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                                                                                                          September 2002

                                                                                                          A Publication of the
                                                                                                      Judicial Council of Georgia

Court Interpreter Training Program Goes Statewide

        oday’s courts face a multi-                 a limited understanding of court              examination which tests English
        tude of obstacles in dispens-               proceedings. The objective of the             language proficiency, knowledge of
        ing equal justice, providing                Commission on Interpreters is to              court proceedings, and ethics. A
for the non-English speaker’s need                  provide bilinguals who are trained            candidate who passes the written
to fully participate in court proceed-              and certified as qualified, profes-           exam is qualified to interpret in any
ings is at the top of the list.                     sional interpreters.                          of the courts in Georgia for a
     Ms. Cristina Franco, of the AOC                                                              twelve-month period. Georgia is
who serves as Program Director for                  Interpreter Orientation                       one of the first states that has estab-
the Georgia Commission on                              Commission staff has devised a             lished ethical standards and respon-
Interpreters, explains that in the past             comprehensive educational program             sibilities for court interpreters.
bilingual ability alone was the basis               which includes an orientation pro-                 The Commission also offers a
for acting as an interpreter. The job               gram that introduces the interpreter          series of study sessions for practic-
often fell to secretaries, college stu-             candidate to legal terms, court pro-          ing court interactions funded by the
dents, or social workers with no for-               cedures, and general Georgia law.             Georgia Bar Foundation. The oral
mal training in interpreting and only               Each candidate must take a written            examination is given in accordance
                                                                                                  with the National Center for State
                                                                                                  Courts Consortium for State Court
Web Design Consortium Contracts Signed                                                            Interpreter Certification. Georgia
                                                                                                  has one of the highest pass rates in

      hief Justice Norman S. Fletcher (center) recently signed contracts with                     the NSCS Consortium.
      Georgia Southern University and Valdosta State University for their
      continuing participation in the AOC’s Web Design Consortium. The                                                   continued on pg 3
AOC has renewed a similar contract with Sandersville Technical College.
                                                                      Seated, Rebecca
                                                                      Davis, GSU; Chief            • Profile: Sr. Judge Findley    pg 2
                                                                      Justice Norman S.
                                                                      Fletcher; Vaughn             • AOC Reviews Court Fees        pg 2
                                                                      Vandegrift, provost of
                                                                      Georgia Southern             • Judicial Survey Results       pg 5
                                                                      University. Standing,
                                                                                                   • People, Places & Events       pg 6
                                                                      Curtis Ricker, GSU;
                                                                      Greg Arnold, AOC;            • District Reports              pg 9
                                                                      Judge William
                                                                      Woodrum, Ogeechee            • Directory Corrections        pg 10
                                                                      Judicial Circuit;
                                                                      Judge F. Gates Peed,         • Videoconferencing
                                                                      Ogeechee Judicial              Committee Views ELMO         pg 11
                                                                      Circuit; and David L.
                                                                      Ratley, AOC Director.
2 • Georgia Courts Journal • September 2002

                                                                                        AOC Seeks
  Profile : Sr. Judge Emory Findley
                                      A         bove all Judge Emory Findley is
                                                engaging. Whether his subject is the
                                                evils of the county unit system, a
                                      defendant on the stand who drew a pistol and
                                      shot the opposing counsel, or the saga of our
                                                                                        Improvement in
                                                                                        Court Fees Collection

