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									Spring 2008

Everyone Deserves Good Design and a Green Habitat
American Institute of Architects Partners with RMHFH in Successful Sustainable Design Charrette
T  he American Institute of Architects (AIA), Richmond Committee on the Environment (COTE), and Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for
   Humanity (RMHFH) presented a Sustainable Design Charrette on Saturday, April 12 at Baskervill Architects. More than 30 architects,
engineers, and designers worked with RMHFH staff, Timmons Group (RMHFH’s engineering firm of record), and Rachel Flynn, Director of
Community Development for the City of Richmond, to evaluate house plans and elevations for RMHFH’s newest neighborhood.

                                                             Known as The Pillars
American Institute of Architects at Oakmont, the
                                                             new mixed-income
                                                             community at T
        Special Thanks to                                    Street and 33rd Street
        Design Charrette Co-Chairs,                          in the city’s Church
        Scott Kyle, Full Scale Architecture, AIA, LEED
                                                             Hill area will feature
        Michael Pellis, Baskervill, AIA
                                                             11 townhomes and
                                                             four duplexes. The
                                                             development represents
                                                             RMHFH’s first foray
                                                             into building attached
                                                             residential units.
                                                             Richmond Habitat will
                                                             also build and extend         Rachel Flynn, Director of Community Development for the City of Richmond, Laura
                                                             three streets and an alley    LaFayette, Vice President of Richmond Association of REALTORS and Richmond
  EarthCraft™ certified homes provide healthier              way for urban connectivity.   Habitat Board member, and Leisha LaRiviere, RMHFH Executive Director, discuss
  indoor air quality, lower utility bills, more durability                                 green building strategies with AIA COTE co-chair, Scott Kyle, and AIA members.
  and less maintenance as well as greater comfort for
  homeowners and reduced environmental impact.
                                                             Charrette participants mapped strategies to keep upfront and back-end construction costs
                                                             affordable for homeowner families. In addition, AIA-certified architects made recommendations
                                                             to expand the use of EarthCraft and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) build
                                                             tactics in RMHFH homes.

                                                                 Richmond Habitat’s 1st Multi-family Development
  Energy Star qualified homes must meet strict
  guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S.
  Environmental Protection Agency. Energy Star
  tactics improve energy efficiency and reduce high
  energy bills, providing long term savings for our


                       LEED®                                                        The Pillars at Oakmont
  The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
  (LEED) Green Building Rating System™, sponsored by
  the U.S. Green Council, encourages and accelerates
  global adoption of sustainable green building and
  development practices through the creation and
  implementation of universally understood and
  accepted tools and performance criteria.

   The Pillars at Oakmont Project
  The Pillars at Oakmont is an urban, in-fill community of townhomes and                                     Development Costs:
  duplexes located at T Street and 33rd Street in Church Hill. The multi-family                              Materials and Supplies: $1,200,000.00
  development received financial support from the Mayor and City Council                                     Land: $110,000.00
  through CDBG/Home Funding. Area residents have been supportive of                                          Infrastructure: $1,100,000.00
  the new community. Build out is planned for Summer 2008 - Winter 2009.                                        (Roads, water, sewer, power, phone lines)
  Affordable and Accessible for Everyone
  VCU Graduate Students Design Homes for Homeowner Clients with Disablilities

    T  his semester, two graduate students had a unique opportunity to work with Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity
       (RMHFH) on a project with a special objective: To bring accessibility to RMHFH in an affordable way for families with

    Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Occupational Therapy graduate students Lisa Richardson and Darko Grupce
    worked with RMHFH’s Executive Director and Director of Construction services to assess what kind of affordable, accessible
    housing RMHFH could provide. In the students’ research, results were found regarding a partnership between NC State
    Center for Universal Design and two Habitat for Humanity affiliates in North Carolina, Chatham County and Orange
    County. This project matched the recommendations that the VCU students planned to make to Richmond concerning the
    use of universal design principles. Ms. Richardson and Mr. Grupce contacted the Chatham and Orange county affiliates
    and discussed the pros and cons of providing affordable, accessible housing. The affiliates were very helpful and will
    continue to be a resource for RMHFH as the organization strives to provide affordable housing for people with disabilities.
                                                                                                              Lisa Richardson, VCU Occupational
    The grad students then took their findings to the RMHFH/
                                                                                                              Therapy Graduate Student , con-
    AIA Design Charrette held at Baskervill in April. Serving                                                 centrates on interior floor plan de-
    as accessibility consultants, Richardson and Grupce                                                       sign for The Pillars at Oakmont at
    were advocates for families with disabilities during the                                                  the Sustainable Design Charette at
                                                                                                              Baskervill Architects.
    design process. Charrette results included Richmond
    Habitat home designs that are beautiful, sustainable,
    and also accessible to people with all types of abilities.

    In the future, RMHFH hopes to continue to partner with
    students like Richardson and Grupce. The lean staff at
    RMHFH is often strapped for time, and yet, staff members
    were able to sit down with students and share a vision,
    express homeowner needs, and craft goals with the
                                                                   Darko Grupce listens as Anna Karnas,
                                                                   RMHFH’s Director of Family Services,
                                                                   outlines Habitat homeowner needs
                                                                   and design preferences, identified in
                                                                   recent focus groups conducted by the

                                                                   VCU students. Having these needs met by students is a win-
                                                                   win situation because the students are able to learn about the
                                                                   interworkings of a non-profit organization, and the organization
                                                                   is better prepared to serve a population of potential clients more
                                                                   effectively.                    - Article submitted by Lisa Richardson & Darko Grupce

                                                                   Jen Hamiliton and Jennifer Farris from VCU’s Department of Interior Design
                                                                   assisted with floor plan designs for two-story townhomes for The Pillars at
                                                                   Oakmont. The new floor plans feature design elements that will address
                                                                   Habitat homeowner needs such as increased storage space as well as cre-
                                                                   ate a sense of family togetherness and honor individual privacy through

  Interested in Living in the Pillars at Oakmont?
  The Pillars at Oakmont will be a multi-family, mixed income community, including homes for sale from RMHFH in three income

      1)   30-60% Area Median Income Earners (extremely low to moderately low income) 9 homes reserved
      2)   60-80% Area Median Income Earners (moderately low to low income) 3 homes reserved
      3)   No Income requirements – (units sold on the open market through area real estate agents) 3 homes reserved

  This development offers a natural intersection of a diverse, mixed-income neighborhood in a walk-able, urban community.

