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									                 E A R LY C H I L D H O O D I N T E R V E N T I O N A U S T R A L I A

                       Sixth Biennial National ECIA

                   Broadening the Vision
                    Building Cohesive Communities
                          for Children and Families

                         Grand Hyatt, Melbourne
                            25 – 27 July 2004

Registration & Information Brochure

 Supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Family and Community Services.

On behalf of the Early Childhood Intervention Australia’s          service options that best acknowledge the changing needs
Conference Committee, I have pleasure in inviting you to the       of children and families in Australian society. Ultimately, we
Sixth Biennial National ECIA Conference, which will take           hope that the knowledge shared at the Conference will lead
place in Melbourne in July 2004. The Conference title              to the development of more effective supports for young
Broadening the Vision: Building Cohesive Communities for           children with delays/disabilities and their families within
Children and Families encapsulates our aim of promoting            their communities.
opportunities for practitioners, researchers and parents to
                                                                   The Conference will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel,
share their various understandings and findings about key
                                                                   which is situated in the heart of Melbourne, thus offering
aspects of generic and specialist early childhood service
                                                                   plenty of opportunities to enjoy the city. Melbourne is a
provision. We are expecting that the Conference will provide
                                                                   fascinating and cosmopolitan city, and we are sure you will
the ideal forum for productive and healthy debate through
                                                                   be able to engage in a variety of activities ranging from
open discussions, applications and research presentations.
                                                                   shopping and/or attending sport and cultural events. As
Interest in early childhood intervention across Australia and      usual, we should all be able to mix hard work with a few
overseas has grown considerably over the last few years,           little pleasures along the way. We look forward to seeing
resulting in an area of work with its own body of knowledge,       you there!
strengths and challenges. The critical importance of early life
experiences and the environment in which children develop
is now broadly understood. In this context, it is essential that   Dr Susana Gavidia-Payne
practitioners and researchers recognize the benefits of            Convenor
working collaboratively and across disciplines in shaping          Sixth Biennial National ECIA Conference

CONFERENCE ORGANISING                                              140 nations. Melbourne has over 3,000 restaurants, with
COMMITTEE                                                          popular locations including the riverside at Southgate, the
Susana Gavidia-Payne       EPIC                                    lanes of the city centre and the adjoining precincts such as
                           RMIT University                         Fitzroy, St Kilda and South Yarra.
                           Chairperson – Convenor                  Melbourne hosts major cultural festivals, world famous horse
Tim Moore                  Centre for Community Child              races, smash hit musicals and international sporting events
                           Health – Royal Children’s Hospital      throughout the year. Melbourne is the southern gateway
Janene Swalwell            Special Support & Resources             to Victoria, a vibrant state of dramatic contrasts – dramatic
                           Knox City Council                       coastlines, drifting desert lands, lush rolling countryside
Berres Thom                Noah’s Ark Family Resource              and mountains are all an easy drive away.
                           & Toy Library
Anne Muir                  Villa Maria E.I.P                       THE CONFERENCE VENUE –
June McLoughlin            Centre for Community Child              G R A N D H YAT T M E LB O U R N E
                           Health, Royal Children’s Hospital       Grand Hyatt Melbourne is located at the top end of
                           & NIFTEY                                prestigious Collins Street in the heart of Melbourne’s
Paul Prichard              Good Beginnings & NIFTEY                central business, shopping, theatre and restaurant district
MELBOURNE – THE HOST CITY                                          and is within walking distance of many of Melbourne’s
                                                                   tourist attractions including Federation Square, National
The capital of Victoria is located on the banks of the Yarra
                                                                   Gallery of Victoria, Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne
River where it meets Port Phillip Bay.
                                                                   Exhibition and Convention Centre, Melbourne Aquarium,
Melbourne is vibrant and friendly with a passionate spirit         Melbourne Museum and Melbourne Cricket Ground.
and a youthful outlook. Culture, style, sports and history are     Grand Hyatt Melbourne is the ideal Melbourne hotel for
just a few of the elements embodying the city’s character.         |both business and leisure traveller and it is just 30 minutes
This friendly multicultural city is home to people from over       drive from Melbourne Airport.

                    Professor Glen Dunlap                                              Dr PJ McWilliam
                      Florida Mental Health Institute,                                  Division of Child Development,
                      University of South Florida, USA                                  Vanderbilt University Medical Centre,
                      Glen Dunlap is a professor in the                                 USA
                      Department of Child and Family Studies                            PJ McWilliam is a clinical psychologist
                      and the Department of Special Education                           and a Research Assistant Professor of
                      at the University of South Florida. Glen                          Special Education at Vanderbilt
                      also serves as Director of the Division of                        University, where she teaches courses
Applied Research and Educational Support, an organization          in early intervention. She is the Director of the CMI Project,
composed of research, training and demonstration projects,         which provides training to university faculty across the
all of which are dedicated to supporting people who have           United States on the case method of instruction. This
disabilities or who may be at risk for disabilities due to         method, which she largely developed for application in
environmental or physiological challenges. Glen’s principal        early intervention, uses unsolved problems as simulations
activities and interests have been in the areas of autism and      of real-life problems. Dr McWilliam has published two
related disabilities, assessment and intervention for              books of case stories. She has developed materials on
behavior problems, early childhood development and                 family-centered practices, including the Brass Tacks, an
intervention, and family perspectives and family support.          instrument for self-evaluation. Dr McWilliam has two
                                                                   daughters, a Scottish terrier, and a Scottish husband.
Glen has been involved with people with disabilities and
                                                                   She is absorbed by books, gardening, and bird watching.
their families for more than 25 years. He has published many
articles, books and chapters in the areas of developmental         Keynote Address:
disabilities, functional assessment, behavioral disorders,         Past, present, and future of family centeredness
family support and early intervention. He currently serves as      As both a consumer and a provider, PJ McWilliam has
the Director and Principal Investigator for both the Research      watched the development of the concept of family
and Training Center on Positive Behavior Support (NIDRR)           centeredness in early intervention. Working with Carl Dunst
and the Center on Evidence-based Practice for Young                and Don Bailey, she has been on the cutting edge of
Children with Challenging Behavior (OSEP). Glen is founding        innovations in this area. As the mother of a child with special
Editor of the Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, an       needs, she has seen providers’ strengths and weaknesses
Associate Editor for Topics in Early Childhood Special             from early intervention through adult services. From these
Education and was Associate Editor for the Journal of Early        perspectives, Dr McWilliam alerts the field about what
Intervention until recently. Glen is a member of ten               practices have turned out to be successful and what
additional editorial boards. Glen also serves on numerous          practices still need strengthening.
advisory boards for national organizations, including the
                                                                                       Dr Robin McWilliam
Panel of Professional Advisors for the Autism Society of
America. In support of his research and training efforts,                               Division of Child Development,
Glen has been awarded more than 35 million dollars in                                   Vanderbilt University Medical Centre,
federal and state grants.                                                               USA
                                                                                        Robin McWilliam is the Director of
Keynote Address:                                                                        the Center for Child Development at
Behaviour support and families: Inseparable concerns                                    Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
Providing effective support for young children with problem                             This center provides diagnostic services,
behaviours must involve families and, to be most effective,        conducts research on early intervention and autism, trains
it must be provided as a comprehensive, family-centered            pediatricians and others, provides training and technical
endeavor. This keynote address will describe the                   assistance nationwide, and oversees early intervention
fundamental messages from recent research and offer an             service coordination in the Nashville area. Dr McWilliam is
overview of the essential elements of family-centered              also a Professor of both Pediatrics and Special Education
behaviour support. The presentation will include stories,          and he is an Investigator in the John F. Kennedy Center for
facts, and a synopsis of current observations from the             Research on Human Development. Much of his time is spent
speaker’s programs and those of other applied researchers.         in administration, consultation around the U.S., and research.                                                                                            3
Dr McWilliam’s pedigree in studying family-centered              abuse and neglect. In recent years he has played a role in the
practices includes working for 5 years with Carl Dunst and for   design and implementation of Good Beginnings programs in
14 years with Don Bailey. One of his studies documented the      Tasmania, Vic and South Australia.
paradox of families’ being satisfied with services from their
                                                                 As a former member of the national founding board of
primary service providers but dissatisfied with the struggles
                                                                 National Investment for the Early Years (NIFTeY), Paul has
with the system. Another documented the paradox of
                                                                 been actively involved in advocating for a political “early
families’ being satisfied with their services, even when the
                                                                 years agenda” to best meet the needs of Australian children.
services were of inferior quality. He has also found that
                                                                 In 2003, Paul was awarded a Centenary Medal by the
family-centeredness can be detected in the intervention plan
                                                                 Commonwealth of Australia for his “Contribution to
and that it varies by where the professional works and the
                                                                 Australian Society”. Paul resides in Tasmania and is
length of the professional’s experience. He has written a
                                                                 married with three young children.
book called Family-Centered Intervention Planning:
A Routines-Based Approach.
                                                                 Invited Address:
Dr McWilliam has poked around in the methods and efficacy        Dad’s real job isn’t at work
of specialized services to children in child care centers and    Fathers have a significant impact on child development
preschool classrooms. His research has shown that pulling        outcomes for both boys and girls especially for self-esteem,
children out for therapy or instruction, especially when         emotional well being, capacity to love and be loved, and
communication with the teaching staff is limited, is             ability to participate in society. Being a father is challenging
ineffective. Therefore, he has developed procedures for          yet relatively unsupported in contemporary Australia.
consultants such as therapists and itinerant teachers. The                          (Russell, G., Barclay, L., Fitting Fathers Into Families:
pivotal point about integrated services is that children learn           Men and the Fatherhood Role in Contemporary Australia, 1999)

