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Dr. Yan Waguespack, Department of Natural Sciences, Univ of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD 21853.
Tel: (410) 651-6052. E-Mail:YYWAGUESPACK@UMES.EDU
Ph.D. Chemistry, Tulane Univ, August 1990. B.S. Environmental & Chemical Engineering, Beijing Polytechnic
Associate Professor (Tenured),Univ of Maryland Eastern Shore.August 1998 till present. Tenure Track 1993-1998
Lectured physical, analytical, instrumental analysis lecture and labs. Directed projects for Ph.D/master level graduate
students in sublethal physiological effects of heavy metal and organics on aquatic organisms, heavy metal, PCB and
PAH investigations on sediment along Maryland coastal bay, and heavy metal contaminants’ effect on SAV plant along
Maryland coastal bay. Supervised undergraduate research projects in spectroscopic studies of biological AOT reversed
micelles, CdS nanoparticles and novel organo gel systems.
Assistant Professor, Fairfield (Jesuit) University, Fairfield, Connecticut 06430, August 1990 to August 1993.
Visiting Faculty Researcher and Research Associate, Tulane University, May-August 1997, 1996, 1994, 1993.
1) PI, $151,428. NOAA LMRCSC RFP, 2004-2007. Winter flounder nursery habitats – contaminant effects on
     health and survival of early life-stages.
2) CoPi, $54,008. NOAA LMRCSC RFP, 2006-2007. Evaluation of interactive effects of contaminants on full life
     cycle responses for assessing fish habitat quality in estuaries.
3) CoPi, $27,000. NSF ACTION RFP, 2005-2007. Edible seaweeds as sources of nutrients, and possible natural
4) Title III equipment funding to improve MEES program and conduct fish mucus research. 79,109/year. 2004-2005.
5) CoPi, $3.9 million/4 years. MBRS from NIH. 2004-2008.
6) CoPi, $12 million/5 years to establish NOAA LMRCSC Center. 2001-2005.
7) PD, EPA Fellowship for Graduate Student, Sept, 2001-Aug, 2004. ($95,118)
8) PI. NASA& Navy-ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship. Summer, 2001. ($13,000). 2000. ($13,000). 1999. (14,500)
9) Preceptor, National Institutes of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) from NIH. 2.5million, 2003-08. 1million
10) PI. National Science Foundation, Grant number: DMR-9707943, May, 1997-Oct 1998. ($26,000). Luminescence
     Studies of a Novel Organo Gels with a “Stacked” Phenol Microstructure.
11) CoPi Dept. of Education, USA, Oct, 1996-Oct, 1999. ($300,000). Vitalizing the Mathematics and Science
Selected Publication List
1) “Isolation of intact high molecular weight (HMW) glycoconjugates from the skin mucus of Morone saxatilis (Striped
Bass)”.A Tkachenko, Y Waguespack, J Okoh and E May. Journal of Fish Disease. 29, 433-436, 2006.
2) “Interaction of 2,4-Dinitrotoluene with Soybean Glycine Max L. in Hydroponic Conditions.” Abimbola Olafusi,
Andriy Tkachenko, XiaoLi Li and Yan Waguespack. Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research, 2005, 4, 157.
3) “Conversion of Aniline in Aqueous Waste with the Fenton Reaction” S.Hawkins, Yan Waguespack. “Journal of
   Undergraduate Chemistry Research”, 2003, 2, 51.
4) “An Organogel Formed by the Addition of Selected Dihydroxynaphthalenes to AOT Inverse Micelles. ”Yan
Waguespack, S. Banerjee, G. Irvin, V. John, G. McPherson. “Langmuir”, 2000, 16, 3036-3041.
5) “A 31P-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopic Study into the Sublethal Effects of Cadmium on the Red
Swamp Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii)” D.Wagner, Yan Waguespack. U.S. Dept of Energy Sixth Annual Energy
Research and development Technology Transfer Symposium Proceedings. Session II, (1998).
6)“A Spontaneous Phase Transition from Inverse Micelles to Organogels due to Surfactant Interaction with 1,3-
dihydroxyphenols” M. Tata, V. John, Yan Waguespack, G. McPherson. Journal of Molecular Liquid.Vol.72, pp122,1997
7) “Fluorescence Quenching of CdS Nanocrystallites in AOT Water-in-Oil Microemulsions”. M. Tata, S. Banerjee, V.
John, Yan Waguespack, G. McPherson. Colloids and Surfaces , Vol. Num 127, Pg 39-46, (1997).
8) “Intercalation in Novel Organogels with a "Stacked" Phenol Microstructure ”. M. Tata, V. John, Yan Waguespack, G.
McPherson, Journal of American Chemical Society (JACS)., Vol 116, Issue 21, P9464- 9470, (1994).
Invited consultant for the American Chemical Society’s accreditation process for Savannah State University.
Reviewer for American Chemical Society Petroleum Research grant and nine chemistry text books:
Review Panel Chair and Panelist for NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship. June 16-18, 2005. Herndon, Virginia.
Review panelist for 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Oak Ridge Institute for
Science and Education (ORISE) Fellowship and Scholarship panel review meetings. Arlington, VA.
Abstract Published and Presentations Made at Conferences: (Selected list related to NOAA LMRCSC grant)
1) AERS (Atlantic Estuarine Research Society) Spring 2004 Conference, March 25-27, 2004, Salisbury, MD.
   “Mortality and increased susceptibility to predation of juvenile demersal fish exposed to Chesapeake Bay sediment.”
A.F. J. Draxler, D. Wieczorek, L. Davias, Y. Waguespack, B. Balogun, H. Xu, N. Willett, and R. Shay
2) NOAA Educational Partnership Program Conference on November 5, 2002 and won the first place award."The
analysis of heavy metals in coastal bay sediments near Ocean City, MD." By B.Balogun, G.Kananen, Y Waguespack.

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