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									                     Fly like a Butterfly
Butterfly Technology Solutions is an innovative company specializing in interactive media
solutions. We provide comprehensive liaison strategies with in-depth knowledge to ensure high
quality delivery of solutions through technology. We employ a unique and practical approach to
examine and find solutions in the area of public media demonstration.

“Butterfly Films” is a new and exciting partnership division established through collaborations
with our partners in the ACT region, after we realized the need for a firm to service the growing
Indian and Australian film communities in Canberra and Southern NSW. We have partnered with
some of the top media firms in Australia with whom we have the skill of creating high quality
media solutions. Having such partnerships enables us to make use of the collective experience
and knowledge of film and television production.

We work predominantly within the film industry and are the only firm in Canberra able to offer this
service. We can also procure HD and other video solutions if needed. Our unique relationships
with professionals in the industry mean that we can source the very best production staff and
equipment. Through Butterfly Films we are now proud to be able to offer Indian film companies
the opportunity to come to the Australian Capital Region to film, be it a high-end television
commercial or feature film. We are also looking for interested parties in producing a contemporary
film that is set in India and Canberra and look forward to the prospect of working with Bollywood
and other Indian film producers.

Butterfly Films can provide you with all equipment, location, crew, casting, accommodation and
other needs. We can also provide you with links and assistance to funding opportunities and
other related areas, such as tax offset agreements. Finally, Butterfly Films are keen to make
strong alliances with our counterparts in India and Bollywood and look forward to working with
you soon.

Our key services include:

Talent Search: We have access to directors, camera operators, DOPs, studios, producers, audio
suites, leading-edge editing, grips, make-up, set design, actors, script-writers, location
management, film & high definition camera hire, duplication, composers, musicians. You name it,
we have it.

Location Services: Our consultants will provide film producers with a service that is the best.
Our locations gallery offers a „taste‟ of what is out there and we understand the needs of location
managers and producers. We provide a tailor made personal service and will do our very best to
provide you with images and information that you request.

Animations and Special effects: We have a team of consultants who specialize in the creation
of 3D content for Film, Television, Web, CD, DVD and Computer Games projects. We are able to
excel in animation, SFX or compositing and will deliver the highest standard of work to your
specific requirements - or produce innovative and appropriate solutions to your situation.

Productions Services: One of our partners, NRS Studios has over 20 years experience in the
industry and are Canberra‟s most advanced television and audio production facility. They can
provide a multi-million dollar studio, highly experienced and creative staff and production
personnel. NRS also owns a Lachlan River Studios, which is a 10,000 m2 HDTV and Film
production facility.
                     Wings of ‘Butterfly’
Mithun Alexander is the CEO of Butterfly Technology Solutions. He has extensive experience in
project Management in the entertainment sector in Canberra and has produced many complex
productions. He has been in involved with many Indian local productions in Canberra and was the
executive producer for Canberra‟s first Bollywood production: “Samosa-Tale of love”. He is a
researcher with the Australian National University in secure content delivery through new media
technologies over the internet. He is also the Young FECCA Chair at FECCA.

Amin Palangi is a filmmaker and a digital artist who works have been selected to on National
Geographic and recently BBC International. He has his own digital studio, RUMI Digital Studio,
where he does film and graphic design. He has made several short films and animations, some of
which have been shown at different film festivals such as the „Short Seasons Film Festival‟ in
Canberra and others throughout Australia. He has also been commissioned by different
governmental organizations, such as Urban Services and DIMIA to make documentaries about
some of their projects. He is currently the Executive director of Butterfly media division.

Felix Rumah is a Multimedia specialist with over 7 years experience in digital and new media
technologies. He owns AcromediaShop which is a firm that provides web solutions and has
extensive experience in web, animation, film, video, sound, print media, advertising, marketing
and public relations. His work has been screened in Australia in various shows including the ABC.
He is currently Technical Analyst a

Robert Pickles is a seasoned film industry professional who has over ten years production
experience with the BBC/Channel 4 in the UK with dozens of documentary film credits. Robert
has been working for the NSW/ACT Government for the past two years promoting the Capital
Region as a film-making destination, so he understands the market and how other states
continue to entice big budget films. He relocated his film company from England to Australia in
1999. He is consultant

Dan Ashcroft is the chairman of the National Film and Theatre Institute. He has been involved in
amateur film and theatre for the last 20 years. He has a very strong commercial background with
ten years experience in a range of commercial and financial management roles, as well as
running 2 companies of his own. Dan brings a strong understanding of the artistic process of film
and theatre, and combines it with the commercial requirements of business and investment to
achieve outcomes with artistic merit and a good return on investment.
                        10 REASONS 2 A.C.T.
1. Distinctive locations: The ACT and Capital Region are positioned in a unique part of
Australia, offering an amazing array of diverse locations. Along with breathtaking landscapes, the
region‟s coastline is pristine, with untouched hinterlands and rainforests. The Capital Region
boasts having the highest mountain in Australia; sweeping grasslands; vineyards; diverse farming
infrastructure; fishing fleets; quaint heritage villages full of colonial architecture and gold rush
legacies, and of course Canberra, the Nation‟s Capital.