   Interested applicants should call for additional information to reserve a space in this development. Those who have lived or
  worked in the City of Richmond and the counties of Henrico, Chesterfield, New Kent, and Charles City are eligible. The project is
  slated for build-out in late summer/early fall of 2008.

  Call 804.232.7001 or anna@richmondhabitat for more information. Or, visit our website at www.richmondhabitat.org .
DESIGN CHARRETTE continued from Page 1

                                        Sample Elevation #1                                           Sample Elevation #2

      Outcomes of the Design Charrette:

      S  ketches, maps and plans reflected the desired product – a walk able, livable community featuring neighborly design and low-
         maintenance green building initiatives. New exterior elevations and facades, interior floor plans, a revised site plan by Timmons
      Group, architectural illustration of VCU interior design elements, and a list of tactical green building strategies were produced. Some
      “green items of note” on the design boards included: gray water collection cisterns for watering lawn and plantings; geothermal HVAC
      systems; tank-less water heaters; low VOC products; and much more!

      This significant new partnership between RMHFH and AIA will be developed into
      a program and recommended for use by other Habitat for Humanity affiliates and
      communities across the region and the nation.

                        Sample Interior Floor Plan Illustration
                                                                                        RMHFH’s Commitment to
     AIA Arichitects Bill Talley and
     Scott Wheeler use computer
                                                                                        Green Building
     assisted design programs to
     create elevations of The Pillars                                                   At Richmond Habitat, community revitalization,
     at Oakmont to be viewed from                                                       economic development and good design are
     all angles.
                                                                                        closely intertwined. Sustainable design which
                                                                                        considers the long-term social, economic and
                                                                                        environmental impact of our developments is
                                                                                        just plain good economics. Cost is an important
                                                                                        driving factor of our green build programs. As an
                                                                                        Earthcraft-certified and Energy Star-rated Class
                                                                                        A contractor, our green building tactics take into
                                                                                        consideration low-impact building methods,
                                                                                        environmentally-friendly materials use, and
                                                                                        energy-efficient systems to provide measurable,
                                             Live SketchUp Drawing                      long term savings for our homeowners.
                                                 (Rear Elevation)
T  he Angus Road Development is an in-fill community situated on a private cul-
   de-sac on Angus Road, off Walmsley Boulevard. It is the 1st neighborhood
subdivision built in the City of Richmond in Richmond Habitat’s 22 year history.

The Angus Road neighborhood is a unique study in regional cooperation. More                                                 The Carter Family
than 6,800 volunteers, donors, and community sponsors involved in the build
project come from all 5 jurisdictions served by Richmond Habitat, including the
City of Richmond and counties of Henrico, Chesterfield, New Kent and Charles City.
These community groups and individuals see the value of addressing the need
for affordable, workforce housing because of its long term impact on the Greater
Richmond region. Over 56 corporate, civic, and faith organizations and thousands                             Bon Air Friends
of individual donors have contributed to the sponsorship of the 17-home
neighborhood development. House sponsors provide the upfront construction                                      The Koduah Family
costs for each home.

Twenty (20) adults and thirty-six (36) children will share a new beginning together
when they purchase and move into their new homes.                                                                                          MA
A Neighborhood with Unmatched Spirit                                                                    Trinity United Methodist
T   rinity United Methodist Church has
    completed construction on a house
built in memory of Mary Elizabeth
                                                                                                                 The Elam Family
Brooks, a former leader of
the church’s youth group.
Ms. Brooks died at the
young age of 24, after
a brave 5-month battle
against leukemia. Two
streets in the Angus Road
development are named in her honor.
Many volunteers and residents think of
her as the angel of the neighborhood.                                                                                         Trinity United
                            In March, two local women’s networking groups,                                                      Methodist
                            River City Express Network (RCEN) and the Network of                                              (Chesterfield)
                            Enterprising Women (NEW), joined forces on a Women
                            Build to construct a home for a single mother and her 5
                            children in honor of Women’s History Month. The home
Women Build Co-Chairs       is handicap accessible to accomodate the needs of the
Cindy Mims (RCEN) and       homeowner’s eldest daughter who has cerebral palsy.                              The Everett           The Smyre
Margaret Hill (NEW)                               One observer stated that the most                            Family               Family
                                                  beautiful women he had ever seen
                                                  were those that were caked in mud
                                                  while building this Habitat house for
                                                  another women and her children.

                                               Next door, another deserving
                                               Richmond Habitat family will soon
                                               be able to afford a new home thanks
SunTrust employees volunteer on Women Build.
                                               to the fundraising efforts of the UVA
and Virginia Tech Richmond Alumni Chapters. UVA Alumni Philanthropy Chair Matt
Shaver also has an emotionally vested interest in seeing the house constructed. He            Melissa
is a Big Brother and mentor to Dayvon Oliver, a 15 year old Richmond boy who will             Chase
live in the new home with his aunt and 4 cousins. Their relationship is just one piece        and her
of the thread of care that ties homeowners so closely together.                               assistant,
                                                                                              rolled up
  “Neighbors helping neighbors - that’s what Habitat is all about,” says Homeowner Jonita     their sleeves
  Jones. “Not only am I building my own home, but I am also helping to build the homes of     and joined
  my new neighbors. Working together like this on the build site has given me the unique      Richmond Habitat
  opportunity to get to know my new neighbors and bond with them in a really meaningful       homeowner
  way, which I have really enjoyed. And , I am happy knowing that my mortagage payment will   Donna Finney and Women Build volunteers to
  help to build more homes for other families like mine.”                                     help build during Women’s History Month.
        Community Build
         The Howie Family

                                                               Peace Build
                            The Morris Family             The Marks Family           Employee
ARYBROOKS                                                                          The Epps Family     The Banguera Family


                     Fall Apostles Build
                            The Neal Family

               MARYBROOKS LANE

                    The Finney Family
   Spring                                        UVA/VT                                                     Church
  Apostles                                       Alumni
    Build                                         Build                The Tofoi        The Barcroft     The James Family
                                                                        Family            Family
   The Brown                                    The Randolph
     Family                                        Family

                             ANGUS ROAD CONSTRUCTION COSTS
                                Materials and Supplies: $1,400,000.00
                                Land: $50,000.00
                                Infrastructure: $636,000.00 (Roads, water, sewer, phone lines, power)

 R   ichmond Habitat is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian ministry dedicated to working with all of God’s people to eliminate
     substandard housing in the Richmond Metropolitan area. The work of Richmond Habitat is driven by the desire to
 give tangible expression to the love of God through the work of eliminating poverty housing – putting faith into action, the
 “theology of the hammer.”