between specialized visits and adults learn during them.         Through its work with expectant and new fathers,
McWilliam’s research on family-centered practices and            incarcerated dads, and men as sole parents, Good Beginnings
integrated therapy have helped form his popular model            has come to a greater appreciation of the isolation and
of early intervention.                                           stigma that many men encounter in the day to day parenting
                                                                 role, and in particular, through their dealings with family
Keynote Address:                                                 based services.
Engagement: A focus for functional early intervention
For almost 20 years, experts have touted engagement as           An innovative Good Beginnings program, designed and
a goal of early intervention, yet its role has not been well     implemented by Good Beginnings, “Dad’s Connect”, an
established. This is changing. In current functional models      antenatal parenting program for expectant and new dads
of early intervention for children 0-5, engagement, along        has presented unique opportunities for men to enhance
with independence and social relationships, is increasingly      their approach to parenting in non-threatening, supportive
attended to. This presentation will define engagement,           environments. Due to its success this program has received
discuss ways it can be measured, and – most important –          philanthropic support to be formally tested and evaluated
present strategies for intervention. With engagement as          in two Victorian hospitals during 2004.
a focus of intervention, we can work across disciplines,         Over one thousand expectant and new dads participate
domains, and settings to promote successful child and family     in the Good Beginnings antenatal and postnatal fathering
functioning.                                                     discussion groups each year in Hobart and the Latrobe Valley
                                                                 (Vic). Concerns and anxieties that are commonly expressed
INVITED AUSTRALIAN SPEAKERS                                      in these group sessions include post natal depression,
                    Paul Prichard                                balancing work and family life, changes in my relationship
                   Director of Good Beginnings Program           with my partner, being different from my own father.
                   Paul is the Deputy National Director of       This paper will offer a practical overview of issues men
                   Good Beginnings Australia, providing          encounter with services in preparing for and performing
                   a variety of preventative and early           their parenting role, explore a service perspective on the
                   intervention parenting programs in over       changing role of fathers, and look at what it is that fathers
                   forty three around Australia. Paul’s work     of babies and young children are telling us they need.
                   has focused on implementing innovative
programs in universal services for parents of babies and
young children and with children who are victims of severe