                                                                                                 ver the past 52 years, the practice of using
                                      state’s judges learning to work together, the              court-imposed fees to support state and
                                      wisdom and energy of the man are apparent.                 local programs has expanded from a single
                                      In the 1980's, Judge Findley took the lead in     fee in 1950 that benefited the Peace Officer’s
                                      strengthening the Council of Superior Court       Annuity and Benefit Fund to 21 separate court fees.
                                      Judges and gaining a 10% salary increase for
                                                                                        Audit Report
                                      judges. Spend an afternoon talking with him
                                                                                            The Georgia Department of Audits and
                                      now, and you will know why folks listened.
                                                                                        Accounts recently published a comprehensive report
                                           In 1977 when Judge Findley came to the
                                                                                        regarding the assessment, collection, and disburse-
                                      bench of the Atlantic Judicial Circuit, terms     ment of court-ordered fees. In part, the report states,
                                      of office for supe-                               “Based on our review of this system, we have con-
                                      rior court judges                                 cluded that the cumulative effect of trying to apply
                                      varied from cir-                                  21 fees in over 1,100 courts to a variety of cases
                                      cuit to circuit,                                  makes the current process unwieldy. The fragment-
                                      there were no uni-                                ed nature of the system makes it difficult for courts
                                      form rules of                                     or beneficiary programs to effectively manage the
                                      court procedure,                                  fees.” According to the study, fees range from $.50
                                      and no strong                                     to 50% of the total fine amount and each fee must
                                      leadership coun-                                  be calculated separately.
                                                             Sr. Judge Emory Findley
                                      cils for the judicial
                                                                                        AOC to Assist Courts
                                      branch. As president of the Council of
                                                                                             As a result of the Auditor’s Report, Mr. Kevin
                                      Superior Court Judges in 1984, he encour-
                                                                                        Tolmich, Budget Officer at the AOC, is heading the
                                      aged his colleagues to work together as allies    effort to improve collection and disbursement of
                                      in seeking increased funding from the             fees. He explained, “We will be looking for a solu-
                                      General Assembly. The judge credits this          tion that simplifies the system while also maintain-
                                      successful effort to others including: Judge      ing the financial integrity of the programs being
                                      Osgood Williams of Atlanta, Judge Wallace         funded through these court fees.”
                                      Cato of Bainbridge, Judge William Fleming              To assess the current status of court fee collec-
                                      of Augusta, Chief Justice Harold Clarke.          tion and distribution, surveys were sent to judges of
                                           Judge Findley’s vision galvanized judges     each level of court in June 2002. AOC staff mem-
                                      across the state and resulted in a strengthened   bers are making site visits to determine court collec-
                                      and forward-looking judiciary. In retirement      tion procedures; dollar amounts assessed, collected,
                                      he has lost none of his keenness or commit-       and disbursed; automation needs, etc.
                                      ment. His vision today includes providing              Based on the information gathered, the AOC
                                      sabbaticals to trial judges as a counterbalance   will continue to study ways to simplify the fee struc-
                                                                                        ture, provide training curriculum to appropriate
                                      to heavy case loads. He continues to work as
                                                                                        court personnel, develop uniform policies for fee
                                      a senior judge, presiding in more than 60
                                                                                        collection and remittance, and design an Action Plan
                                      counties in the past seven years. Reflecting
                                                                                        for implementation.
                                      on his career as a judge and a leader, he sim-
                                                                                             For more information on the court fee study,
                                      ply says, “good things have happened.”
                                                                                        contact Kevin Tolmich at 404-463-3822 or e-mail
                                                                                      September 2002 • Georgia Courts Journal • 3

Interpreter Program                               cont.
Assistance from District                   Guarani, Korean, Portuguese,
                                                                                      Members of
Court Administrators                       Russian, Somali, Spanish, Turkish,         the Georgia
     With the assistance of the            and Vietnamese. Eighty-five per-
District Court Administrators across       cent of interpreters are native speak-     Commission
the state, interpreter workshops are       ers of their target language.
                                           Compensation for qualified inter-
now widely available. From
January to July of this year, 207 par-     preters begins at $35 per hour; for       Presiding Justice Leah Ward Sears
ticipants have attended orientation        certified interpreters, $55 per hour.     Supreme Court of Georgia
sessions held in Atlanta, Kennesaw,             Ms. Franco stated, “Our goal is
                                                                                     Judge Anne Elizabeth Barnes
Jonesboro, Savannah, Augusta, and          to substantially increase the number      Court of Appeals of Georgia
Valdosta. One hundred fifty-five of        of certified and qualified inter-
these candidates qualified as inter-       preters, and improve communication        Judge Robert B. Adams
preters; five were fully certified.        in the court system.” She noted that      Conasauga Judicial Circuit
     The Administrative Office of          the Commission is fortunate to have       Judge Patti Cornett
the Courts supports the commission         support from Georgia universities         Probate Court of Hall County
and maintains a registry of qualified      and colleges that are introducing
and certified interpreters on its web-     interpretation courses in their curric-   Judge Jerry Day
site —               ula. Kennesaw State University,           Chief Magistrate,Walker County
                                           Georgia State University, and             Judge Viviane Ernstes
Target Languages                           Georgia Perimeter College will be         Municipal Court of Decatur
     Court interpreters are available      offering interpretation/translation
for the following languages:               courses as part of their graduate pro-    Judge Chong Kim
                                           grams and Continuing Education            Magistrate Court of Fulton County
Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese —
Cantonese and Mandarin, Creole             programs.                                 Judge Wayne Purdom
Haitian, Farsi, French, German,                                                      State Court of DeKalb County

                                                                                     Judge William Schneider
                                                                                     Juvenile Court, Rockdale Judicial
   Court Interpreter Training                                                        Circuit

                                                                                     Ms. Kathy Ashe
   September 14           Study Language Lab, GA Perimeter College,                  State Representative
                             Clarkston Campus
   September 19-20        Orientation Session, Maloof Auditorium, Decatur            Ms. Brenda Avera
                                                                                     AOC, Gwinnett Judicial Circuit
   September 26           Review/Written Exam, Columbus
                                                                                     Ms. Wendy J. Glasbrenner
   September 28           Study Language Lab, GA Perimeter College,
                             Clarkston Campus                                        Georgia Legal Services Program, Inc.