 Richmond Habitat provides an opportunity for people to put their faith into action. We have an open-door policy: all who
 desire to be a part of this work are welcome to partner with us, regardless of religious preference or background. This
 partnership is founded on common ground – bridging theological
 differences by putting love into action.

 Richmond Habitat’s commitment to the faith community has
 been reestablished with the addition of Ashley Daoust, Faith and
 Projects Coordinator. If your faith-based organization would like
 to join us in using the hammer as an instrument to manifest God’s
 love, contact Ashley at ashley@RichmondHabitat.org.

 We would like to thank our recent Apostle
 Builders, Faith Builders, and Faith Sponsors:

 Bon Air Baptist, Bon Air Presbyterian, Bon Air United Methodist, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Christ Church, Church
 of the Epiphany Commonwealth Chapel, Congregation Beth Ahabah, Congregation Or Ami, First Baptist, Gayton Baptist,
 Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal, Hindu Center, Holy Rosary Catholic, Huguenot United Methodist, Mt. Pisgah United
 Methodist, New Canaan Baptist, New Deliverance Evangelistic, North Star, Northminster Baptist, Redeemer Lutheran,
 River Road Presbyterian, Salisbury Presbyterian, Seventh Street Christian, Shady Grove United Methodist, St. Barnabas
 Episcopal, St. Benedict’s Catholic, St. Bridget’s Catholic, St. Edward’s Catholic, St. James Episcopal, St. Luke Lutheran,
 St. Mark’s Episcopal, St. Mary’s Catholic, St. Matthew’s Episcopal, St. Matthias Episcopal, St. Paul’s Baptist, Trinity
 Assembly of God, Trinity United Methodist (Henrico), Trinity United Methodist (Chesterfield), First Presbyterian, Second
 Presbyterian, Brandermill Church, Velocity Church, Virginia Muslim Coalition, and West End Assembly of God.


                                            T  he essential need for affordable housing for a growing proportion of our
                                               population requires broader discussion and attention, as it affects the
                                            health and economic well-being of communities and people across the region.
                                            Current projections estimate that within the next 5 years over 25,000 Richmond
                                            area residents will need affordable, workforce housing. To highlight this shared
                                            concern, nine Richmond-area non-profit housing organizations partnered
                                            together with Richmond Association of REALTORS and the Partnership for
                                            Workforce Home to hold the first ever Affordable Housing Awareness Week,
                                            April 20-26, 2008.

                                            Affordable Housing Awareness Week was a week-long series of events intended
                                            to educate the broader community on the importance of providing safe and
                                            affordable housing in Richmond, as well as foster involvement with the local
                                            non-profits who make this their mission.

                                            Over 500 citizens volunteered at the Richmond Habitat ReStore and at our Angus
                                            Road Neighborhood build site. Special thanks to the following businesses, civic
    organizations and faith groups for volunteering with Richmond Habitat.
     LandAmerica                                                     Brandermill Church
     Capital One                                                     Peace Build – Presbyterian Churches
     Central Virginia Baptist Ministries                             Gold’s Gym
     Central VA ASHI                                                 VCU
     US Inspect                                                      Meridian Title
     Homeward                                                        PricePoint Group
     Wachovia Bank                                                   Gateway Funding
     Wachovia Securities                                             Weichert Realtors – Baron & Snipes Co.
     Saint Paul’s Baptist Church
Building More than Homes...

                                            The Board of Directors of Richmond Habitat for Humanity
                                                       thanks all those who joined us for

                                                   “An afternoon with Jonathan Reckford”
                                                         CEO, Habitat for Humanity International

                                                                 in celebration of the launch of the

                                                                  “Land Bank” Campaign
 Jonathan T.M. Reckford is Chief
 Executive Officer of Habitat                                         Historic Jefferson Hotel
 for    Humanity       International,
 whose more than 2,300 affiliates                                          June 5, 2008
 worldwide build and create access
 to decent, affordable housing
 solutions in direct relationship                             Special thanks to our Presenting Sponsor:
 with God, volunteers, supporters
 and families living in substandard
 housing conditions in more than
 90 countries around the world.
 Habitat for Humanity has helped
 shelter more than 1.25 million
 people since its founding in 1976.

 The Need for a Land Bank as part of RMHFH’s Land Acquisition Strategy
 In central Virgnia, we consume land at an alarming rate. According to a recent report from the Southern Environmental Law Center
  and Virgnia LISC, the “Greater Richmond area faces a growing shortage of affordable housing. The median value of owner-occupied
 housing in the region rose by $60,000 per house between 2000 and 2005. This is an increase of over 50% in just five years.”
 “Similarly, land prices have increased at an average rate of 10% a year for the past five years. In the same amount of time, almost 59,000
 acres were developed in this region. At that rate, more land will be developed in the greater Richmond region in the next 20 years
 than in the previous 400. But land is a finite resource. The demand for land and the limited supply of it mean only one thing--land
 prices will continue to escalate. Accordingly, sound fiscal management of Richmond Habitat’s resources dictates that we purchase land
 now for use in the future,” says Laura Lafayette, Richmond Association of REATORS, Senior VP of Public Affairs & MLS, and Richmond
 Habitat Board member.
 “Yes, Richmond Habitat can and is doing its part to control sprawl by pursuing in-fill development opportunities. But affordable housing
 opportunities are needed in all of the localities we serve, not just the City and the inner ring suburban neighborhoods where in-fill
 opportunities are more plentiful. To make possible these housing opportunities in the more rural areas we serve, we must make
 strategic land purchases now. Land banking is Richmond Habitat’s insurance policy; purchasing land now preserves our ability to
 continue our mission for many years to come,” says Ms. Lafayette.
 With a projected need for 125,000 new housing units needed by the year 2030, Richmond Habitat is preparing to meet these challenges
 for our homeowners. A RMHFH major initiative is the creation of a “Land Bank”. Getting its start through 22 parcels donated in December,
 Richmond Habitat has crystallized a land acquisition strategy – to publicly call for donated land, and/or monies to purchase land,
 offsetting skyrocketing infrastructure costs. Help us make that call for action, and join RMHFH on June 5th.
 Richmond Habitat receives largest land donation in 22 year history
 T   he 23 parcels in Chesterfield County and Richmond offer
     build sites for twenty-four to thirty five homes, dependent
 upon zoning. The donations are significant because land costs
 in central Virginia have increased an average of 10 percent per
 year in the past five years. By getting lots at no cost, particularly
 when they’re clustered, Richmond Habitat can build more
 efficiently and invest some of the savings into making the
 homes energy-efficient.

