Automated Vision Inspection for Bottle Closure Integrity by ito20106


									Automated Vision Inspection for Bottle Closure Integrity
The Camsensor Q:Check Cap Verification inspects flat and sipper caps on
drink bottles and determines any misaligned or missing closures. It provides a
comprehensive quality control of the cap area to prevent any drink contamination
and spillage.

Utilising the Camsensor smart camera and wash down rated backlight, the
passing bottles are fully inspected for a secure cap area. The system allows
operators to simply select previous run products and to easily setup new cap

         Ensure correct closure on every product

                                               With complete visual inspection,
                                               the Q:Check Cap Verification
                                               system validates cap presence
                                               height, cross threading, fill
                                               height and intact tamper rings.
                 Is your product 24/7 quality inspected?

The Q:Check Cap Verification system instantly detects imperfect caps and provides a reliable rejection of defect
products. Faulty machine components or incorrect setups can be recognised immediately.

       High accuracy on fast moving and vibrating product lines

The Camconsole operator display provides production information and images of reject products on its easy-to-
use touch screen. Commonly used products can be stored and recalled easily.
                           • Camsensor smart camera
                           • Infrared LED strobe lights
                           • Part present sensor
                           • Reject station or reject station interface
                           • Camconsole LCD touch screen operator interface
                           • Ethernet connection to plant network

                           • Performance proven inspection algorithms
                           • Simple self calibration mode for new bottle setups
                           • Web Server built into the Camsensor for online management information
                           • Custom operator display panel for product selection and setup with overview of
                                inspection statistics

                           Technical Specifications
                           • Inspection rate 300ppm
                           • Checks cap integrity with 1mm accuracy
                           • Food grade stainless steel
                           • IP67 wash down

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