                     Associate Professor Terrie Inder              In his current position at the Centre for Community Child
                     Centre for Community Child Health,            Health, Dr Moore works with colleagues from different
                     Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne          disciplines in providing advice to state and federal
                     Associate Professor Terrie Inder is a         government and non-government agencies on best practices
                     paediatrician with dual training in           in early childhood, and in conducting research and project
                     neonatology and child neurology with          work in generalist and specialist early childhood services
                     a research program dedicated to the           and in service development. He is also frequently engaged
                     investigation of brain development and        in the development and delivery of training programs and
brain injury in the newborn. She has appointments at the           workshops on early childhood services and family-centred
Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Howard Florey                practice.
Institute, Royal Women’s Hospital, Royal Children’s Hospital       Invited Address:
and visiting appointments at Harvard Medical School and            Blazing new trails: The role of early childhood
Washington University. Her research has utilized advanced          intervention in building cohesive communities
magnetic resonance (MR) imaging techniques to define the           This paper addresses the principal theme of this conference,
impact of premature birth on brain development and the             namely, broadening our vision of how we can build more
nature of brain injury following birth asphyxia. She is            cohesive communities for children and families. Who are the
currently undertaking two major multidisciplinary studies          communities that we in early childhood and early childhood
on the impact of postnatal interventions on long term              intervention serve? Where do we find them? And how can
outcomes in at risk infants.                                       we best support them and meet their needs? In answering
Invited Address:                                                   these questions, two lines of research and theory are
An early look inside the cerebral lesion –                         considered. One concerns the importance of social support,
Designing intervention to match children                           how people’s personal networks and social contacts affect
This plenary session will address the understanding of             their personal well-being and parenting. The other concerns
the nature of common structural cerebral lesions leading           complexity theory, which suggests that a threshold level of
to long term neurodevelopmental disabilities in children.          regular contact with other people (eg. parents of young
These brain lesions will be illustrated with the utility of        children) is needed for a consensus about their collective
advanced MR techniques providing additional insight into           needs to emerge. A third factor that must be taken into
the structural alterations in common high risk populations,        account is that our existing early childhood and early
such as premature babies or infants following birth asphyxia.      childhood intervention service system is no longer meeting
The structural-functional correlation of these lesions will be     all the needs of all the children as effectively as it once did.
explored with the concepts of age-dependent brain plasticity.      Implications of these factors for the early childhood and
Finally, this information will lead to the proposition of          early childhood intervention service system are explored.
creating pathways for each individual child, related to            Changes that are needed include building better integrated
definition of their brain lesion, to have their own designer       social systems for families and better integrated service
specific rehabilitation and early intervention program.            systems for professionals; developing more effective ways
                     Dr Tim Moore                                  for these two groups to talk; shifting to the focus of services
                                                                   to prevention; driving specialist expertise downwards; and
                       Centre for Community Child Health,
                                                                   clarifying what outcomes we are seeking for children and
                       Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne
                                                                   families. The implications of such changes for early
                       Tim Moore trained as a teacher and
                                                                   childhood intervention services are considered. Early
                       psychologist at the University of
                                                                   childhood intervention providers have particular skills
                       Melbourne, subsequently completing
                                                                   that can facilitate the development of more cohesive services
                       his Doctoral studies at the University of
                                                                   and communities, such as the use of natural learning
                       Surrey on self-esteem and self-concept
                                                                   environments, family-centred practice, and interdisciplinary
in children. He has worked as an educational and
                                                                   teamwork. However, the early childhood intervention field
developmental psychologist for over 30 years, both in
                                                                   will also be challenged to change in certain ways, and these
Australia and England, in a variety of mainstream and
                                                                   are explored. The ultimate aim is the development of more
specialist settings. In particular, he has had a long
                                                                   cohesive communities that can better support all children
involvement in the development and delivery of early
                                                                   (including those with particular developmental, behavioural
childhood intervention services for young children with
                                                                   or health needs) and all families (including those with
developmental disabilities and their families.
                                                                   exceptional support needs).                                                                                             5
CONFERENCE DINNER SPEAKER                                      WORKSHOPS
                     Robyn Moore                               Workshop 1
                     Robyn Moore is a multi-skilled            2-5pm Sunday 25 July
                     communicator who has been in the          Professor Glen Dunlap
                     business of creating and changing
                     people’s perception through “the          Effective strategies for young children with serious
                     power of the word” for almost 30 years.   problem behaviours: A family-centered program model
                     She’s Australia’s most versatile and      This workshop will describe a model of intervention
                     effective female voice-over artist,       designed to resolve the serious problem behaviours of young
                     presenter and speaker.                    children with disabilities. A framework of prevention will be
                                                               described that includes universal strategies to use with all
Her voice is known in most homes in Australia from
                                                               children, targeted strategies to use with children who are at
commercials, syndicated comedy and animation series seen
                                                               high risk for developing problem behaviours, and
in 70 countries, however few people will know her name.
                                                               individualized, intensive strategies for children whose live
She creates all female voices on Australia’s longest running
                                                               are already compromised by serious problem behaviours.
radio comedy series “How Green Was My Cactus” and her
                                                               The majority of the workshop will address the needs of
voice on radio and TV commercials has sold millions of
                                                               those children with the most severe challenging behaviors.
dollars worth of products for thousands of Australian
                                                               The model is based on the principles of Apositive behaviour
companies. She is also well known as the voice of
                                                               support. It incorporates three emphases with the intention
Blinky Bill – “Extraordinary”!
                                                               of building the capacity for longitudinal prevention:
You could say she “sells people back to themselves” so         (1) assessment-based instruction in order to establish
they rediscover their energy, purpose, passion and their       functional communication skills, (2) systematic support in
sense of humour. Her unique understanding of “the power        inclusive settings, and (3) focused parent education and
of the word” allows her to profoundly affect her audiences.    comprehensive family support. The workshop will include
When she speak… people listen… and take the action             detailed descriptions of the model’s components and case
necessary to create the outcomes they want in their lives!     illustrations to convey the process and outcomes of

                                                               Workshop 2
        The Conference would like to thank the                 2-5pm Sunday 25 July
                                                               Dr PJ McWilliam and Dr Robin McWilliam
   following sponsors for their generous support
                                                               Applying a natural-environments model of
                                                               early intervention
                                                               Robin McWilliam has worked with hundreds of programs
                                                               to put into practice a five-part model of service delivery:
                                                               (1) understanding the family ecology, (2) functional
                                                               intervention planning, (3) transdisciplinary service delivery,
                                                               (4) effective home visits, and (5) collaborative consultation to
                                                               child care. PJ McWilliam uses the case method of instruction
                                                               to teach skills and values in early intervention. In this
                                                               workshop, Robin presents his model, and PJ conducts a
                                                               case discussion to apply the model. Through the simulation,
                                                               participants should be able to transfer some practices to
                                                               their everyday work with young children and their families.

   Supported by funding from the Australian Government
      Department of Family and Community Services

                              CONFERENCE PROGRAM

                              Please note, provisional program only

                              S U N D AY 2 5 J U LY
                              1.00pm      Conference Registration opens
                                          Workshop Registration                                                                                                             Pre Savoy Function Area
                              2.00pm      Workshop 1 – Professor Glen Dunlap                                                                                                               Savoy 2
                                          Workshop 2 – Dr JP McWilliam & Dr Robin McWilliam                                                                                                Savoy 3
                              3.30pm      Afternoon Tea                                                                                                                     Pre Savoy Function Area
                              3.45pm      Workshops resume                                                                                                                              Savoy 2 & 3
                              4.00pm      Poster Set-up                                                                                                                                  Pre Savoy
                              5.00pm      Welcome Reception                                                                                                                              Pre Savoy
                              6.30pm      Close

                              M O N D AY 2 6 J U LY
                              8.00am      Registration begins                                                                                                               Pre Savoy Function Area
                              9.00am      Official Opening – Larry Anthony, Federal Minister for Children and Youth Affairs                                                                Savoy 1
                              9.30am      Keynote Address 1 – Professor Glen Dunlap                                                                                                        Savoy 1
                              10.30am     Morning Tea                                                                                                                       Pre Savoy Function Area
                              11.00am     Invited Address 1 – Associate Professor Terrie Inder                                                                                             Savoy 1

                                                                  A more detailed overview of the program will be available on our web site –

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                              11.45am   Concurrent Sessions

