Integration of Sensor Systems by ito20106


									Integration of Sensor Systems

                      26 January 2010

                      Thomas J. Sides
 Division Head, Global Maritime Security Systems
     Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dam Neck
                 26 January 2010

  DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for Public Release; Distribution is unlimited
                      C2/ISR Sensor Strategy

Multi-agency                                                   Systems Functions
Civil                                                          National Sensors
Coalition                                                      Tactical Sensors
DOD                                                            Combat Systems
                                                               Unmanned Sensors
Missions Areas                                                     IMINT
Homeland Defense                                                   MASINT
GWOT                                                               SIGINT
MDA                      UDOP                   NMCOP              CI / HUMINT
BMD                                                                OSINT
Counter Drug                                                       LEA/Commercial

A single identical display of relevant info shared by more than one command,
 supporting an operational enterprise beyond DOD, with a dynamic tailoring
                 support STATEMENT A: Approved and Release; Distribution is unlimited
   capability to DISTRIBUTION real-world OPSfor Public future planning requirements.    2
                   Netted Sensors Way Ahead

 Current State                                                                                Future State

                                            ISR rs
                                           Se ns
                                      ISR rs                       bat
                                         so                     om m
                                                               C te
                                     Sen                        Sys ors

                               C5ISR Netted Sensors

 “The ability to share extremely accurate information (raw sensor measurement
 data) in real time between ships, aircraft, and land-based air-defense units. All
sensors and weapons will be used in a common battle space to the full extent of
        their capabilities and displayed on a Common Operating Picture”
                                                                                            - Office of the CNO
                 DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for Public Release; Distribution is unlimited                 3

•   Systems of Systems Integration
    Technology, People, Organizations, Culture, Policy, Processes
•   Integration and Fusion of Disparate Sensors
    Technology, Requirements, Policy, Processes
•   Supporting Architecture
    Adaptable, Modular, Open, Non-proprietary, Scalable, Interoperable
•   Data Strategy
    Data Sets and Messaging Structures
    Operator Overload
    Security - Data Integrity, Multi Level, Cross Domain
•   Acquisition
    Cost, Organizational practices, Policy

             DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for Public Release; Distribution is unlimited   4
                            Operationally Relevant Sensor Netting
                                   “Systems of Systems”
                                                          NATC PAX RIVER
                                                          NATC PAX RIVER      Wallops
                      NSWC Dahlgren
                      NSWC Dahlgren
                   IWSL, Ranges, ATRC,
                                                           CEC Equipped
                                                            CEC Equipped      Island
                    IWSL, Ranges, ATRC,                   E2C, P3 Aircraft
                      Directed Energy                      E2C, P3 Aircraft
                      Directed Energy                            IFF
                                                           SIGINT, ELINT
                                                           SIGINT, ELINT                             SCSC WALLOPS ISLAND
                                                                                                     SCSC WALLOPS ISLAND
                                                                                                CVN, DDG, CG, DDG-1000, CG(X)
                                                                                                 CVN, DDG, CG, DDG-
                                                                                                                DDG-1000, CG(X)         W-386 B
                                  Reedville                                                             Core C2 Systems
                                                                                                         Core C2 Systems
                                   Tower                                                      SPY, DBR, SPS-
                                                                                                        SPS-48, SPS-
                                                                                                                   SPS-73, SPQ- IFF
                                                                                              SPY, DBR, SPS-48, ,, SPS-73, SPQ-9 IFF
                                                                   Eastville                            CEC / Data Links
                                                                                                         CEC / Data Links

     Army Research,
      Army Research,
Development & Engineering
Development & Engineering
     Aviation Applied       Ft Eustis      Langley AFB
      Aviation Applied
    Technology Division
    Technology Division
                                           Langley AFB

                                                                                                                                       W-387 A/B
                                        Ft Monroe
                                                   C2F      Ft Story
                                        NSWC CCD
                                        NSWC CCD
                            USJFCOM                MOC

                                                            NSWC DN                                                                     W-72B

                                                                  NSWC Dam Neck
                                                                  NSWC Dam Neck
                                                                   CVN, LHA, LHD
                                                                   CVN, LHA, LHD
                                                                  Core C2 Systems
                                                                  Core C2 Systems
                                                         SPS 48, SPS-
                                                                 SPS-49, SPS-
                                                                         SPS-67, SPQ- IFF
                                                         SPS 48, SPS-49, SPS-67, SPQ-9, IFF
                                                               CEC / Data Links / MSI
                                                               CEC / Data Links / MSI

  Only Test and Training Space in the World with Overlapping Tactical Sensors

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