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									132         A HISTORY OF THE CUPIT FAMILY

     Memdum that before me David Evans Clerk of the County Court of Fairfield appeared John Roseborough who
being duly sworn made oath that he was present and saw John Cubitt sign seal and as his act and deed deliver the
above instrument of writing to Samuel Clark for the uses and purpose therein mentioned and that he signed the
receipt hereon endorsed and also that David Hamilton signed his name as witness thereto at the same time with this

      Sworn to before me this John Roseborough 8th day of October 1795

      D. Evans, C. F. C.
      Recorded the 8th day of October 1795

     Since completing the Cupit data I have located other Cupitts who came to America from England. They do
not have any complete genealogy of their families. They were unable to give me much information; I will add what
I have learned. From what I have learned the Cupits in Pennsylvania and Nevada came some time after our family
The first ones located were found in Germantown, Pennsylvania. These names were sent me by a friend in
     Howard W. Cupitt, 304 Mechanic, Germantown, Pennsylvania.
     Howard E. Cupitt, Dentist, Greene and Coulter, Germantown, Pennsylvania.
     Mrs. Jennie Cupitt, 5655 Sprague, Germantown, Pennsylvania.
     John W. Cupitt, 5727 McMahon, Germantown, Pennsylvania.
     Laura F. Cupitt, 272 High, Germantown, Pennsylvania.
     Russell Cupitt, 7722 Temple Road, Germantown Pennsylvania.
     Dorothy L. Cupitt, 322 Bonair Avenue, Hatboro, Pennsylvania.
     Percy B. Cupid, 39 Orange Avenue, Amber, Pennsylvania.
     I wrote to Dr. Howard E. Cupitt and in his reply he said his family was descended from Robert Cupitt of
Nottinham, England ... to Germantown and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Robert Cupitt, Sr., who came to America
some time after 1800, had
                 A HISTORY OF THE CUPIT FAMILY                                133

  the following children: Alfred Cupitt, Thomas Cupitt, Harry Cupitt, Robert Cupitt, Jr., George Cupitt, Mary
  Cupitt, and Laura Cupitt. His wife was Elizabeth Pilgrim.
       These children all lived and died in Germantown. George Cu,,)itt, the youngest of the group, was living
  August 25, 1947. He was in his eighties.
       Some of this family, or another, is living in New York and Boston, Mass. and probably other sections of the
  Unitd States.
       On February 18, 1948, 1 learned that there were Cupits in Los Angeles, California. I wrote them and
  received the following information.
Harry H. Cupit, 410 Flores, Los Angeles, California, a real estate, construction and finance agent, gave me the
       Parker Cupit (I believe is a son of Harry H.) 9120 Sth Avenue, Los Angeles, California.
       Harry said, "My grandfather lived in Stretton Alfreton, Derbyshire, England. His first name I believe was
  Thomas. He had eight children."
       John Cupit, born 1850 (My father);
       George Cupit, born 1852;
       Thomas Cupit, born 1854;
       Edwin Cupit, born 1856;
       Sampson Cupit, born 1858, died at birth;
       Sampson Cupit, born 1860 (Army man).
       Annie Cupit, born 1862;
       Herbert Cupit, born 1865.
       The family in Nevada came from England. They were from Derbshire. Among the children were John,
  Thomas ' Henry, Edith, and Elizabeth Cupit. One of these came to America and others went into business in
  England, and later went to Australia.

       A son of the one who came to America is Edward Cupit, Elko, Nevada. Edward has a daughter who was in
 San Francisco, California, during World War 1. She has married since then. A son, Edward C. (Ted) Cupit, lives
 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is he chief Investigator of Clark County. Ted is the one who gave me the meager
 information I have on this family. Ted has an Aunt, Mrs. Wilma Plinney, who lives at 2212 Redonda Avenue,
 Salt Lake City, Utah.


