; laser hair removal, body hair removal, laser hair treatment
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laser hair removal, body hair removal, laser hair treatment


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									              laser hair removal, body hair removal, laser hair treatment

Yes, from the time the cons-indications were excluded. The laser uses a beam of light of specific
wavelength that passes through the skin into the hair. Unlike X-rays, there is no residue in the body.

The skin may appear pink or red after the session. The redness will disappear in some cases within
minutes, in others a few hours. In rare cases they disappear within a few days. The use of a block of ice
will accelerate the process.

Laser hair removal is painful?

It varies from one patient to another depending on its sensitivity. The sensation most often described to
translate what is felt is that of a quick snap of elastic or a pinch or a "hot little prick.

Things to Remember: The more the laser parameters are pushed to achieve, actually, permanent hair
removal, the more these feelings of discomfort or pain are high. The only way to reduce these
uncomfortable feelings is to ensure that the laser center uses a system of cooling of the skin proper. An
air source pulsed sub-zero streaming is what is best.

The prescription of an anesthetic cream can significantly reduce these drawbacks.

How many sessions does it take?

A minimum of 4 sessions is required to obtain a conclusive result. Since all hairs are not in the same
phase at the same time, all do not experience the same impact, ie the destruction. Therefore, a series of
sessions is required whenever a laser hair removal program is underway. The purpose of this series is to
destroy all the hairs in the anagen phase (see the hair cycle). Generally six sessions are required to
process the desired area with satisfaction. A maintenance session may be useful, then, about once or
twice a year.

Individuals with hormonal disorders or people who have for years used wax or tweezers tend to require
some additional sessions. If, after treatment, some hairs arise here and there a scattered fashion,
retouching courtesy to the patient by his doctor laser printing firms will get a perfect result. An
alternative to this would be an editing session of electrolysis.

Is it fast?

The biggest advantage of laser hair removal is the processing speed associated with longevity of results.
The laser is particularly suitable for large areas like legs or back, and this, compared to electrolysis,
which is long, tedious and painful (and expensive).

A simple comparison: a laser back = 1 hour; to electrolysis = 125 hours. In addition, if after the laser hair
repelled, they would be thinner.

Average delays (examples):

Back of man: 1 to 3 hours

Upper lip: 3 minutes

Shoulders: 10-20 minutes

Menton: 4-6 minutes

Underarms: 5-10 minutes

Full leg: 90 to 180 minutes

In the two hours preceding each session, the patient must have shaved the area to remove hair. An
application of numbing cream EMLA type is preferable.

What should I expect from my initial consultation?

This consultation is essential and unavoidable. First your doctor laser printing firms review such requests
and motivations, and then analyze your skin type and (the) area you want to remove hair. Your doctor
will assess your condition, review your treatment, for example, ask if you are taking antibiotics or
hormone therapy, diet, etc. ... Then a test of 1 or 2 cm is performed to analyze the reaction of your skin
laser treatment. During this test you will wear a protective eye on, shells or specially tinted glasses to
block the laser light. This test will determine which settings to use during your first meeting.

At this initial consultation, informed consent and an estimate will be given. Informed consent details the
procedure and side effects possibly observed, even rare. You'll have to mail it in the stamped envelope
that you will surrender laser center. The form lists the name of the procedure, the method used, the
type of laser, the projected number of sessions (range) and the price per session. A total price of the
program may be appropriate, but the exact number of sessions is not known in advance, the total risk of
being a band. A statement may indicate that, beyond the 5th meeting, or if additional meetings are
necessary, they are priced lower to reflect the marginal work remaining to do.

On a practical level, what should I do before and after a session of laser hair removal?
Precautions before the meeting:

1 - Do not be tanned (e), débronzage wait, do not have sunburn.

2 - If your skin is dark, de-pigmenting treatment can be prescribed for pre-treat the area to remove hair
at least two weeks before your session.

3 - A Shave depilatory area is desirable or just before the meeting or the morning of your session, a
slight halo should be visible.

4 - Stop hair removal with forceps or you dye your hair at least two weeks before the meeting.

5 - If you are sores on the mouth if you have genital herpes, take Zovirax ® (or generic / Order) two
weeks before the session.

6 - Apply the anesthetic cream EMLA ® type (laboratory AstraZeneca / prescription) for at least 30
minutes before the meeting, on the area you are going to remove hair. You can usually do the laser
center if you want until you pass Indoor Laser.

What happens there after the session?

1 - After your session of laser hair removal, you can see redness or small bumps on the skin red. This is
normal. Some patients speak of an effect of sunburn. A cold compress or a latex glove filled with ice
applied to the area, after the meeting, can help resolve this. The redness will disappear within a day
following, especially through the application of a cream with vitamin E or Biafine ®.

In some cases minor superficial burns, or disorders of pigmentation were observed. This sometimes
occurs when high selection parameters.

2 - Make-up can possibly be applied, a moisturizing base is very useful.
3 - Apply a sunscreen with an SPF of 30-60 over the next 2 weeks. Do not do tanning booths for your
laser program.

4 - The only acceptable method to reduce your hair program sessions during the laser shaving.

5 - The hair will fall during the three weeks following your session. It will seem that the hairs grow back
but it is actually hair that were not in the correct phase of growth coming out. It is good to run their
progression from one time per day a wet towel on the area being treated. This will facilitate their exit
and thus their capture in subsequent sessions.

6 - After this session you can return to your normal activities. Spare the treated area for 2 days. Avoid
applying to tretinoin (Retin-A), alphahydroxiques acid, glycolic acid (in peels), astringents. You can use a
mild soap (Dove ® unscented type) and water.

When will I see results?

After the first session, the hair will fall gradually over the next 6-8 weeks. Only those who were in the
anagen phase will not return. Therefore, others will reappear and, in subsequent sessions, will in turn be
destroyed (if they are in the anagen phase). It starts so the lessons until all the hairs in the affected area
to remove hair have been "zapped" in the anagen phase.

How much does it cost?

Prices differ slightly between Paris and the provinces. In large urban centers are similar. It is certain that
in France fares are much cheaper than in the U.S. for example (<40 ~ 50%). A shirt can cost between 100
and 300 Euros in France (against 150 to $ 500 U.S.). A full back can cost between 275 and 400 in France
Є (cons 600-1200 in the U.S.).

This may seem high but in fact it is relatively economical when you compare the cost of alternatives in
the long term, 20-30 years, and the time spent on hair removal in the same period.

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