Great Wall of China Discovery

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					      Great Wall of China Discovery

      The Challenge
         The Great Wall of China was originally
         constructed to keep out nomadic tribes who
         raided China's northern frontier.
         Your trekking challenge starts in Jinshanling
         with a vigorous trek that loops along the
         mountains either side of the Gubeikou Gateway.
         Each day you will trek approximately 12kms
         along the stony path, twisting and winding its
         way along the mountains, interspersed with
         crumbling watchtowers.
         It is demanding but also very rewarding,
         particularly on a clear day when you can look at
         the vast and beautiful mountain ranges. Your
         imagination will take you back several centuries
         to when the wall was the frontline defence of
         Imperial China.

                                            “I took part in the Great Wall of China trek in 2008 in honour of a
                                           friend who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted to
                                           show her in a real way that I was supporting her and she was
                                           inspired by the fundraising and training.
                                           The trek was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever
                                           undertaken. As a teacher I tried my best to get my pupils involved
                                           and, along with a willing teaching assistant, I threw myself into
                                           raising as much money as possible for Breast Cancer Campaign. We
                                           had a raffle and bingo at school, which raised over £800, and
                                           received support for prizes from various local salons, gyms and even
                                           the Merseyside Police Force who gave away some VIP tickets to visit
                                           the horses.
                                           I made some lovely new friends whilst raising money for a great
                                           charity and, most importantly, gave my friend a positive focus. I’m
                                           happy to report that she has had a clear scan and is doing
                                           well.” Pauline, China trekker 2008

      Past teams

Breast Cancer Campaign is a charity registered in England (no.299758) and a company limited by guarantee (no. 05074725)