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									            Hockey Seasonal Plan Outline for Burlington Minor Atom “AAA” Eagles

Welcome and Congratulations Parents and Players!

Team Goals
    1) Have Fun!
    2) Get to the OMHA’s by winning the SCTA’s (top 2 teams)
    3) Win 1 Tournament Championship

    How do we achieve them?

    A)   Set smaller goals and individual goals       E)   Team work
    B)   Hard Work                                    F)   Development
    C)   Challenge the team                           G)   Learn a few systems and strategies
    D)   Be Positive (players, parents & coaches)     H)   Create a fun atmosphere

The Season Philosophy

Our primary focus for the season will be to have FUN while developing and encouraging Team atmosphere in a competitive
environment. We feel team awareness is a very important skill for any player within a team sport, and will drive home the importance
of being a member of our team. Each player will understand they have an important role on the team and how every player’s role is as
important as the others to be successful. It is vital that every player, coach and parent encourage each other within the team. It is our
hope to build a strong unit of buddies that work together, and for each other. If this is accomplished the rest will fall into place.

We will strive to teach team concepts and individual skills required to compete in competitive hockey. We will teach correct play
(win or lose), so that each player will develop regardless of our outcome. We will focus on individual skills, game situational play and
introduce a few systems and team strategies.

Rules and Roles for Parents

    1.    Please cheer for your child, but refrain from yelling at them. During games, please realize that the coaching staff will be
    instructing them, so please don’t compete with the coaching staff for their attention. When parents yell out instructions it often
    takes the player’s attention away from the game and it can have a negative effect on the outcome of a play.

    2.   Please do not coach your child outside the team plan. It is vital for all of us to be on the same page and working towards the
    team plan that we have set out. If something is not working, please bring it to the coach’s attention discreetly to discuss.
    Hopefully, the coaching staff will already have noticed and begun the changes necessary.

    3.    Please don’t yell at the referees. The coaching staff will speak to the referees when and if necessary. We want to make sure
    our players learn the rules properly, have fun, and respect the game and officials.

    4.   If you have a problem with a coach, another parent, the referee or anybody, please talk to someone from the coaching staff.
    Please observe the 24 hour rule (wait 24 hours to calm down before you act or not act) – it helps.

    5.    Be fair to your child and make sure they have had proper rest, nutrition and hydration to compete at their best for their team
    and themselves. Please have your child eat a couple hours before ice times when possible (we will have a nutrition guide to
    follow) Please have your child drink lots of fluids before games and practices and encourage them to replenish fluids during and
    following games/practices.

We are not in the belief of benching for poor play or mistakes, but we do believe a player should be benched for conduct unbecoming
to the team. If a player disrespects a teammate, coach or official we will bench them. The 1st offence will be a warning, the 2nd a shift,
the 3rd a period and after that we will have to sit down to discuss with the player and parents. This is a zero tolerance offence as our
primary focus can not be attained if a player is being disrespectful. Also, if a player is not playing within the coaches team plan set
out the above will also apply.

During practices you will see from time to time that we will have players start a drill over, skate a lap, do pushups or sit out. This will
be a reaction to player attention, motivation and conduct on the ice. Horseplay during practice is not acceptable to the coaching staff,
so please let your child know this in advance (we will address this as well).

         All players will know our four rules in practice;                #4       Work Hard
                                                                          #3       No Horseplay
                                                                          #2       Listen
                                                                          #1       Have Fun

Minor Atom “AAA” Eagles Code of Conduct

1) Teach the basic game and skills.
2) Teach team concept and sportsmanship.
3) Encourage learning through fun.

1) Come prepared for practices (Please be on time and ready to go on the ice as soon as the Zamboni is off).
2) Come prepared for games.
                 A) Be at the rink one hour before game times.
                 B) Be half dressed (up to pants) 40 min. before game time.
                 C) Be ready 30 min. before game for pre-game warm up (wear running shoe’s, no Healy’s or Croc’s).
                 D) Finish getting dressed 15 min. before game time, parents can come in to check skates or assist with skate
                 tying. We want all players to start practicing tying their skates on there own at home. This will be a great goal for
                 the boys to achieve by seasons end.
                 E) Be ready 10 min. before game time for coach’s time.
                 F) Be prepared to leave the dressing room at the same time as a team post game. We will encourage them to get
                 undressed quickly! If you need to get somewhere, and require to leave right away, please advise the coach before
                 the game and we will get the player out of the room ASAP.
3) Have fun while learning teamwork.
4) Be respectful of teammates, coaches, and all officials (zero tolerance).
5) Be encouraging to all teammates.

