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									                                   PSYCHOLOGY -

                 WHAT ARE MY CAREER OPTIONS?

Psychology graduates have excellent career      Their further study includes:
opportunities open to them across a range
of employment sectors. Some will choose to      PhD Psychology (various specialisms), MSc
pursue a career in professional psychology,     Occupational Psychology, MA Linguistics,
but many will enter non-psychology roles in     MSc Psychological Research Methods, MSc
private and public sector organisations. This   Rehabilitation Psychology, Master of Music
leaflet is a starting point for Psychology      Therapy, MSc International Business, PGCE,
students wondering about the options with       Law Conversion, ACA Accountancy.
their degree.
                                                Who employs Psychology graduates?

Every year, the University Centre for Career    A look through recent surveys tells us that
Development collects data on Nottingham         Nottingham Psychology graduates are
graduates for the Destination of Leavers        working in government departments, the
from Higher Education Survey. This tells us     NHS, the financial sector, education,
what graduates are doing six months after       business consultancy, IT, advertising,
graduation.                                     market research, social care etc.

Key statistics from Destinations of             I want to be a chartered psychologist?
2005/06 Psychology graduates
(Nottingham)                                    All routes into professional psychology
                                                require experience and a postgraduate
Employment                   30%                qualification. It‟s a long, hard road and your
Work & Study                  8%                motivation will be tested on the way.
Further Study                15%                However, the rewards are worthwhile – not
Not available for work       10%                only in terms of salary but also job
(including gap year)                            satisfaction and career progression.
No study/employment          6%
                                                If you are interested in such a career, read
Their jobs include:                             our leaflet „Options in Professional
                                                Psychology‟ available in the Resource Area
Clinical Psychologist, Education                and also on the CCD web site.
Psychologist, Psychologist, Psychotherapist,
Biological Scientist, Computer Analyst,         I don’t want to use my psychology
Educational Assistant, Special Needs            directly?
Education Teaching Professional, Primary
Teacher, Charity Officer, Drug Worker,          This is not a problem – employers in most
Social Worker, Nursing Auxiliary,               sectors value a psychology degree for the
Broadcaster, Advertising & Marketing            skills which it gives. However, this does
Executive, Market Research Analyst,             also mean that the choices are broad and
Finance Manager, Personnel Officer.             that you will need to think carefully about
                                                your strengths and interests in order to find
                                                a career which suits you. The information
and advice on the following pages will help          Critical judgement/independent
you.                                                  thinking

How do I find out about work                   In other words, Psychology graduates
experience and job opportunities?              should be well-equipped to meet the
                                               requirements of employers as described
For those of you looking at professional       below.
psychology, then the BPS website is the
first point of information:                    Skills Employers look for
Information on occupations and vacancies       Typically any graduate recruiter will look for
outside psychology can be found on the         evidence of a range skills or competencies
CCD web site:                                  relevant to the job. This would be sought and also on       within an application and at interview. In
the Prospects web site:                        some cases you will need to demonstrate                            appropriate technical/subject skills as well.
You can also explore areas of work and         In general most graduate recruiters will
individual employers through the CCD           look for the following skills:
programme of events, which includes
presentations, skills workshops and            Motivation and enthusiasm - having
professional talks. And remember to check      energy and enthusiasm in pursuing
our vacancy pages regularly.                   projects. Evidence you might have includes
                                               reading books beyond the core material
What about postgraduate study?                 recommended for your course, joining a
                                               professional body relevant to your subject
Further study may be essential for some        area, doing voluntary work in a career
careers e.g. teaching, law or professional     related field, pursuing an interest or activity
psychology, but it can also be a satisfying    for a significant period of time, especially
way of pursuing particular interests in your   when it involves personal improvement.
own subject. However, there are costs
involved – the cost of time and money – so     Team working - working well with others
think carefully about why you want to do it    in order to achieve a common objective.
and how it links in to your future plans.      Evidence you might have includes academic
Talk it over with a careers adviser before     group project work, team sports, working
committing yourself. Look at the Postgrad      on a committee, working with others to
Study section on           organise an event, being part of a team in a
Skills of Psychology Graduates
                                               Communication        -    the    ability   to
According to information included in the       communicate effectively through speech, in
QAA subject Benchmark Statements               writing or electronically.    Evidence you
(      might have includes your coursework and
ure/benchmark/honours/default.asp)             presentations,      being      a       course
Psychology graduates gain both subject-        representative, working in a customer
specific and generic skills, including:        focused role such as shop or bar work.