                                                        Stream A:                  Stream B:                 Stream C:                Stream D:                 Stream E:                Stream F:                 Stream G:
                                                        Community Cohesion         Family Issues             Inclusion                Service Delivery          Service Delivery         Research and Policy       Research and Policy
                                        11.45am to      The Early Years Project    Parent-child              Successful strategies    Intervention or           Signposts for building   Early childhood           Managers of Universal
                                        12.15pm         – Knox and Port Phillip:   interactions and          for inclusion of         prevention?: The role     better behaviour in      intervention services:    Child Health Services
                                                        Community capacity         parents with an           children with Autism     of parents in their       preschool aged           Vision and key            have developed an
                                                        building for families      intellectual disability   Spectrum Disorder        children’s early          children.                priorities                approach to allocating
                                                        with young children        Robyn Mildon,             Sue Larkey               literacy                  Emma Butler,             Noble Tabe,               nursing resource to
                                                        Maureen Imeson,            Catherine Wade                                     Associate Professor       Fiona Arney              John Forster              activities as agreed
                                                        Sue James                                                                     Laurie Makin                                                                 priorities with a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   statewide consistency
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Pamela Murphy,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Margaret McCullam
                                        12.15 to        The Pathways to            The implementation of     Positive Partnerships    Lifestart and the         Evaluation of a social   Collaborative research:   Outcomes from the
                                        12.45pm         Prevention Project:        a mother-premature        – Early Childhood        Hanen Programs:           skills program for       Campus and clinic         Australian
                                                        Strengthening families     baby relationship         Professionals and        A model for family        preschool children       working together in       Government’s review
                                                        and building               enhancement group         parents developing       centred service           with developmental       early childhood           of the Early
                                                        community in a             Dr Anne Vimpani           an inclusive program     delivery                  disabilities             intervention              Intervention Parenting
                                                        disadvantaged suburb                                 together                 Cindy Smith               Lana-Joy Boddington,     Dr G. Ted Brown,          program – Good
                                                        in Brisbane                                          Helen Inglis                                       Dr Susana Gavidia-       Monica Leo                practice and

                                                        Cherie Lamb,                                                                                            Payne                                              implications for
                                                        Dr Kate Freiberg                                                                                                                                           service delivery
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jenny Myers,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Melinda Tynan
                                        12.45 to        Positive Parenting         Thirteen years on –       Inclusion, the lessons   Early identification of   Understanding the        Responsive                The enhancement of
                                        1.15pm          Telephone Service in       A reflection              learnt                   young children with       behaviour states of      intervention training     inclusion support
                                                        rural Victoria             Sue Wilson                Ann Slater               developmental             young children with      for early                 services in Victorian
                                                        Margaret Hunter,                                                              disabilities –            high support needs:      interventionists: The     preschools
                                                        Nicki Melville                                                                A parent’s perspective    Issues and directions    Griffith Model
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sandie French
                                                                                                                                      Lynne McKay,              Dr Michael Arthur,       Wendi Beamish,
                                                                                                                                      Dr Susana Gavidia-        Prof. Phil Foreman       Dr Michael Davies

                              1.15pm    Lunch & Poster Session                                                                                                                                             Pre Savoy and Lumina Room
                              2.30pm    Keynote Address 2 – Dr PJ McWilliam                                                                                                                                                        Savoy 1
                              3.30pm    Afternoon Tea                                                                                                                                                             Pre Savoy Function Area
                              4.00pm     Workshops

                                                         Stream A:                 Stream B:             Stream C:               Stream D:               Stream E:                Stream F:                 Stream G:
                                                         Community Cohesion        Family Issues         Inclusion               Service Delivery        Service Delivery         Research and Policy       Research and Policy
                                         4.00 – 5.30pm   Clash – Issues relating   “EIEIO” – Early       Young mothers for       Childcare transitions   Broad insight group      Family issues: Social     4.00 – 4.45pm
                                                         to culture and            intervention –        young women:            and infant/toddler      sharing our learnings:   implications of
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Inclusion of children
                                                         disability                Embracing inclusion   Involving young         adjustment: An          Re-developing an         disability
                                                                                                                                                                                                            with additonal needs
                                                         Tracey Sell,              opportunities         women in pathways to    assessment and          early childhood          John Forster,
                                                                                                                                                                                                            in family day care
                                                         Maria Lupton              Karyn Johns,          participation and       intervention tool for   intervention service     Prof. Gay Ochiltree
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Janelle Brennan,
                                                                                   Michele Chandler      leadership              front-line caregivers   model
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Laura Oakley,
                                                                                                         Linda Richards,         Dr Kofi Marfo,          Helen Collins,
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Lyn Foye
                                                                                                         Anna MacRae (peer       Dr Mari Fernandez       Pauline Kleinitz,
                                                                                                         worker), Shiloh Watts                           Leonie Symes                                       4.45 – 5.30pm
                                                                                                         (peer worker), Susan
                                                                                                         Timbs (peer worker)
                                                                                                                                                                                                            environments in
                                                                                                                                                                                                            children’s services –
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Effective practices
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Carol Grant

                              5.30pm     Close of Sessions
                              5.30pm     ECIA AGM                                                                                                                                                                          Savoy 1
                              6.00pm     Finish
                              7.30pm     Conference Dinner (Dinner Speaker – Robyn Moore)                                                                                                                           Mayfair Room

                              T U E S D AY 2 7 J U LY
                              8.00am     Registration Desk opens                                                                                                                                          Pre-Savoy Function Area
                              9.00am     Keynote Address 3 – Dr Robin McWilliam                                                                                                                                            Savoy 1
                              10.00am    Invited Address 2 – Paul Prichard                                                                                                                                                 Savoy 1
                              10.45am    Morning Tea                                                                                                                                                      Pre Savoy Function Area

                                                                   A more detailed overview of the program will be available on our web site –

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                              11.15am   Concurrent Sessions

                                                        Stream A:                   Stream B:                       Stream C:                   Stream D:                     Stream E:                     Stream F:
                                                        Community Cohesion          Family Issues                   Inclusion                   Service Delivery              Specific Disability           Research and Policy
                                        11.15 to        Linking in: Building        “More than my child’s           Inclusion from the CSRDO    Support for the early years   Children with CHARGE          Western Australia’s Early
                                        11.45am         partnerships for families   disability”: A study into       perspective                 and Australia’s future        Syndrome. What is it?         Years Strategy: Improving
                                                        in disadvantaged            the needs and experiences       Penelope Drummond,          health – The Australian       What is the impact on         the wellbeing of our
                                                        communities                 of families                     Susan Whittle,              Early Development Index       families? How well do         children now and into the
                                                        Dr Lynn Kemp,               Helen Larkin                    Faye Sakaris                Sally Brinkman                they do?                      future
                                                        Dr Teresa Anderson                                                                                                    Madelene Rich,                Justine O’Malley,
                                                                                                                                                                              Robert Last                   Ginny Dadd
                                        11.45am to      Self direction and          The influence of parent         Experiences of parents of   He Karere: Indigenous         Social and emotional          The new “early years”
                                        12.15pm         community partnership       and family functioning on       children with special       voices in assessment          difficulties in the           revolution: Lessons we
                                                        with young families         the adjustment of siblings      needs transitioning from    Mera Penehira                 preschool years – A model     must learn from the past
                                                        Allison Munns               of children with a              early childhood to school                                 for early intervention        Dr Kofi Marfo
                                                                                    disability or chronic illness   A/Prof Robert Conway,                                     Marieke Wasterval
                                                                                    Rebecca Giallo, Dr Susana       Anne Porter
                                        12.15 to        The effects of action       Broadening yet refining         Parental and staff          Facilitation of preparation   AAC systems for               An early years community
                                        12.45pm         research in building        the research agenda:            perceptions and             for school                    developing                    of interest for Queensland

