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DCR Systems Converting to Akzo Nobel's Waterborne Paint Technology by ito20106


									DCR Systems Converting to Akzo Nobel’s Waterborne Paint Technology
     CLEVELAND, OHIO (March 3, 2008) — Mentor, Ohio-based DCR Systems
( has announced that the company is converting to Akzo Nobel Car
Refinishes’ waterborne paint technology system, Sikkens Autowave®.

      “We’re jumping out in front, well before waterbornes are mandated here in the Midwest,”
says DCR Systems President and CEO Michael Giarrizzo, Jr. “Akzo’s got a great waterborne
product. It’s user-friendly, it’s very stable, and we believe that, environmentally, it’s the right
thing to do.”

     Giarrizzo noted that the transition to Autowave® has already streamlined production. “The
misconception is that waterbornes negatively affect your productivity, which isn’t true. In our
experience so far, even though application may initially take a little longer until we get fluent,
we’ve experienced increased productivity because of a reduction in rework. ”

       According to Tim Loden, Director of Marketing for Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes Americas:
“Adopting waterborne technology is an inevitable reality for the collision repair industry. The
fact that DCR has chosen to take this proactive step in the conversion to Sikkens Autowave
simply reinforces the role that Michael Giarrizzo and his organization continue to play as an
industry innovator and leader.”

       The complete transition of DCR Systems and its deader-based operating cells is scheduled
for this month.

       The company’s conversion to waterborne paint technology coincides with heightened
attention from governmental agencies throughout North America on the environment. This is
particularly true with the rapidly advancing conversion deadlines that are being addressed by
collision repair centers today in California.

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