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					Rules & Regulations
9 - 17 July 2011

1. Stages of the Competition                    2. Entering the Competition                    3. Application Documents
                                                                                               and DVD Recording
1.1 The Competition will have five (5)          2.1 The Competition is open to
stages: a DVD Audition Round; a Live            piano trios and string quartets.               3.1 Applicants must submit with
Audition Round; Round One of the Com-                                                          the Application Form the following
petition; Round Two of the Competition;         2.2 Applications to enter the                  documents (send photocopies as
Finals of the Competition. The DVD Audi-        Competition may be made by persons of          documents will not be returned):
tion Round will take place in September         any nationality. The combined ages of the
2010 when ensembles will be selected to         ensemble must not exceed 90 years in the       a) A certified copy of passport or
proceed to the Live Audition Round.             case of a piano trio, and 120 years in the     birth certificate (or similar official
The Live Audition Round will take place         case of a string quartet; and the age of any   document) confirming the date and
in cities around the world.(see Rule 7.2)       individual ensemble member must not            place of birth of each Applicant.
                                                exceed 35 years. Age is calculated as at
1.2 Each ensemble will be allocated             31 December 2010.                              b) The curriculum vitae of each
a maximum playing time of forty (40)                                                           Applicant, with particulars of training,
minutes in the DVD Audition Round and           2.3 The Application Form with DVD              awards, diplomas, recordings and recent
the Live Audition Round; minimum play-          Audition recording, completed in English,      concert appearances of the ensemble.
ing time for Round One and Round Two            must be returned to Chamber Music
is forty (40) minutes; maximum playing          Australia, postmarked no later than            c) Two professional references by
time for Round One and Round Two is             31 August 2010                                 musical authorities familiar with the
fifty-five (55) minutes; minimum playing                                                       ensemble’s achievements. References
time for the Finals is twenty-five (25)         2.4 An application fee of two                  must be addressed specifically to the
minutes; maximum playing time for the           hundred and fifty Australian dollars           Competition.
Finals is forty (40) minutes.                   (AUD$250) is payable at the time the
                                                Application Form is returned. This should      d) Two recent black and white or
1.3 All Applicants will compete in              be paid by direct bank transfer to Cham-       colour publication quality photographs of
the DVD Audition Round.                         ber Music Australia’s bank account, details    the ensemble, no smaller than 13cm x
                                                of which are shown on the Application          18cm (5” x 7”) and no larger than 20cm
1.4 Applicants will then be selected            Form. If that is not possible for regula-      x 26cm (8” x 10”). Photographic images
by a panel chosen by Chamber Music              tory or other reasons, a bank draft for        must also be provided in digital format
Australia’s Artistic Committee to audition      AUD$250, preferably drawn on an                in high resolution for publication and
in the Live Audition Round.                     Australian bank, must accompany the            medium resolution for publicity purposes.
                                                Application Form. The application
1.5 Sixteen (16) ensembles                      fee is not refundable.                         e) A typewritten biography of the ensemble
will compete in Rounds One and Two;                                                            of no more than one hundred (100) words,
eight (8) ensembles in each stream.             2.5 A person who was a member of a             suitable for Competition publicity.
                                                first prize winning ensemble in the 1st,
1.6 Six (6) ensembles will compete              2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Melbourne                3.2 Applicants must submit with the
in the Finals: three (3) ensembles in           International Chamber Music Competi-           Application Form a DVD (with high fidel-
each stream.                                    tion is not eligible to compete in the         ity sound) recording the first (1st) move-
                                                same stream of the Competition.                ment and the slow movement from their
1.7 All prize winners will be announced                                                        selected classical work (Haydn or Mozart)
and their prizes awarded at the conclusion      2.6 A person may enter the Competition         and one (1) movement from another
of the Finals on Sunday 17 July 2011.           only as a member of one (1) ensemble.          work chosen, not exceeding forty (40)
                                                                                               minutes. The order of the works recorded
1.8 All ensembles eliminated in Round One       2.7 Applicants will be advised of the          on the DVD must be noted on the
and Round Two will be required to per-          results of the DVD Audition Round by           Application Form submitted with the
form in ‘Chamber Music in the City,’ a free     email and letter postmarked not later          DVD. Audition DVD recordings will
concert series in Melbourne to be held on       than 30 September 2010.                        not be returned.
Saturday 16 July 2011. No fee will be paid to
ensembles performing in this concert series.
