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									                                  WRAAF BRANCH BRISBANE
                               Newsletter - January to March 2010
   Australian Flying Corps and Royal Australian Air Force Association Queensland Division
                                        PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

Well, here we are again coming up to one of our busiest times of the year. We have the RAAF
Birthday March on 28 March, the memorial service and lunch at Goodna RSL, the church service
at Ann Street Presbyterian Church for Anzac Day on 18 April and lastly the Anzac Day March and
lunch. So come on girls get your marching shoes on and do us proud on Anzac Day, let’s have a
really good turnout. You never know we might have a flypast of the new “Rhino”, the Super Hornet
F-18 aircraft just arrived from the USA. It sounds like the Reunion Sub-Committee are getting
everything organised for the 60th Anniversary Reunion in January 2011. They have received over
100 registrations so far and of course are hoping for more. The website has proved to be a great
success as has all the advertising that has been done through the RAAF Association, RSL
magazines, DVA, all our own contacts, radio stations, and local & interstate newspapers.
                       Best wishes for a happy and safe Easter, Dianne


Lucy Gandossi (nee Gugiatti) passed away 29 December 2009 from Mesothelioma in
Perth. Lucy joined the WRAAF in 1958 and was on Course 88 at Point Cook, attained the
rank of Sgt and served at Ballarat and Pearce.

Margaret Lesque (nee Von Nida) passed away 29 September 2009. Margaret joined the
WRAAF in the early 1950’s, Course 30/32.
Source: WA Newsletter, Summer 2010.

Welcome to New Members

Angela Bennett (nee Bewick), Course 188 from 1970-1973, enlisted in Qld, Accounting Machine Operator
who served at 2SD, 2SDD and Amberley.

Maureen (Kim) Howard, Course 156 from 1966-86, enlisted in VIC, Air Photo Plotter & Driver who served

Rhondda Kelleher (nee Wyer), Course 165 from 1965-68, enlisted in Qld, Telephonist who served at
Amberley, HQOC Penrith and Fairbairn.

Barbara Kilpatrick (nee Oxenham), Course 131 from 1963-66, enlisted in Qld, Clerk Equipment who served
at Laverton and Wagga.

Cate Pettit (nee Kitty Pickering), Course 48 from 1953-56, enlisted in VIC, Admin NCO who served at Point
Cook, Laverton, Mallala and Edinburgh.

Ruth Swain (nee Harvey), recruit course commenced March 1970 and served until 1975, Clerk Supply who
served at Amberley.

Colette Whiteley (nee Hill/Van der Maat), Course 182 from 1969-1977, enlisted in Qld, Clerk
Administration who served at Point Cook, Williamtown, Pearce and Canberra.

 WRAAF Branch Newsletter - January to March 2010                                                  1 of 6
 Printed with the kind assistance of Councillor Milton Dick, Richlands Ward, BCC
                                  WRAAF BRANCH BRISBANE
                               Newsletter - January to March 2010
   Australian Flying Corps and Royal Australian Air Force Association Queensland Division
                              WRAAF Branch SOCIAL CALENDAR 2010

      Date               Day                                             Event
 15 April          Thursday            Goodna Memorial Service and Lunch at Goodna RSL Sub-Branch
 18 April          Sunday              Anzac Day Church Service, Ann Street Presbyterian Church
 25 April          Sunday              Anzac Day March
 1 May             Saturday            65th Anniversary Victory in Europe Commemorative Service
 8 May             Saturday, 10 am     WRAAF Branch Meeting and Bring & Buy Table
 8 May             Saturday            Battle of Coral Sea Memorial Service
 14 May            Friday              Centaur Memorial Service
 15 May            Saturday            Southside ESW Social Group Lunch at Runcorn Tavern
 26 May            Wednesday           Biggest Morning Tea at Kedron-Wavell Community Centre
 3 June            Thursday            Maroochydore Combined ESWA Birthday Luncheon
 10 July           Saturday, 10 am     WRAAF Branch Meeting
 19 July           Monday              Ipswich Social Group lunch at Raceview Tavern, 11.30 am
 25 July           Sunday              Ex-Servicewomen’s Church Service at St John’s Cathedral
 21 August         Saturday            Tri-Service Lunch at Kedron-Wavell Community Centre
 1 September       Wednesday           Battle for Australia Commemoration Service, George St, Brisbane
 8 September       Wednesday           Pine Rivers Memorial & Wreath Laying Service
 11 September      Saturday            Toowoomba WRAAF Reunion Lunch
 18 September      Saturday, 10 am     WRAAF Branch Meeting
 21 September      Tuesday             RAANC Games Morning
 October           Date TBC            Ex-Servicewomen’s Golf Day at Bribie Island
 7 November        Sunday              Remembrance Day Church Service at Ann St Presbyterian Church
 11 November       Thursday            Remembrance Day
 13 November       Saturday, 10 am     WRAAF Branch Meeting & Christmas Lunch