 Retta Leigh Keil of Richmond donated seven parcels in
 Chesterfield County. Affordable housing for community
 residents is a personal commitment. “I believe in working
 with people and the nonprofits who serve them best to most
 effectively grow a strong Richmond region. Richmond Habitat
 has a strong reputation of service to families who are working
 towards self-sufficiency. And, I wish to be a part of that effort,
 and join in the Richmond Habitat movement,” says Ms. Keil.
                                                                                Retta Leigh Keil reviews land deed with Leisha G. LaRiviere, Executive
 In addition to the land, Ms. Keil has expressed her interest in                Director of Richmond Habitat, and Andy Nea, Williams Mullen Pro
 taking part in construction of the homes, once subdivision                     Bono Attorney at the closing.
 plans are approved.
                                                                             Randy and Meade Welch of Varina made a donation that allowed
                                                                             Richmond Habitat to obtain 16 parcels from Glendale Homes.
                                                                             Randy Welch said he’s supported Richmond Habitat in smaller
                                                                             ways in the past and is gratified to know the efforts will continue.
                                                                             “I’ve been encouraged by the work they’ve been doing and greatly
                                                                             impressed by the amount of young people taking a strong, active
                                                                             part in building projects,“ Mr. Welch stated.

                                                                             These generous gifts of land are meaningful reminders of the
                                                                             variety of ways that Richmond’s citizens can help address the
                                                                             issue of affordable housing in our region.

 The Kingsport Lane development will provide an affordable community
 within close proximity to public transportation and businesses along the
 Midlothian Turnpike and Hull Street corridors. The in-fill, mixed-income
 development is located near the Cloverleaf Mall project. Richmond
 Habitat will extend a new road and water/sewer access lines. The
 Kingsport Lane area will feature pleasant streetscape, welcoming front
 porches, and green-space for community recreation and play.

  A Gem in Highland Park                                                     The Glendale Homes parcels are located in several areas of Richmond, with
                                                                             13 of them located off U.S. 1 near Terminal and Lynnhaven Avenues.

                                                          How do we make homes attractive AND affordable?
                                                          This gem in Highland Park is built on a piece of land purchased from the
                                                          Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority for $1. Such a price enables
                                                          Richmond Habitat to spend more monies on architectural elements that create
                                                          a more aesthetically pleasing façade. In addition, dollars that would have been
                                                          spent on land can – instead – be spent on the infrastructure (roads, water, sewer,
                                                          etc.) required for the home, and “green building” tactics.

                                                          The result? A more affordable monthly mortgage over the life of the loan, AND
                                                          more affordable monthly energy bills!

                                                          YOU CAN DONATE LAND – OR DONATE DOLLARS FOR LAND ACQUISITION
                                                          AND INFRASTRUCTURE. By doing so… you are guaranteeing the quality of home
                                                          and life for a family in Central Virginia!
            Making History with
             Record Growth!

                                                             	 Proposed: 6 Lots,
                                                                Single Family
                                                             	 Zoned: A-1
                                                             	 Located off Route 619,
                                                                Hopewell Road
                                                             	 Improvements:
                                                                - Subdividing original
                                                                parent track for 6 lots
                                                                - Construction
                                                                of new road
                                                                - Extending water
                                                                and sewer lines
                                                                - Installation of well and
                RMHFH’s                                         septic
                                                             	 Estimated Timeline:
         Eight Neighborhoods in                                 Spring 2008

                                                                  Hopewell Road - New Kent County
  •	   Angus Road, City of Richmond (17 homes)
  •	   T Street, City of Richmond (15 homes)
       - Mixed-income town homes and duplexes
       - Public/private partnership
  •	   Kingsport Lane, Chesterfield County (7 homes)
  •	   Springs Road, City of Richmond (12-16 homes)
  •	   Dale Avenue, City of Richmond (42-47 homes)
  •	   County of Henrico (12 homes)
  •	   Willcox Neck Road, Charles City (3 homes)
  •	   Hopewell Road, New Kent (6 homes)
                                                                            Henrico County Parcel
              Subject to zoning requirements                                       (Under Contract)
                                                                    	 Proposed: 12 lots (Single family, two story homes)
                                                                    	 Extend proffers to Henrico
                                                                       County that match surrounding
                                      	 Proposed:                     neighborhood developments
                                         2 Parcels                  	 Extend access and water/sewer lines
                                      	 Single family
                                      	 Improvements:
                                                           Dale Avenue - City of Richmond
                                         Extend private                                                  	 Proposed: Single
                                         road and water/                                                    family, townhouses and
                                         sewer lines                                                        duplexes
                                                                                                            42 lots with commercial
                                                                                                            47 lots without
                                                                                                            commercial center
                                                                                                         	 Zoned: In rezoning
                                                                                                         	 Located off of Jefferson
                                                                                                            Davis Highway between
                                                                                                            Bells Road and Walmsley
                                                                                                         	 Improvements:
                                                                                                            - Mixed-use,
                                                                                                            mixed income,
                                                                                                            in-fill community
                                                                                                            - Construction of a cul-
                                                                                                            de-sac road from Dale
                                                                                                            Avenue and extending
                                                                                                            vacated Berclair Avenue
                                                                                                            - Extending water and
                                                                                                            sewer lines
                                                                                                         	 Estimated Timeline: Fall
Wilcox Neck Road - Charles City County                                                                      ‘09 - Spring ‘10
                                                                                                          Currently Under Contract
                                                 How are houses made affordable for our partner
It takes a community of givers. Because of generous house sponsors, individual donors, and pro bono partners like LandAmerica
Financial Group, Inc., our homeowners (on average) have a principle mortgage of less than $90,000. A typical Richmond Habitat home
appraises at approximately $150,000. Through the coordination efforts of Helen Parham, Vice President & Trustee of the Land America
Foundation, LandAmerica experts have offered pro bono services to all 17 of our families who will live in the Angus Road community
in Richmond. These services save our homeowner families thousands of dollars in closing costs.