Rules & Regulations
9 - 17 July 2011

3.3 One (1) copy of the score of               5. Practice and rehearsals                       8. Acceptance as Competitors
each work must be provided with the
Application Documents.                         5.1 Rehearsal facilities, including the          8.1 Applicants who have been advised
                                               provision of music stands, will be available     that they have been selected as Com-
3.4 In submitting an Application Form,         to all ensembles in Melbourne to all             petitors to proceed to Round One of the
each Applicant certifies that the informa-     ensembles accepted to the Competition.           Competition must complete and return
tion contained in the Application Form         Chamber Music Australia does not                 the official Acceptance Form to Chamber
and the required documents submitted,          warrant, however, that such facilities will be   Music Australia by email and letter post-
and the contents of the DVD submitted,         adequate or meet the requirements                marked not later than 30 November 2010.
are all true and correct and are not mis-      of ensembles.
leading or deceptive, and that no material                                                      9. Travel and accommodation
information has been omitted or deleted.       5.2 All pianos used in the Competition
                                               will be tuned strictly to A =441 at all times.   9.1 Each Competitor and each ensemble’s
3.5 Chamber Music Australia will acknowl-                                                       cello will be provided with one (1) round
edge receipt of each completed Applica-        6. DVD Audition Round                            trip excursion or economy class air ticket
tion Form submitted with the required                                                           to Melbourne, departing from one
documents and DVD and payment of the           6.1 A panel chosen by Chamber Music              of the selected international airports
application fee. Chamber Music Austra-         Australia’s Artistic Committee will select       nominated by Chamber Music Australia.
lia may use any information submitted,         ensembles to be part of the Competition          Competitors must comply with Chamber
including names and photographs, for           and applicants will be notified of the           Music Australia’s instructions regarding
promotional and other purposes of the          details by email and letter postmarked not       ticket issue. Competitors are responsible
Competition, without payment of any fee.       later than 30 September 2010.                    for all travel, accommodation and other
                                                                                                expenses incurred by them to reach the
4. Repertoire                                  7. Live Audition Round                           nominated international airport in time
                                                                                                for their departure.
4.1 Each ensemble will be required to          7.1 The Repertoire requirements for
prepare a minimum of five (5) works as         the Live Audition Round are identical            9.2 Chamber Music Australia will
indicated in the repertoire requirements.      with those for the DVD Audition Round            provide all Competitors with shared-
                                               described in Rule 3.2. Ensembles must            room accommodation and breakfast at
4.2 Applicants must ensure that the timings    play the same program for both the               a university residential college or similar
for each stage of the Competition are not      DVD Audition Round and the Live                  throughout the Competition. Competi-
exceeded. The jury may, in its absolute dis-   Audition Round.                                  tors are responsible for all other expenses
cretion, stop ensembles that run overtime.                                                      incurred by them. Competitors who wish
                                               7.2 The Live Audition Round will                 to arrive earlier, or extend their stay, must
4.3 The works from the Repertoire              be held from 18 October to 7 November            advise Chamber Music Australia in
selected by an Applicant and listed on the     2010 in selected international cities in         advance. Such extended stays are subject
Application Form are a final choice. No        Australasia, Asia, Europe and the USA.           to availability of accommodation, and
other work can be substituted without the                                                       Competitors are responsible for all
prior written approval of Chamber Music        7.3 Applicants selected for the Live             additional accommodation and
Australia’s Artistic Committee, which          Audition Round are responsible for               breakfast charges.
approval may, in its absolute discretion,      all travel, accommodation and other
be withheld.                                   expenses incurred by them to participate         9.3 A visa is required for every visitor
                                               in the Live Audition Round.                      to Australia who is not an Australian or
4.4 Repeats in a work are permitted,                                                            New Zealand citizen. Obtaining a tourist
provided that the total length of the          7.4 Selection of the Competitors for             visa is the responsibility of each Competi-
performance does not exceed the time           Round One of the Competition will be             tor, and should be arranged well ahead
limit for that stage.                          made at the conclusion of the Live               of departure date. Chamber Music
                                               Audition Round.                                  Australia does not warrant that a tourist
4.5 The use of photocopied scores                                                               visa will be issued to any Competitor, or
and parts is not permitted.                    7.5 Applicants will be informed by letter        that a Competitor will be allowed to
                                               postmarked not later than 22 November            enter Australia.
                                               2010 whether or not they have been selected
                                               to proceed to Round One of the Competition.
