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									Careers IAG Policy

        Anthony Barnes
  Careers Education Consultant
   What’s in the policy?
   What are the prospects for success?
IAG Strategy
   Iain Wright, Minister for 14-19 Reform
    and Apprenticeships, has taken a
    personal interest
   Re-drafting taken place
   October launch?
Education and Skills Act 2008
   requires secondary schools and PRUs to
    provide impartial information and advice
    which promotes the best interests of pupils
    and which does not seek to promote the
    interests of the school over other options
   requires schools to have regard to guidance
    issued by the Secretary of State when
    complying with their careers education and
    guidance duties
Principles of impartial careers
               Encourage                Respond to
           use of independent,         the needs of
             external sources         the individual
                   of help                learner

        Be integrated       Careers
       into all parts of                        Be
         the school’s      Education       comprehensive
          curriculum         must

              Help young
               people to
Statutory guidance
   Part A: sets out the actions that head
    teacher/teachers-in charge should take
   Part B: sets out the Principles of Impartial Careers
    Education and includes short outcome focused
    statements that clarify the Principles and help schools
    to understand if they have been met
   Part C: sets out the ‘Key Information’ on KS4 and
    post-16 learning pathways to which young people
    require answers if they are to develop the knowledge
    and understanding that they need to make informed
Resource pack
   DVDs for young people and parents/carers
   Ten careers lessons
   Model Partnership Agreement
   Audit tool
   Checklist for careers co-ordinators
   Questionnaires for young people and
   Careers Education Framework
Apprenticeships, Skills, Children
and Learning Bill - Clause 35
   Clause 35 aims to ensure that schools
    undertake a proper consideration of
    apprenticeships as a route and provide
    appropriate, tailored advice to pupils
    where it is considered in their best
Steering key agencies
   TDA – embedding in subjects (English,
    history, languages)
   QCDA developing guidance for April 2010 to
    help teachers make connections between
    national curriculum subjects/courses and
    career-related learning
   The National College (formerly NCSL)
   Ofsted – September 2009 inspection schedule
   Local Authorities – guidance on monitoring
    due early in 2010
STEM Subject Choice and
Careers (Strand 8)
   A quality framework for exemplar practice in STEM
    careers materials linked to the national IAG standards
   Innovative STEM-related careers resources linked to
    the secondary curriculum
   A Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
    resource for teachers
   Eight new Teachers TV programmes
   An IAG professionals support pack and CPD events
   An online STEM-related pack to support the economic
    wellbeing and financial capability programme of
    study (November 2009)
   A work placements, mentors and role model pack.
KS2 career-related learning
pathfinders (Y6)
   Raise aspiration, challenge stereotypes,
    broaden horizons, improve transition
    into Y7
   Bristol, Coventry, Gateshead,
    Manchester, Plymouth, Reading, York
   2009-2010
   How do you rate the Careers IAG
   Which elements of the policy are most
    significant for the work of the ETB
    careers advisory panel?
Challenges – within Government

   Alan Milburn report of ‘Fair Access to the
   Young People’s IAG Team based in Sheffield
   CPD strategy
   Future IAG model – dual system or school-
   Public spending
Challenges – within schools
   Response of senior leaders
   Competing priorities
   Framework confusion
   Erosion of CEIAG infrastructure since
   Role of the careers co-ordinator
    (careers leader?)
   IAG model – design and delivery
Personal tutors
   Every young person to have a personal
    tutor by 2010
Careers co-ordinators
   46% solely responsible for Y7-Y11
   62% in post for two years or less
   74% qualified teachers
   30% have a qualification related to
    careers education and guidance (CEG)
   59% have two hours or less per week
    for managing CEG
Challenges – within the country
   General election (by May 2010)
   Public sector spending
   Conservative Party careers strategy and
    wider education policies
   How do you assess the challenges and
    risks to the implementation of the
   What are the implications for the work
    of the ETB careers advisory panel?

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