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					Jets365 Private Jet Charter
Introducing the ultimate private jet charter service card.

For seamless and stress
free travel solutions, it’s the
only jet card you will need.
Jets365 have launched the solution for all private charter users         records of the companies we select for you, along with interior and
by creating the one card that services all charter operators. This       exterior photos of the actual aircraft you will be travelling in. You can
means that the only card you will need in your wallet to avail of the    take comfort in the fact that your trip will be seamless from the time
best prices throughout Europe and the USA for private jets and           you leave your home to the time you arrive at your destination.
helicopters is the Jets365 member’s card.
                                                                         As a Jets365 member you will be able to avail of the best deals. For
How does it work?                                                        example, if your chosen route matches up with an empty leg from
The Jets365 card has been tailored to suit your every need in            a certified charter operator, we will pass the savings on to you. This
private jet travel, from getting to the airport in any city worldwide,   can save you up to 40% on the quoted price for the same one way
to personal handling in the airport. Our management system is            trip. Upgrades are available to our members at no extra cost.
designed to make travel stress free for our members. You simply
open a charter account with Jets365 for as little as €5,000 and all      If you already a member of an other similar Private Jet Card Program,
charter costs will be handled by your personal charter consultant.       we will be happy to manage your travel card arrangements for you.
                                                                         You can save up to 50% by chartering on same day returns or a
Jets365 have access to the world’s leading charter industry              one night stay-over by using your card program wisely.
online systems which calculate your trip distance, arrival times
and availability with all private jet charter operators. A member of     A member of our charter team can arrange to contact you and
Jets365 charter team will search for the best prices based on your       explain in detail how you can save thousands per year by having
requirements and the number of passengers travelling. We also            your own professional charter consultant handle your travel needs.
handle special requirements such as catering needs and favourite
magazines. As a Jets365 member, you will have access to safety                            Tel: + 353 1 4434 365
What are the advantages of becoming a Jets365 member?
As a Jets365 member you will have the possibility      the number of passengers you wish to bring,
to access real time deals and special offers on        and this request will then be sent through the
one-way flights by searching for empty-legs            system to all operators showing availability
that may match or fit in with your travel itinerary.   on those dates. In this way, charter operators
If you plan your trip a little in advance you can      compete in order to get your business. Jets365
wait for prices to change in your favour. The          will work this system on behalf of our members
Jets365 operations team will be monitoring all         only. You will have either given authorization for
charter operators’ prices via the industry’s on-       the payment for the booking deposit or you
line system and be in constant contact with all        will have a certain amount of prepaid hours in
operators prior to your travel departure date          your account with us. At Jets365, we dedicate
in order to avail of the best price for you. Our       our time, our full attention and our professional
team will prepare your travel itinerary including      services to our members.

              I already have a                         We do not suggest that you cancel your               Significant saving can be
                                                       existing card program. We simply advise you          made when booking same
              prepaid jet card                         on how you can use your prepaid hours wisely         day returns with a charter
                program from                           by allowing Jets365 to manage your travel            operator using a travel
           another company.                            arrangements. For example, the hourly rate           management company