LandAmerica has been a long-time corporate partner in our home-building efforts in a variety of ways: sponsoring several homes,
hands-on volunteering, serving as the title sponsor of our 20th anniversary celebration, and sharing expertise. We are especially grateful
for the Chief Legal Officer of LandAmerica, Ms. Michelle Gluck, who has offered her volunteer service as a member of the Richmond
Habitat Board of Directors for several years.
This year, LandAmerica has been recognized - once again - as the number one most admired company on Fortune magazine’s list of
America’s Most Admired Companies. We know why!
                                                                          “It’s an honor and a compliment for my team to be asked to provide title
  “LandAmerica focuses much of its charitable giving on making            and closing services for deserving families in the Richmond area through
  the American dream of homeownership more attainable for those           Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity. We are happy to donate
  in need throughout the country. Our involvement with Richmond           our time and expertise to the community, but the best part is knowing
  Habitat and similar programs aligns perfectly with our philanthropic    that we’ve provided protection to the new homeowners. They deserve
  objectives. We certainly encourage other companies to find ways to      to work with professionals who speak the legal language of the real
  support the important work of such organizations”                       estate transaction, and it’s been a rewarding experience to collaborate
                                                                          with everyone involved..”
                   - Bill Thornton, Executive Vice President and Chief
                                    Marketing Officer for LandAmerica           - Peka Wade, Branch Manager, LandAmerica office on Midlothian

                                                 Making homes more energy efficient
                                         The power of collaboration and corporate philanthropy became tangible in Charles City’s
                                         first Habitat home. Dominion’s support afforded Richmond Habitat the opportunity to
                                         build its first Energy Star efficient home in the Commonwealth of VA. “The results of this
                                         collaboration were both an affordable mortgage, and affordable utility bills in the years to
come. “ says Leisha LaRiviere, Executive Director of Richmond Habitat. “Richmond Habitat is committed to continuing this energy
efficient building trend.“

Dominion Resources was also the first company to support the Delegates Better Halves Build, a 2007 General Assembly project to build
a home for a low-income family in partnership with Richmnd Habitat. Dominion was the single largest contributor to the bi-partisan
         This 1 inch wide is eager logo
build project. DominionDominion to support RMHFH’s Green Building initiatives as they play a major role in energy conservation in Vir-
ginia. requires a bigger space around it
          to allow for the Area of Isolation
          necessary for our Dominion’s commitment to community service and to the environment,” said Virginia M. Board, Managing
“Both projects exemplifylogo to be
Director, properly displayed, This space is
           Community Affairs and Philanthropy. “By working with Richmond Habitat for Humanity to build energy-efficient homes, we
          the distance of the capital at once
accomplish two important goals letter and provide homes for Richmond area families.”
          "D" in the name, above and below
          and to either side.
What To properlystrategies are
      other fit into a 1 inch square                                     Robert Rivers-Benachia, a specialist in real estate transactions,
                                                                         have offered their incredible legal talents and gifts of time.
employed to keep home
     space, the logo must be made much
      as low inch,possible?
costssmaller than 1as ofto leave enough
     room for the Area Isloation on all
                                                                         Most significantly, we believe that our homeowner families,
                                                                         and Greater Richmond, feel confident in the knowledge that
Our partnership with the 3rd largest law firm in the
         four sides.
                                                                         Richmond Habitat is operating with such legal expertise in all its
Commonwealth of Virginia saves our organization and                      business matters. On May 17, 2008, Williams Mullen completes
our families thousands of dollars every month. Under the                 their first year as Richmond Habitat’s permanent legal partner. We
leadership of Counsel for the Affiliate, pro bono attorney,              are thankful for the firm, and, most especially, Mr. Nea.
G. Andrew Nea, Jr., the law firm of Williams Mullen offers
the services of more than 320 lawyers – across a variety of

From the reviewing of deeds and contracts, to the due diligence
activities of land acquisition and closing services, Mr. Nea has
brought his own formidable talent to the table, as well as that
of other Williams Mullen attorneys. To date, several attorneys
like, W. Alexander Burnett, a specialist in construction law, and
                      University of Richmond Puts Advocacy into Action
                      From College Classroom to Construction Site

                      The University of Richmond teamed up with Richmond Habitat
                       and two other organizations this spring to build a Richmond
                   Habitat for Humanity home in the Highland Park neighborhood.
                   The collaboration was an important part of Build It, the university’s
                   largest sustained community-engagement initiative coordinated by
the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement (CCE). The effort brought together students,
faculty and staff from the University of Richmond, Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for
Humanity, Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA), and Boaz and
Ruth, an agency dedicated to successful prisoner re-entry.

  The UR Bonner Center for Civic Engagement also planned educational programs on
the issues surrounding affordable housing to complement the volunteer effort and
educate students on the need for both advocacy and action.

  Funding for the home was provided by the University of Richmond, the UR Habitat Community partners John Sydnor with RRHA; Leisha LaRiviere
for Humanity Chapter, and a generous donation by philanthropists Gilbert and Fannie with Richmond Habitat; Doug Hicks and Amy Howard with the
                                                                                        Bonner Center for Civic Engagement and Edward Ayers, President
Rosenthal. “The partnership to build the Highland Park house is a historic first,” said of the University of Richmond; Martha Rollins with Boaz & Ruth;
                                  Leisha LaRiviere, executive director of Richmond and Frank Punch of RMHFH gather together at the dedication at
                                  Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity. “Land for the the Coley Family’s new home at 1205 Highland View Avenue.
                                  home was purchased for $1 from RRHA, and this is
                                  the first time Boaz and Ruth volunteers have partnered with RMHFH to help build a Habitat home.”

                                              The homeowners, Kelvin and Geraldine Coley, are both graduates of the Boaz and Ruth program. The
                                            couple met through Boaz and Ruth, and, together, helped construct the home, along with volunteers from
                                            Boaz and Ruth and approximately 275 Richmond students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

                                              University of Richmond Build It volunteers have been fully engaged in community service projects
                                            in Highland Park for the past three years, providing services for Reach Out and Read Virginia, Hotchkiss
                                            Community Center, Chandler Middle School, Overby-Sheppard Elementary School, and Boaz and Ruth. Each
                                            week, approximately 80-120 students served as tutors, read
                                            to children in pediatricians’ waiting rooms, served meals and
The Coley Family at the reception           coached youth athletic teams, among other activities. The
following the dedication of their new
home                                        Highland Park Habitat home build is a significant example
                                            of the University’s continued commitment to citizens of this

Edward L. Ayers, President, University of Richmond
Excerpts from his remarks at the Richmond Habitat House Dedication
April 19, 2008

  G   reetings to all of you on this beautiful Saturday in Highland Park. I am honored to be here with our partners from Richmond Habitat for Humanity, Boaz and Ruth, and the
      Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority. And to celebrate with the Coleys as you prepare to transform this construction site into a home. Thank you so much for
  allowing me, and my friends from the University of Richmond, to take part in this dedication. Abby and I enjoyed working here, and meeting the Coleys, last month. I am still
  sore, in fact, from my hammering. And I’m still glad I didn’t fall off the ladder.