 Thursday, 15 April – Goodna RSL Memorial Service and free lunch at 11 am, 112 Brisbane Terrace
  Goodna. Goodna Railway Station has a lift to exit the station and a courtesy bus will shuttle ex-
  servicewomen to and from the RSL Club. We have 22 members who will be attending.
 Sunday, 18 April - Church Service for Anzac Day, at 10 am at Ann Street Presbyterian Church. Please
  wear blazer/t-shirt and full medals.
 Anzac Day, Sunday 25 April – Air Force is second in the march this year after WWII veterans and
  Defence Nurses and Women’s Army Services so form up in William Street, behind Treasury Casino from
  approx 9.30/10 am. We are number 67. Blazers/t-shirts to be worn, full size medals and preferably
  closed-in shoes. We will adjourn to Gilhooley’s, cnr Albert & Charlotte Sts, after the march for lunch.
  Please advise Rosemary on 3879 4889 by 16 April if your name is not on the list for lunch, as we need
  to advise numbers for lunch. The jeep pick-up is still outside the Myer Centre in Elizabeth Street.
 Bring and Buy Table – Saturday, 8 May – at our May Meeting. To those interested in bringing in home
  made jams, cakes, craft articles and jewellery, etc. 100% of proceeds to go to the 2011 Reunion fund.
 WRAAF Branch Newsletter - January to March 2010                                                    2 of 6
 Printed with the kind assistance of Councillor Milton Dick, Richlands Ward, BCC
                                     WRAAF BRANCH BRISBANE
                                  Newsletter - January to March 2010
      Australian Flying Corps and Royal Australian Air Force Association Queensland Division
What Have We Been Doing ?

So far this year we have had our 2 branch meetings in January and March and of course the AGM in
January. The following office bearers were elected (or should we say re-elected!) at the AGM:

President:              Dianne Pickering
Deputy President:       Margaret Bruce
Secretary:              Rosemary Coleman
Treasurer:              Rosie Forster
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Pamela Ritter
Committee Members:              Bev Stokes, Cheryl Souvlis, Elizabeth Ryan, Leigh Walsh and Sharon Hewitt
RAAFA Delegates:        Dianne Pickering, Rosemary Coleman and Cheryl Souvlis with Rosie Forster as
Delegates to Council of Ex-Servicewomen’s Associations: Lyn Wilkes, Margaret Stevenson and Rosie
Forster, with Rosemary Coleman as proxy.

     A big welcome back to Ellen Thompson after her nasty broken leg. It was good to see her at the March
      Branch meeting.

The RAAF Birthday Parade went well even though we only had about 20 girls marching and good weather.
Unfortunately there was no flypast, they must be saving them up for next year for the 90 th Birthday Parade.
We all enjoyed lunch at the Treasury Casino afterwards.

     Elma Casey has been battling a number of health issues and Elizabeth Ryan has broken her arm and
      wrist so will be out of action for a little while.

     Best wishes to Jeanette Adams who has moved to Dalcouth near Stanthorpe but still keeps in touch via
      minutes and newsletters.

     Last year we omitted to thank our President, Dianne Pickering, for the donation of 8 raffle prizes for the
      Other Services Christmas Morning Tea in December. They were lovely prizes, thank you Dianne.

Health and Well-Being Report

Our Health and Well-Being Officer, Cheryl Souvlis, continues to do a great job sending out birthday
greetings and get well cards to our members. So please don’t forget to let Cheryl know if you know of a
member who is not well, going or been to hospital or has experienced a family bereavement. Cheryl’s
phone number is 3286 2076 or her email address is:
Also, after May 2010 Cheryl will be more than qualified to have a chat with you after she completes the
DVA Welfare & Pension Officers’ Course, so take a note of her phone number, you never know she may be
able to help YOU!!!!

