Advising Students about Careers in Engineering and Where in by hnj68713


									Advising Students about Careers
in Engineering and Where in the
      World is Pax River?
            Kathy Glockner and Karen Lane
          Education Outreach Coordinators
  Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Patuxent
                   River, Maryland
     Today’s Agenda
• Explore our perceptions
• What’s an engineer?
• Top eight reasons to be an
engineer at Pax River
• Local education opportunities
• Let’s Get to Work DVD
• Meet David Petkofsky or
Dr. Linda Mullen
   What are your beliefs and
   perceptions about engineers?

• What are the first words or images that come to mind when
you hear the word, “engineer”?

• What type of person do you think is best suited to be an
Train Engineer? Service Engineer?
Common misperceptions about engineering
What Do High School Students Think
About Engineering?
• Engineering is for people who LOVE both
math and science ...
• Don’t know what engineering is ...
• But whatever “it” is, they aren’t interested in
the field nor do they think it is “for them.”

• What do your students think?
    What does an engineer really do?

  An engineer uses science, technology, and mathematics
to design and develop useful things for the benefit of people.
 Top Eight Reasons to
Become an Engineer at
      Pax River
       Engineering careers are fun

From creating new
technologies for flight
simulation to
“piloting” a Global
Hawk unmanned air
vehicle, engineers
thrive in a creative
Explore cool places

             Navy engineers
             travel throughout the
             world working with
             allied nations to
             make the world a
             safer place.
     Get to play with awesome toys

 From multi-million
dollar aircraft to the
super cool laboratories
that test and evaluate
everything from
alternative fuels to
new communications
technologies, there’s
never a boring day.
            Anybody can play

Engineering is a
career where
everyone can
succeed no matter
your race, sex or
disability. If you’re
good at what you do,
the sky’s the limit!
           You don’t have to be a genius

Hard work more than
innate brilliance is the
key to achievement
in any field. Team
work, collaboration,
and communication
skills are keys to
engineering success.
          Jobs are plentiful, pay is exceptional

Despite today’s
economic down turn,
there are many jobs
available in engineering
fields. The Navy offers
civilian engineers
competitive salaries
and a great place to
You’ll have a life outside of work

                   Where else can you
                   work with a fitness
                   center, pool, golf
                   course, tennis courts
                   or a marina right out
                   your office door?
                   Quality of life is no
                   mystery at Pax River.
    You’ll strengthen our nation and
    improve the world

What better reward
at the end of the
day, than knowing
you made a
Engineers change
the world!
   Famous engineers
                                                 “The Apprentice”
                                                 Dr. Randal Pinkett
                                                 Engineering degrees
                                                 from Rutgers, Oxford
                                                 and MIT

                                                                        Lonnie Johnson
Neil Armstrong Aerospace Engineer                                       Mechanical and Nuclear
Judy Resnick Electrical Engineer                                        Engineering degrees
                                                                        Invented the Super Soaker

