Name the second longest river in the United States by lifemate


									Name the second longest river in the United States.
                                                      -   Missouri

Name the state capital on the Mississippi River that is known as one of the “Twin
Cities”?                                              - St. Paul

What state borders Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana?
                                                  - Mississippi

Besides England, what 2 political divisions share the island of Great Britain?
                                                     - Scotland and Wales

Identify the imaginary line that lies 23 ½º north of the equator?
                                                       - Tropic of Cancer

Name the only Central American country without a coastline on the Caribbean Sea?
                                                 - El Salvador

What state located entirely in the Pacific Time Zone doesn’t border the Pacific Ocean?
                                                     - Nevada

Within which 2 hemispheres does Australia lie?
                                                      -   Eastern and Southern

Name the arm of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland,
and Sweden?                                      - Baltic Sea

Name the peak in the Sierra Nevada that is the highest point in the lower 48 states?
                                                    - Mt. Whitney

Which canyon of the Snake River is the deepest in North America?
                                                   - Hells Canyon

What is the name of the great bell in the Parliament clock tower in London?
                                                     - Big Ben

What island did Peter Minuit purchase from the Indians for about 60 Dutch guilders
(about $24) in 1626?                               - Manhattan

Name the Florida site from which NASA launches its space exploration programs?
                                                 - Cape Canaveral

What state was purchased from Russia in 1867?
                                                      -   Alaska
What body of water connects Lake Erie and the Hudson River?
                                                 - Erie Canal

Name the river emptying into the Dead Sea.
                                                    -   Jordan River

What river rises in Switzerland, flows through Germany and the Netherlands, and
empties into the North Sea?
                                                   - Rhine

Identify Africa’s easternmost country, which is located on the Horn of Africa?
                                                     - Somalia

Identify the only Great Lake located entirely in the U.S.
                                                      - Lake Michigan

Which Canadian city was the first permanent French settlement in North America?
                                                  - Quebec

West of the Appalachian Mountains, what is the smallest state in area?
                                                  - Hawaii

Identify the state of Kansas’ first permanent settlement.
                                                      - Ft. Leavenworth

Identify Europe’s most active volcano located in Italy.
                                                     - Mt. Etna

After North and South Vietnam were reunited, what name was given to Saigon?
                                                  - Ho Chi Minh City

In what state does the Mackinaw Bridge link the upper and lower peninsula?
                                                   - Michigan

Identify Europe’s second largest island.
                                                    -   Iceland

What name belongs to a state capital, a university in NYC, a major river, and a space
shuttle?                                              - Columbia

Name France’s chief commercial waterway, which flows through Paris and into the
English Channel.                                - Seine River

Name the river that flows under the Tower Bridge.
                                                    -   Thames
In which state is Lake Itasca, the source of the Mississippi River?
                                                      - Minnesota

Name the oldest city in the United States.
                                                     -   St. Augustine

What is the official language of Austria?
                                                     -   German

Give the acronym of the 1993 trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.
                                                  - NAFTA

Give the full name for the acronym OPEC.
                                                     -   Organization of Petroleum
                                                         Exporting Countries

Which South American country has two capital cities?
                                                  - Bolivia

Name the oldest national park in the U.S.
                                                     -   Yellowstone National Park

Of the states Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, or Minnesota, which one does not border
Canada?                                          - Wyoming

Name the world’s largest lake.
                                                     -   Caspian Sea

Mogadishu is the capital of which African country?
                                                     -   Somalia

Identify the lowest point in North America, located near Badwater at 282 feet below sea
level.                                               - Death Valley

In which country is Stonehenge, the circular group of stones considered by some to be
man’s first celestial observatory?                  - England

In which country is the legendary Loch Ness monster said to live?
                                                  - Scotland

Which South American country is more than 10 times as long as it is wide?
                                                 - Chile

Name Alaska’s largest city in population.
                                                     -   Anchorage
Which term is used to designate the average weather conditions of a region, considered
over a long period of time?                        - Climate

In which state is Redwood National Park?
                                                         -   California

Identify the body of water that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the North Sea.
                                                      - English Channel

Identify the Canadian province whose name means New Scotland.
                                                - Nova Scotia

Identify the city whose name literally means River of January.
                                                    - Rio de Janeiro