                                                        communities of support      Finding out what parents        expectations                Mel Hunt                      communication skills for      Leona Elmslie
                                                        around a child with         really think                    Vanessa Johnson                                           intentional and symbolic
                                                        special needs               Dr Joy Goodfellow                                                                         communicators
                                                        Judy Lamb                                                                                                             Dolly Bhargava,
                                                                                                                                                                              Ylana Bloom

                              12.45pm   Lunch & Poster Session                                                                                                                                           Pre Savoy and Lumina Rooms
                              2.00pm   Workshops

                                                         Stream A:                     tream B:                      Stream C:                       Stream D:                     Stream E:                   Stream F:
                                                         Community Cohesion            Family Issues                 Inclusion                       Service Delivery              Specific Disability         Research and Policy
                                       2.00 to 3.30pm    Supporting siblings: When     Inclusion – “Good Stories.”   Inclusion for children from     Children with disabilities:   The Challenging Behaviour   Family empowerment –
                                                         a child has a brother or      Including children with       culturally and linguistically   Working in partnership        Group: A therapeutic        assessment, diagnosis &
                                                         sister with a disability or   multiple disabilities into    diverse backgrounds             with families                 program for children with   report writing revisited
                                                         chronic illness               child care services – A       Penelope Drummond,              Dr Donna Leah Henderson,      challenging behaviour and   Janene Swalwell
                                                         Mary Lloyd, Miranda Smith     collaborative approach        Faye Sakaris,                   Mary Beryl Lloyd              their parents
                                                                                       Jill Wishard & to be          Gabrielle Fakhri                                              Alison Wilby, Jane Cole,
                                                                                       advised inclusion                                                                           Frances Dale
                                                                                       consultants, to be advised
                                                                                       parent, to be advised child
                                                                                       care professional

                              3.30pm   Afternoon Tea                                                                                                                                                            Pre Savoy Function Area
                              4.00pm   Invited Address – 3 – Dr Tim Moore                                                                                                                                                         Savoy 1
                              4.45pm   Closing session                                                                                                                                                                            Savoy 1
                              5.00pm   Sherryl Garbutt – Minister for Community Services, Victoria                                                                                                                                Savoy 1
                              5.15pm   Close of Conference

                                                                A more detailed overview of the program will be available on our web site –

                                                                              Please ensure you hit the refresh button to bring up the most up to date screen.
Welcome Reception – Sunday 25 July 2004                       Monday 26 July 2004
5.30pm to 7.00pm                                              Yarra Valley
A chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones at    Cost:      Adults @ $119.00         Children @ $60.00
the Welcome Reception to be held in the Pre Savoy Function    Departs: 9.10am                     Returns: 5.30pm
Area. Refreshments and food will be served. The Trade         Enjoy the contrasts of the Victorian countryside.
Exhibition will be opened during the Welcome Reception.
Full Registrants:   Inclusive                                 • The Dandenong Ranges
Additional Tickets: $35.00 per person                         • Puffing Billy, the restored steam train
Dress:              Smart Casual
                                                              • Sherbrooke Forest
Conference Dinner with Robyn Moore –                          • Oakridge Estate offering a selection of premium
Monday 26 July 2004 – 6.30pm to 11.30pm                         Victorian wines
To be held in the Mayfair Ballroom. Dinner includes a
                                                              • Domaine Chandon, home of one of Australia’s
3 course dinner of Melbourne’s best cuisine. Our dinner
                                                                best sparkling wines
speaker Robyn Moore will entertain, provoke and
                                                              • Traditional billy tea and tucker
challenge you. Note the dinner is not included in your
registration cost.
                                                              Sunday 25 July & Tuesday 27 July 2004
Tickets:             $60.00 per person                        Phillip Island Penguins
Dress:               Smart Casual                             Cost:       Adults $115.00       Children @ $58.00
                                                              Departs: 1.00pm                  Returns: 8.00 – 8.30pm
AC C O M PAN Y I N G PE R S O N S ’ TO U R S                  An unique opportunity to get up close with Australian
To ensure a place on one of these great tours, please         wildlife.
book on the Registration Form in this brochure, or online     Highlights
at and follow the links to        • Port Phillip Bay suburbs of Middle Park, St Kilda
Online Registration Form. Bookings may also be made at           and Brighton
the Registration and Information Desk at the Conference.
                                                              • ‘Warrock,’ a working cattle station
For further information regarding other Melbourne tours       • Koala Conservation Centre for koala spotting
available, please visit the APT website:
                                                              • Nobbies – home to Australia’s largest colony of fur seals
Sunday 25 July 2004                                           • Cowes, Phillip Island’s largest town
The Great Ocean Road
                                                              • Phillip Island Visitors Information Centre
Cost:        Adults @ $114.00       Children @ $57.00
Departs: 7:10am                     Returns 7:30pm            • Penguin viewing
A full day travelling one of the world’s best known coastal   • Point Grant
                                                              ** All tours depart and return to Grand Hyatt
Highlights                                                       (Russell Street Entrance)
• View of Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay from the
   West Gate Bridge
• The Great Ocean Road’s sleepy coastal towns
• Legends of “The Shipwreck Coast”
                                                              TRADE EXHIBITION
                                                              A trade exhibition will be held in Savoy Pre Function Area
• World famous surf breaks
                                                              at the Grand Hyatt. The Welcome Reception, morning and
• Traditional billy tea                                       afternoon teas and lunches will be held in this location
• Spectacular scenery                                         giving delegates maximum opportunity to view the
                                                              displays and talk with exhibitors.