                       Bill Nye “The Science
                       Guy”                          Ryan Newman
                       Television personality,       NASCAR driver,
                       Mechanical Engineer           Mechanical
Types of Engineers at Pax River
 Learn more at
Types of Engineers at Pax River
Types of Engineers at Pax River
Types of Engineers at Pax River
   It’s more than engineering at Pax River
Engineering Disciplines
Engineering Disciplines
 Aerospace Mechanical Electrical Chemical
  Aerospace Mechanical Electrical Chemical
  Materials Industrial Computer
 Materials Industrial   Computer
Science Disciplines
 Science Disciplines
  Chemistry Computer Instructional Systems
  Chemistry Computer Instructional Systems
  Design/Technology Industrial Organizational
  Design/Technology Industrial Organizational
  Psychology Mathematics Ops Research Physics
  Psychology Mathematics Ops Research Physics
Business and Related Degrees
Business and Related Degrees
 Accounting Business Finance Logistics Law
  Accounting Business Finance Logistics Law
Recommended High School Coursework Based
     on “Engineer Your Life” Research
         for an Engineering Degree
  • Math (4 years):   Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry,
  • Science (4 years): Biology, Physics, Chemistry (Other
  science options for the fourth year requirement and electives
  include advanced levels of Biology, Chemistry, Physics or
  Ecology, Astronomy and Earth Sciences)
  • Language Arts (4 years): English (Elective courses in
  this area include Speech/Debate, Communications/Media
  and Journalism)
  • Foreign Languages (3 years): Student choice based on
  what the school offers.
  Advise Students to Take
  Engineering for a Test Drive
• Take engineering courses in school
• Attend summer or after-school programs
• Watch Design Squad or similar show
• Talk to engineers
• Enter a contest like Science Fair, Robotics
• Consider an internship or summer job
                 Southern Maryland
                Degree Opportunities
•   College of Southern Maryland
    – Freshman and sophomore year engineering program transfers
      to University of Maryland
•   University of Maryland and NAWCAD Partnership
    – Junior and senior years, mechanical engineering program in
      the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center in Hollywood
      and at the College Park campus
    – Cooperative education opportunities at Pax River to earn while
      you learn
    – Dr. Paul Hoffman, NAWCAD liaison (301) 342-9361
    Cooperative Education* Key Points
• Up to $13,500 a year in tuition assistance (paid by the Navy
directly to the school)
 • Up to $400 a semester in book reimbursement
 • Employment in a technical area during breaks
 • Payback time is three months service for each month of
 tuition payment, minimum 2 years service
 • Limited to six semesters
 • Eligible in the college sophmore year
 • Submit application at

    •Conditional on funding and successful completion
To learn more about Pax River and Engineering
  These websites help students, parents, & counselors:
  • Understand the various fields of engineering
  • Learn what an engineer does
  • Find out why engineering is a great career
  • Advise kids about engineering
  • Great videos and learning resources
For a copy of this

      Click on the
 Behind the Scenes tab
then go to the Educators
    STEM Education Alliance

• Explore is published by the
College of William and Mary
School of Education, to download
• Explore is funded by the Navy
and the National Defense
Education Program (NDEP)
Where in the World is Pax River?
 Let’s Get to Work DVD
Back Up Slides
     Engineer Your Life Project Overview

• Engineer Your Life (EYL) is a national campaign
designed to transform the image of engineering.
In 2004, 55 engineering groups formed a coalition to
explore “why aren’t college-bound girls choosing

• Together we can show students what engineering
is and reposition the field as an exciting and
rewarding career choice. The message is not just for
The research says we need to:
  • Assess general career motivators and
    barriers toward engineering
  • Evaluate current messages being put forward
    to students by the engineering community
  • Explore messaging opportunities for
    increasing enrollment in the engineering field
What Engineers Tell Young People

 • Engineering is stressful and challenging

 • Stress the importance of SUPERIOR
   math and science abilities
 What High School Girls Want
“How happy I will be—what’s the point of doing anything you don’t like?”
Good working environment
“If I can’t interact with people…I will probably drop the job.”
To make a difference
“That I would make a difference in some way, you know, make my mark
 on the world.”
“As shallow as it sounds, money is the one thing I have to consider when
I’m choosing a job. I’m not going to do something that I know can’t help
me pay bills.”
“My career can’t consume all of my time…I need free time to do a lot of
other things…before I die.”
  HS Girls

  - Enjoying what I do
  - Good working environment
  - Making a difference
  - Good income
  - Flexibility                      Engineering Com munit y

                               - It’s a challenge
                               - Go for it! It’s difficult but rewarding
                               - Use math & scie to solve problems
   Compelling Engineering Messages

                                     Appeal to
Project Messages                   Girls   Boys
Live your life, love what you do   82%     81%
Creativity has its rewards         74%     81%
Make a world of difference         72%     79%
Create possibilities               71%     77%
Engineer Your Life:
 Dream Big, Love What You Do       74%     67%

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