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									 The Everett Public Service Internship Program
        National Network of Nonprofits

New York
                                       Washington DC
                                       Alliance for Justice
                                                                                 The Everett Public Service
Advocates for Children
American Museum of Natural History
                                       ASPIRA                                       Internship Program
Asian Americans for Equality           Center for Community Change
Battery Conservancy                    Center for Inspired Teaching
Brooklyn Children’s Museum
Common Ground
                                       Center for Public Integrity
                                       Center for Science in the Public
                                                                                       Summer 2005
Community Resource Exchange              Interest
Enterprise Foundation                  Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Harlem Children’s Zone                 Child Welfare League of America
   (formerly Rheedlen)                 Citizens for Tax Justice
Human Rights First (formerly Lawyers   Co-op America
  Committee for Human Rights)          Environmental Working Group
Human Rights Watch                     Human Rights Watch
Interfaith Center on Corporate         Immigration and Refugee
  Responsibility                         Services of America
Lincoln Center Institute               Institute for Policy Studies
Museum of Modern Art
Natural Resources Defense Council
                                       League of Conservation Voters
                                         Education Fund                            Intern Handbook
New Visions for Public Schools         Legal Momentum (formerly NOW Legal
New York Botanical Garden                Defense & Education Fund)
New York Cares                         National Center for Cultural Resources
NOW Legal Defense & Education Fund     National Committee for Responsive
PAX                                      Philanthropy
Teach for America                      National Public Radio
Times Square Business                  National Women’s Law Center
  Improvement District                 Native American Rights Fund
Vera Institute of Justice              Natural Resources Defense Council
Women’s Commission for Refugee         People for the American Way
  Women and Children                   Physicians for Social Responsibility
                                       Points of Light Foundation
                                       Project on Government Oversight
                                       Public Citizen
                                       Search for Common Ground
Anchorage, AK & Boulder, CO            Taxpayers for Common Sense
Native American Rights Fund            Voices for America’s Children (formerly
                                          National Association of Child
Boston, MA
Facing History and Ourselves
History of the Program                                     Intern Qualifications
                                                           All Interns must:

                                                              Have completed at least two semesters of
                                                              college education.

                                                              Be current undergraduate or graduate students
                                                              attending a University in the United States, or
                                                              have just graduated in the same year of the
                                                              Internship. (Recipients of post-graduate fellowships
                                                              are not eligible.)

                                                              Graduated 2004- IS NOT eligible
                                                              Graduated 2005- IS eligible
                                                              Grad student entering school fall 2005- IS eligible

                                                              Be able to work full-time for the entire length of the
                                                              10-week Internship and start between May 23rd and
Henry and Edith Everett established the Everett Public        June 13th 2004.
Service Internship Program in 1989. Since then, more
than 2,500 college and graduate students from                 Be new to the organization as an Everett Intern.
communities across the country have used their                Applicants may not have served as Everett Interns
knowledge, skills, and energy in organizations                at the same organization previously.
dedicated to the improvement of society. The summer
of 2004, over 5,000 students applied for positions in 62      Attend all mandatory weekly lectures and
nonprofit organizations for the public interest.              events produced for Everett Interns in New York
                                                              and Washington, DC.

                                                           There are no exceptions to these qualifications.
                                                           Everett Internships are available during the summer
1                                                                                                                   2
Week by Week                                               Your Stipend
As an Everett Intern, you can expect to work on            If accepted as an Everett Intern, you must
substantive projects, develop professional skills, and     determine a starting date, no earlier than May 23rd
benefit from the personal attention of an Intern           and no later than June 13th, with the organization’s
Coordinator at your organization. Each week, New           Intern Coordinator. Everett Interns must complete
York and Washington, DC Interns gather to attend           a 10-week term of service and attend mandatory
exciting events, both educational and social,              weekly events. Everett Interns will receive a
presented by influential and effective politicians,        stipend of $230 per week. There are no exceptions
academics, and leaders from the nonprofit sector.          to these guidelines. You will be paid by your
                                                           organization directly on a weekly or bi-weekly
In 2004 the calendar of events included talks by Caryl     basis.
Stern from the Anti-Defamation League and Charles
Lewis, executive director for the Center for Public        Your organization will inform you of how you will be
Integrity; plus an exclusive visit to the U.S. Holocaust   paid and what forms you will need to complete. Your
Memorial Museum and a special workshop with the            organization may choose to place you on the
Anti-Defamation League. Intern Coordinators are            organization’s payroll, in which case you will need to fill
welcome at all events, especially the inspirational        out a W-2 form (taxes will be automatically deducted).
opening and closing dinners. Check periodically with       If your organization chooses to regard you as a
your Intern Coordinator and the Everett Internship         contract employee, you will receive a 1099 form at the
Program Web site for an updated event schedule.            end of the year. No deductions will have been made
                                                           from your stipend if you receive a 1099, and payment
The weekly events are mandatory. Your supervisors          of your taxes will depend on your total earnings for the
should not schedule conflicting meetings or other          year.
events that would prevent you from attending the
Everett Program weekly events. You are also
responsible for scheduling your own work around these
events. Attendance will be taken at each event. If you
cannot attend for any reason, please inform your Intern
Coordinator at least 24 hours in advance.