Name the only country that shares a border with South Korea.
                                                   - North Korea

Which New England state is located between New York and Rhode Island?
                                                - Connecticut

Identify the capital of the 2nd largest state in area.
                                                         -   Austin

Name the state whose forests on the Olympic Peninsula are among the rainiest areas of
the earth.                                        - Washington

Identify the largest Indian tribe in the U.S. with 200,000 members and the largest
reservation.                                           - Navajo

English is the official language in what predominately Spanish-speaking U.S. territory?
                                                    - Puerto Rico

What is depicted on the Canadian flag?
                                                         -   Maple leaf

The Great Barrier Reef is located of the coast of what continent?
                                                     - Australia

What term designates “a narrow strip of land connecting two larger bodies of land”?
                                                   - Isthmus

What two countries are located on the Scandinavian Peninsula?
                                                   - Norway and Sweden
What is the only state bordered by just one other state?
                                                      - Maine

Which states meet at Four Corners?
                                                      -   Utah, Colorado, New Mexico,
                                                          and Arizona

Name the state whose research triangle is formed by Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill?
                                                   - North Carolina

What is the primary language spoken in the city of Sao Paolo?
                                                    - Portuguese

In which state is Little Bighorn National Monument located?
                                                   - Montana

Which term designates “a chain of many islands”?
                                                      -   archipelago

Which country has the world’s largest Roman Catholic population?
                                                 - Brazil

In which country was Mohandas Gandhi assassinated in 1948?
                                                - India

Name the river that runs through New Mexico from north to south, vertically bisecting it.
                                                 - Rio Grande

Identify the Arizona national park established in 1919.
                                                     - Grand Canyon

In which mountain range between France and Spain is Andorra located?
                                                 - Pyrenees

What Georgia city derives its name from the term for tropical or subtropical grasslands?
                                                   - Savannah

Which Latin American country gained independence from England in 1981?
                                                - Belize

Name all the time zones in the continental U.S.
                                                      -   Eastern, Central, Mountain, and

In which city are the steps of the capitol building located at 5200 ft. above sea level?
                                                       - Denver
Which Asian country has the largest Hindu population?
                                                  - India

How many states have a Pacific coastline?
                                                    -   5

In 1888, which organization was created to gather and disseminate geographic
knowledge?                                          - National Geographic Society

What name was given to Cape Canaveral between 1963 and 1973?
                                               - Cape Kennedy

According to the 1990 census, Mesa was the fastest growing large city in the U.S. In
what state is Mesa?                                - Arizona

What is the world’s saltiest body of water?
                                                    -   Dead Sea

What country is located on the Jutland Peninsula?
                                                    -   Denmark

What two cities are linked together by the Bay Bridge?
                                                    - San Francisco and Oakland

What word designates a Muslim house of worship?
                                                    -   Mosque

In what state does Punxatawney Phil venture out of his burrow on Groundhog Day?
                                                   - Pennsylvania

Where is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier located?
                                                 -      Arlington Cemetery

Which river discharges the largest volume of water in the world?
                                                    - Amazon

In which state was a golden spike driven in at Promontory Point to mark the moment
when the rails of the first transcontinental railroad were connected?
                                                       - Utah

Which country won its independence in 1804 and was the first to become independent in
Latin America?                                  - Haiti

Name the longest river flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.
                                                    - Amazon
Identify the most populous city in South America.
                                                     -   Sao Paolo

In which city is the United Nations headquarters located?
                                                    - New York

Name the 3 states whose names have only 4 letters.
                                                     -   Ohio, Utah, Iowa

Name the only U.S. base located in a communist country.
                                                  - Guantanamo Bay

On which island is Wales located?
                                                     -   Great Britain

What grassland forms the southern boundary of the Sahara Desert?
                                                  - Sahel

What country is often called Holland?
                                                     -   Netherlands

In which country is the Po River located?
                                                     -   Italy

Identify the operation in which the CIA trained and armed Cuban exiles with the intent of
overthrowing Fidel Castro.                          - Bay of Pigs

Name the president of the Confederate States of American.
                                                  - Jefferson Davis

What waterway connected Buffalo with Albany?
                                                     - Erie Canal

Identify the British leader who surrendered his 5,000 troops at Saratoga, New York, on
October 17, 1777.                                    - General John Burgoyne

