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									        Develop your craft as a writer
as you explore the current British literary scene.

                        Writers House in Bath!

                      A Summer Travel Course
                       July 21-August 9, 2010
Earn credit for English 225: Introduction to Creative Writing -- or, if you've
already taken ENG225, earn credit for English 390: Independent Study in
Creative Writing -- by spending three weeks writing, reading, and meeting
British writers in historic, gorgeous, Bath, England.

From July 21- August 9, 2010, Professor Kerry Sherin Wright, director of
Franklin & Marshall's Writers House, will lead a special section of English
225 at Advanced Studies in England, the College's study abroad center in
Bath, England.

The course will combine introductory lectures and assignments in the
writing of poetry and fiction with group excursions to meet British writers,
attend craft classes, and get to know the writing scene in Bath, Oxford and

Dates of the course: July 21-August 9, 2010

Deadline for applying: Applications will be accepted from October 14, 2009
through February 15, 2010.

Application process: Please complete the application form included at the end
of this information sheet and return it in person, by email, or by mail to Professor
Kerry Sherin Wright at the Writers House, 633 College Avenue, P.O. Box 3003,
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003. Your application form should include a $25 non-
refundable application fee in the form of a check made out to Franklin & Marshall

Cost of the course: $6000

What’s included: Tuition, round-trip flight from Philadelphia to London,
transportation to and from London to Bath, health insurance, lodging, events,
craft classes, several meals with visiting writers, and all excursions.

What’s not included: Food and non-course-related recreation and travel. (We
suggest you allot at least an additional $600 for food.)
Acceptance notification: Professor Sherin Wright will notify you of your
acceptance into the course within two weeks of your application.

Payment schedule and payment information:

Initial deposit: $500              Due 30 days after you have been accepted
                                   into the course, and no later than
                                   February 29, 2010.

Second payment: $3000              Due March 31, 2010

Third payment: $2500               Due April 30, 2010

All payments should be made out to Franklin & Marshall College and mailed or
delivered to Professor Kerry Sherin Wright at the Philadelphia Alumni Writers
House, Franklin & Marshall College, 633 College Avenue, P.O. Box 3003,
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003.

Payments # 2 and #3 are used to cover actual costs of the course, including
plane fares, tickets, writers’s fees, etc. Hence, these two payments are non-

Financial aid: Each year, the College grants awards that enable select students
to study, research, and perform community service projects abroad during the
summer. Students apply by submitting detailed proposals. A faculty committee
then reviews the proposals and selects the award recipients.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our students who might not otherwise be able
to actualize their dream project or experience. Click on the following link for more
information on the awards

The office of International Programs is holding information sessions on the
following dates for the purpose of providing information on various Summer
Travel Awards and the application process.

Thursday, October 22, Bonchek House Great Room, 5:30-6:30 pm
Monday, October 26, Bonchek House Great Room, 5-6 pm
Wednesday, November 4, Bonchek House Great Room, 5-6 pm
                                    Writers House in
                                     Summer 2010



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