  Last week in my Inauguration speech, I tried to outline—in twenty short minutes—where we, as the University of Richmond, have come from, and to set a vision for where
  we are going... One constant throughout our history has been the University’s engagement with the citizens of Richmond. Our greatest allies—whether they are financial
  supporters or employees or graduates—have come from neighborhoods across Richmond, including Highland Park.

  The partnerships that made this house build possible have their roots in that history. The University’s connection to Richmond Habitat for Humanity is longstanding; we have
  been one of the most active and productive Habitat campus chapters in the country. In the early nineties, the Bonner Scholars Program arose out of this period of student
  volunteerism and working with Richmond Habitat for Humanity. The Build It program, the University’s largest civic engagement initiative, has solidified our connection to Boaz
  and Ruth and other Highland Park partners. In this decade, the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement grew out of this history and is enabling us to connect community work to
  our core educational mission. As we look forward, I am making one of the keystones of my presidency to be not only the University of Richmond, but increasingly to become
  the University FOR Richmond. If we are going to build up our contribution to our city and region, we must draw on partnerships like the ones represented by this event—and
  even more tangibly, by this impressive structure behind me. This house is a great symbol of what our partnerships can accomplish. Together we built this house on a firm
  foundation—the foundation of our sustained partnerships.

  So on this wonderful Saturday in front of this lovely house, I am asking all of you to help me. Our firm foundation for community engagement requires partnerships like this
  one—with friends and neighbors who are willing to invest yourselves and your organizations with us. We have more hammering to do side by side. We have teaching and
  mentoring of public-school students to do side by side. And we have public conversations about public health, public transportation, and regional development to pursue side
  by side.

  How can we build on this foundation that we have established together? Planning our community engagement requires that we follow the same wise principles that guided
  this house’s construction. We need to draft careful plans. We need to find the right places to build. We will build within our means and follow through on our plans. We
  need to work with well-trained experts from the University and our partner organizations who know their craft. And we will need many willing citizens—including University
  students, faculty, staff, and alumni—who will use their energies and talents to make our plans a reality. I will be turning to many of you to help us build on our firm foundation
  of partnership.
MEET THE CONSTRUCTION CREW                                                 HAIL TO OUR CHIEF!

 RMHFH Construction Department                                             President, Board of Directors
                                                                                                    Richard A. “Dick” Hazel
                                                                                                    has been an advocate for
                                                                                                    affordable housing for many
                                                                                                    years. Serving as President
                                                                                                    of the Board of Directors, Mr.
                                                                                                    Hazel will complete seven
                                                                                                    years of service to Richmond
                                                                                                    Metropolitan      Habitat    for
                                                                                                    Humanity (RMHFH) in June of
          Lin Gregory,                         Bill Erhart,                                         2008. As an accountant and
    Director of Construction               Senior Construction                                      principal of Richard A. Hazel,
            Services                         Superintendent                                         Inc., Mr. Hazel’s expertise has
                                                                                                    been an integral part of the
                                                                                                    fiscal strength and long-term
                                                                           viability that the organization now enjoys. Over the
                                                                           years, Mr. Hazel has served as Chairman of the Finance
                                                                           Committee, and Treasurer to the Board of Directors. He
                                                                           has seen many changes at both the BOD and staffing
                                                                           levels. During his tenure, the ReStore came to fruition,
                                                                           and headquarters for the organization moved from
                                                                           Roane Street to its current location on Dabney Road.
            Rob Schurz,                       Jerry Mialaret,
           Construction                                                    During a recent interview, Mr. Hazel stated that RMHFH
          Superintendent                                                   has “grown by leaps and bounds.” Production of build
                                                                           outs has increased dramatically: moving from around
                                                                           20 homes built per year to 43 homes on tap for next
                                                                           year. “This is impressive growth – and represents real
                                                                           community support of the Richmond Habitat mission.
                                                                           In dollars and cents – it’s a bigger organization. Our
                                                                           annual operating budget has grown just in the past
                                                                           year by about $2.5 Million.”

                                                                           The service area of RMHFH also grew during Mr. Hazel’s
                                                                           tenure. The original service area included the City of
          Maria Tisdale,                    Paigh Bumgarner,               Richmond, and the Counties of Chesterfield and Henrico.
       Junior Construction                 Junior Construction             Now, both Charles City and New Kent County families
         Superintendent                      Superintendent                have access to RMHFH’s homeownership programs.
                                                                           In fact, Mr. Hazel presided over the first RMHFH Five-
             Come out and meet them onsite!                                Jurisdiction Summit last August. At that gathering,
                                                                           County Administrators, Directors of Departments of
  Calling all Skilled and Unskilled Volunteers!                            Community Revitalization and Development, as well
                                                                           as the City Planner’s office reps, came together to
          Needed for Week day Builds                                       strategize on RMHFH’s affordable housing and land
                    Wednesday - Saturday                                   acquisition strategies across the region. The event was
                    8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.                                 a study in successful regional cooperation. On June 30,
                                                                           2008, Mr. Hazel hands over the President’s gavel to Frank
Build site arrival time is 8:00 a.m. Mandatory safety training begins at
                                                                           G. Punch, III , Vice President, SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.
8:45 a.m. sharp! Please note that if you miss the safety training, you
will be asked to volunteer another day.
Thank you for your understanding. We follow Occupational Safety                                  Plug In....
and Health Administration standards as well as safety recommenda-
tions learned in our Red Cross First Aid/CPR staff-wide training.                                PICK YOUR PASSION! Select
                                                                                                 the committee that you find
Please complete all waiver forms piror to arriving on site. All waiver                           the most interesting, the
forms and build site directions are available on our web site www.                               most related to your skill
richmondhabitat.org. For more information about volunteer-                                       sets, or one that you want
ing with RMHFH, contact April Wilson, Volunteer Coordinator, at                                  to learn more about. Simply
232-7001, ext. 109.                                                                              email the address of the
                                                                                                 appropriate staff person
                                                                                                 listed on the following page.
   Raining? Call the Volunteer Hotline at 358-5899
RMHFH Committee Opportunities
                       Human Resources - analyzes and approves corporate goals and objectives relevant to: 1) appropriate
                       benefit plans for staff, 2) training and development opportunities, as well as other human resources-related
                       Chairman: Carolyn Boone, Board of Directors
                       Email: Leisha@RichmondHabitat.org