Minutes of March Meeting 2010 posted out

Please be advised that the minutes of the 13 March 2010 meeting posted out last week had the wrong date on
them, ie, 16 January 2010, instead of 13 March 2010. Please amend your copy accordingly.

NB:        Our Secretary, Rosemary Coleman, will be absent from 7 to 12 April 2010 and from 20 May to 12
           June 2010 so please leave a message on the answering machine or send an email.

    WRAAF Branch Newsletter - January to March 2010                                                      3 of 6
    Printed with the kind assistance of Councillor Milton Dick, Richlands Ward, BCC
                                     WRAAF BRANCH BRISBANE
                                  Newsletter - January to March 2010
      Australian Flying Corps and Royal Australian Air Force Association Queensland Division

Lynette Ann AMY served as a Supplier from 1968 to 1970/1 at Laverton and Richmond. Last seen in
Melbourne in 1990.

Bev Allie (nee Styles), SGT ClerkEA, was at East Sale late 1960’s, maybe living in Sydney.

Rhonda Fellows, Clerk, served at Amberley in the 60-70’s.

Carmel Dowling is being sought by Iris Selby and Judy Warren.

Gloria Cavallaro and Aileen Bell are being sought by Mary Doyle (nee Tate). All were on Course 246 (went
in as WR’s and graduated RAAF).

Edith Zupp (nee Blight) from No.2 Course is looking for Barbara MacKenzie, also 2 Course, who came from
Orange, NSW.

Glenys O’Shaunessy is looking for friends from No. 80 Recruit Course.

Contact Rosemary as per contact details at end of newsletter if you have some info on any of the above.

Barbara Bower (nee Gallagher) from Townsville is still looking for anyone who was on Recruit Training
Course 144. Barbara can be contacted on 07 4778 4260.

2011 Reunion in Brisbane - Update

     Extensive media advertising has been carried out.
     So far over 100 registrations have been received.
     A guest speaker has been organised.
     The church service will be held at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church at Spring Hill as Ann Street Church is
      not available.
     In June/July we will send out receipts, final invoices and general information on accommodation,
      transport, tourist info and other pertinent information you need to know.
     Memorabilia will be ordered after quantities are known from the registration forms and will be available
      for pick-up at the reunion on Friday or Saturday night.
     There will be a slideshow of all the photos given in for scanning.
     We are looking for 1 or 2 mannequins for uniform displays.
     We plan to have a photographer there and you can purchase a DVD that weekend.
     A bag containing tourist info etc will be given out to each person attending on Friday or Saturday.
     There will be a raffle at the reunion but will try to keep prizes small in size because of travel restrictions.
     The Subcommittee would be grateful for any donations of raffle prizes for the reunion.
     Thank you to those who have volunteered to help with filling bags and other jobs needed to be done
      closer to the time, this will be greatly appreciated.

Share Accommodation for the 2011 Reunion

At this stage we have one lady looking to share accommodation in Brisbane for the Reunion. If you are
interested, please phone Lesalie Maloney on 07 4121 2740. Contact Rosemary if you are looking to share
a hotel room for the Reunion and it will be advertised in the next newsletter.


    WRAAF Branch Newsletter - January to March 2010                                                          4 of 6
    Printed with the kind assistance of Councillor Milton Dick, Richlands Ward, BCC
                                   WRAAF BRANCH BRISBANE
                               Newsletter - January to March 2010
   Australian Flying Corps and Royal Australian Air Force Association Queensland Division
WRAAF Profile – NONE / Vacant / Zero - Again this space is empty - why is this so ?

Regrettably, unfortunately, etc etc etc, nobody sent their profile to Rosemary to put in the newsletter.
What happened to all those New Year Resolutions ??? : I will send my WRAAF profile to Rosemary !!

New Social Group for Ex-Servicewomen formed on Brisbane Southside

A new social group has been formed for ex-servicewomen who live on the southside of Brisbane, however,
even if you don’t live on the southside, you are still most welcome to come over and join the fun. They meet
at the Drop-In Centre of the Sunnybank RSL Club, 19 Gager Street, Sunnybank. So far they have had an
afternoon tea, a BBQ sausage sizzle and the next event is lunch at the Runcorn Tavern on Saturday, 15 May.
If you are interested in joining, contact Julie Chapple, 31 Finke Close, Parkinson Q 4115, phone 3344 7423,


The latest newsletter is now uploaded to our website each quarter. The website will be updated as needed
and we are open to suggestions as to what else to put on it. Please send Rosemary an email with any
comments or suggestions you may have.