R E G I S T R ATI O N F E E S I N C LU D E                         TRANSPORT
Full, Subsidised Parents Registrations and Students                Car: The conference venue is a 30 minute drive from
• Welcome Drinks                                                   Melbourne Airport – approximately $45.00 in a taxi.
• Morning and Afternoon Teas                                       Bus: Skybus offers a shuttle service between the airport and
• Lunches                                                          the Melbourne CBD and city hotels. The service is available
• Conference satchel and materials                                 24 hours/7 days. Skybus service operates at 15 minute
• Proceedings                                                      intervals throughout the day and every 30 – 60 minutes
• Name Badge                                                       overnight. Cost is $13.00 one way. More information about
• Attendance at all Conference sessions                            the skybus services are available from
• Access to the Trade Exhibition
                                                                   CITY CIRCLE TRAM
Day Registrations
                                                                   To catch the free City Circle Tram service, just wait at any of
• Morning and Afternoon Tea on nominated day
                                                                   the specially marked stops on the route. Trams run in both
• Lunch on nominated day
                                                                   directions every ten minutes, seven days a week between
• Conference satchel and materials
                                                                   10.00 am and 6.00 pm. Details about the City Circle Tram and
• Name Badge
                                                                   other tram or train timetables are available on the following
• Attendance at all Conference sessions on nominated day
• Access to the Trade Exhibition
• Conference Dinner is an additional cost                          AI R T R AV E L
R E G I S T R ATI O N F E E S                                      QANTAS is pleased to support ECIA by offering up to 40%
Full Registration ECIA Members                                     off the full economy domestic airfare, excluding taxes.
                                                                   The airfares are subject to availability at time of booking
(before 1 June 2004)                                    $495.00
                                                                   and conditions apply. Call 1800 684 880 and quote Profile
Full Registration Non Members
                                                                   Number 3572440 to access these fares or to take advantage of
(before 1 June 2004)                                    $545.00
                                                                   the many discounted Qantas airfares available call 131313 or
Full Registration ECIA Members (after 1 June 2004)      $545.00    visit for the latest website deals.
Full Registration Non Members (after 1 June 2004)       $585.00
Subsidised Parents & Students (per day)                  $ 90.00   E LE C T R O N I C R E G I S T R ATI O N S
Day Registration                                        $250.00    There is a secure Conference Registration Form on the
Workshop Registration                                   $130.00    website suitable for credit card transaction. (You can also
                                                                   forward your credit card details under separate cover).
S U B S I D I S E D PAR E NT                                       If you wish to pay by cheque please complete the Online
R E G I S T R ATI O N S                                            Registration Form and forward a cheque in the mail.
Available to parents of a child with a disability.
                                                                   G S T A N D TA X I N V O I C E S
Please fax a copy of your carer’s allowance card to
                                                                   The Conference registration and social functions include
03 6224 3774. In addition a number of registration and
                                                                   GST calculated at one-eleventh of the cost shown. We will
travel subsidies have been sought and are available
                                                                   forward a Tax Invoice upon receipt of your Registration Form.
through your ECIA Chapter.
                                                                   Accommodation reservations are guaranteed by supplying
S T U D E N T R E G I S T R ATI O N                                credit card details. No amount is deducted from the credit
You must be a full time student to qualify for the student         card until you check out of the hotel. If you do not supply
rate. Can you please fax a copy of your student card to            a credit card you must forward the cost of one night’s
03 6224 3774 when registering.                                     accommodation as a deposit to guarantee the booking.
                                                                   No GST is deducted by the Conference, as this is a deposit on
                                                                   a service supplied by another business (i.e. the hotel). When
Cancellations notified in writing before 1st July 2004 will be
                                                                   you check out of the hotel a tax invoice will be supplied,
eligible for a full refund less $100.00. Cancellations notified
                                                                   which will include the GST payable on the total amount
in writing after 1st July 2004 will not be eligible for a refund
                                                                   (including any deposit paid). This is also the case if your
but another person may attend the Conference in the original
                                                                   ‘deposit’ is equal to the total accommodation account.
delegate’s place.                                                                                           13
INSURANCES                                                      Attracting visitors from far and wide, they are all easily
Registration fees do not include personal travel or health      accessible, making your Melbourne experience even
insurance of any kind. It is strongly recommended that          more rich and rewarding.
when registering for the Conference and booking travel that website is an excellent source
delegates make arrangements for appropriate travel and          of information regarding travel and tours in Victoria,
health insurance. ECIA and Conference Design do not take        accommodation, restaurants, special events, activities
responsibility for any delegate failing to insure.              and attractions and regional Victoria.

C LI M AT E                                                     General tourism enquiries and brochures
                                                                For information on attractions, accommodation, transport
Temperate and variable, with no great extremes, Melbourne
                                                                and upcoming events in Melbourne and Victoria, or to
has an enviable climate. The city also has one of the lowest
                                                                request a brochure, call the Victorian Tourism Information
rainfall levels in Australia. July should expect temperatures
                                                                Service on 132 842 (Australia only) or (09) 379 0425
between 8 & 15°C.
                                                                (New Zealand only).

SMOKING POLICY                                                  D E A D L I N E S Keep these dates in mind:
The Conference has a ‘No Smoking’ policy.
                                                                Early Bird Registrations close      1 June 2004
                                                                Full Papers due                     1 June 2004
R E G I S T R ATI O N D E S K                                   Conference                          25 – 27 July 2004
The Registration Desk is located on the Mezzanine Level
of the Federation Concert Hall and will be open at the          OMEP CHILDREN’S
following times:                                                ART EXHIBITION
• Sunday 25 July               1.00pm to 6.30pm                 In conjunction with the 24th World Congress of OMEP an
• Monday 26 July               8.00am to 5.30pm                 exhibition of children’s art will be on display in the foyer
• Tuesday 27 July              8.00am to 5.30pm                 of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre during the week of
                                                                21 – 24 July 2004. On 25 July this artwork will be moved to
DRESS                                                           the Grand Hyatt for display in the Pre-Savoy and Lumina
Dress for delegates will be neat, casual throughout the         Rooms. We hope you enjoy the artwork as much as the
Conference. The dress at the Welcome Reception and              children did creating them.
Conference Dinner is smart casual.
At the time of the Conference messages for delegates can         The website will be updated as additional information
                                                                 becomes available.
be forwarded to the Grand Hyatt by phoning: (03) 9657 1234
and ask for the Conference Registration Desk.
                                                                 S E C R E TA R I AT
S H O P P I N G & R E S TAU R A NT S                             Conference Design Pty Ltd
Melbourne is teaming with great restaurants and shopping.
                                                                 The team at Conference Design, the Conference managers
For the latest information on restaurants, shopping, arts,       for the Early Childhood Intervention Australia Sixth
things to do, please visit    Biennial Conference, look forward to assisting you with
                                                                 all details relating to your registration, accommodation
Alternatively try the Melbourne Diners Guide for more
                                                                 and social requirements.
information on local restaurants, their menus and prices.                                           If you have additional queries, please don’t hesitate
                                                                 to contact them as follows:

E X TE N D I N G YO U R S TAY                                    Postal Address:      PO Box 342, Sandy Bay, Tas 7006
IN MELBOURNE                                                     Telephone:           03 6224 3773
                                                                 Facsimile:           03 6224 3774
Extending your Stay in Victoria                                  Email:     
Melbourne features a large range of visitor experiences
                                                                 All details advised in this brochure are correct at the time
within a short distance of the city. If you venture outside
                                                                 of printing. Any alterations will be advised on your
Melbourne, diverse regional areas and attractions proffer        acknowledgement of registration. Changes will be
dramatic coastal vistas, outback wilderness, vineyards,          updated regularly on the website.
rugged peaks and thrilling wildlife.