Leisha LaRiviere, Executive Director, Staff Liaison

                      Finance Committee - reviews and makes recommendations on any and all strategies, plans, policies,
                      and actions related to corporate finance. The committee also assists in the Board’s oversight duties relating
                      to 1) integrity of the financial statements of the corporation, 2) compliance with legal requirements, and 3)
                      qualifications and performance of the independent auditor.
                      Chairman: TBA, (Position filled by the Treasurer of the Board of Directors)
                      Email: Brad@RichmondHabitat.org
Brad Herbst, Director of Finance, Staff Liaison

                       Development Committee (NEW!) - assists in identifying, developing and maintaining relationships with
                     individual, organizational, corporate, and congregational donors to ensure an income stream for the affiliate.
                     This income supports sustained house construction and operations. In addition, the Committee will assist in
                     organizing events for the purpose of fundraising and publicity.
                     Chairman: Currently seeking a Chairman for this Committee
                     Email: Van@RichmondHabitat.org
Van Garber, Director of Development, Staff Liaison

                       Family Services Committee – ensures that the Corporation is meeting its homeownership objectives:
                       including, but not limited to, family selection, mentoring, training, and support to Habitat homeowner families.
                       Chairman: Deborah Coleman, Secretary to the Board of Directors
                       Email: Anna@RichmondHabitat.org

Anna Karnas, Director of Family Services, Staff Liaison

                       Construction Committee - helps RMHFH meet its building goals by providing the resources and expertise
                       needed to provide oversight on construction related matters, and by overseeing the acquisition and development
                       of building sites.
                       Chairman: David Pritchard, Sr. Data Analysis Manager for Capital One
                       Email: Lin@RichmondHabitat.org

Lin Gregory, Director of Construction Services, Staff Liaison

                       Public Relations Committee (NEW!) - assists in developing and maintaining relationships with the
                      media (print & television journalists)and the community at large: including, but not limited to, the production of
                      press releases, quarterly newsletters, website, brochures, site signage & video production. The Speaker’s Bureau
                      also trains college and high school youth on advocacy issues in the area of affordable and workforce housing.
                      Chairman: Currently seeking a Chairman for this Committee
                      Email: Lisa@RichmondHabitat.org
Lisa Bedell, PR & Events Coordinator, Staff Liaison

                       Volunteer Committee (NEW!) - recruits and retains new volunteers for on-site construction, RMHFH
                       committees, ReStore, and corporate offices. Assists with training and support of volunteers, and plans the annual
                       volunteer appreciation event.
                       Chairman: Currently seeking a Chairman for this Committee.
                       Email: April@RichmondHabitat.org

April Wilson, Volunteer Coordinator, Staff Liaison

                       Faith Relations Committee (NEW!) - works together to promote Habitat’s mission within the faith-based
                     community. We seek to include any and all congregations and faith-based organizations in our mission, and
                     the faith relations committee will coordinate outreach to and within Richmond’s faith communities through
                     networking, build sponsorships, and occasional special events.
                     Chairman: Currently seeking a Chairman for this Committee
                     Email: Ashley@RichmondHabitat.org
Ashley Daoust, Faith & Projects Coordinator, Staff Liaison
  SUPPORT US!                                                          RESTORE
                                                                       SPRING SALE!!!
                                                                       Refurbishing your home this spring?
                                                                       Shop at the ReStore!
                                                                       Name-brand building materials and
                                                                       home improvement supplies
Cars for Homes™                                                        50%- 80% o select merchandise
Your car donation can help a family build a home, and the hope
                                                                       BUILDING MATERIALS * CLEANING SUPPLIES * FLOORING * APPLIANCES *
of a better life! Car, truck, boat and RV donations help Habitat       DECORATIVE & ROUGH ELECTRIC * HARDWARE * HOME DÉCOR * KITCHEN
for Humanity build houses in partnership with families in need of      & BATH * LAWN & GARDEN * LIGHTING * MILLWORK – WINDOWS, DOORS,
decent, a ordable shelter. Donate to Habitat’s Cars for Homes™         TRIM & MOLDING * PAINT & PAINT SUNDRIES * TOOLS & MUCH MORE!
vehicle donation program by calling 1-877-277-4344 or visiting
www.carsforhomes.org .                                                             OPEN TO THE PUBLIC * MON. – SAT. 9AM-6PM
                                                                                      1901 ROANE STREET * (804) 228-1305
                                                                       ALL PROCEEDS GO TOWARDS BUILDING HABITAT HOUSES IN THE GREATER RICHMOND AREA.
                                                                            UNIQUE & INTERESTING ITEMS ARRIVE DAILY! DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.

                            CANS FOR HABITAT is a partnership          New Management at ReStore
                            between The Aluminum Association
                            and Habitat for Humanity International
                            that promotes the value of aluminum
                                                                       C   ome by and meet our new store manager Billie Southworth
                                                                           and the assistant store manager Rebecca Skinner.
                            can recycling.                                                            While you are there, check out
                                                                                                      our new shipment of furniture
 Through Cans for Habitat, aluminum cans are recycled                                                 from Virginia Beach.      Special
 to raise money for Habitat for Humanity to build decent,                                             thanks to Hanover Habitat
 a ordable housing with low-come families nationwide.                                                 ReStore for sharing a huge
                                                                                                      shipment of entertainment
 Richmond Habitat will work with civic associations, local              centers, nightstands, headboards and more, generously
 businesses, and schools and universities to construct can              donated by the Ramada Resort in Virginia Beach. In addition, we
 cottages that will be placed in strategic locations throughout         have a huge selection of bath and shower enclosures available!
 our service areas for can collection. A volunteer corps of
 Can Couriers will help maintain the cottage sites and deliver
 the donated aluminum to the Richmond Habitat ReStore.                        HABITAT EVENTS
 Our Cans for Habitat program gives school-aged children a
 way to become involved with Richmond Habitat to support                                   ASID | VIRGINIA CHAPTER
 our home-building program, while helping the environment
 at the same time. To learn more about the program, visit www.                                                                       TWO
 cansforhabitat.org. Or, contact Ashley Daoust at 232-7001,                                                                          EVENTS
 ext. 113 or by email at Ashley@RichmondHabitat.org .                                                                                UNDER
                                                                                                                                     ONE TENT

                                                                                           FURNITURE, FABRICS, CRAFTS,               EVENT TO BENEFIT
         Pick a side, make a donation, and volunteer your time!                            ART, ACCESSORIES AND MORE
 Help the UVA and VT Richmond Alumni Chapters raise money to build a
                                                                                           Noland Company (2101 Staples Mill Road)
                        Richmond Habitat house.                                                                                      SPONSORED BY

                 Build Date Begins July 16th
                                                                                          Thanks to the businesses
         Thanks to MeadWestvaco for sponsoring
                                                                                            and individuals that
                   this unique partnership.
                                                                                             made this annual
                                                                                              event a success.
                                                                                 WhiteEl.fp.c.my08RHo.indd 1                                            4/1/08 2:28:19 PM
Please Keep Giving to Richmond Habitat – It’s easier than ever!