Identify the treaty that ended the French and Indian War.
                                                     - Treaty of Paris

Name the leaders of the “Big Three” Allied nations who met at Yalta on February 4,
1945.                        - Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin

What happened in 1991 that signaled the end of the Cold War?
                                                   - collapse of the USSR
Identify the London-born founder of Pennsylvania.
                                                     -   William Penn

What was the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War?
                                                   - Richmond

Which Massachusetts-born inventor devised interchangeable parts for muskets?
                                                  - Eli Whitney

What mountain range was the site of the Donner Party camp on Lake Truckee?
                                                  - Sierra Nevada

Which U.S. state capital is located on the site where George Washington attacked the
British after crossing the Delaware River?            - Trenton

Prior to Vietnam War, Vietnam was a colony of which nation?
                                                 - France

Identify the phrase for “a continuing state of rivalry and sharp conflict in diplomacy
between 2 parties without actual warfare.”             - cold war

Identify both beaches on Normandy where American troops landed on D-Day.
                                               - Omaha and Utah

What name is given to a person who opposes the institution of slavery?
                                                  - abolitionist

The Proclamation of 1763, which kept settlers from moving west, created a line along
what landform?                                     - Appalachian Mountains

Who overthrew Fulgencio Batista on January 1, 1959?
                                                 - Fidel Castro

Identify those who work another person’s land in return for a portion of the crops.
                                                    - sharecropper

Name the communist leader of North Vietnam during the war.
                                                - Ho Chi Minh

After which Italian-born explorer was America named?
                                                 - Amerigo Vespucci

What African country was established by the American Colonization Society as a haven
for former slaves?                               - Liberia
Which Russian leader cancelled the summit with President Eisenhower after the U-2
affair?                                           - Nikita Khrushchev

Name the only U.S. president who died in the 18th Century.
                                                   - George Washington

What name was given to the route used by slaves to escape to the North?
                                                   - Underground Railroad

What name was given to communist rebels in South Vietnam?
                                                 - Vietcong

Identify the Supreme Court case that allowed segregation if facilities are equal.
                                                   - Plessy v. Ferguson

What is the Native American belief that spirit inhabits all elements of the world?
                                                     - animism

What term designates “the refusal to purchase a certain good”?
                                                    - boycott

Who was the first man to fly a nonstop solo trans-Atlantic flight?
                                                    - Charles Lindbergh

Which Union general said “I can make Georgia howl” while ravaging the countryside in
1864?                                           - William Sherman

Identify the chemical defoliant used during the Vietnam War.
                                                     - Agent Orange

Which abolitionist leader led a raid on a U.S. arsenal? He was hanged on December 2,
1859.                                                 - John Brown

Which treaty recognized the independence of the United States?
                                                  - Treaty of Paris

Identify the country that was an ally in WWI, but an Axis power in WWII.
                                                    - Italy

What former slave was the publisher of abolitionist newspaper “North Star”?
                                                    - Frederick Douglass

What resistance group, led by Samuel Adams, was responsible for the Boston Tea Party?
                                                 - Sons of Liberty
In what state did the Kent State massacre occur on May 4, 1970?
                                                    - Ohio

In which state did the October 19, 1781, surrender at Yorktown take place?
                                                     - Virginia

Which Civil War leader said about which person, “He has lost his left arm, but I have lost
my right?                                  - Robert E. Lee about Thomas Jackson

Name the Union and Confederate commanders at the Battle of Gettysburg.
                                               - George Meade and Robert E. Lee

Over the hull of which sunken U.S. battleship do prayers and a moment of silence mark
each anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7?
                                                    - USS Arizona

What city was renamed Ho Chi Minh City after the Vietnam War?
                                                 - Saigon

Identify the dictator of Mexico who attacked the Alamo.
                                                    - Antonio Santa Anna

Between June 1948 and May 1949, U.S. pilots carried out Operation Vittles. What was
Operation Vittles?                                - Berlin Airlift

The first battle of the Civil War was fought in Virginia in 1861 and its name was Bull
Run. What other name is given to this Civil War battle?             - Manassas

What treaty ended WWI?
                                                       -   Treaty of Versailles

What war was ended by the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo?
                                                - War with Mexico

Name the 1770 incident in which Cripus Attucks and 4 others were killed by British
troops.                                          - Boston Massacre