2. The Nation’s Capital: As the seat of Federal Government, the city is also the national capital.
As a result there is large number of national institutions within the city. These include the National
Gallery, National Museum, National Library, National Portrait Gallery, War Memorial, Film and
Sound Archives, High Court, Science Centre, Royal Australian Mint, National Botanical Gardens,
Australian Defence Force Academy and Royal Military College.

3. Government: Canberra‟s one tier of government for the entire region compared with two or
sometimes three tiers of government in other states is considered a strong advantage. Countries
with diplomatic links to Australia have their embassies or high commissions in Canberra. All
Australian government departments are headquartered in Canberra. The ACT Government is
keen to embrace the Indian Film community and welcomes film companies to the region. The
ACT Chief Ministers visit to India in Feb 2007 is clear indication of the level of commitment.

4. Ideal Conditions: Canberra is blessed with very low pollution levels, which means clearer
skies and brighter days along with sunrises and sunsets – all of which produce cleaner and
sharper film images. . The region can boast a quality of light not available in other major cities,
due to such low levels of pollution = and Canberra‟s elevation above sea level. Crisp and clear
winter days‟ produce light that has previously been described as „like champagne!‟. Moreover,
very low noise pollution means better quality sound recording and less frequent stop/start
recording compared to large cities. Canberra‟s low volume of traffic compared to Sydney and
Melbourne means that it is easier for film crews to move around the city - quickly and easily.

5. Multicultural And Global: Canberra has a broad multi-cultural population that lives
harmoniously together. Over 50 % of the demographic profile in Canberra was either born
overseas, or one of the parents was born overseas. Canberra also has Australia‟s most highly
educated population and a cosmopolitan feel, with International students from around the world
studying at its five tertiary institutions. The Australian National University was ranked 1st in
Australia and 16th best in the world in 2005 by the Times Educational Supplement.

6. Transport and Accommodation: Most of the region is easily accessible by air, road or rail.
Canberra has an international airport and a number of smaller airports. Sydney is just is a three
hour drive from Canberra and 45 minutes by air. The ACT and Capital Region offer a wide variety
of accommodation including five star hotels along with quaint B&B‟s. Many of the region‟s towns
have excellent motel accommodation. Camping is permitted in some areas of National Parks.

7. Safety: Canberra has the lowest crime rate of any Australian capital city with comparatively
low levels of all major crimes. As a result, security costs for film production are considerably lower
than if filming in any other major Australian city.
8. Four Seasons: Canberra‟s consistent weather patterns means that it is likely to have several
good weeks in a row, rather than a mixture of sunny, cloudy and rainy days. The ACT and Capital
Region experience four „true‟ weather seasons every year - providing filmmakers with attractive
opportunities. Winter can be very cold and icy, with fog clinging to city lakes, grassy plains and
the deep valleys around the snowfields and snow-capped mountains. Autumn in Canberra and
many other towns is spectacular, as green leaves turn into a myriad of golden browns, reds and
oranges. Spring is a delightful and colorful time, as the landscape comes to life having been
dormant throughout the winter. Summer temperatures are normally warm or hot, with National
Parks and farming areas wearing a dry Australian look.

9. Cost: Canberra is generally a low cost production destination. Our local facilities, companies
and personnel do not have the same big city overheads that are found in Sydney and Melbourne,
thus we are able to provide services at significantly reduced rates. When this is added to the
lower cost of accommodation, locations and other sundry services, the savings that film
companies are able to make in Canberra can be quite significant.

10. Funding Incentives - Butterfly films will provide consultancy to find funds for different
projects. These schemes include loan facilities also. Some of the attractive schemes in Australia
are listed below.

Regional Film Fund: RFF provides assistance up to 35% of the budgeted costs for filming in regional NSW
(i.e., up to $100,000 per production). The funds can be employed for the production of feature films,
television series and serials, documentaries, mini-series and tele-movies.

AFC Funding: The AFC‟s Film Development programs aim to support originality, diversity and creative
ambition, in the development of Australian practitioners and their projects. They provide project
development, production investment and professional development assistance throughout the year, with
new guidelines issued every July.

AFC Refundable Tax Offset: The Australian Government‟s Refundable Tax Offset scheme (the offset),
provides a tax incentive for film production companies to locate large budget film and television series‟
production in Australia. The offset provides a benefit worth 12.5 percent of the film, qualifying Australian
production expenditure. This benefit is provided to the film‟s production company through the company‟s tax
return. The offset amount will be submitted against the Australian Federal tax liabi lities accrued in the
production of the film, with any excess refunded. The Australian Government has extended the offset to take
up television series.

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