Analytical balance Talent TE64 by xkv17320


									Analytical balance Talent TE64
                     Standard features.

                     - Bright all-glass draft shield chamber with    - ISO/GLP-compliant logging capability for
                       smooth-action doors                             calibration, adjustment and weighing data
                     - Weighing pan and weighing chamber base          in conjunction with the optional YDP03-
                       plate made of stainlesss steel (base plate      0CE data printer
                       can be removed)                               - Four digital filter levels for adaptation of
                     - Large, high-contrast LCD                        the balance to the conditions at the place
                     - High level of operating convenience             of use
                       thanks to keys with positive click action     - Mechanical overload protection
                       and 2 tare keys                               - Dust cover
                     - Built-in application programs: counting,
                       weighing in %, net-total formulation;
                       averaging; toggling between 2 units
                     - Bidirectional RS-232C data interface port

                     Readability                                     0.1 mg
                     Weighing capacity                               60 g
                     Pan size                                        Ø 90 mm
                     Response time (avg.)                            3s
                     Housing (WxDxH)                                 200x270x299 mm
                     Reproducibility                                 <=± 0.1 mg
                     Linearity                                       <=± 0.2 mg

                     Key accessories                                 Order no.
                     Data printer with date, time and statistics     YDP03-0CE
Data printer         functions
                     Data transfer software SartoConnect with        YSC01L
                     RS-232C standard cable (1.5 m);
                     Test and calibration weight: 50 g, accuracy     YCW4528-00
                     class E2
                     External rechargeable battery pack              YRB08Z
                     In-use dust cover for the display and control   6960TE01

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