What Japanese word is translated as “divine wind”?
                                                       -   kamikaze

Identify the U.S. project created in 1942 to produce the first atomic bomb.
                                                      - Manhattan Project

Identify the 19th century belief that the U.S. had the duty and right to expand its territory
and influence over the whole of North America.         - Manifest Destiny
Which work translated as My Struggle did Hitler write while serving 9 months of a 5-year
prison term?                                       - Mein Kampf

What name was given to communities of shanties during the Great Depression?
                                                 - Hoovervilles

The capital of what Native American empire was Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City)?
                                                 - Aztecs

What general during the War with Mexico later became president?
                                                  - Zachary Taylor

Who said “Sic simper tyrannis. The South is avenged”?
                                                  - John Wilkes Booth

Identify the principle author of the Declaration of Independence.
                                                      - Thomas Jefferson

Which Mormon leader was appointed the first governor of the Territory of Utah in 1850?
                                                 - Brigham Young

Many people believe the 20th Century’s greatest discovery was by Alexander Fleming.
What was it?                                        - Penicillin

Identify the event that marked the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929.
                                                     - Stock Market Crash

Who was proclaimed Chancellor of Germany in 1933?
                                               - Adolf Hitler

Through which country did Germany attack France in 1940, passing northwest of the
Maginot Line?                                    - Belgium

Which country’s submarine sank the Lusitania off the Irish coast in 1915?
                                                   - Germany

Name both state in which territory was gained from the Gadsden Purchase.
                                                   - New Mexico and Arizona

Identify the Spanish explorer who named Florida in 1513 and claimed it for the king of
Spain.                                             - Ponce de Leon

What word which is French for “rebirth” designates an era of enlightenment which
encouraged the Age of Exploration?                 - Renaissance
What was the more common name for Germany’s National Socialist party?
                                             - Nazis

In which battle of the American Revolution did Cornwallis surrender to Washington?
                                                   - Yorktown

What name was given to the fight over slavery in Kansas?
                                                   - Bleeding Kansas

Identify the American inventor of the first commercially successful steamboat, the
Clermont.                                           - Robert Fulton

What cash crop on Caribbean islands led to the first slaves brought to America?
                                                     - sugarcane

Identify the arrangement in which Germany was given part of Czechoslovakia in 1938.
                                                 - Munich Agreement

At which site were more than 150 American Indian men, women, and children massacred
by the U.S. 7th Cavalry in 1890?                 - Wounded Knee

What general was nicknamed “Old Blood and Guts”?
                                               - Patton

Which military code name is given to a herbicide containing highly toxic dioxin used in
Vietnam?                                           - Agent Orange

The expedition of what Spanish explorer discovered such phenomena as the Grand
Canyon and herds of buffalo?                       - Francisco de Coronado

Identify the first state to secede from the Union before the Civil War.
                                                      - South Carolina

In which initial battle of the American Revolution was the “shot fired round the world”?
                                                    - Lexington

Identify the Prime Minister of England during WWII.
                                                 -      Winston Churchill

What book by Upton Sinclair described the conditions in Chicago slaughterhouses?
                                                  - The Jungle

What two states were added to the union as a result of the Missouri Compromise?
                                                     - Missouri and Maine
What city, once known as New Amsterdam, was originally controlled by the Dutch?
                                               - New York City

What body of water was once known as the Great South Sea?
                                                 - Pacific Ocean

Whose autobiography is entitled Mein Kampf?
                                                     -   Adolf Hitler

Identify the fort located on an island in Charleston harbor.
                                                      - Ft. Sumter

Give the German translation of “lightning war”.
                                                     -   blitzkrieg

What battleship was the location of the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay?
                                                    - Missouri

Which Soviet Union victory during WWII ended the Nazi’s eastward advance into Russia
during the winter of 1942-43?                   - Stalingrad

Who was killed by James Earl Ray?
                                                     - Martin Luther King Jr.