   October 2              Oral Exam By Appointment, Atlanta, 244 Washington St.      Ms. Catherine McCabe
   October 3              Review/Written Exam, Maloof Auditorium, Decatur            Mr. Jesus A. Nerio, Esq.
   October 4              Oral Exam By Appointment, Atlanta, 244 Washington St.
                                                                                     Ms. Jean Ellen Padberg, Esq.
   October 24-25          Orientation Session, Atlanta, 244 Washington St.
                                                                                     Mr. Ralph Perales, Esq.
   Contact the Commission on Interpreters at 244 Washington Street, Suite 300,
   Atlanta, GA 30334; telephone 404-463-6478.                                        Dr. Helen Ridley
                                                                                     Kennesaw State University
4 • Georgia Courts Journal • September 2002

On-line Travel Reimbursement Form
The AOC Fiscal Office has introduced an on-line travel reimbursement form using Microsoft Excel. Mr. Randy Dennis,
Assistant Director for Finance, talks about the features of the new electronic forms.

Q. Why a new travel form?                     Q. Where do users go to find           form, a vendor ID number must be
R.D. Many people who claim                       the form?                           obtained from the AOC fiscal office.
expenses are not familiar with the            R.D. The form is available on the      Users can call me at 404-651-7613
state’s regula-                               AOC website,     to obtain that number.
tions on trav-
el. This form                                 Q. To complete the form, what          Q. What happens when I need to
has those reg-                                    program does the user need?            use the form again?
ulations built                                R.D. Microsoft Excel, and be sure      R.D. Since you have already saved
in. For                                       to enable the macros when opening      the form on your computer, all you
example, the                                  the form.                              need to do is press the “clear data”
state allows a                                                                       icon at the bottom of the page when
maximum            Mr. Randy Dennis           Q. Is the reimbursement form           you open the document. Personal
of $28/day                                        hard to use?                       data (i.e., name, address, phone
for food expenses, except in high             R.D. No. Quite the opposite. The       number) and the vendor ID number
cost areas. Any amount over $28               user only needs to download the        will remain on the forms.
will automatically be deducted from           form and save it to his/her computer
the claimed amount.                           hard drive. From there the form can    Q. Is use of the new form a
     Also, with the new form when a           be used over and over again.               requirement?
user selects his group, account num-          There’s no need to go back to the      R.D. No. While we want people to
bers are automatically generated              website. Just input your expense       use this new form, the AOC fiscal
which tell AOC fiscal employees               data, Excel does the math.             department will accept previous
which accounts are to be charged for              Instructions are included in the   forms.
those expenses.                               document. Before completing the
                                                                                     Q. Are there any other special
                                                                                          instructions people need to

         he Judicial Council Committee on Domestic Violence met on
                                                                                          know about?
         August 23, 2002, to announce grant awards to non-profit organiza-
                                                                                     R.D. Users must use the print func-
         tions that provide legal services to victims of domestic violence.
                                                                                     tion on the document itself, located
  The money was distributed as follows: Atlanta Legal Aid Society,
                                                                                     at the bottom of the page. Don’t use
  $430,000; Glynn Community Crisis Center, Inc., d/b/a Amity House,
                                                                                     the print command on the Excel tool
  $10,000; Georgia Legal Services, $1,106,000; and Circle of Hope, $54,000.

                                                         The Judicial Council
                                                         Committee on                For more information about the
                                                         Domestic Violence.          travel reimbursement form, contact
                                                         Pictured (l to r), Ms.      Randy Dennis at 404-651-7613 or
                                                         Cynthia H. Clanton;
                                                         Judge William T.  
                                                         Boyett; Dr. Louise
                                                         Bill; Ms. Linda A.
                                                         Klein; Judge Melodie
                                                         Clayton; Judge
                                                         William P. Bartles;
                                                         Judge Anne E. Barnes.
                                                                                 September 2002 • Georgia Courts Journal • 5

