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									                                 Investor Relations Agreement

       This Agreement is made as of                         , by and between
                            (“Company”) and                                (“Consultant”).


     WHEREAS, Company requires expertise in the areas of investor and financial
community relations to support its business and growth;

       WHEREAS, Consultant has substantial contacts among the members of the
investment community, and investor relations expertise, and desires to act as a consultant to
provide investor relations and advisory services, as well as general public relations;

        NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premise and the mutual. promises and
covenants contained herein and subject specifically to the conditions hereof intending to be
legally bound thereby, the parties agree as follows:

1.      Services to be Rendered by Consultant. During the term of this Agreement, Consultant
shall render the following services to Company:

       1.1    Advice and Counsel. Consultant will provide advice and counsel regarding
Company’s strategic business and financial plans, strategy and negotiations, with potential
lenders, merger/acquisition candidates, joint ventures, and corporate partners.

         1.2 Public and Investor Relations. Consultant will provide advice and counsel to
Company on media relations, public relations, and investor relations. It shall also review and
comment to Company on all proposed press releases, media releases, and other general and
institutional marketing materials, including the Company website. Such services shall include the

               Analyze and understand the Company business thoroughly, by means of
                staff teleconferencing and detailed review of marketing literature and SEC
               Develop and distribute the Company’s Company Profile with a strong focus on
                its vital message
               Establish one-on-one relationships with shareholders through inbound
                and outbound telemarketing.
               Make best use of direct mail and e-mail to bring investors up-to-date on
                Company’s key points.
               Generate media attention through CEO interviews and webcast programs.
               Assi
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