Evaluations                                               End of the Program
Our goal is to always improve the Internship program.     After your experience on the front lines of the nonprofit
Therefore, Everett Interns are required to participate    sector this summer, you will be a powerful
in a thorough and confidential evaluation process         spokesperson for your organization, for the Everett
near the end of their internships.                        Public Service Internship Program, and for service in
                                                          the public interest at large. Your voice and your story
Your Intern Coordinators are also responsible for         are important. We encourage you to share both with
setting up a debriefing session or short discussion       your community.
meeting with the Executive Director or President of
your organization toward the end of your internship.      For those of you with hometown newspapers, we
                                                          have created a Sample Press Release that you can
In the final weeks of your internship, you will also be   cut and paste from the Everett Internship Program
asked to complete two evaluations, which can be found     Web site. Just personalize it, insert your own account
on the Everett Internship Web site,                       of your accomplishments this summer, and fax, e-mail, The two evaluations will      or mail it to your local newspaper’s Submissions Editor.
                                                          You can also submit articles to be posted on the
1) Your experience at your organization                   Everett Internship Program Web site. The Everett
2) The weekly events                                      Internship Program newsletter, The Observer, is now
                                                          an online publication. We are always looking for
These evaluations must be completed online or             articles from Interns. Share your experience, advocate
turned in to your Intern Coordinator on either the        an issue, or respond to a story already published there.
last day of your Internship or August 9th,                First, go to the Newsletter link from the Everett
whichever comes first. We must receive your               Internship Program homepage and read other Interns’
completed evaluations in a timely manner so we will be    stories. Then, write your own article and email it to
able to pay your organization completely for your for review and publication.

Resources                                                     Housing
The Everett Public Service Internship Program is              The Everett Internship Program is unable to provide
administered by a national coordinator from the               housing. However, the following list provides some
nonprofit organization Co-op America. Please direct all       suggestions for finding housing quickly. For an
communication concerning evaluations, and matters             expanded list, visit the Housing link at
with the Everett Public Service Internship Program to:
Everett Public Service Internship Program
Amanda Chehrezad                                              Apartment and Room Listings
c/o Co-op America
1612 K Street NW, Suite 600                         
Washington, DC 20006                                
In addition, both New York City and Washington, DC
Interns are provided Event Coordinators who organize          DC ONLY:
the weekly events. Please direct all inquiries      
concerning the weekly event schedule and your       
attendance to the Intern Coordinator at your        
organization. Your Intern Coordinator should relay
important information regarding the event series to:          NY ONLY:
Washington, DC                                      
TBA - Co-op America                                 
New York                                                      Hostels
Anne Klein - Advocates for Children                               NY ONLY:
Your first resource should always be the Intern               DC ONLY:
Coordinator at your own organization. Please confer with
him or her first about any of the above issues or about the
payment of your stipend.
7                                                                                                                   8
Everett Program Web Site                                 Notes

The Everett Program’s Web site is your best resource
for current information regarding the program.
Information available on the Web site includes:

    •   This handbook
    •   Information on each participating organization
    •   FAQs
    •   NYC and DC Event Schedules
    •   Evaluation Forms
    •   The Observer, our online newsletter
    •   Photos
    •   Sample Press Release
    •   Housing Information
    •   Contact Information

    and more . . .

Please use this Web site throughout the summer to
keep track of changes and new information so you
can make the most of your internship.

While changes in the Events Program will be relayed
regularly to your Intern Coordinator, you should check
the schedule online weekly to avoid any


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