Judicial Opinion Survey on Public Trust
         he Supreme Court                What the Survey Revealed                Comments from Judges
         Commission on Public Trust      v Ninety-eight percent of respon-       v We should remember that most of
         and Confidence in the           dents regarded their courts as being    us were lawyers before becoming
Courts recently released a report of     viewed by the public with a “great      judges. What is routine to most of
judicial responses concerning public     deal of confidence” or “some confi-     us is earth-shattering to a litigant,
perception of the courts. The judi-      dence.”                                 particularly a party in a divorce/cus-
cial survey questions were based on                                              tody action, or a DUI, or a juvenile
concerns raised in a telephone sur-      v Better qualified judges and better    proceeding. People really appreci-
vey and a series of focus groups.        qualified court personnel were seen     ate a judge, in any court, who takes
Researchers at the Carl Vinson           by 81% of judges as being “highly       the time to act concerned.
Institute of Government devised the      effective” or “effective” in increas-
survey instrument to gauge the           ing the public trust and confidence.    v Streamline the court system with
judges’ view. The survey was sent                                                two levels of courts.
to 1,416 judges; thirty-nine percent
(551) of judges responded.               In the past 5-10 years has              v Better education of the public on
      Judges were asked to evaluate      public trust and confidence in          the role of the judiciary. Judges
(1) public trust and confidence in       the Georgia courts increased,           who move cases and have judge-
the courts and factors contributing
                                         decreased, or remained the
                                                                                 driven courts, instead of lawyer-
to such public opinion; (2) the                                                  driven courts; more effective use of
extent to which court personnel con-                                             ADR; do away with jury trials in
tribute to specific public concerns,      Remained
                                          the same
                                                                   Increased     divorce actions; Drug Courts and
i.e., timeliness of court proceedings,                                           Family Courts in all circuits.
excessive cost in litigation, percep-
tion of unfair or unjust resolution of
                                                              21%                v Litigants need to be better edu-
cases; (3) lawyer conduct; (4) judi-          37%                                cated as to what expectations to
cial conduct; and (5) possible reme-                                             have for their court appearance.
dies.                                                                            Lawyers fail miserably in this
      Background information was
solicited regarding experience on
                                                           41%                   regard.

the bench, class of court, population                                            v My own perception is that the
of jurisdiction. Of the 551 respon-                              Decreased
                                                                                 lack of public confidence is almost
dents, 21% sit as superior court                                                 entirely related to the amount of
judges; 15% on the state court; 32%      v 50% answered that public opin-        crime in the community and the
as magistrate court judges; 11%          ion toward the Georgia courts is        lack of discipline of attorneys who
juvenile court; 14% as probate court     based on inaccurate information.        flagrantly violate rules of ethics.
judges; and 24% as municipal court
judges.                                  v When asked what judicial con-         v We must use media to inform. If
                                         duct contributes to increased time      we do not tell our story, no one else
                                         and cost of litigation, a majority of   will. We are not even trying.
                                         judges answered that disorganiza-
                   Please                tion/inefficiency; indecisiveness;      For more information, contact the
                   Recycle               poor case management and schedul-       AOC at 404-656-5171.
                                         ing were among factors that “signif-
                                         icantly contribute” or “contribute.”
6 • Georgia Courts Journal • September 2002

People, Places and Events …
In Memoriam                                   Appointments                             Paulding Judicial Circuit
                                                                                       ❋ Judge Tonny Beavers, Chief
❋ Former Court of Appeals Judge                Alcovy Judicial Circuit                 Magistrate of Paulding County, was
Harold R. Banke, Sr., died on July                                                     recently appointed to the Superior
                                               ❋ Covington native Horace
9, 2002, following a lengthy illness.                                                  Court bench by Governor Roy
                                              Johnson, Jr. is the new fourth supe-
Appointed to the Court of Appeals                                                      Barnes. Judge Beavers formerly
                                              rior court judge in the Alcovy
in 1977, Judge Banke served as                                                         served as associate juvenile court
                                              Judicial Circuit. Judge Johnson was      judge and maintained a law practice
chief judge in 1985 and as a presid-
                                              sworn in by Governor                     in Dallas. He is a graduate of the
ing judge until his retirement in
                                              Barnes on September 3,                   University of Georgia and the John
1991. He was a superior court
                                              2002 at the State                        Marshall School of Law.
judge in the Clayton Judicial Circuit
                                              Capitol. He is a
for 15 years. The Clayton County
                                              graduate of Emory                        Juvenile Courts
Justice Center complex, dedicated in
                                              University and                           ❋ Judge Hugh Hadden of
November 2000, was named in                                                            Augusta has been named to the
                                              the University
Judge Banke’s honor.                                                                   juvenile court bench in Columbia
                                              of Georgia
                                              School of Law                            County. Judge Hadden will serve
Retirements                                   and has prac-
                                                                                       part-time; he replaces Judge James
                                              ticed law in
❋ Judge Sallylu Hart, Probate                 Covington since
Court of Thomas County has                                                             ❋ Buena Vista attorney Wayne
                                              1985.                                    Jernigan has been sworn in as a
announced her retirement from the
                                                                                       new juvenile court judge in the
bench effective September 30, 2002.           Atlanta Judicial Circuit                 Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit.
She has served the probate court for
                                              ❋ Governor Barnes has appointed          Judge Jernigan took the oath of
37 years, presiding as Judge for the                                                   office from Judge Aaron Cohn at the
                                              Fulton County State Court Judge
past 21 years.                                                                         Government Center complex in
                                              M. Gino Brogdon, Sr. to the
                                              bench of the superior court of the       Columbus early in July.
                                              Atlanta Judicial Circuit. Judge
                                                                                       District Attorney
                                              Brogdon, a six-year veteran of the
                                                                                       ❋ Richard Mallard is the new
                                              State Court, fills the vacancy created
                                                                                       DA for the Ogeechee Judicial
                                              by the retirement of Judge Isaac
                                                                                       Circuit. He replaces Joseph Martin
                                              Jenrette. He is a graduate of            III who retired earlier this year.
                                              Oberlin College and the Indiana
                                              University School of Law.