Thank you to members for Photos & Memorabilia

Thank you to all the members who have loaned your precious photos to Rosemary for scanning which will
form part of our slideshow for the reunion. So keep them coming if you would like your photos added. It’s
going to be one hell of a slideshow !!!

Deirdre Nolan is organizing the photos from our Branch meetings, lunches, trips and get-togethers over the
years into albums so they will also be available to view at the reunion. Thank you Deirdre.

Sydney WRAAF Group

The new committee for the Sydney WRAAF Reunion Group for 2010 is as follows:

President:      Betty Sutherland                   Treasurer:      Shirley Delaney
Vice President: Marj McKenzie                      Assistant Secretary: Una Cooper
Secretary:      Margaret Wells

Sydney Sick Parade – Shirley Jensen (Walker) was injured in an MVA in November, Shirley Pepper is not
enjoying good health, Edith Zupp (Blight) had a fall, Eileen Gilligan (Dunn) is on dialysis, Phyl Condran has
been in hospital again and Gail Lamb (Martin).

Hope you enjoy the Anzac Day poem that is included with the newsletter, along with a holiday report from
Leigh Walsh and a newspaper article on The Centaur and AVM Julie Hammer (retd). Don’t forget to check
out what your local councils and libraries have to offer for extra-curricular activities.

The WRAAF Branch Brisbane phone list is included with this newsletter for the use of members only.

 WRAAF Branch Newsletter - January to March 2010                                                      5 of 6
 Printed with the kind assistance of Councillor Milton Dick, Richlands Ward, BCC
                                  WRAAF BRANCH BRISBANE
                               Newsletter - January to March 2010
   Australian Flying Corps and Royal Australian Air Force Association Queensland Division

                                              RECIPES To Try

Anzac Slice / Bars

1 cup plain flour                         1/3 cup golden syrup
1 cup rolled oats                         ½ cup brown sugar
1 cup desiccated coconut                  ½ teaspoon bicarbonate soda
125g butter

Preheat the oven to 170oC and grease an 18 x 28cm slice in and line with baking paper if desired.
Combine flour, oats and coconut in a large bowl, then make a well in the centre. Combine butter,
syrup and sugar in a small saucepan. Stir over medium heat until butter melts and mixture is
smooth. Add bicarb soda and stir to combine. Pour onto dry ingredients and stir until evenly
combined. Spread into prepared tin and smooth surface with the back of a spoon. Bake for 20
mins. Cool in tin. The slice can be iced, left plain or sprinkled with icing sugar before serving.
Keep in an airtight container.

PASSIONFRUIT & COCONUT SLICE (Elizabeth’s slice served at our Branch meeting)

90g butter, softened                               Topping
½ cup caster sugar                                 2 x 60g eggs
1 x 60g egg                                        1/3 cup caster sugar
2/3 cup plain flour                                2 cups desiccated coconut
1/3 cup SR flour
½ cup lemon curd/lemon butter
1-1/2 tablespoons passionfruit pulp

Beat the butter, sugar and egg in a bowl with an electric mixer until light and creamy.
Stir in the sifted flours. Spread the mixture over base of a greased 20cm x 30cm pan.
Combine lemon curd and passionfruit pulp and spread over slice base. Make topping
and spread evenly over lemon passionfruit filling. Bake in a 180oC preheated oven for
about 30 minutes until top is golden. Cool slice in pan, then cut into squares to serve.

Topping: Beat the eggs lightly in a large bowl. Beat in the sugar, then stir in the
coconut, mixing until well combined.



President:      Dianne Pickering          Phone:    3202 7625 Email:
Deputy President: Margaret Bruce          Phone:    3376 4062
Secretary:      Rosemary Coleman          Phone:    3879 4889 Email:
Treasurer:      Rosie Forster             Phone:    3889 3728 Email:

Please contact an Executive Committee member at any time if you have a question or query.

 WRAAF Branch Newsletter - January to March 2010                                               6 of 6
 Printed with the kind assistance of Councillor Milton Dick, Richlands Ward, BCC

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