      Here is a bit of data that is not identified as yet. They seem to belong with the Cupit family, but proof has
 not been found. I am going to surmise just a little. Tradition is that they came from Ireland and that their father
 died on the way over and was buried at sea. I believe them to be half sisters to John Cubit-Cupit who came at the
 same time and settled in Chester County, South Carolina. Can any one solve the puzzle?
      Sarah Cubit, who came to America and to South Carolina before 1800, married James McCain, probably in
 Chester County, South Carolina, and he died in York County, South Carolina. One of the descendants of Sarah
 Cubit McCain through her son John Cubit McCain, born June 15, 1892, Is Mrs. Ruby Tucker Geupel of 531 South
 Rotherwood Avenue, Evansville, Indiana.
      Also, Mary Cupit, a sister of Sarah, married in South Carolina.Moses Nelson and her descendants migrated
 to Mississippi.
      It Is also reported that they had a brother, given name unknown, who came to South Carolina, So far, they do
 not know if this brother had decendants, and if so where they went.
      (B-3) John Cubit McCain, son of James McCain and Sarah Cubit, born January 15, 1802; married June 11,
      1829, Chester County, South Carolina, to Jane Ingraham, born September 12, 1809, in Chester County, South
      Carolina. She was the daughter of Hugh Ingraham and Margaret Couser (Cowsert). Jane Ingraham McCain
      died in Union County, Arkansas, September 30, 1870.

      (C-1)    James Gradison McCain, born in York County, South Carolina. (Or at Jane's father's home In
               Chester County), April 14, 1830.
      (C-2)    Margaret Jane McCain, born November 24, 1831, in South Carolina; married Samuel P. Jones.
      (C-3)    Sarah Ann McCain, born December 16, 1833, in Alabama; married William Boliver Morgan.
      (C-4)    Mary Elenor McCain, born January 13, 1835, Mississippi; married James Grumbles.
      (C-5)    John B. McCain, born January 25, 1837, in Mississippi; died at about age of two.
           A HISTORY OF THE CUPIT FAMILY                               135

       (C-6) Elizabeth Caroline McCain, born January 22, 1839, in Arkansas; married Thomas J. McClendon. (C-7)
John Hamilton McCain, born June 5,1841, in Arkansas; died in Civil War; single.
       (C-8) William Jefferson McCain, born in Arkansas, and died in Civil War; single.
       (C-1) James Grandison McCain, born April 14, 1830, in South Carolina; died in Union County, Arkansas,
March 3, 1903; married August 9, 1855, to Margaret Mardis Morgan, born Shelby County, Alabama, June 29, 1838;
and died in Union County, Ar@.ansas, December 13, 1895.

        (D-1) Mary Emily McCain,.born October 3, 1856; died unmarried.
        (D-2) William Cupit McCain, born January 2, 1859; married Pearl Quinn.
        (D-3) Aura Cynthia McCain, born September 3, 1861; never married.
        (D-4) Carrie Helena McCain, born May 20, 1864; died 1945; unmarried.
        (D-5) Martha Juliet McCain, born, August 12, 1868; died July 5, 1946; married Guy Beckwith Tucker,
        born April 2, 1870, in Georgia; died in Little Rock, Arkan&u, January 8, 1924.
            (E-1)Ruby Margaret Tucker, born September 27, 1892; married Louis A. Guepel, April 18, 1914.
            (E-2)James Guy Tucker, born April 14, 1894; married Willie M. White.
            (E-3)William Milton Tucker, born Ati,-Ust 26,1898; married Beatrice Furr.
            (E-4) Harry McCain, born February 28, 1900; married Alma Hite.
(D-6) John Marshall McCain, born April 35, 1870; married Stella Castelberry.
(El) Edna Marie McCain.
(D-7) Cora Morgan McCain, born December 7, 1873; never married.

  Here.1 add some items from an old letter in Mrs. Guepel's family:
  "The McCain Family left Ireland and settled in Pennsylvania about the middle of the 18th Century, where
great-grandfather married a Hamilton. Shortly afterwards they moved to North Carolina and there raised a large
family; five of his sons were captured at Battle of Camden, South Carolina....our grandfather James McCain was
too young to be a soldier. He was born in 1763, and died in 1846. He married Sarah Cubit who came from
Ireland to South Carolina at the age of twelve. They raised 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls.
  The boys were: Alexander Hamilton, Hugh, John, James, and William.
  The girls were: Margaret, Ellen, and Sarah--I do not know the names of the others. (Jane by Geupel as Estate
shows this but the other one I do not know, Geupel). Aunt Ellen and Aunt Sarah the only two who never married.
  There are two of my Father's first cousins living here, their name is Nelson; Alfred and Monroe. Their mother
was Grandmother McCain's sister."
  From a letter written by Frank McCain, son of Dr. James MeCain, grandson of SaraL Cubit McCain, to my
grandfather James Grandison McCain. (Geupel).
      One more item on the Mary Cubit Nelson line.
  "Our grandmother was 12 years old when she left Ireland, her Father died at sea and was buried in the ocean.
Her maiden name was Cubit. She had one brother and one sister. Her sister lived to be 88 years old and her
brother lived to a good old age." (Died in 1867- - would have been born about 1779 and married about 1795.)
  The McCains and Nelsons lived in Webster County, Mississippi, and should know what they are talking about,
since they were closely related.
      (1)        The son, Alexander Hamilton McCain of James and Sarah Cubit McCain died at age of 52. The
      other children were:
      (2)        Hugh McCain who died in Texas at age of 58.
      (3)        John Cubit McCain, died in Arkansas.
      (4)        James McCain who died at age of 52 in old Choctaw County, Mississippi.
      (5)        William McCain who died in Vicksburg at age of 60.
                A HISTORY OF THE CUPIT FAMIL,Y                                137