1) Commit to having players on time for practices and games.
2) Support and encourage the team and coaches.
3) Volunteer time as needed.
4) Not go on the bench during practice. Only person permitted on the bench is the trainer (Dale).
5) Parents feel free to come in the dressing room (2 adults deep when other children are present).
6) Call or email the coach as soon as possible if you can not make a practice or a game.
7) Not enter the dressing room post game. This is the player’s time to bond
Each practice will carry an objective to help develop the players, but at all times high tempo skating will be involved finishing off
each practice with conditioning. The first grouping of practices will be to get game ready and conditioned for our first regular season
game and or our first tournament. We will practice the following; introducing a few team systems and strategies, individual skills,
positioning, defensive zone play (including face offs), offensive zone play (including face offs), break out, puck pressure forecheck,
attacking the net, tougher defensive play, giving and taking a stretch pass and changing properly on their own while utilizing game
situational drills. This will be continued during and in between exhibition games we arrange prior to the season. We will continue the
above development after our first regular season game and or our first tournament and analyze specific areas of needs on going. We
have a lot of work to do prior to the start of our season.

*Goalies will work on individual skills (ie. skating, positioning, rebound control etc.), be involved with team play drills, conditioning,
increasing mental toughness and introducing BASIC handling of the puck.

Ice Time
Everybody will play fair ice time as equal ice time is impossible due to the nature of the game. In the game, changes are dictated by
puck possession and stoppage, so it won’t be perfect, but the coaching staff will try their best. There will be a possible exception if at
the last few minutes of any game we have a chance to change the outcome. Note: This does not mean the best players on the team
will be getting extra ice time on these occasions. We will decide game by game the hardest working/most ready players for that
particular game to go on in key situations. We will treat all exhibition games and regular season games this way as that is the best
way to develop our team and build confidence for pressured situations. This makes up about 70% of our hockey season. The other
30% which is tournament and playoff play we will take advantage of key situations during any part of the game when the coaching
staffs deems appropriate to help us advance to play more games and win important games.

* Goalies will alternate games during exhibition and regular season games. During tournaments and playoff games the coaching staff
will make starting goalie decisions based on what we deem to be the best situation for the team. This does not mean one goalie will
play a whole tournament or every playoff game, but we will be fair and do what we feel is in the best interest of the team to advance
and win important games.

We will put all players in positions we feel they can excel in and benefit our team. Please remember not every player has to always
play the same position year to year or even through out the season. Each position is as important as the others on our team. We have
started since tryouts accessing the players on the position we feel is best suited for our team. Also note if a player is a winger this
year, they may be another position the following year or years after. It is only an advantage to the player to learn a few positions over
his hockey youth. The main focus is to learn and play your given position to the best ability you can. We may tweak lines or change a
few positions through out the season if we deem it necessary. Also every player on our team brings something special to our team and
can benefit by playing with anyone on the team. Do not worry about who a player is playing with or not playing with, but what that
line can add to our team. The coaching staff will do their due diligence in finding the best chemistry for lines and pairings to have
success and development.

Coaching staff
Head Coach – Darrin Piercey
Assistant Coach – Cal Donnachie (Defence)
Assistant Coach – John Cochrane (Offence)
Trainer – Dale McGregor
Manager – Lloyd Ripani
Exhibition Games
In the pre-season we plan to have 4 exhibition games before our 1 st tournament. We have to be careful on practice times as when we
have home exhibition games we give away needed practices. We plan on playing stronger teams to challenge our team right from the
start of our season to give us a reality of where and what we need to improve on. This is the youngest year of hockey for the GTHL
and we intend on playing a few of the top recruited teams to challenge our boys early and ongoing.

We also plan to have more exhibition games through out the season including an organized weekend or two. We would prefer to play
teams outside the SCTA that are tough challenges to push our boys. Our goal will be a total of 8-12 exhibition games. Future
exhibition games will be announced through email.

