Developing a Product Innovation Strategy and Deciding Your New

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					    Developing a Product Innovation Strategy and Deciding Your New
   Product Portfolio: Making Strategic Choices and Picking the Winners
                                        March 10-11, 2009 • Clearwater, Florida

                                          What Is Your Challenge?
                                            “We need help to pick, rate, and rank projects and make better R&D investment decisions.”

                                            “Our CEO wants a development pipeline containing high value projects to our company.”
                                            “We have trouble saying NO...and end up with too many projects, ultimately getting us nowhere.”

                                            “Picking the right development projects and platforms to invest in is at the heart of
                                             successful product innovation.”
                                                                             – Dr. Robert Cooper
                                                                               Internationally acclaimed expert in Product Innovation

  Dr. Robert G. Cooper                           Compelling two-day seminar focused on selecting
   Leading Authority on
    Product Innovation
                                                  and investing in the right development projects
• Named “The World’s Top
 Innovation Management                    Why attend a Stage-Gate International Innovation Seminar?
 Scholar”                                 • Seminar leaders are the founders of the Stage-Gate® process and the world’s most credible
• Sought-after consultant and               and trusted source on product innovation
 keynote      speaker       having
                                          • Unbiased, professional speakers
 worked with hundreds of
                                          • In-depth methodology frameworks and explanations using real-world case studies
 companies worldwide
• Co-founder        of      Product       • Samples, illustrations and “how-to” tips

 Development Institute and                • Smaller class size so more interaction and group discussions
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• Creator of the Stage-Gate®
 innovation      system,          now
                                         “Dr. Robert Cooper is the definitive authority on stage-gate and portfolio management,
 widely used by leading firms            two processes which drive product innovation. When I introduce new employees to these
 around the world to drive               critical processes, I send them to Bob because I only want my people trained by the best.”
 new products to market
                                                                                                                   – James H. Godsey, PhD, SVP
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 academic articles and seven
 books on product innovation
• Professor at the DeGroote                        Mail: Stage-Gate International Innovation Seminars
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           Succeed at Product Innovation or Fail as a Business

           Seminar Leader                        The Top 3 Benefits of Attending

              A Message from                     1. How to Develop and Implement an Effective Product Innovation Strategy
             Dr. Robert Cooper                      Define your goals for product innovation
                                                    Select the right strategic arenas to focus on – where you can achieve the best leverage
  Picking the right development projects
                                                    Develop attack strategies for capturing market value in these arenas
  and platforms to invest in is at the heart
  of successful product innovation.                 Strategically align your portfolio – projects that mirror your company’s strategic priorities

  But effective project selection or Portfolio   2. Best Practices in Portfolio Management
  Management hinges on having a clearly             Learn the five goals in Portfolio Management and the best methods of achieving them
  defined and articulated Product
                                                    Achieve strategic alignment – using strategic buckets and product roadmaps
  Innovation and Technology Strategy for
  your business; which markets,                     Establish a balance with short and long term projects, high and low risk, and across markets
  technologies or products should you               and technologies
  focus your efforts on?                         3. Picking the Best Development Projects
  Attend this seminar and learn how to              Maximize the value of your portfolio with scorecards, real options and the productivity index
  define areas of strategic focus for your          Learn how to make gates work and achieve effective portfolio reviews
  business' product development efforts -
                                                    Discover the techniques to avoid too many projects for your limited resources – balancing
  where to invest and which areas to avoid
                                                    projects with resources
  - to better direct focused project selection
  decisions. Develop and implement
  product and technology roadmaps and
                                                  “Bob has a great delivery style – just the right mix of theory and
  strategic buckets to help make R&D
  resource allocation decisions.                   fundamentals, practical applications and ‘real life’ examples.”
                                                                                      – Rob Reale, Director Technology and Solutions
  Join me and learn how to develop
  effective and profitable innovation                                                   Direct Energy Business Services
  strategies and project selection decisions
  for your business.                              “Bob Cooper is an academic with a ‘hard hat’ – his concepts are
                                                   thoroughly research-based and yet his experience is practical and
                                                   implementation focused.”
                                                                                         – Scott R. Foust, SVP
                                                                                           First Data Corporation

                                                 Inside This 2-Day Event:
Free Book                                          A compelling two-day seminar that provides corporate leaders with the tools, practical
Delegates receive a                                guidelines, and cutting-edge strategies they need to manage their product portfolios
complimentary copy of                                Interactive participation, including question-and-answer and discussion opportunities
Dr. Cooper and Dr. Edgett’s
                                                     Networking opportunities
best selling book: Product
                                                     Numerous case studies, illustrations, and examples from other companies
Leadership: Pathways to
Profitable Innovation                                Templates, roadmaps, guidelines and checklists
                                                     Take-away seminar manual of presentation materials full of tips and hints

