Eco Tourism, Volunteer, Sustainable and Rural Cultural Tourism by ito20106


									   Eco Tourism, Volunteer, Sustainable and Rural & Cultural Tourism

Eco Tourism & Sustainable Travel
Costa Rica is the birthplace of Ecotourism and one of the best places to experience the tropics
with minimal impact. The territory is protected by a system of more than one hundred national
parks, biological reserves, and a series of preserved areas that captivate nature lovers and
those looking for responsible travel.

When preparing itineraries and excursions, we primarily select and recommend hotels and
attractions which have the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) from the Costa Rican
Tourist Board. Sustainable tourism creates a balanced interaction between the appropriate use
of our natural resources and culture and the improvement of the quality of life within our local
communities, which is possible in Costa Rica, thanks to the CST.

Our well trained staff, our philosophy and sustainability policy assure at all times our services
are focused to provide an educational responsible travel experience. Part of the money paid for
the trips goes to various foundations, rural communities, schools and government institutions
dedicated to the conservation and sustainable tourism in different regions of our country.

Volunteer Travel
At Travel Excellence, we will be delighted to prepare a memorable volunteer vacation at
reduced rates, but above all, visitors will receive from our communities in need and
conservation projects, the warmest welcoming. Individual travelers and groups can support
meaningful     projects    throughout     the   country    including building homes   for
disadvantaged families, community development, teaching sports, languages and computing,
wildlife conservation, sustainable farming and eco tourism.

Rural & Cultural Tourism
Rural Tourism has represented an important way of development for those communities
potentially capable of competing with other high quality attraction sites. The rural world is
unique in resources, history, culture, nature, talents, and hopes; an authentic tourist product
impossible to imitate, an amazing tool for the development of the communities and the
enhancement of the Costa Rican identity. It offers the opportunity to access without barriers
the essence of the Costa Rican rural life, and to explore natural landscapes and the least
visited natural areas, hand in hand with excellent hosts, while learning from the traditions and
way of life of the local population.

The community-based rural tourism initiatives are run by local associations and families that
own private ecological reserves, or are close to areas of environmental and cultural interest.
Travel Excellence combines full day and multi-day rural tours from diverse regions with
adventure and even up-scale itineraries.

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