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									What could I do with a degree in

T   he good news is half of all vacancies for recent graduates are open to those with a degree in any
    discipline including yours! The remaining careers require specific training or education — some of
which you are already qualified for. Be prepared; you will soon find that no degree on its own is enough
to get you a job.

Each employer will be seeking different sets of skills and some of them will come from your degree. You
will need to actively develop any missing required skills through work, volunteer, and extra-curricular
experiences to gain a competitive advantage. Start by using this guide to help you brainstorm potential
careers of interest, and continue by researching specific occupations in the Career Resource Library.
Career profiles with a check mark ( ) can be viewed using Career Cruising and Career Descriptions
binders, both available at the Career Centre.

What are my direct career options?
     Actuary                                   Logistics specialist                      Research assistant
   • Assistant research officer                Laboratory technician                     Radiographer
     Astronomer                                Physicist                                 Teacher
   • Instrument maker                          Operations research analyst               Underwriter

What are my alternative career options?
                                           • Artificial intelligence developer           Computer engineer
                                             Astronomer                                  Meteorologist
                                             Astrophysicist                              Quality controller
        Natural and applied sciences         Biophysicist                                Software programmer

                                           • Account manager                          • Marketing associate
                                             Auditor                                    Personal financial planner
               Business, finance, and        Bookkeeper                                 Project manager
                      administration         Investment banker                          Surveyor

          Social sciences, education,         Economist                               • Policy researcher
                         and religion         Market research analyst                   Public policy analyst

                                           • Merchandise buyer                          Sales representative
                   Sales and services      • Technical equipment sales                • System support representative

               Art, culture, recreation,      Special librarian
                             and sports       Technical writer

                                              Optician technician
                                  Health      Radiation therapist

             Trades, apprenticeships,        Carpenter
                and primary industry       • Construction estimator
                                                Problem analysis and reasoning                    Research and gathering information
What skills will I                              • Analyze problems and strategize                 • Collect information with attention to
                                                  options                                           detail

develop studying                                • Intellectual capacity to learn and think
                                                                                                  • Employ various analysis research
                                                                                                  • Review and evaluate goals and policies
                                                • Capability to relate theory to practice
physics?                                                                                          Organizational skills
                                                Quantitative                                      • Maintain an accurate and precise
                                                • Perform calculations                              tabulation of data
                                                • Apply statistical tests to data to analyze      • Ability to meet deadlines

Where have previous graduates worked?                                                                     Did you know…
Financial, insurance and real estate            Education
• TD Canada Trust                               • University of Toronto
• CIBC                                          • Smart Abacus Education Centre                      • Pierre and Marie Curie are the
                                                • Toronto District School Board
                                                                                                        first and only husband and wife to
Wholesale and Retail
• HBC                                           Business services                                       receive the Nobel Prize in
• Old Navy                                      • Ernst & Young                                         Physics.
• L.L. Bean
                                                                                                     • Max Born received the Nobel
• Walmart                                       Telecommunication
                                                • AT&T Bell Laboratories                                Prize in Physics in 1954 and his
Government                                      • Rogers Communication Inc.                             granddaughter is Olivia Newton-
• Bank of Canada
                                                                                                        John, the famous singer and
• Agriculture Financial Services                Transportation
• Statistics Canada                             • FedEx                                                 actress.
• Government departments (all levels)

    Where can I find more information?

                   • Careers for Scientific Types and Others with Inquiring Minds — Jan Goldberg
       Books       • Alternative Careers in Science — Cynthia Robbins-Roth
                   • Advice to Rocket Scientists — Jim Longuski

                   • Physics Today Job Search Service —
    Web links      • The American Institute of Physics —
                   • Physical Review Letters —

 The Career Resource Library has a collection of over 2,000 print and electronic resources spanning all areas of career development
 and the job search. Research career options, educational programs, organizations, and industries as well as résumé, interview, and
 networking strategies. A reference librarian is always available to assist you in finding the best resources to meet your specific needs.

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