Orange County, Protecting Our Own An Educational Luncheon on

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					                    Orange County Home Ownership Preservation Collaborative Presents

                           “Orange County, Protecting Our Own”
                                  An Educational Luncheon on
                               Avoiding Foreclosure Rescue Scams

      WHEN                 The Orange County Home Ownership Preservation Collaborative
                           (OCHOPC) invites you to a FREE Educational Luncheon to inform
July 22, 2009              Community Leaders about Fraudulent Foreclosure Rescue Scams
                           and provide tools to help our communities avoid becoming victims.
                                   The recent rise in Foreclosures has resulted in numerous
                           predatory businesses offering Loan Modifications, Foreclosure Rescue
                           Scams and Mortgage Assistance for a fee. Predators have created a
11   AM –   1:45   PM
                           lucrative line of business by cashing in on the despair of families and
                           individuals seeking mortgage relief through a loan modification. Home-
                           owners are being bombarded by Foreclosure Rescue ads daily
     LOCATION              through radio, television and news print, and it is hard to distinguish
  Garden Grove             between the legitimate and the dishonest companies. Scammers are
Community Center           also gaining access to potential victims through trusted sources such
11300 Stanford Ave.
                           as the religious community and other community organizations. Many
 Garden Grove, CA          leaders are not aware that Free Nonprofit Resources are available to
      92643                assist distressed homeowners.
                                   As a vital leader, your attendance at this educational luncheon
                           is important. The luncheon is being sponsored by a coalition of public
                           and private entities who are focused upon stopping the fraud being
RSVP REQUIRED              perpetuated upon members of our community. The event will feature
      CALL                 a light lunch followed by presentations by the OCHOPC, the US Dept.
Catherine Curtis at        of HUD, NeighborWorks® America, Federal Depositary Insurance Cor-
(714) 621-0102 or          poration, and the California Department of Real Estate.
      Email:                       Please join us for this Free Educational Forum and meet with
catherine.curtis@mail.     your peers to learn how to help protect your community from             fraudulent Foreclosure Rescue Scams.
                                 To RSVP, Call Catherine Curtis at 714/621-0102