Focus on CSIR research in Optronic Sensor Systems by ito20106


									Focus on                                                                          CSIR Defence, Peace,
                                                                                      Safety & Security
CSIR research in                                                                                March 2007

Optronic Sensor Systems

                                          ●   Threat missile analysis and
Main focus
                                              under-standing (exploitation)
                                          ●   Countermeasure measurements
The Optronic Sensor Systems group
                                              and evaluation
is one of the competence areas in
                                          ●   Platform signature measurement
the CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and
                                              and evaluation
Security operating unit. The group
                                          ●   Countermeasure specifications and
supplies advanced opto-mechatronic
                                              advanced electronic
solutions to the aerospace community,
                                              countermeasure development
through research, development and
                                          ●   Missile instrumentation and
integration of the underlying science
and engineering disciplines.

                                          Facilities required to achieve this
The scope of activities in the
                                          scope, are a combination of
Optronics Sensor Systems group
                                          purchased tools, self-developed tools
covers five complementary research
                                          and software as well as
areas. Multi-skilled personnel
                                          processes and skills in the
integrate the diverse research areas
                                          supporting activities.
into a coherent whole.

Focused research groups
                                          ● IR measurement and radiometry

                                          ● IR thermal imagers – MWIR/
Infrared (IR)
Electronic Warfare (EW)
                                          ● Single pixel radiometers
Platform protection against IR-guided
                                          ● Spectral radiometry and data
surface-to-air missiles is key to self-
                                          ● FTIR spectral radiometry

                                          ● Software simulators with
Our capabilities (skills, tools and
                                            interacting models
processes) are applied to find
                                          ● Hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL)
solutions for platform protection
against a variety of optronic threats.

The scope of R&D covers:
● Characterising and modelling of

   threats, platforms and counter-

Focus on CSIR research in Optronic Sensor Systems

Electro-Optical Observation
The major focus of activities in this
area is the design optimisation’s
prototyping of surveillance systems.
These capabilities can be extended to
other optical sensor configurations.

● Long-range day and night zoom
  sensor systems
● IR sensor systems

● Night observation systems

● Image processing

● Opto-mechatronic systems

● Optical surveillance systems

  performance and effectiveness
  analysis and prediction
● Space optical instruments

Test and Evaluation
The scope of activities for testing and    Remote Sensing                            Camouflage
evaluation is closely linked to the        The scope of activities within this       The scope of the Camouflage group
higher level support provided in EW        group is to understand the complexi-      is to develop appropriate and robust
and surveillance. The activities of the    ties of military image interpretation     camouflage patterns and colours for
Test and Evaluation group make it          and to develop image processing           the SANDF.
both a support and R&D area.               algorithms and techniques to enable
                                           better strategic decisions.               A vast amount of measurements is
Test Facilities                                                                      performed to characterise the
● IR signature measurement                 This work is done for the South African   environment in the visual and IR and
● IR measurement of phenomena              National Defence Force (SANDF), the       to use this information to improve
● IR and visual spectral measure-          South African Police Services (SAPS)      development of camouflage products.
  ments                                    and other government organisations.       New techniques for evaluation, design
● Optics and optical sensor system
                                                                                     and optimisation are being investigated,
  testing                                                                            such as the introduction of modelling
● Camouflage testing
                                                                                     techniques and the use of multi-spectral
● Countermeasure measurements
                                                                                     and hyperspectral processing.

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CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and Security

Lee Annamalai
Competence Area Manager

Tel: + 27 12 841 3039
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