    1)   Tuesday Sept. 2nd @ 6pm vs Mississauga Senators AAA team @ Huron Park Arena in Mississauga
    2)   Thursday Sept 4th @ 6pm vs Mississauga Senators AAA team @ Mainway Arena (replacing our practice)
    3)   Wednesday Sept. 6th @ 6:15pm vs Mississauga Rebels AAA team @ Central Arena (replacing our practice)

Exhibition Weekend        Sept. 26th – 27th 2008, in Buffalo, NY USA
                          (Amherst Pepsi Center)
                          Friday Sept. 26th @ 5:30pm vs Rochester Americans
                          (2 games) Saturday Sept. 27th – game 1 @ 10:00am and game 2 @ 3:30pm vs Amherst Knights
                          Saturday Sept. the 27th @ 7:00pm our team will attend an NHL Pre-Season Hockey Game

We have tickets reserved at about $50 each. Payment is not needed until the game. Please confirm tickets needed with Kaycee.

In Minor Atom we are only granted funds for three tournaments, but aloud a fourth tournament that we must chip in for. We are also
only aloud 3 tournaments to be scheduled during the season. The other tournament needs to be during Christmas (holiday) break,
between Sept. 1st – 15th or at the end of the season. We have selected the following 4 challenging tournaments;

Tournament #1             Sept. 19th – 21st 2008, in Peterborough, ON Canada
AWAY                      (Kawartha Challenge Tournament)
                          Lodging – Three Castles Resort (cottages), Buckhorn, ON Canada

Tournament #2             Oct. 17th – 19th 2008, in Detroit, MI USA
AWAY                      (Reebok Little Caesars Fall Invitational)
                          Lodging – Hilton Detroit/Troy Hotel, Troy MI USA
Thursday Oct. the 16th @ 7:30pm our team will attend an NHL Hockey Game Detroit Redwings VS Vancouver Canucks
We have tickets reserved at about $40 each. Payment is not needed until the game. Please confirm tickets needed with Kaycee.

Tournament #3             Dec. 27th – 30th 2008, in Oakville, ON Canada
LOCAL                     (Richard Bell Memorial Tournament)

Tournament #4             Jan. 16th – 18th 2009, in Cambridge, ON Canada
LOCAL                     (Preston International Hockey Tournament)
Dress Code
         Before game
         NEW - Players are required to wear Burlington embroidered mock turtleneck, Eagles jacket, navy dress pants and appropriate
         black shoes. Parents please make sure your child’s clothing is kept in good order. There will also be new fitting times
         announced through the Eagles office.
         On ice
         Dark blue pants, dark blue gloves and dark blue helmet.
         Eagles will supply home and away socks and game shirts.
         Practice jerseys will be changed as per line (White, Blue and Burgundy) or Forwards, Defence and Goalies.
                  *Please let me know if there are any issues with the above dress codes.

Captain/Assistant Captain’s

Everyone will get a chance to be our Captain and Alternate Captain once during our season. After the Captain has went through the
whole team once the coaching staff will select our team Captain and one Assistant that we feel fits our criteria of a leader. We will
announce this and then give the players the responsibility of voting for another Assistant Captain. Not to leave the parents out we will
then allow them to vote a 3rd Assistant Captain. At the beginning of the season the coaching staff will reiterate to the team the
qualities of a Leader/Captain so the players can understand and evaluate their decisions during the first part of our season.

Parent Meetings(Socials)/Kids Bonding Events

We will have a few over the season and the dates and places are to be determined. We are open to any suggestions.

Teams in our Division/Regular Season (SCTA)
Burlington, Oakville, Halton, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Welland, Brampton and Guelph
Game Schedules are also available on .
We will play 36 league games this year followed by a tournament style playoff format to be held in Oakville. Date is not yet
determined, but should be held around the middle of March.

Team Website
Joanne Donnachie will be our webmaster for our teams website . We will utilize the website
as an informative communication device for the team. The website will have arena maps, updates, contact info, statistics, kids info(if
approved), schedules etc. Some areas will be locked for security reasons and personal information.

that there will always be an emphasis from me on having fun even with all the hard work and development we push on the players.

Let’s have a fantastic season!

                           Best Regards,

                           1999 Minor Atom AAA Eagles Coaching Staff

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