     completion                                Objectives     partners    Plan(s)
Complete implementation of    Evaluate the current method       31st August                     Mike       2c                         SI Team
outstanding recommendations   of service charge                                                 Culligan                              Plan
from VIW inspection report    apportionment - options
                              report prepared and
                              presented to Client

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   Appendix B.               Delivery Plan Action Plan

Ensure service improvements         Agreed actions from self                                        H Armand   2c            Within existing   All team
identified through the inspection   assessment imbedded in                                                                   resources         plans and
self assessment are taken           service plans and strategy                                                                                 strategy
forward                             action plans                                                                                               action
                                    Number of service                            xx
                                    improvements implemented
Ensure full implementation of       Recommendations prioritised                                     H Armand                                   Inspection
the three key recommendations       in line with other business                                                                                recomme
from the February 2009              priorities and imbedded in                                                                                 ndations
inspection                          team plans and strategy                                                                                    implemen
                                    action plans                                                                                               tation
                                                                                                    All                                        plan
                                    Number of agreed                             xx
Implement other                     Recommendations prioritised                                     H Armand   2c
recommendations from final          in line with other business
Inspection report                   priorities and imbedded in
                                    team plans and strategy
                                    action plans
                                                                                 xx                 All
                                    Number of agreed
Strategic Aim 3: Successful partnerships and sustainable communities
Area of focus – developing partnering opportunities that support business objectives
             Action                     Outputs/Measurable         Target date          Target(s)   EMT lead    Business       Resources &      Delivery
                                              outcomes             completion                                  Objectives        partners        Plan(s)
Agree energy efficiency and         Action plan and strategies    30th                              R Pooley   1c 1d 1f 3c   Existing          P & TS
affordable warmth strategies        signed off by client          September                                    3d 3e         resources         team
action plan with client                                                                                                                        plans
                                    Agreed 2009/10 outcomes
                                    delivered and targets met     31st March

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   Appendix B.             Delivery Plan Action Plan

Develop training and               Training and employment                                           R Pooley    3c 3d 3e     Existing           P & TS
employment project with Homes      plan for 2010-11 with clear                                                                resources          team
for Haringey, CONEL and            outcomes and targets in                                                                                       plans
Enfield College that links in      place
Construction Web

Work with Enfield Council to       Agree resource to support        31st August                      M           3c 3d 3e     Working            RI
develop and deliver project to     work of Jobsnet and                                               Culligan                 neighbourhoods     strategy
address issues of worklessness     Council’s job brokerage                                           K Tordoff                funding            action
on our estates                     scheme through outreach                                                                                       plan
                                   work on Enfield Council
                                   estates.                                                                                   LAA funding        P&C
                                                                                                                              Working            team
                                   Develop and submit, with         31st October                                              neighbourhoods     plans
                                   Christian Action Housing and                                                               fund
                                   Metropolitan Housing Trust                                                                 Future jobs fund   SI team
                                   an external funding bid for an                                                                                plan
                                   employment co-ordinator to
                                   work across social housing
                                   estates in Enfield and
                                   engage with residents
Area of focus – developing the role of Enfield Homes as community leader
            Action                      Outputs/Measurable           Target date         Target(s)   EMT lead     Business      Resources &       Delivery
                                             outcomes                completion                                  Objectives        partners        Plan(s)
Contribute to the development of   EH role in developing            31st October                     K Tordoff   3a 3c        Existing           P&C
the ESP community cohesion         community cohesion in                                                                      resources          team
strategy                           support of the ESP                                                                         Martin Garnar      plans
                                   community strategy clearly                                                                 and ESP
                                   defined.                                                                                   officers and
                                   Action plan with agreed                                                                    members
                                   outcomes and targets to take
                                   the strategy forward in place
                                   Agreed actions complete and      31st March
                                   targets met                      2010

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   Appendix B.               Delivery Plan Action Plan

Area of focus – supporting the place shaping agenda
             Action                       Outputs/Measurable          Target date         Target(s)   EMT lead      Business     Resources &       Delivery
                                               outcomes               completion                                   Objectives      partners        Plan(s)
Work with Enfield Council and        Ponders End – work with         Ongoing                          L            2d 3b                          RI
other partners to support the        visioning team to develop       through                          Cottington                                  strategy
engagement of tenants and            programme of consultation       2009/10
leaseholders in the place            around use of tower
shaping agenda                       undercrofts and review of