Rules & Regulations
9 - 17 July 2011

10. Insurance                                  12. Performance Rights                       14. Juries and Chamber Music
                                                                                            Australia’s Artistic Committee
10.1 Obtaining appropriate and                 12.1 While Competitors are in Australia,
adequate travel insurance is the responsi-     they agree to be contracted exclusively      14.1 The jury for the DVD Audition
bility of each Competitor, and Chamber         to Chamber Music Australia. Thus Com-        Round will consist of three (3) judges
Music Australia accepts no liability of any    petitors may not perform publicly without    selected by Chamber Music Australia’s
kind whatsoever for any personal injury or     Chamber Music Australia’s express con-       Artistic Committee. The jury for the
loss or damage sustained by any Competi-       sent, which Chamber Music Australia may,     Live Audition Round will consist of up to
tor, including without limitation loss or      in its absolute discretion, withhold.        three (3) judges. It will include at least
damage to any Competitor’s instrument                                                       two (2) Australian judges who will travel
or belongings in transit or during the         12.2 Chamber Music Australia has the         to each city where they will be joined by a
Competitor’s stay in Melbourne.                right, without payment of any fee, to        guest from that city or region.
                                               televise, film, videotape, record, broad-
11. Round One of the Competition onwards       cast, photograph, web stream (live and on    14.2 The jury for Round One, Round Two
                                               demand) or download (video and audio)        and Finals of the Competition will consist
11.1 Each Competitor must register             any or all stages of the Competition         of a minimum of seven (7) judges plus
with Chamber Music Australia in person,        for any purpose. All rights, including       the Chairman.
in Melbourne, on Thursday 7 July 2011.         copyright, in such media shall vest in and
If a Competitor is late because of unavoid-    be owned by Chamber Music Australia,         14.3 No communication, or attempt to
able circumstances, Chamber Music              worldwide and in perpetuity.                 communicate, shall be made by or on
Australia may, in its absolute discretion,                                                  behalf of an ensemble with any member
allow such Competitor to register late.        12.3 Chamber Music Australia has the         of a jury or Chamber Music Australia’s
                                               right to produce and distribute, without     Artistic Committee prior to the comple-
11.2 The Competition will have a maximum       limit or payment of any fee, recordings      tion of that ensemble’s participation in
of eight (8) ensembles in each stream of       of all stages of the Competition, either     the Competition. Any such communica-
piano trios and string quartets. Chamber       in whole or in part, including any prize     tion or attempt to communicate may, in
Music Australia’s Artistic Committee may, in   winner’s concerts.                           the absolute discretion of Chamber Music
its absolute discretion, vary the number of                                                 Australia’s Artistic Committee, cause that
ensembles in one stream or both streams, at    12.4 Competitors are expected,               ensemble to be disqualified from par-
any stage of the Competition.                  where possible, to be available for media,   ticipating in the Competition. Neither
                                               sponsor and promotional performances         Chamber Music Australia nor Chamber
11.3 The order of performance by the           reasonably required for Competition          Music Australia’s Artistic Committee shall
Competitors in each stream will be deter-      purposes. All approaches to and from the     have any liability whatsoever in respect of
mined by ballot prior to the Competition.      media, sponsors and others must be made      an ensemble’s disqualification.
Competitors will be notified of their ballot   through and with the approval of
draw immediately thereafter. This order        Chamber Music Australia.                     14.4 Chamber Music Australia gives no
of performance will remain unaltered                                                        warranty as to the standing or appropri-
throughout the Competition, except that        13. Performance contract                     ateness of a jury or any member thereof,
Chamber Music Australia’s Artistic Commit-                                                  or of Chamber Music Australia’s Artistic
tee may, in its absolute discretion, vary      13.1 Chamber Music Australia will not        Committee or any member thereof.
the order of performance in the event of       negotiate with, or pay any fee to, any       Decisions of a jury or Chamber Music
illness or unavoidable delay.                  agent or other management in respect of,     Australia’s Artistic Committee are final
                                               or on behalf of, Competitors.                and may not be challenged or appealed in
11.4 Chamber Music Australia must be                                                        any forum or on any ground whatsoever.
notified immediately of any change in an       13.2 Should any prize winner
ensemble’s members occurring after the         perform in Australia within two years
DVD Audition Round. Chamber Music              immediately following the Competition,
Australia’s Artistic Committee will then       Chamber Music Australia reserves the
consider the eligibility of that ensemble to   right to negotiate directly with that en-
continue participating in the Competition.     semble for performance or promotional
                                               activity (or both) for the benefit of the
                                               Competition, without payment of any
                                               fee to any promoter or agent.