                                              ❋ Magistrate Diane Bessen of
                                                                                        Make Note…
  Ms. Gail Arceneaux, Deputy                  Atlanta has been named by Gov.              The AOC Fiscal Users Group
  Clerk of the Court of Appeals,
                                              Barnes to replace Judge Brogdon on           will meet October 1, 2002,
  was honored at a reception at
                                              the State Court of Fulton County.                Georgia Center for
  the court on July 24, 2002. Ms.
                                              Judge Bessen is a graduate of                  Continuing Education
  Arceneaux’s career at the court
                                              Emory University and Emory                         in Athens, GA.
  spanned 25 years. (Above) She
  was presented with a Certificate            School of Law.                               Contact Mr. Randy Dennis,
  of Appreciation from the court                                                           Asst. Director for Finance,
  by Chief Judge Alan Blackburn.                                                                 404-651-7613.
                                                                                             September 2002 • Georgia Courts Journal • 7

Judicial Council Actions                                Judges of the Judicial Council of Georgia
 F At the meeting held on August 29,
2002, the Judicial Council recom-
mended new superior court judgeships
for the Gwinnett Judicial Circuit and
the Cherokee Judicial Circuit. These
recommendations will be forwarded to
the Governor and the Legislature.
Recommendations for new judgeships
are based on a number of factors
including: weighted caseload, jury tri-
als per judge, population per judge,
etc. Judgeship data is compiled each
year by the Research Division of the
Administrative Office of the Courts.      Standing (l-r): Judge Marion Guess; Judge Bryant Culpepper; Judge Marvin Sorrells; Judge
                                          Martha Christian; Judge Michael E. Hancock; Judge Jerry Day; Judge Hal Craig; Judge Carlton
 F David Ratley, AOC Director             Vines; Presiding Judge J.D. Smith; Judge Philip Taylor; Judge George Kreeger; Judge J. Carlisle
reported that requests for assistance     Overstreet; Judge William Bartles; Judge Phillip West; Judge Dawson Jackson.
from the contract architect have been     Seated (l-r): Judge Michael Karpf; Judge Susan Tate; Chief Judge G. Alan Blackburn; Presiding
received from: Henry County, Fulton       Justice Leah Ward Sears; Chief Justice Norman S. Fletcher; Judge Melodie Clayton; Judge Peggy
County, Crisp County, Lumpkin             Walker; Judge Elizabeth Long; Judge Wallace Cato. 8/29/02
County and Sumter County.

People, Places and Events … cont.
Magistrate Courts                         Awards & Honors                                    ❋ Cobb Superior Court
 ❋ Judge Patricia Barron has                                                                Administrator Skip Chesshire was
been appointed Chief Magistrate for                                                         awarded the Lady Justice Pin at the
                                          ❋ Justice Robert Benham of the
Clarke County. She succeeds Judge         Supreme Court of Georgia was                      annual meeting of the National
Michael Coleman who resigned to           recently honored by the State Bar of              Association of Court Managers held
run for superior court judge. Judge                                                         in July, 2002. Mr. Chesshire is a
                                          Georgia with its Tradition in
Barron is a graduate of Mercer                                                              member of the NACM Board of
                                          Excellence Award. Justice Benham
University and the Georgetown                                                               Directors and has served as the
                                          was recognized for his outreach
School of Law. She has served as                                                            Cobb superior court administrator
                                          efforts during his term as Chief
an associate magistrate and an                                                              since 1985. The Lady Justice Award
                                          Justice, as well as his distinguished
adjunct professor at UGA School of                                                          acknowledges exceptional effort and
                                          service on the bench.
Law.                                                                                        service to the organization.