R E S E R VATI O N S                                               shopping precinct and only a short walk to the City Centre.
No accommodation will be confirmed until deposit or credit         Modern and spacious, the apartments offer separate
card details have been received. Special room rates have           bedroom, living and dining area, fully equipped kitchen,
been negotiated with several Melbourne accommodation               direct dial phones, hair dryer, iron and ironing board
properties and are only available by booking through               and internet access. Restaurant, secretarial services, indoor
Conference Design. All accommodation rates are per room,           heated swimming pool, spa, sauna and gymnasium.
per night and are room only unless otherwise specified.            Car Parking         On Site – No Charge
To confirm your hotel booking, a deposit of one night’s
accommodation must be forwarded with your Conference
                                                                   Mercure Hotel Melbourne
registration. Alternatively your credit card details, if           13 Spring Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
provided, will be passed to the hotel to secure your               Star Rating 3.5         Map Reference 3
                                                                   Standard Rooms          $145.00 Single/Twin/Double
reservation. No amount is deducted from the credit card
                                                                   8 minute walk from venue
until you check out of the hotel.
                                                                   The Mercure possesses one of the best locations in
C A N C E LL ATI O N                                               Melbourne overlooking the Treasury Gardens and
Cancellation must be advised in writing to Conference Design       close to theatres, restaurants and shopping.
at least 72 hours prior to check-in or you will forfeit the cost   The hotel offers outstanding value for money with
of one night’s accommodation.                                      professional and friendly service. The comfortable rooms
                                                                   feature mini bars, air conditioning, hairdryer, TV and radio,
ACCOUNTS                                                           iron and ironing board and internet access. Restaurant, bar,
All accommodation accounts must be settled on checkout.            sauna and business centre.
If you wish to receive an account you must organise this           Car Parking         $15.00 per day
directly with your accommodation venue before you arrive.
Contact details for your nominated hotel will be supplied          Quest on Flinders Lane
with your accommodation confirmation.                              161 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
                                                                   Star Rating 4-4.5       Map Reference 4
R O O M R AT E S                                                   1 Bedroom               $154.00
The accommodation rates listed below are based on room             2 Bedroom               $195.00
rates per night. Therefore if you choose to share a room the       3 minute walk from venue
fee is shared between two people. Please note, these rates         Located in the centre of Melbourne’s busting CBD and
do not include breakfast.                                          moments walk from the Paris end of Collins Street. All
                                                                   Melbourne’s premier restaurants, superb shopping and
Grand Hyatt (Conference Venue)
                                                                   theatres are within easy walking distance. These stylishly
123 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000                             appointed apartments offer quality and comfort. Fully
Star Rating 5           Map Reference 1                            equipped laundry and kitchen with dishwasher and
Rooms                   $170.00 (120) Single/Twin/Double
                                                                   microwave. CD stereo system and cable TV along with fax
Located at the “top end” of Collins Street in the heart of
                                                                   and modem lines are standard features in all apartments.
Melbourne’s central business, theatre and shopping districts,
                                                                   Secretarial services available, pantry shopping, breakfast
the location, sociable ambience, refined comfort and
                                                                   packs and charge back from a selection of local restaurants.
impeccable service make the Grand Hyatt Melbourne one of
                                                                   Car Parking         $15.00 per night
the city’s premier hotels. Spacious guest rooms feature king-
size beds, direct dial phones, air conditioning, high speed        Quest Hero on Russell
ISDN connection, hairdryers, mini bar and marble bathrooms
                                                                   140 Little Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
with separate shower and bath. Restaurant, bar, business           Star Rating 4-4.5        Map Reference 5
centre, swimming pool, spa, sauna and gymnasium available.         1 Bedroom                $140.00
Car Parking         $23.00 per day/night                           2 Bedroom                $195.00
                                                                   3 Bedroom                $275.00
Pacific International Apartments Southbank                         5 minute walk from venue
31 City Road, Southbank Vic 3000                                   Located in Melbourne’s cosmopolitan CBD the property
Star Rating 4         Map Reference 2                              offers spacious architect designed serviced apartments.
1 Bedroom             $171.00                                      Theatres, restaurants, shopping and major sporting venues
2 Bedroom             $238.00                                      are all close by and the fantastic location offers both the
15 minute walk from venue                                          business and leisure travellers access to all Melbourne has
Southbank is a brand new apartment style property                  to offer. Featuring fully equipped kitchens and laundries,
conveniently located in the popular restaurant and boutique                                                                                          15
air conditioning, direct dial phones, stereo, VCR facilities     Bar, restaurant limited secretarial services, indoor heated
and internet access while the separate lounge and dining         pool, fitness centre and sauna.
areas allow guests to relax in perfect comfort and privacy.      Car Parking             $25.00 per day
Secretarial services available, pantry shopping, breakfast
packs and charge back from a selection of local restaurants.     The Victoria Hotel
Car Parking             $15.00 per night                         215 Little Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
                                                                 Star Rating 3           Map Reference 9
Quest on Bourke                                                  Economy Twin/
155 Bourke Street, Melbourne Vic 3000                            Double Rooms            $112.00
Star Rating 4.5         Map Reference 6                          Standard Single         $56.00
1 Bedroom               $148.00                                  Standard Twin           $78.00
2 Bedroom               $229.00                                  5 minute walk from venue
3 minute walk from venue                                         Located in the heart of the City, Melbourne’s largest 3 star
Located in the very heart of Melbourne and surrounded by         hotel has a new look after extensive improvements and
world class restaurants, shopping and theatres this property     offers guests genuine warmth and hospitality, a superb
provides an ideal accommodation option for both the              location and value for money. The Victoria’s comfortable
business and leisure traveller. The spacious apartments are      rooms are equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator,
fully equipped with kitchen and laundry facilities, separate     remote control TV, direct dial phone, internet access,
lounge and dining area and feature CD/cassette stereo            ensuite bathroom, hairdryer and room safe. Restaurant
system, air conditioning, spa baths, hairdryer, iron and         and limited secretarial services.
ironing board and internet access. Secretarial services, gym,    Car Parking             $9.90 per night
pantry shopping, breakfast packs and charge back from a
                                                                 Pacific International Apartments on Exhibition
selection of local restaurants.
                                                                 100 Exhibition Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
Car Parking             Available at Wilsons Parking $16.00      Star Rating 4           Map Reference 10
                        per 24 hours or exit                     1 Bedroom               $150.00
                                                                 5 minute walk from venue
Saville on Russell
                                                                 Situated in the heart of Melbourne’s Theatre District and
222 Russell Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
Star Rating 4.5        Map Reference 7                           close to international boutique shopping and restaurants
1 Bedroom              $180.00                                   these apartments offer spacious and contemporary self-
2 Bedroom              $240.00                                   contained accommodation featuring designer kitchens,
10 minute walk from venue                                        individual controlled air conditioning with opening windows,
Distinctly Melbourne, the property is located in the heart       cable TV and in-house movies, CD player, internet access,
of Melbourne and is close to numerous restaurants, bars          iron and ironing board. Secretarial services available.
and cafes. The contemporary apartments are warm and              Car Parking             On site – no charge
welcoming and offer air conditioning, internet access, iron
                                                                 Oakford on Collins (Ascot International)
and ironing board, hairdryer, mini bar, fully equipped kitchen
and laundry with washing machine and dryer. Restaurant,          182 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
bar, indoor heated swimming pool, spa, sauna and gym.            Star Rating 4           Map Reference 11
Car Parking            $15.00 per day                            1 Bedroom               $130.00
                                                                 2 Bedroom               $160.00
Novotel Melbourne on Collins                                     3 minute walk from venue
270 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000                           Situated at the Paris end of Collins Street, Oakford on Collins
Star Rating 4.5         Map Reference 8
                                                                 puts you in the heart of Melbourne’s business, shopping and
Standard Rooms          $165.00 Single/Twin/Double
5 minute walk from venue                                         entertainment districts and only a short walk to the colourful
Melbourne’s most centrally located property situated on          and vibrant Southbank. Apartments offer a casual and
bustling Collins Street and nestled in he heart of Melbourne’s   relaxed atmosphere featuring fully quipped kitchens,
CBD overlooking the spectacular atrium of the prestigious        separate bedroom and lounge areas, remote colour TV, hair
Australia on Collins Shopping Centre.                            dryer, iron and ironing board, limited gym facilities with spa.
The rooms provide modern comfort and a unique feeling of         Internet access , limited secretarial services and charge back
spaciousness with contemporary décor and offer mini bar,         from local bistro.
TV, hairdryer and internet access.                               Car Parking             Available at Kings Parking $13.00
                                                                                         for 24 hours or per exit