                                     Ladderswood Way – work          31st August
                                     with project manager to set     and ongoing
                                     up project group including      through
                                     local residents and develop     2009/10
                                     programme of consultation
                                     including through community
                                     festivals on 13th September
As a member of the EPI board         Master plan for Edmonton                                         M            2d 3b        From existing
work with other community            agreed                                                           Culligan                  resources
leaders on the development of a
community trust for Edmonton,
and other activities identified in
the Edmonton review action
Strategic Aim 4: Organisational excellence
Area of focus – ensuring structures and staffing levels are appropriate to deliver business objectives
             Action                       Outputs/Measurable         Target date          Target(s)   EMT lead      Business      Resources &      Delivery
                                               outcomes              completion                                    Objectives       partners       Plan(s)
Carry out a review of current        Realignment of staffing                                          All          4a 4b        Within existing   Team
structures including EMT,            resources to support delivery                                                              resources         plans
Communications team and TIU          of business objectives                                                                     Additional
                                     agreed and change                                                                          resources
                                     management plan in place                                                                   agreed with
                                     Restructure complete and

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   Appendix B.               Delivery Plan Action Plan

                                    staff in place in agreed roles
Develop arrangements across         Reduction of posts covered       30th          Reduction of 25%   Robin      4b 5a         Within existing   Team
the organisation to reduce use      by temporary staff               September                        Tebbutt                  resources         plans
of temporary staff within Enfield                                    31st March    Reduction of 75%
Homes                                                                2010
Carry out a feasibility study of    corporate process mapping        31st July                        Monika     4a 2a 2b 2c   Within existing   Customer
combining the two call centres.     exercise conducted                                                Singh                    resources         Access
                                    Customer contact centre          30th
                                    consolidation - feasibility      September
                                    study and organisation
                                    structure options developed

                                    Service delivery model and
                                    customer contact strategy
Develop a change management         change programme                 30th
plan to implement changes           developed and approved           November
during 2010-11
                                    change pre-implementation        1st January
                                    activities started               2010

                                    Implementation planning          31st March
                                    completed to enable              2010
                                    implementation at required
Area of focus – developing our work force to address long term outlook and compliance with equalities standards
             Action                      Outputs/Measurable          Target date          Target(s)   EMT lead    Business       Resources &      Delivery
                                              outcomes               completion                                  Objectives        partners        Plan(s)
Set out plans for delivering a      PID for strategy and EIA                                          Robin      4a 4b         Within existing   F&R
workforce development strategy      completed with timescale for                                      Tebbutt                  resources         team
by end 2009/10                      full development of strategy                                                                                 plans
Devise and implement                Detailed proposals with                                           Bob        4a 4b         Within existing   F&R
leadership development              agreed outcomes, funding                                          Heapy                    resources         team

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   Appendix B.                Delivery Plan Action Plan

programme as part of                 and management                                                                                             plans
succession planning strategy         arrangements approved by
                                     EMT and HR committee

                                     Identify candidates and start
Area of focus – measuring ourselves against external standards
              Action                      Outputs/Measurable          Target date         Target(s)   EMT lead    Business      Resources &      Delivery
                                              outcomes                completion                                 Objectives       partners        Plan(s)
Explore feasibility of seeking IiP   Self-assessment against IiP     31st October                     Robin      4a 4b        Within existing   F&R
accreditation in this financial      standards carried out.                                           Tebbutt                 resources         team
year                                                                                                                                            plans
                                     Recommendations about           31st
                                     seeking accreditation to EMT    December
                                     and HR committee
Explore feasibility of seeking       Self-assessment against         31st October                     Kate       4a 4b        Within existing   P&C
customer service excellence          customer service excellence                                      Tordoff                 resources         team
accreditation in this financial      standards carried out.                                                                                     plans
                                     Recommendations about           31st
                                     seeking accreditation to EMT    December
                                     and Access and Involvement
Carry out benchmarking               Checkmate club and Cost         31st Oct                         Ron                     Within existing   P&C
exercise of costs of Repairs and     Consultant                      2009                             Pooley                  resources         team
Major works                                                                                                                                     plans
Area of focus – strengthening our governance and business planning frameworks
              Action                     Outputs/Measurable           Target date         Target(s)   EMT lead    Business      Resources &      Delivery
                                               outcomes               completion                                 Objectives       partners       Plan(s)
Carry out review of business         Review completed, agreed        31st                             Kate       4d           Within existing   P& C
planning processes and tools         deliverables in place and       December                         Tordoff                 resources         service
including performance                targets met                                                                                                plan
management framework
                                     Managers trained in use of
                                     business planning processes     31st

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   Appendix B.               Delivery Plan Action Plan