                                          ❋ Also at the State Bar’s annual                   ❋ Nolan Martin, 8th District
❋ The Glynn County superior               meeting, Judge Purnell Davis II of                Court Administrator, recently com-
court judges have appointed Tim           the Toombs Judicial Circuit was                   pleted the Court Executive
Barton, formerly county public            named the first recipient of the                  Development Program offered by
defender, to the position of Chief        Annual Professionalism Award.                     the Institute of Court Management.
Magistrate. Judge Barton took             Judge Davis was nominated by his                  His paper, entitled “The Efficacy of
office on July 17,2002, and will          fellow judges because of his reputa-              Drug Courts in Georgia,” received
complete the unexpired term of            tion for civility, honesty and integrity.         the “Director’s Award of Merit for
Judge Joe Hammill.                                                                          Applied Research.”
8 • Georgia Courts Journal • September 2002

Judges’ Councils Name Officers                                                 TPO Video
Council of Superior Court Judges              Council of Magistrate            Available
Judge J. Carlisle Overstreet                  Court Judges

President                                     Judge Philip P. Taylor                   rotection Orders: Things
Augusta Judicial Circuit                      President                                You Need to Know” is a
                                              Cobb County                              video that does just what it
Judge Martha C. Christian                                                      says. Introduced by Chief Justice
President-Elect                               Judge Jerry Day                  Norman S. Fletcher and narrated by
Macon Judicial Circuit                        President-Elect                  Judge Thelma Wyatt Cummings
                                              Walker County
                                                                               Moore of the Atlanta Judicial
Chief Judge H. Gibbs Flanders
Secretary-Treasurer                           Judge Haynes Henton Townsend     Circuit, the 20 minute video
Dublin Judicial Circuit                       First Vice President             describes what a Temporary
                                              Whitfield County                 Protective Order (TPO) is and
                                                                               gives step-by-step instructions on
Council of State Court Judges                 Judge Alec Glenn Dorsey          how to obtain a TPO. Ms. Julie
Judge Melodie H. Clayton                      Secretary                        Koob, Executive Director of the
President                                     Wilcox County                    Georgia Commission on Family
Cobb County
                                                                               Violence, said,“Protection orders
                                              Judge Glenda Dowling
Judge Carlton H. Vines                        Treasurer                        can mean the difference between
President-Elect                               Pierce County                    life and death to victims of domes-
Chattooga County                                                               tic violence. This video helps to
                                                                               provide access to the courts for vic-
Judge David M. Fuller                         Council of Municipal             tims to obtain safety.”
Secretary                                     Court Judges                          Copies of the video are to be
Gwinnett County                               Judge Viviane Haight Ernstes
                                                                               widely distributed to shelters, supe-
Judge Brenda H. Cole                          Decatur                          rior court clerks, and secretaries for
Treasurer                                                                      superior court judges making them
Fulton County                                 Judge Charles L. Barrett, III    accessible to victims. The videos
                                              President-Elect                  will also be distributed at the 9th
                                              Duluth                           Annual Domestic Violence
Council of Probate Court Judges                                                Conference to be held in Pine
Judge Darin McCoy                             Judge William M. Coolidge, III
                                                                               Mountain, on October 24-25, 2002.
President                                     Vice President
Evans County                                  Buford                                The Judicial Council Pro Se
                                                                               Committee, Georgia Commission
Judge W. Marion Guess, Jr.                    Judge Kathryn Gerhardt           on Family Violence, Council of
President-Elect                               Secretary                        Superior Court Judges, and
DeKalb County                                 Macon                            Criminal Justice Coordinating
                                                                               Council worked jointly on the
Judge Susan Tate                              Judge A. Frost Ward              development and production of this
First Vice President                          Treasurer
Clarke County                                 Morrow
                                                                                    To order a copy of “Protection
Judge Mary T. Cranford                                                         Orders: Things You Need to
Secretary-Treasurer                                                            Know,” contact Ms. LaShawn
Coweta County                                                                  Murphy, AOC, at 404-651-6325.
                                                                                    September 2002 • Georgia Courts Journal • 9

