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					 Greater Houston
Construction Careers
Construction Labor Situation
   Workload increasing significantly in East Texas
    due to new refining, power plant, LNG, ethanol &
    off-shore projects
   Recovery and rebuilding in hurricane impacted
    areas have and will draw labor away from Houston
   Aging workforce, average age around 50
   Past construction image has been unattractive to
    young persons as a career choice because of work
    environment and wage and benefit levels.
   Traditional recruiting methods no longer work.
   Wages are rising, 20 to 30% higher after 2005
2006 Accomplishments
   Revised Key Points of Agreement, including an increase
    in funding for CMEF to 6 cents on all hours.
   Implemented Basic Training for Future Craft
    Professionals, three classes held for 70 new helper-
    trainee recruits.
   Achieved a TWC grant through Lee College for $780,279
    to train 690 incumbent workers between September 06
    and February 08
   Construction Expo and Craft Championship held at Lee
    College in October and 275 High School Students
   1760 college craft training units, 28% higher than 2005
   3300 skills assessments, 1600 passing, up 50% over 2005
   Over 200 Performance verifications achieved
Basic Training for Future Craft
Professionals (Piloted at Lee College)
   Started in mid 2006 for the purpose of bringing new individuals
    into the construction and maintenance industry.
   Collaborative effort between Owners, Contractors, CMEF, ABC,
    and Lee College.
   Training includes NCCER’s core modules, soft skill training,
    basic safety, and a formal mentoring program.
   Class is designed for 25 to 30 students and lasts two weeks,
    eight hours per day.
   Students are recruited by Contractors and hired prior to
    training start.
   The Owners agreed to allow student, after completion of
    training, to work at site as craft helper-trainee
Basic Training for Future
Craft Professionals
   June Pilot Class - 23 of the original 27
    Candidates are on the job and attending craft
    training classes after hours.
   August Class - 28 of the original 28
    Candidates completed training and all but one
    are currently working on sites and attending
    craft training classes.
   December Class – 16 completed their two
    week class last Friday.
   Feedback from all has been very positive
Construction Careers Initiative
To further address the craft labor concerns a
  Construction Careers Initiative was
   Begun earlier this year as a joint effort
    between the Houston Business Roundtable
    (HBR), Associated Builders and Constructors
    (ABC) & Construction Maintenance
    Education Foundation (CMEF)
   A Leadership Team was created and
    Marketing, Recruiting and Youth Committees
    have been formed
Business Roundtable - Gulf Coast
Workforce Development Initiative

    Meeting held in early October with
     HBR, ABC, CMEF and others to discuss
     how the GCWDI could be rolled into
     east Texas.
    GCWDI offered the “I’m GREAT”
     marketing program for our use and
     even indicated some funding could be
Greater Houston Construction
Careers Initiative
 The Construction Careers Initiative has since
 made plans to incorporate much of the
 marketing efforts and other concepts started in
 Louisiana and Mississippi into a new initiative
 now known as the

  “Greater Houston Construction
         Careers Initiative”
Greater Houston Construction
Careers Initiative Process
1.   Market for Construction candidates using
     “I’m Great” Campaign
2.   Potential candidates phone into Call Center in
3.   Call Center refers candidate to local
     WorkSource office
4.   WorkSource pre-screens for interest, aptitude,
     reading skills, etc.
5.   WorkSource refers likely candidates to drug
     test collection site and next convenient Basic
     Training class (must pass drug screen to take
6.   Candidate starts training
Greater Houston Construction
Careers Initiative Process
7.    Student completes application for employment
8.    Student info entered into database
9.    Potential Employers search database for new
10.   Open Career Fair held for recruits and potential
11.   Student completes Basic Training class
12.   Employers interview, screen, recruit and hire
13.   Recruit starts career in Construction
               2007 Plans
   Work with TWC to fund a multi-college training
    skills grant
   Work with the WorkSource to firm up screening
   Finish developing recruiting database
   Develop an industry commitment to fund training
    not covered by grants (trainees must be employed
    through 90 days after completion of the grant).
   Develop commitments from industry to employ
    those who complete training (100 students per
    month, 1000 per year)
   Kickoff “I’m Great” marketing campaign (possibly
    at the March 31 OSHA Youth Rally)
Broaden Industry Involvement
   Currently only a handful of owners and
    contractors are involved
   We need more owners and contractors
    involvement in hiring these employees and
    keeping them employed (must be employed by a
    contractor to receive the grant funds for training)
   This is an opportunity to close the gap on
    resource shortages, let’s not let it slip by us!!