      analytical skills (both quantitative    Flexibility and adaptability - the ability
       and qualitative                         to handle change and adapt to new
      research design                         situations.   Evidence you might have
      IT                                      includes independent travel, working part-
      Numerical/statistical skills            time while studying, or successfully
      Communication                           changing course.
      Team working
Initiative and proactivity - the ability to    Even within the not-for-profit sector this
seize opportunities and to set and achieve     level of understanding about the world you
own goals.     Evidence you might have         will be working in, is important.
includes   organising   work    experience,
setting up your own society or organising a    Help available for the Centre for Career
charity event.                                 Development
                                               For full information about our services,
Other   skills sought might include:           including people you can talk to, see our
•        Leadership                            leaflet: Introduction to the Centre for Career
•        Problem Analysis/Problem Solving      Development (CCD) - making the most of the
•        Judgement/Decision Making Skills      CCD. This and the leaflets listed below
•        Imagination and creativity            are all available from the Resources page
•        IT competency                         of our website:
•        Numerical competency        
Use employers‟ websites and job adverts to
identify those appropriate to the career of    The following leaflets will help you get
your choice.                                   started:
                                                No Idea about a Career
Finally use the Personal Evidence Database      Exploring Options
(PED) in ePARS to make the most of what you     Networking - what it is and how to do it
have achieved while you are studying at the     Gap Year
University of Nottingham. Go to the ePARS       Work Experience - everyone's talking
tab in the Student Portal.                         about it
                                                Making the Most of Work Experience
Be Business Aware                               Making Career Decisions
Business or commercial awareness is one of      Looking for Jobs
the key skills regularly flagged up by          Looking for Jobs Locally
employers as being a skill they need, but       Writing a CV
which too many graduates lack. You do not       Completing Application Forms
need to have studied a business degree to       Writing Skills for CVs and Applications
gain it. If a business career interests you,    At Your Interview
start to take some steps now to improve
your knowledge.                                Our website contains a wealth of other
Broadly employers are looking for evidence      Where to start – click here for ideas about
of an in-depth understanding of the job you        exploring jobs
would be doing and an understanding of the      Options – click here for useful links on
business environment you would be                  Work/Study/Gap Year
working in.    Read our leaflet “Exploring      Careers resources
your options” available via our website to      Applications and CVs
help you do this.                               Latest vacancies
                                                Events      -    careers  talks,  employer
You can build up your knowledge of your            presentations, skills training sessions
chosen sector by keeping up to date with           (many only take place in Autumn Term)
relevant     business    news      through
newspapers and specialist journals. Use        We include a regular update of our events and
the Web if you do not buy a paper              other useful information in the “My Future”
regularly. The BBC website is very good for    section of the Student Portal and you can also
business news. You may need to get a basic     get this as an RSS.
business           textbook.           Visit      for     useful    The Resource Area in the CCD contains a wide
background resources.                          range of printed and electronic resources. You
                                               can come in and use these when the Centre is
open as you would the library. You do not          20 minute guidance/advice appointments.
need an appointment. You can research               These are confidential discussions which
anything from how to become an Actuary to a         take place in the careers adviser‟s room
Zookeeper. We provide information about             and can be used for topics such as getting
work experience, graduate jobs, further study       started,     postgraduate   study,    work
and taking a gap year. If you are applying for      experience, course change etc
jobs then we have information about putting a      15 minute CV/application advice. These
CV together, how to fill out application forms      are used for feedback on aspects of written
and what to expect in an interview. You can         applications
use our computers to research your career
ideas and you can ask for help if you can't       You can either call in to the Centre or
find what you are looking for. The Information    telephone use from 10am on the day to
Manager and the Information Officers are          arrange a time. During vacation, quick query
there to help you with queries such as:           times may vary, so please telephone to check
       getting started
       finding out about different career        40      minute        Individual    Guidance
        ideas                                     Interviews by appointment – If you have
       ideas on what to do with your subject     not used us before, you will need to have a
       work experience                           quick query appointment or talk to the
       how to use Prospect Planner, our          information manager first. These interviews
        computer careers guidance system          take place in a private office with a careers
       how to search electronic and paper-       adviser.      Guidance interview are most
        based careers resources                   effective in helping you to:
                                                       Choose what to do next - through
There's also a wide range of materials for you            discussion, the Careers Adviser can
to take away, including information leaflets              help you to assess your personal
produced by ourselves and publications giving             strengths, weaknesses and skills and
details of employers who recruit in different             begin to think about how these relate
career areas.                                             to different career options
                                                       Evaluate different ideas and make
In   addition you    can   make     use  of               decisions, a national graduate               Plan a strategy for getting into your
website which has a range of useful                       chosen area
resources. Try the following links from the
menu:                                             The Adviser will expect you to prepare for the
                                                  meeting. Use the Getting Started area of our
   Explore types of jobs – for job profiles of   website or our leaflets “No Idea about a
    over 400 graduate careers                     Career” to help you generate ideas. If you
   Explore job sectors – for an insight into a   have vaguely thought about becoming an
    range of industries and sectors chosen by     advertising executive, for example, then find
    graduates                                     out about the work and the kind of employers
   Options with your subject                     who recruit. The information staff at CCD can
   Explore working abroad                        help you identify resources. Once you are
   Postgraduate study – for a full list of       armed with this kind of information a Careers
    courses and advice on how to apply            Adviser can help you to apply it to your own
                                                  situation.     If you have never spoken to a
Seeing a Careers Adviser                          Careers Adviser at CCD previously then a
                                                  Quick      Query    session   is   usually  our
Quick Query Appointments - There are two          recommendation especially if you are in the
types of quick query appointments offered         initial stages of exploring your ideas and have
between 10.30am and 4pm.                          never used our recommended resources.