                                                                                   Children, Family &
7th JAD                                  8th JAD                                        The Administrative Office of the
                                                                                   Courts has recently contracted with
Administrative Judge:                    Administrative Judge:
                                                                                   the Carl Vinson Institute of
Judge George H. Kreeger                  Judge Phillip West
                                                                                   Government at the University of
                                         District Court Administrator:             Georgia to assess court system needs
District Court Administrator:
                                         Nolan E. Martin                           in providing improved services to
Jody Overcash                                                                      children and families. Every level
                                         Circuits :                                of court is involved in decision-mak-
                                         Cordele, Dublin, Middle,                  ing that touches the lives of
Cherokee, Cobb, Conasauga,                                                         Georgia’s most vulnerable citizens,
                                         Ocmulgee, Oconee.
Douglas, Lookout Mountain,                                                         our children.
Paulding, Rome, Tallapoosa.                                                             Ms. Karen Baynes, formerly
                                         4 Interpreters Training — the 8th         Associate Judge of the Juvenile
                                         District is promoting use of qualified
4 The juvenile mediation program                                                   Court of Fulton County, is now
                                         court interpreters. A workshop was
in Haralson, Paulding, and Polk                                                    Director of Governmental Services
                                         held at Heart of Georgia Technical
counties was awarded a $44,195                                                     at the Institute of Government and
                                         School in Dublin on August 29-30.         will lead the research team in con-
grant to extend mediation services to
deprivation cases. Ms. Angela                                                      ducting the needs assessment. Her
Norris, with the 7th District, says,     4 An architectural needs assess-          practical experience, knowledge and
                                         ment is underway in Crisp County          compassion for children will be of
“We hope to offer services for reha-
                                         for a proposed Justice Center             great value in crafting workable
bilitation of delinquent youth at risk
                                         Complex.                                  solutions for improvements in serv-
and provide shelter care for deprived
children. Mediation provides a                                                     ice-delivery.
forum where legal rights of children     4 Courtroom presentation systems               David Ratley, AOC Director,
                                         (ELMOs) are in the works for Crisp,       noted that this effort is one more
and parents are protected.”
                                         Jasper, Jones, Emanuel, and Candler       step on the road to making the AOC
     The goal of the Juvenile
                                         counties.                                 a pre-eminent service-provider and a
Mediation Program is to transfer
                                                                                   nationally recognized leader in judi-
cases from the court docket that
                                                                                   cial support efforts.
might be better served through
mediation. Ms. Norris also pointed
out, “We hope to expedite the place-
ment of children in DFAC’s custody
                                         CYCC Offers Video on Tobacco Hazards
and into permanent stable homes.”
                                         The Children and Youth                       Dr. Kathleen Toomer, director of
                                         Coordinating Council has released        the Georgia Division of Public
4 Under the direction of Superior        “Fatal Addiction: Tobacco’s Deadly       Health, noted, “the ‘Fatal Addiction’
Court Judge Jack Partain and Drug
                                         Grasp,” a video that features teens      documentary is a good place to start.
Court Coordinator George Shirilla,
                                         and families whose lives have been       This program demonstrates the harm
the Conasauga Judicial Circuit           damaged by a choice to smoke ciga-       tobacco causes families.”
Drug Court has been operating since      rettes.                                      To receive a free copy of “Fatal
February 2002.                                Dr. Pete Colbenson, director of     Addiction” contact Judy Reynolds,
                                         CYCC, said, “This documentary            CYCC Public Information Officer,
Click onto what’s happening …            comes at a time when Georgia is rec-     by phone 404-656-9345 or e-mail                  ognizing its need to focus on educat-
                                         ing youth about tobacco use.”
10 • Georgia Courts Journal • September 2002

2002-2003 Georgia Courts Directory Corrections
  Some information ran incorrectly or was inadvertently left out of the 2002-2003 Georgia Courts Directory.
                                       Please note these corrections.
SUPERIOR COURT                                 Toombs County                         Fayette County
Alcovy Judicial Circuit                        Delete: Judge Malcolm Bryant          Chief Magistrate
Add: Judge Horace Jerome                                                             Delete: Judge A.K. Melear
Johnson, Jr.                                   JUVENILE COURT                        Add: Judge Charles Floyd
116 S. Broad Street                            Clayton Circuit
Courthouse Annex 6                             Assoc. Judge Steven Teske             Hart County
Monroe, GA 30655                               770-477-3260                          Delete: Judge Robert D. Banks
770-267-1491/F 267-1365                                                              Add: Judge Joseph Haley
(delete from Juvenile Court of                 Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit       PO Box 698
Alcovy Circuit)                                Delete: Assoc. Judge Nikki L. Marr    Hartwell, GA 30643
                                                                                     706-246-0580/F 376-6821
Atlanta Judicial Circuit                       Assoc. Judge Linda Bratton Haynes
Judge M. Gino Brogdon, Sr.                     404-294-2916/F 297-3907               Miller County
Fax 404-730-7160                                   Add: Judge Joyce S. Newberry
                                                                                     155 South First Street
Coweta Judicial Circuit                        Assoc. Judge Desiree Sutton Peagler   Colquitt, GA 39837
Judge Aubrey Duffey                            Fax 404-294-2143                      229-758-4110/F 758-8133
Judge John Simpson
ZIP Code 30112                                 MAGISTRATE COURT                      SPECIAL COURTS
                                               Baldwin County                        City Court of Atlanta
Paulding Judicial Circuit                      Judge Genna McLeod Wilkes             Senior Judge Edward T. Brock
Add: Judge Tonny S. Beavers                    140 Island Drive                      380 Kennedy-Sells Road
(delete from Magistrate of Paulding,                                                 Auburn, GA 30011
Municipal Courts of Dallas, Hiram)             Cherokee County                       770-867-3424/F 867-3424
                                               Add: Judge Joseph Henry     
SENIOR JUDGES                                  Oczkowski
State Court Judges                             90 North Street, Suite 150            MUNICIPAL COURTS
Add: Jack B. Smith                             Canton, GA 30114                      Covington
1716 Deerfield Circle                          770-479-8516                          Delete: Judge Jerry O. Capes
Decatur, GA 30033
                                                                                     Judge David Strickland
404-634-7245/F 634-3531                        Clarke County
                                               Chief Magistrate
STATE COURT                                    Delete: Judge John M. Coleman
Burke County                                   Add: Judge Patricia D. Barron
Judge Jerry Daniel
                                                                                     Delete: Judge Raymond S. Gordon
FAX 706-437-9200                               DeKalb County
                                               Add: Judge Joyce Averils
Fulton County                                  3630 Camp Circle
                                                                                     Chief Judge William R. Ashe
Judge Diane Bessen                             Decatur, GA 30032
FAX 404-224-0572                               678-476-1119/F 476-9428
                                                                                                        continued on pg 5
                                                                                   September 2002 • Georgia Courts Journal • 11