                                                                                                                        TAX INVOICE        ABN 72 050 482 507 002

                                                              R E G I S T R ATI O N F O R M
    Broadening the Vision
    Building Cohesive Communities
                                                   Internet Registration is available at the Conference Home Page.
       for Children and Families
                                          Visit [] follow the prompts to the Registration Form.
    Personal Information (please print clearly)
    Family Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
    Title: Mr             ❏         Mrs   ❏   Ms   ❏   Miss   ❏   Dr   ❏    Professor    ❏
    Given Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________
    Position: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
    Organisation: ____________________________________________________________________________________________
    Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
    Suburb/Town: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
    State: ___________________________________Country: _________________________________Postcode:_______________
    Telephone: __________________________________________ Facsimile: ___________________________________________
    Email: (Preferred contact method) _____________________________________________________________________________
    Name Badges
    Delegate: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
    Accompanying Person: _____________________________________________________________________________________
    Special Requirements
    Please advise if you have any special requirements, for example dietary or physical: _______________________________________

    R E G I S T R A T I O N please indicate                                                 SOCIAL FUNCTIONS
    Full Registration ECIA Members (before 1 June 2004) $495.00                      ❏       please indicate your attendance 
    Full Registration Non Members (before 1 June 2004)                     $545.00   ❏       Welcome Reception (Inclusive)*                   Yes   ❏    No   ❏
    Full Registration ECIA Members (after 1 June 2004)                     $545.00   ❏       Welcome Reception (Additional)        $35.00 x ____ = $ ________
    Full Registration Non Members (after 1 June 2004)                      $585.00   ❏       Conference Dinner
                                                                                             @ $60.00 per person                   $60.00 x ____ = $ ________
    Subsidised Parents & Students (per day)                                $ 90.00   ❏
    Day Registration                                                       $250.00   ❏       AC C O M PAN Y I N G PE R S O N S TO U R S
    Please indicate  Monday                  ❏    Tuesday    ❏                              please indicate if you wish to attend 
    Workshop 1 Sunday 25 July 2004                                                           The Great Ocean Road          Adults $114.00 x ____ = $ ________
               2.00 – 5.00pm                                                                 Sunday 25 July 2004              Child $57.00 x ____ = $ ________
               Professor Glen Dunlap                                       $130.00   ❏
           or                                                                                Yarra Valley                  Adults $119.00 x ____ = $ ________
    Workshop 2 Sunday 25 July 2004                                                           Monday 26 July 2004             Child $60.00 x ____ = $ ________
               2.00 – 5.00pm
                                                                                             Penguins                      Adults $115.00 x ____ = $ ________
               Dr PJ McWilliam and
                                                                                             Sunday 25 July &
               Dr Robin McWilliam                                          $130.00   ❏       Tuesday 27 July 2004
                                                                                                                             Child $58.00 x ____ = $ ________

A C C O M M O D ATI O N                                                C R E D IT C A R D PAY M E NT
Only complete this section if you require a booking made on            Visa   ❏   MasterCard    ❏   Bankcard   ❏    Amex   ❏      Diners   ❏
your behalf. Indicate at least three choices (1,2,3). A valid credit   Card Number: _____________________________________
card must be forwarded to guarantee your reservation, otherwise        Card Holder: ______________________________________
a deposit equal to one night’s accommodation must be sent with
                                                                       Expiry Date: _______________________________________
your conference payment.
                                                                       Signature: _________________________________________
Grand Hyatt (Conference Venue)
                                                                       Payment Amount: ___________________________________
Rooms                $170.00 Single/Twin/Double          ❏
Pacific International Apartments Southbank                             T O TA L
                                                                       Registration                                        $___________
1 Bedroom            $171.00                             ❏
2 Bedroom            $238.00                             ❏             Social Functions                                    $___________

Mercure Hotel Melbourne                                                Tours                                               $___________
Standard Rooms $145.00 Single/Twin/Double                ❏             Accommodation*                                      $___________

Quest on Flinders Lane                                                 Travel Insurance                                    $___________
1 Bedroom            $154.00                             ❏             Total Payment                                       $___________
2 Bedroom            $195.00                             ❏             *Only if you are unable to supply a credit card details.
Quest Hero on Russell
                                                                       PAY M E NT O P TI O N S
1 Bedroom            $140.00                             ❏
                                                                       Credit Card Payment
2 Bedroom            $195.00                             ❏             Visa ❏ MasterCard        ❏   Bankcard   ❏    Amex   ❏      Diners   ❏
3 Bedroom            $275.00
                                                                       Card Number: _____________________________________
Quest on Bourke
                                                                       Card Holder: ______________________________________
1 Bedroom            $148.00                             ❏
                                                                       Expiry Date: _______________________________________
2 Bedroom            $229.00                             ❏
                                                                       Signature: _________________________________________
Saville on Russell
                                                                       Payment Amount: ___________________________________
1 Bedroom            $180.00                             ❏
2 Bedroom            $240.00                             ❏             Forward a cheque payable to the ECIA Biennial Conference
Novotel Melbourne on Collins
Standard Rooms $165.00 Single/Twin/Double                ❏              REMEMBER…
The Victoria Hotel                                                      • A Tax Invoice will be sent after we receive your
Economy Twin/
Double Rooms         $112.00                             ❏              • Accommodation is not guaranteed without either a credit
                                                                           card or a deposit.
Standard Single      $56.00                              ❏
Standard Twin        $78.00                              ❏              H A V E Y O U … (please indicate )
Pacific International Apartments on Exhibition                          • Indicated which social functions you will attend? ❏
1 Bedroom            $150.00                             ❏              • Indicated if you have any special requirements? ❏
Oakford on Collins (Ascot International)                                • Indicated what accommodation you require and
1 Bedroom            $130.00                             ❏                the dates? ❏
2 Bedroom            $160.00                             ❏              • Advised a credit card to guarantee your
                                                                          accommodation or sent a deposit? ❏
Please use my credit card details to guarantee the booking     ❏
                                                                        • Included the expiry date with your
                                                                          credit card number? ❏

                                      1. Grand Hyatt (Conference Venue)

                                      2. Pacific International Apartments Southbank

                                      3. Mercure Hotel Melbourne

                                      4. Quest on Flinders Lane

                                      5. Quest Hero on Russell

                                      6. Quest on Bourke

                                      7. Saville on Russell

                                      8. Novotel Melbourne on Collins

                                      9. The Victoria Hotel

                                      10. Pacific International Apartments on Exhibition

                                      11. Oakford on Collins (Ascot International)



             9               10



Supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Family and Community Services.


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