(6)      Ellen McCain who married James Anderson. No Issue.
(7)      Sarah McCain, married Mr. Gholson and had children.
(8)      Margaret McCain who never married.
(9)      Jane McCain who never married.
(10)     One daughter whose name is not known; never married, so
         they say.
The above is in order of ages so far as the boys are concerned.
The children of James McCain, the fourth son of James McCain and his wife Sarah Cubit were:
    James McCain, born October 12, 1810, who came to Missis-. sippi in 1838, studied medicine and practiced
  about eight years when ill health forced him to give up the practice. He married Elizabeth Roberts in 1845 and
  they had eight children:
                   (1) Felix         (2) Coleman       (3) Henry        (4) Frank.
                   (5) James         (6) Ellen         (7) Sarah        (8) Mary
Data on Mary Cubit who married Moses Nelson, sent me by Calvin Nelson, Sweatnian, Mississippi, about six years
(Mrs. Geupel), 1951.
         Moses Nelson married Mary Cubit January 5, 1807. She died in Mississippi, February 2, 1867.
           (1)     John Nelson, born 1807.
           (2)     James M. Nelson, born 1809.
           (3)     Jesse H. Nelson, born 1811.

          (4)    William Nelson, born 1812.
          (5)    Alfred R. Nelson, born 1815.
          (6)    Thirza Nelson, born 1817.
          (7)    Jackson Nelson, born 1819.

          (8)    Monroe D. Nelson, born 1821.
          (9)    Julia Ann Nelson, born 1823
        (10)     John A. Nelson, born 1826.

   Ellen Cubitt, 2553 Bloor, West Toronto, Ontario.
   H. Cubitt, Lakeside Camp, Toronto, Ontario.
   Jas. Cubitt, 58 Marlow, Toronto, Ontario.
   Major Percy Cubitt, 86 Coleridge, Toronto, Ontario.
   W. C. Cubitt, 422 Wolwere Road, Toronto, Ontario.
   C. A. Cupit, 108 Boulton, Toronto, Ontario.

      Mrs. J. B. Cubitt, 215 Pierpont, Spaxtansburg, North Carolina.
      R. C. Cubitt, 3115 N. E. Hobnan, Portland, Oregan
      Chas. Cubit, Jr., 1417 Forest, Kansas City, Missouri.
      Emma Cubitt, 433 Washington Boulevard, Kansas City, Kansas.
      James Cubitt, 2541 Michigan, Kansas City, Kansas.
      John T. Cupit, Rosepine, Louisiana.
      Albert Cupid, 586 Alger, Detroit, Michigan.
      Frank R. Cubitt, 6375 Webb, Detroit, Michigan.
      Jas. H. Cubitt, 15741 Ward, Detroit, Michigan
      Donald C. Cupit, 455 West Deming, Clilcago, Illinois.
      A.W. Cupid, Central Bank Building, Oakland, California.
      A.W. Cupid, 1716 Central, Alameda, California.
      Howard W. Cupitt, 304 Mecananic, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Howard E. Cupitt, Dentist,
      Green and Cauller, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
      Mrs. Jennie Cupitt, 5655 Sprague, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
      Russell Cupit, 7722 Temple Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
      John E. Cupitt, 5727 McMahan, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
      Layra T. C u p i t t, 272 High, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
      Rodney W. Cubitt, Huntington Hills, Rockville, Maryland, Via, Washington.
      Harry Cupid, 1356 Perry Place, N. W., Washington, D. C.
      Isaac N. T. Cupid, 118 "V" N. W., Washington, D. C.
      John A. Cupid, 664, "B" S. E., Washington D. C.
      Miss Julia E. Cupid, 1215 New Jersey Avenue N. W., Washington, D. C.
      Mrs. R. F. Cupid, 18324 N. W., Washington, D. C.

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