           How can Jets365                             on a light jet on the most popular Jet Card          such as Jets365 who
                                                       program is not less than €5,260 per flying           have access to all charter
             save me money                             hour (minus 6 minutes taxi on departure and 6        operators worldwide
                on my existing                         minutes on landing). Jets365 will first search to    through an on-line charter
                     Jet Card?                         see if you can save money by using the same          industry system. Doing a
                                                       standard private jet from a chartered operator.      same day Dublin-London
                                                       In certain circumstances, chartered operators        return trip, for example,
                                                       are significantly cheaper than pre-paid Jet          will be one hour there, and
                                                       Card programs because of the different pricing       one hour back in a light
                                                       structures they use. For example, a company          jet. The most popular Jet
                                                       may promote the fact that they do not charge         Card Program will charge
                                                       for positioning the aircraft at your point of        their card holders €5,260
                                                       departure and that they do not charge to get         per flying hour there and
                                                       the aircraft back to its home base, but they         the same coming back,
                                                       charge a premium hourly rate which more or           approximately €10,500
                                                       less allows for one hour travelling empty per        + additional charges
                                                       hour travelling with passengers on board. A          if delays in taxing etc.
                                                       charter operator, in contrast, charges on            By contrast, a charter
                                                       average €2,500 per flying hour for the same          company based in the
                                                       category jet but also the positioning charges        departure city will charge
                                                       at the point of departure. In certain cases, this    approximately €2,500
                                                       combined total is less than prepaid Jet Card         per flying hour so the
                                                       program. The savings will depend on how              same trip is working out
                                                       many days you intend to stay away from the           at approximately €5000 +
                                                       point of departure, the length of each leg and if    additional charges such
                                                       there is a suitable private jet available close to   as handling and landing
                                                       your point of departure.                             charges.
                    Even if there is no suitable aircraft
                    available sitting at the airport
                    you wish to travel from, there is
                    still a possibility of a substantial
                    saving through organising a short
                    positioning charge from the next
                    closest airport. Having your charter
                    management team search for you
                    before using the premium option,
                    such as your prepaid hourly card,
                    broadens your range of options.
                    Jets365 is not a replacement for
                    your existing prepaid hour card
                    program. It just allows you to
                    manage it professionally.

Last minute travel is not a
problem, but prior planning will
save you time and money.
Knowing your travel schedule a little in advance will allow
Jets365’s charter team to get to work on searching for
the most suitable jet at the best possible prices for the
route requested. There is no point in taking a jet with
8 seats if there are only 3 people travelling. Certain airports
have restrictions, like London City Airport, where only
certain aircraft are permitted to land with prior permission
and may be restricted to specific times etc. so good
flight planning can save you time, get you closer to your
required destination and save you money.

At Jets365, your personal charter consultant will manage
your trip and advise you on all options relevant to your
flight and suggest the best route and airport to select
based on costs and access to local services to get you to
your destination on time.

Jets 365 have established a close working relationship with
most of the major charter operators across Europe and in the
USA. We are building a reputation based on a professional,
safe and simple charter solution for the business traveller
who needs to access all destinations on time, every time.

Please contact Jets365’s sales team to arrange a call out
meeting with you to discuss your travel requirement and
explore possibilities and options that will save you time
and money and get you closer to your destination safely.
Tel: + 353 1 4434 365
In order to determine the most suitable travel program based on your
regular travel needs, please fill out the information package below.
This will help us tailor a suitable personalised package for you.

How often do you fly with a private jet charter company?            Never         Once a month or more
                                                                    Every few months              Once or twice a year

Which city/cities do you regularly visit? List top 4.           1                                          2

                                                                3                                          4

Are you currently a Jet Network customer?                                                  If yes, for how many years?

Are most of your trips for business or pleasure?                    Business           Pleasure            Both

Is most of your traveling based around sporting events?             yes        no

Category of travel:                                                 Football         Rugby          Golf

                                                                    Business          family holiday

Do you usually bring work colleagues or friends?                    yes        no

Are any of your private flights trans-Atlantic?                     yes        no           If yes, how many per year?

Do you ever bring your Pets?                                        yes        no

Would you be interested in the Jets365 International
Lifestyle Card which covers 24hr concierge service,
chauffeur driven cars, ramp collections, access to
the best restaurants pre-booked and more?                           yes        no

Do you use helicopter travel in Ireland?                            Never         Once a month or more
                                                                    Every few months              Once or twice a year

Where did you hear about Jets365 ?                                  Google           Sales person           EBACE        K Magazine
                                                                    Flight International          Business & Finance
                                                                    Word of mouth            Sunday Business Post           Other

Would you be interested in purchasing flying hours at a fixed
rate for a 12 month period, with availability guaranteed?           yes         no

Name                                              E-mail

Address                                                 Tel
                                                                    Thank you for taking the time to help us find a suitable program for
                                                                    you. As we in Jets365 know, every one has different needs and we
Address                                                             want to provide you with the best private charter service possible.