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HHS Careers by hnj68713


									                                               Web Communications Division (WCD) December/January Update
                                               design and content consulting . web content management . google
                                               search . webcrawling policy tester . webtrends metrics . design
                                               support . Q/A database . enterprise portal . governance .
                                      . usability . . video
                                               hosting . translation . blogging . wikis
                                               Prudence Goforth, Director. Richard Stapleton, Deputy.


HHS Careers                                                     “Organizing” Org Charts
One resource for all your employment needs!
                                                                After reviewing 157 HHS agency Web-based
                               The new HHS Careers Web          organization charts, the WCD found (surprise!!)
                               site is live! In addition to a   that no one does it the same way. Working with
                               new look and feel, the           WCD, the HHS Transition Team determined that a
                               Careers site offers              standardized format was needed to better convey
                               comprehensive information        agency structure.
                               on how to find and apply for
                               jobs at HHS.                     The standard organizational chart should include
                                                                links to deeper
                               Additional resources are         organizational
                               available for Department         levels from the
                               employees, including             “office boxes.”
guidance and tips on resumes, KSAs (knowledge, skills           Office boxes
and abilities), and training programs. The HHS Careers          should not contain
site also provides key information for students,                people’s names. A
graduates, and interns. Go there today to see what’s            left sidebar should be used
new in opportunities for you!                                   to provide links to                                             organizational entity home
508 Lab is Open for Business                                    For further guidance on how
                                                                OpDivs and StaffDivs can
WCD has assembled a 508 Lab with a collection of                display charts indicating how
assistive and evaluative technologies for use by OpDivs         offices are structured
and StaffDivs.                 functionally, contact Linda Adams at
You can:                                               | 202.205.2805.

• 	 Test web pages and files with a screen reader for
    accessibility for people with visual disabilities
                                                                Web Council Schedule
                                                                The next Web Council meeting is scheduled for 

• 	 Remediate existing or create new accessible PDFs
                                                                December 11, 2008, from 9 am to 1 pm in the

    and forms
                                                                Humphrey Building, Room 800.

• 	 Simplify evaluation of forms and tagging tables             The meeting will cover the 508 update, new 

                                                                crawler, and new standards, and will feature 

• 	 Record screen activity to create captioned demos
                                                                presentations on social media. 

    and simulations
                                                                2009 Dates*

...and much more!
                                                                January 7 · February 5 · March 5 ·

Contact the WCD Consultant for your OpDiv or StaffDiv           April 2 · June 4 

to schedule a time to use the lab. Let your consultant
                                                                * All currently scheduled meetings will be held at the
know what software you are interested in using and if           Humphrey Building. Please visit the HHS Web meetings
you would like a tutorial.              page for more information. | 202.670.7579.                                     webcouncil/meetings/index.html

Web Crawler Update                                              New WCD Staff
WCD is in the process of configuring Digital Diagnostics        Please welcome Maria Everette who recently
so the tool checks 508 according to our standards and           joined us from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
coding practices. We’re looking forward to working with         Firearms and Explosives.
all OpDivs to get the tool running in a way that benefits | 202.205.5125
everyone! Department-wide training will roll out
beginning in mid-to-late January.

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