                                                                                      RR Oct 2007
Suggested timetable for your Final Year:
Early Deadlines:
-   Fast Stream Civil Service – 30th November 2007
-   Large firms of Accountants, City Banks & other commercial employers – often before Christmas
-   Teacher training: PGCE – deadline for primary level is early December. None for secondary level but
    early application advised
Things to do:
-   Research potential employers or postgraduate opportunities
-   attend relevant employer presentations – AIESEC Fair 29/30 October; Law Fair 25th October
-   Attend postgraduate open days e.g. Nottingham‟s is 07/11/07
-   attend relevant Careers In .. talks
-   attend CCD Skills workshops
-   update CV and prepare application forms
-   look at Centre for Career Development vacancy pages
-   use CCD website for on-line news and events, talk to careers advisers.
-   Continue to apply to advertised vacancies and send off speculative applications if appropriate
-   Make postgraduate study applications including for funding
-   Attend relevant employer presentations
-   Attend relevant careers events
-   Make plans for „time out‟
-   Law – CPE/Diploma in law, closing date mid February
Continue applying for vacancies
Attend Recruitment Fair in June
Apply for a password to access CCD Web off campus.

                        For more information and advice contact us at:

                                Centre for Career Development (CCD)
                                   Portland Building, Level D West
                                           University Park
                                              NG7 2RD
                                            0115 9513680

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