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Launching careers

As a CPA, your career options are       Want to continue your
endless. With a base of professional    study at university?
accounting skills, pursuing a career
                                        Being a CPA gains you exemptions
in finance, accounting or business
                                        in masters programs, including
leads to opportunities in:
                                        MBAs, at a number of universities.
+   Corporates (private enterprises
                                        Want to work in markets
    such as Microsoft, Holden
                                        around the globe?
    or BHP Billiton)
+   SMEs (small to medium               Through CPA Australia’s network
    enterprises such as wineries,       of offices, mutual recognition
    sporting clubs or fashion labels)   agreements with other professional
                                        accounting bodies and employer
+   Public Sector (government
                                        relationships, you can.
    departments such as Department
    of Foreign Affairs and Trade)       Want to work in a multinational
+   Public Practice (ranging in         corporation, a family-owned
    size, these firms offer services    SME, a government department
    to clients for a fee, such as       or in a university faculty?
    KPMG or Moore Stephens)             The CPA designation opens
Wherever you want to work and           up all these destinations.
whatever type of accounting, finance    Achieving CPA status means that you
and business work you want to do,       are recognised, relevant and ready.
being a CPA takes you more places.

A global network of
over 800,000 members

With a membership base of more than
122,000 professionals in more than
100 countries around the globe, we
are one of the largest, most recognised
and respected accounting bodies in
the world. More than 21,000 CPAs hold
senior positions of CEO, CFO, GM or
Financial Controller, showing that many
different careers can be built on a
base of professional accounting skills.
Through strategic alliances with other
organisations in North America,
Europe and Asia, our members
form part of a network of over
800,000 professional accountants.

                                                  CPA Australia:
                                          Start your career now
CPA opens up a world
of career opportunities
                                                                       In this leadership
                                                                       role, Anne employs
                                                                       the strategic
                                                                       approach and a
David Spong FCPA

                                                                       global perspective
David Spong om eted his CPA                                            – all skills that she
while working s a group management
accountant at Network Foods in
                                                                       gained through
Australia. “I had ambitions far beyond                                 CPA Program.
strict accounting roles,” says David.
“The CPA designation was the best

way to realise those ambitions.” His
instincts proved correct. David’s CPA
qualification was a key attraction for
Ericsson, who hired him in 1997. At
the tender age of 32, he was put on
the fast track and promoted to CFO
for Saudi Arabia. It was a role for
which CPA Program’s emphasis on
leadership prepared him well. The                                    Anne La Fontaine FCPA
leadership skills that David displayed
in the role drew him to the attention                                In her career at Hewlett Packard, Anne
of LM Ericsson, the listed parent                                    La Fontaine has demonstrated abilities
company in Sweden, where David                                       well beyond traditional accounting.
ran strategic change projects that                                   Anne began her career at Shell Oil
affected the global operation’s 20,000                               before undertaking CPA Program.
employees. Today, David is CFO of                                    The skills she gained equipped
Ericsson’s operations in Australia, New                              her with world-class technical and
Zealand and the Pacific Islands, with                                analytical capabilities - plus the ability
responsibility for an annual turnover                                to think creatively. Since becoming
of over a billion dollars. The people                                a CPA, her career journey has seen
David now seeks to hire at Ericsson                                  her move up through roles such as
are a great reflection of CPA                                        financial analyst, project manager,
Program: “We are looking for                                         accounting transaction manager
finance professionals who look                                       and Asia Pacific Controller for HP
beyond the numbers. They need to                                     Leasing. Her success has seen her
be able to work with salespeople,                                    promoted to her current position of
project managers and engineers                                       South Pacific finance director. She runs
- to be business enablers.”                                          the finance team, provides oversight
                                                                     for the administration teams and is
                                                                     the steward of HP Australia and New
                                                                     Zealand’s assets. In this leadership
                                                                     role, Anne employs a strategic

                                                                     approach and global perspective
                                          “I had ambitions far       – all skills that she gained through CPA
                                                                     Program. It is these skills coupled with
                                          beyond strict accounting   a drive to succeed that have enabled
                                          roles,” says David. “The   her to make a major contribution to
                                                                     the entire organisation, implementing
                                          CPA designation was
                                                                     a strategy that resulted in a 40 per
                                          the best way to realise    cent increase in productivity. They
                                          those ambitions.”          have also helped make her an
                                                                     international CPA success story.
CPA Passport

CPA Passport is CPA Australia’s         Internship program                       Opportunities in Asia
global student network and it’s your
                                        The CPA Australia Internship             If you’re an international student
ticket to the broadest career options
                                        Program is about helping you find        interested in working or living
available. Through CPA Passport,
                                        relevant professional experience         overseas, then CPA Australia’s
you gain access to more resources,
                                        throughout Australia, China, Hong        Opportunities in Asia event is for you!

networking opportunities, study
                                        Kong, Singapore and Malaysia with
support, ongoi g training and work                                               It’s a great opportunity to get the
                                        great employers. Over 90 organisations
experience p grams than with any                                                 latest advice on employment and
                                        signed up for the program in 2008
other profession l body of its kind.                                             industry developments in Singapore,
                                        from industries such as banking,
                                                                                 Hong Kong, Malaysia and China.
Graduate Careers Conference             energy, finance, government,
                                                                                 There will also be an opportunity to
                                        professional services and resources.
If you’re currently studying,                                                    network with our representatives
graduating this year, or have already   CPA Australia is committed to            from Asia Pacific, who can tell you
graduated, all the information you      providing the next generation of         more about how to become a CPA.
need about graduate positions           accounting, finance and business
                                                                                 Magazine access
can be found at the CPA Australia       professionals with quality, paid
Graduate Careers Conference.            professional experience and              As a CPA Passport student you’ll
                                        will be providing an internship          get access to Real Business
You can even find your dream job
                                        program again during 2009.               magazine – the only finance,
in accounting or finance, discover
                                                                                 accounting and business magazine
different employment options and        For further information about the
                                                                                 catering specifically for students.
learn job-seeking techniques.           2009 – 2010 internship program,
Talk to a number of high-profile        keep an eye on the CPA Careers           Professional and
employers about what they look          website over the coming months.          current resources
for in successful applicants.                                                    When assignment time hits,
All students studying at university                                              there’s no better resource than
or TAFE are welcome to attend;                                         
however, you have to be a                                                        Find everything you need to
CPA Passport student.                                                            know from the world of finance,
For more information visit                                                       accounting and business.                                                                All FREE with CPA Passport
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                                         of the Professional Programs
                                           Business Unit is certified to
                                          ISO 9001. This certification
                                      demonstrates a commitment to
                                       meeting and maintaining world
                                       standards for quality, continual
                                          improvement and customer
                                        satisfaction for CPA Program.

                                     All references to ‘CPA’ within this
                                  brochure are references to ‘Certified
                                    Practising Accountants’ or ‘CPAs’
                                     as certified by CPA Australia Ltd.

                                                              SO 9001

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