Videoconferencing Committee Views ELMO

         n July 24, 2002,                                                             Stanley, a GBI Firearms Section
         members of the                                                               Manager, was shown on a
         Supreme Court                                                                screen lowered from the ceiling
Videoconferencing                                                                     of the courtroom. Computer
Committee had a chance to                                                             monitors at the lectern and at
view and interact with the                                                            each justice’s seat provided a
ELMO system that is used in                                                           clear view of Mr. Stanley as he
the Supreme Court of                                                                  gave testimony. Committee
Georgia’s courtroom in                                                                   chair Judge Kathleen
Atlanta. ELMO (Electric                                                                  Gosselin, of the Northeastern
Light Machine Organization)                                                              Judicial Circuit; Judge Joseph
is an evidence presentation                                                              Iannazzone, of the Gwinnett
and videoconferencing tool       The July 24 ELMO demonstra-                             County State Court; and Mr.
that could be useful in many     tion in Atlanta.                                        Tom Ulbricht, deputy court
court proceedings. The com-                                                              administrator for Fulton
                                             of ELMO, a student intern acting as   County Superior Court, viewed the
mittee is working on a uniform
                                             a lawyer in the courtroom, ques-      demonstration from the bench.
court rule regarding use of such
                                             tioned George W. Stanley, an expert   Other members of the committee
                                             witness located off-site. Mr.         watched from the gallery.
     To demonstrate the capabilities

Georgia Courts Directory Corrections                                                        cont.
US BANKRUPTCY COURT                        DISTRICT COURT                          Floyd County
Northern District                          ADMINISTRATORS                          Beverly Bailey-Daniel
Delete: Judge A. David Kahn                District 10                             706-290-6082
                                           L. Tom Gunnels, Jr.
Add: Judge C. Ray Mullins                  706-312-7230                            JUDICIAL QUALIFICATIONS
1270 US Courthouse                                                                 COMMISSION
75 Spring Street, SW                       STATE COURT CLERKS                      Walter C. Hartridge
Atlanta, GA 30303                          Henry County                            Bouhan, Williams & Levy LLP
404-215-1002                               Marian Bradberry                        PO Box 2139
                                           770-898-7600/F 989-7607                 Savannah, GA 31402-2139
Add: Judge Paul W. Bonapfel
1492 US Courthouse                         DISTRICT ATTORNEYS
75 Spring Street, SW                       Ogeechee Circuit                            “Your Guide to the
Atlanta, GA 30303                          Delete: R. Joseph Martin, III
                                                                                         Georgia Courts”
404-215-1018                               Add: Richard Mallard
                                                                                      Brochure is Available!
                                           OFFICIAL COURT
                                           REPORTERS                                                 Call
                                           Carroll County
                                           Delete: Jean Clements
                                                                                         to Request Copies
New Program Director at the Board of
Court Reporting

          ou might not know exactly               of those who become reporters, the      can answer questions, distribute
          what the Board of Court                 Board hopes to gain increased visi-     information about their duties and
          Reporting does. Sharon                  bility.”                                responsibilities, develop relation-
Reiss wants that to change. Ms.                        But there’s more to the Board of   ships, and receive feedback.
Reiss, of the AOC serves as                                                 Court              A new webpage is being
Program Director for the Board of                                           Reporting.    designed to allow better access to
Court Reporting (BCR), and hopes                                            Ms. Reiss     information about the Board’s func-
to change the view reporters,                                               hopes to      tion, pertinent information about
judges, court administrators, and                                           send repre-   certification, registration of court
others who interact with the Board.                                         sentatives    reporting firms, fee schedules, legis-
     Because the BCR is responsible                                         of the        lation, etc. For further information
for the yearly licensing and license                                        Board to      on the Board of Court Reporting,
renewal of reporters, Ms. Reiss says                                        regional      contact Ms. Sharon Reiss at 404-
that “our emphasis is to make sure                                          meetings of   463-4171 or
that the testing produces qualified                    Ms. Sharon Reiss     judges and
and competent reporters. By pro-                  others who interact with court
moting the competence and integrity               reporters. In this manner, the BCR

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