Rules & Regulations
9 - 17 July 2011

15. Prizes                                      16.4 Chamber Music Australia does                  and includes each member of the
                                                not require any fee for its management             ensemble where the context allows.
15.1 All prize money will be paid in            services. Prize engagements obtained by
Australian dollars in Melbourne. Prize          Chamber Music Australia for prize                  “Ensemble” means a piano trio or a string
money may be subject to deduction of tax        winners as part of the Competition will            quartet that is an Applicant, and includes
under Australian law, and accordingly           not be subject to any fee payable to a prize       each member of the ensemble where the
each Competitor should obtain his or her        winner’s current or future artist manage-          context allows.
own tax advice. All fees and/or prize mon-      ment. In the case of prize
ies are payable to prize winners without        engagements outside Australia, a fee               “Fee” includes any fee, payment, commission,
deduction for artist management.                agreed to by Chamber Music Australia               royalty, charge, tax or levy of any kind
                                                may be payable by the prize winner to              whatsoever, as the context allows.
15.2 Substantial cash prizes and                an overseas management nominated by
concert engagements will be awarded             Chamber Music Australia. Prize engage-             “Live Audition Round” means the live
at the Competition.                             ments obtained by such overseas man-               audition round described in Rule 7.
                                                agement are not subject to payment of
15.3 All prizes will be awarded on Sunday       further fees to the prize winner’s current         “Repertoire” means the list of repertoire for
17 July 2011, at the conclusion of the final    or future artist management.                       the Competition prepared by Chamber Music
stage of the Competition (Finals) at the                                                           Australia’s Artistic Committee attached to and
Melbourne Recital Centre.                       17. Interpretation and General Provisions          forming part of these Rules.

16. Prize Engagements                           17.1 In these Rules the following terms            17.2 From time to time Chamber Music
                                                have the following meanings:                       Australia may, in its absolute discretion,
16.1 As a condition of entry to the Compe-                                                         make by laws to clarify any of these Rules,
tition all prize winners are required to        “Applicant” means an ensemble that                 and such by laws shall be interpreted,
undertake all their corresponding prize         has returned an Application Form to Cham-          and have the same force and effect, as
engagements. Any failure to do so may, in       ber Music Australia in compliance with             these Rules.
the absolute discretion of Chamber Music        these Rules, and includes each member of the
Australia, result in forfeiture of the prize    ensemble where the context allows.                 17.3 Chamber Music Australia
winner’s claim to prizes, awards and prize                                                         reserves the right to alter such
engagements. Accordingly, it is a further       “Application Form” means the application           details of the Competition as may
condition of entry to the Competition that      form to enter the Competition attached to and      become necessary.
all Competitors must be prepared to ex-         forming part of these Rules.
tend their stay in Australia by not less than                                                      17.4 In these Rules headings are for
ten (10) days to enable them to undertake       “Chamber Music Australia” means                    convenience only, and do not affect inter-
corresponding prize engagements should          Chamber Music Australia Inc. - an associa-         pretation; and unless a contrary intention
they be prize winners. Competitors              tion incorporated in the State of Victoria under   appears words importing the singular
will be advised of the prize engagements        Victoria’s Associations Incorporations Act         number include the plural number and
before the start of the Live Audition           1981 registered number AGO 18965 C and a           vice versa.
Round of the Competition.                       registered Australian body under the Common-
                                                wealth’s Corporations Act 2001 with Austra-        17.5 By returning an Application
16.2 All fees, and all travel, accommoda-       lian Registered Body Number ARBN 110 933           Form to Chamber Music Australia
tion and other expenses incurred for            303 and Australian Business Number                 every Applicant agrees to be bound
prize engagements, are the responsibility       ABN 55 179 308 627.                                by these Rules printed in English.
of managements organising the respective                                                           The law of the State of Victoria,
prize engagements. Chamber Music                “Competition” means the 6th                        Australia, governs these Rules and any
Australia has no liability whatsoever for       Melbourne International Chamber Music              contract or other agreement made
any such fees and expenses.                     Competition conducted by Chamber Music             pursuant to these Rules.
                                                Australia as the contracting party with
16.3 Managements organising prize               each Applicant.                                    Official Application Form is posted
engagements have the right, in consulta-                                                           on the CMA website at:
tion with the respective prize winners, to      “Competitor” means an ensemble           
select the performance programs for the         that has been selected to participate in
prize engagements.                              Round One of the Competition,