T  he gift of giving was never easier to provide housing for families in Greater Richmond. Your donation assists with costs of
   building materials, land and infrastructure. Funding for all of these items helps to keep the mortgage costs very affordable for
homeowners. Every donation helps us to provide better education programs and more homes.

Here are a few ways to give, and projects to which you can donate time and treasure.

    • Donate online at www.richmondhabitat.org
    • Pick a side to donate to the University Challenge –
      “Hokies vs Hoos”
    • Give to our Carpenters Club campaign
    • Volunteers on site can give $10 each and we will be able to
      build one more home every year!
    • If you are structuring your estate, there are many planned
      giving options such as remainder trusts, life insurance, or
    Please contact the Development Office at 804 –232 7001 for answers to

                                                                                 VOLUNTEERS OF THE YEAR
Glenn Thomason is an important part of Richmond Habitat’s
founding and folklore. When RMHFH got its start in Aunt Sarah’s
Pancacke House 22 years ago, Glenn
and his wife Dottie were there with
other caring citizens, sharing pancakes,
fellowship, and a vision to break the                                            Michael Francis, Construction         Dot Johenning, Office
cycle of poverty in Richmond. That
collective visioning is now Richmond                                    VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH
Habitat. Two decades later, Glenn is                                         •     May/June 2007 – Rick Fish
still an active member of the Richmond                                       •     July/August 2007 – Christopher Froelich
Habitat family. You can find him                                             •     September/October 2007 – Dot Johening
building a home alongside members of                                         •     November/December 2007 – Priscilla Eddings
his church, taking a homeowner family                                        •     January/February 2008 – Randy Harden
to church and Sunday supper, making                                          •     March/April 2008 – Bill Burch
a home visit to a Habitat homeowner
applicant family, flipping hamburgers with Kiwanis high school           VOLUNTEER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FOR
Key Club members at a home dedication, or leading middle school
                                                                        COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY STUDENTS
students in a landscape project at a Richmond Habitat site. Whatever
                                                                             •     Zach Lepine
he’s doing, Glenn puts his heart and soul into his volunteer work. He
                                                                             •     Bobby O’Brien
is an inspiration and model for us all. We love you, Glenn!!
                                                                        OFFICE VOLUNTEERS
OUTSTANDING YOUTH VOLUNTEER                                                  •     Tommy Brown
                   Catherine Peterson wanted to give a family the            •     Diann Foster
                   chance at a new life in a new home of their own.          •     Josephine Gruessing
                   Catherine raises chickens called “Easter Eggers”          •     Dorothy Johenning
                   in her backyard in New Kent County. She sells             •     Rita Pennell
                   their muli-colored eggs to friends at church, at          •     Lynn Newcomb
                   school and at her father’s office. Catherine chose
                   to donate the money she had raised selling her       WEEK DAY CREW – Wallace Robertson, Rudd Rosebro, Bill Burch
                   hens’ eggs to New Kent Habitat, a Committee of        •       Kit Carson            Rudd Rosebro,     Michael Brooks
                   RMHFH. To her it seemed like the right thing to       •       Paige Pierce          Don Pennell       Larry Buchanan
                   do. Hopefully, with Catherine’s help, a New Kent      •       Buck Wiltshire        John Miller       Randy Harden
family in need of a decent, affordable home can host an Easter egg       •       Russell Wilson        Jim Collins       Leonard Hopkins
hunt in their own yard one day soon - colored eggs included.             •       Linc Sparks           Rick Fish         William C. LaBaugh III
Thank you Catherine for your generous spirit!                            •       Gen. Louis Schelter   Jack Martin       Michael A. Francis
                                                                                               THANKS! to all our hardworking volunteers
                                                                                               who make the ministry of Richmond Habitat possible.
    Poem by Krishawn K. Franklin, age 12
    Daughter of Habitat Homeowner Crishette Anderson
    At the Dedication of her new home

    How can a family of grateful hearts describe the kindness of charitable
    How can we begin to thank those who rallied together for a common
    Giving us a home in which to love and to call our own.
    There are truly no words to describe your compassion, no words to
    describe how intensely we feel.
    It is truly a blessing from God that a group of people such as
    yourselves could be so caring and would invest time and effort into
                                                                                                       Krishawn Franklin reads a poem she wrote to thank Richmond
    fulfilling the dream of a family.                                                                   Habitat and Chester eld VoTech students at the dedication of
    Thank you Habitat for Humanity, volunteers and Chesterfield Vo Tech.                                her new home.
    We will be forever grateful.

                                                             Capital One employees decided to spread some holiday cheer this winter by building
                                                             playhouses for several non-profit organizations in the Richmond area. Richmond Habitat
                                                             was one of the recipients of these special gifts. Seventeen (17) Habitat families received
                                                             these play houses for children, along with a drill for repairs and a picture of the Capital
                                                             One employees who built each playhouse. Capital One has buit 20 houses with Richmond
                                                             Habitat since 1996. They are currently constructing two homes in our Angus Road
                                                             subdivision in the City of Richmond.

      Shelter is a basic human need. Richmond Habitat plays a vital role in the supply of shelter in the form of homes for sale
      with a zero-interest mortgage rate. Residents who live or work in our service area and whose incomes fall into the 30-60%
      area median income are invited to apply for homeownership. (Other requirements must be met).

      For eligibility information, please log onto our website at www.richmondhabitat.org. There, you’ll also nd information
      about our intent to explore expansion of our service population to include income earners in the 60-80% area median
      income range. These earners include our police o cers, re ghters and teachers.

        Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity
              2007-2008 Board of Directors
Richard (Dick) Hazel, President • Frank G. Punch, III, President Elect
   Mike Liebschwager, Treasurer • Deborah Coleman, Secretary
   Carolyn Boone • Dr. Imad Damaj • Michelle Gluck • Mark Hill
   Laura Lafayette • Cassandra (Sandy) Reynolds, Past President
 Rev. Alton Washington • Leisha G. LaRiviere, Executive Director

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