                                     and tools                        December
                                                                      and ongoing
Strategic Aim 5: Effective use of resources
Area of focus - identifying efficiency savings to achieve overall 3% target
             Action                       Outputs/Measurable          Target date           Target(s)        EMT lead    Business      Resources &      Delivery
                                               outcomes               completion                                        Objectives       partners        Plan(s)
Carry out programme of SLA           Revised programme of SLA                        3% overall efficiency   Robin      5a 5b        Within existing   F&R
reviews revised in the light of      reviews with targets for                        savings                 Tebbutt                 resources         team
inspection outcomes and              completion in place. Review                                             plus SLA                                  plans
emerging priorities                  methodology agreed                                                      leads                                     Team
                                     Programme of SLA review                                                                                           plans
                                     carried out within timescales.
                                     Savings and other benefits to
                                     Enfield Homes identified
Carry out programme of VFM           Revised programme of VFM                                                Hilton     2a 2c 5a b   Within existing
service reviews revised in the       service reviews with targets                                            Armand                  resources
light of inspection outcomes and     for completion in place.
emerging priorities                  Review methodology agreed                                               Kate
                                     Programme of VFM service
                                     carried out within timescales.
                                     Service improvements and
                                     efficiencies identified and
                                     SMART action plans in place

                                     Agreed outcomes delivered                                               All                                       Team
                                     to timescale and targets met                                                                                      plans
Area of focus – developing our IT architecture to support more efficient working practices
             Action                     Outputs/Measurable             Target date          Target(s)        EMT lead    Business      Resources &      Delivery
                                              outcomes                 completion                                       Objectives       partners        Plan(s)
Explore use of mobile working to     Business case developed          31st                                   M Singh    2c 5a        Invest to save    CA
support frontline service delivery   and funding secured for          December                                                       budget            strategy
                                     mobile working                                                                                                    IT
                                     Conduct mobile working pilot     31st March                             Robin

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   Appendix B.              Delivery Plan Action Plan

                                                                 2010                          Tebbutt
                                Incorporate as necessary
                                into organisational change
Carry out applications review    Carry out review of             31st August                                                          CA
                                Northgate to evaluate current                                                                         strategy
                                functionality and options for                                  M Singh               Within CBA for
                                further improvement to meet                                                          CRM
                                business requirements

                                 Diagrams of current             30th
                                application architecture (as –   September
                                is) and future state
                                application environment
                                which supports the objectives
                                of Enfield Homes business

                                ICT roadmap and 3 year
                                development plan in place
Implementation of Integrator    Business case signed off and     30th                          R Pooley   1e 3a 5a   Invest to save   P & TS
project                         funding in place                 September                                           budget           team
                                Project delivered to time and    31st March
                                in budget                        2010

                                Contractors can upload data
                                direct to Northgate and
                                receive works orders by
                                electronic means

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Appendix C Performance Indicators

                         Business critical performance indicators                             Outurn 2007-     Outturn      Target
                                                                                                   08          2008-09      2009-10
NI 158      Decent Homes programme against target                                                24%^        Data not yet    TBA
EHCS302     Satisfaction with overall repairs (local survey)                                   93.41%          94.51%        TBA
EHRR179     % Repairs completed on 1st visit                                                  New 08-09         81.29        TBA
            Routine repairs completed on time                                                    N/a         New 09-10       TBA
EHHM007 Average time taken to re-let LA housing                                                  38              28           27
            Aids and adaptations: average time from customer request to completion               N/a         New 09-10       TBA
Tenancy and estate
EHHM020 % of inspected estates scoring 2 stars                                                  93.75%         N/a           TBA
            % of tenant satisfaction with the landlord's handling of ASB cases                    N/a        New 09-10       TBA
Housing Income
EHHM001 Proportion of rent collected as a proportion of total rent available for collection     97.23%         98.01%       98.25%
EHHM003 % Tenants in arrears who have had NOSP served                                           13.95%         11.63%        12%
Resident Involvement
            % Residents participating in FECA, readers panels, consultation days                  N/a        New 09-10       TBA
            Satisfaction with allocation and letting process                                      N/a        New 09-10       TBA
EHHO135 Major works income against target                                                        116%        Data not yet    118%
EHHO136 Service charge income against target                                                     102%           101%         105%
EHCS325 % Letters answered on time                                                              92.54%         94.44%        96%
EHCS326 % Complaints answered on time                                                            78.5%         93.79%        95%
          % Customers on whom we hold diversity information across all six strands                N/a        New 09-10       TBA

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