    Stage-Gate International Innovation Seminars
    A Resource for Innovative People and Organizations Worldwide                   +1-905-304-8797
AGENDA - Day One                                                      AGENDA - Day Two
8:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast                           8:00 Continental Breakfast
8:15 Welcome and Introductions                                        8:15 A World-Class Idea-to-Launch Development Process
8:30 Defining Strategy and the Impact of a Product                          - A quick review of the idea-to-launch process
      Innovation Strategy                                                   - Key elements of a Stage-Gate® process – the necessary
      Strategy and new product resource allocation must be                    prerequisites for effective Portfolio Management
                                                                            - Making sure the gates are in place
      intimately connected. And the link is Portfolio Management.
                                                                      8:45 Best Practices in Portfolio Management – Part I
      Topics in this first session are:
                                                                            - The impact of an effective portfolio management system – the
      - The key elements of a robust product innovation strategy
                                                                              benefits for your business
      - Why strategy and portfolio management are so important              - Achieving the five goals of portfolio management
      - The measurable impacts of having a clearly articulated              - Discovering how to pick winning and high-value projects
        product innovation strategy                                         - Using the correct methods for maximizing the value of the new
9:15 Team Exercise: Problems and Issues                                       product project portfolio
      A “problem detection session”, where participants can air             - Dealing with (and valuing) risky projects
      their Strategy and Portfolio Management problems,               10:00 Networking Break
      challenges and deficiencies, so that later in the day,          10:15 Team Exercise: What’s Stopping Us
      solutions can be sought                                               Teams identify the key blockers that stand in the way of effective
9:45 Teams Present; Discussion                                              Portfolio Management and project selection in their businesses –
                                                                            what goes wrong? Solutions to these deficiencies are sought.
10:00 Networking Break
                                                                      10:30 Teams Present; Discussion
10:45 Crafting a Product Innovation Strategy – Part I: Defining
                                                                      10:45 Best Practices in Portfolio Management – Part II
      Your Goals and Selecting the Arenas to Focus On
                                                                            - Getting the right balance of projects in your portfolio – between
      - The right ways to set realistic goals for product                     long term and short term, high risk and low risk, and across
        innovation                                                            markets and technologies
      - Establishing meaningful metrics to measure results                  - Achieving strategic alignment – so that your pipeline portfolio
      - Defining strategic arenas – areas where you should focus              mirrors your business’ strategic priorities
        your R&D efforts                                                    - Ensuring a balance between resources required and resources
      - Deciding on areas of strategic focus for maximum                      available – capping the number of projects in the pipeline
        leverage and profitability – using the strategic map                - What portfolio methods and techniques leading firms use – and
12:00 Networking Lunch                                                        which ones really work
1:00 Crafting a Product Innovation Strategy – Part I (continued)      12:00 Networking Lunch
                                                                      1:00 Developing a Portfolio Management System for Your
2:15 Networking Break
2:30 Team Exercise: Developing an Innovation Strategy in Your
                                                                            - How to forge the link between project selection, development
                                                                              processes and innovation strategy
      Key challenges from the morning session are identified, and           - Recommended methods for:
      break-out teams now focus on possible solutions. Each team              o deciding on strategic buckets – how to define them
      takes one challenge area, and working as a group, develops              o using scorecards, real options and the productivity index to
      recommendations                                                           prioritize projects effectively
3:00 Teams Present; Discussion                                                o getting the gates working
3:30 Short Break                                                              o managing portfolio reviews to achieve alignment and the right
3:40 Crafting a Product Innovation Strategy – Part II: Attack Plans             project mix
      and Deployment, Roadmaps                                        2:30 Networking Break
      - Developing attack plans                                       2:45 Developing a Portfolio Management System (continued)
                                                                      3:30 Team Exercise: Next Steps
      - Defining entry strategies
                                                                            Teams have a chance to discuss implementation issues, and then
      - Making key deployment decisions – introduction to strategic
                                                                            engage in dialogue regarding next steps when they return to their
      - Creating your strategic product roadmap                       4:15 Q&A and Wrap-up
5:00 Q&A                                                                    This session will provide you with an excellent opportunity to
5:15 End of Day 1                                                           discuss any outstanding Strategy and Portfolio Management issues
                                                                            that need further answers with Dr. Cooper
6:00-7:00 Networking Reception                                        4:30 End of Seminar; Beginning of Implementation!

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This seminar is designed for executives and senior managers         Stage-Gate International helps companies achieve growth
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