What was the only major Civil War battle to take place in the North?
                                                    - Gettysburg

Identify the commander of the German army in Northern Africa and Normandy.
                                                 - Erwin Rommel

What English settlement became known as the “Lost Colony”?
                                                 - Roanoke

Along what river did Custer’s Last Stand take place in Montana Territory in 1876?
                                                    - Little Big Horn

Identify the religious group that originally settled Pennsylvania.
                                                       - Quakers

What American army base is located on the island of Oahu?
                                                  - Pearl Harbor

What Supreme Court case in 1857 ruled that the plaintiff was not a U.S. citizen and thus
could not sue in federal courts?                   - Dred Scott decision
Who was the English monarch during the American Revolution?
                                                - George III

Who was the Allied commander during the invasion of Normandy?
                                                - Dwight D. Eisenhower

During which Civil War battle did the Confederates take up fortification on Marye’s
Heights?                                           - Fredericksburg

What nickname was given to the American soldiers during WWI?
                                                 - Doughboys

Identify the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
                                                     -   Little Boy

What explorer landed in the Bahamas and claimed San Salvador for Spain?
                                                 - Christopher Columbus

What Civil War battle was known as the “High Water Mark of the Confederacy”?
                                                - Gettysburg

Who said about a March 30, 1981 incident “I forgot to duck”?
                                                   - Ronald Reagan

What massacre happened in Chicago on February 14, 1929?
                                                - St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Identify the strategy was used by the Soviet Army to halt the German advance during
WWII.                                               - scorched-earth policy

What name was given to people who worked to pay for their voyage to America?
                                                - indentured servants

Identify the United States’ deadliest war.
                                                     -   Civil War

Identify the original government of the United States, in which the states maintained most
of the power.                                        - Articles of Confederation

What was the code name given to the invasion of Normandy by the Allied forces?
                                                  - Operation Overlord

In what 3 wars have the most U.S. deaths occurred?
                                                     -   Civil War, WWII, and WWI
Identify the French emperor who sold the Louisiana Territory to the United States.
                                                   - Napoleon

Name the Civil War colonel who saved the Union’s left flank on Little Round Top.
                                                 - Joshua Chamberlain

What name was given to the trade of plants, animals, and diseases between Europe and
America?                                           - Columbian Exchange

During which war did the battle of the Ia Drang Valley take place?
                                                    - Vietnam

The surrender of Germany on May 7, 1945 is more commonly known by what name?
                                                 - V-E Day

What four slave states remained in the Union during the Civil War?
                                     - Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware

Name the B-29 that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
                                                - Enola Gay

Name the U.S. lieutenant colonel who led bombing raids on Tokyo in 1942.
                                                  - James Doolittle

In which state did the Salem Witch Trials take place?
                                                    -    Massachusetts

Who was the Union commander during the battle of Gettysburg?
                                                 - George Meade

Identify the river that Lewis and Clark followed downstream to the Pacific Ocean.
                                                    - Columbia River

What nation suffered the most casualties during WWII?
                                                  - Soviet Union

Who said “There, I guess King George will be able to read that”?
                                                   - John Hancock

From what battle is the phrase “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes”?
                                                     - Bunker Hill

What name was given to the exact location where the first atomic was detonated?
                                                  - Trinity
Name the Portuguese explorer who was killed in the Philippines.
                                                  - Ferdinand Magellan

To whom was Abraham Lincoln referring to in the phrase “I can’t spare this man, he
fights”?                                         - Ulysses S. Grant

What western Civil War battle gave the Union control of the Mississippi River?
                                                  - Vicksburg

What name is given to the forced march of the Cherokee from Georgia in 1833?
                                                  - Trail of Tears

Identify the city which was burned by the British in the War of 1812.
                                                     - Washington D.C.

What president made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?
                                                   - Harry Truman

Name the state that was formed during the Civil War.
                                                  -     West Virginia

Who owned a home where Arlington National Cemetery is now located?
                                              - Robert E. Lee

What name was given to the Spanish explorers who sought gold and conquered Native
American tribes?                                 - conquistadors

On what city was the second atomic bomb dropped on August 9, 1945?
                                                 - Nagasaki

What war was ended by the Treaty of Ghent?
                                                    -   War of 1812

Identify the leader of the Free French after the fall of France to Germany in WWII.
                                                        - Charles de Gaulle

The Treaty of Tordesillas divided the new territories among which two nations?
                                                     - Spain and Portugal

Which Union general led the victories at Ft. Donelson, Shiloh, and Vicksburg?
                                                    - Ulysses S. Grant

Give the name for German submarines during WWI and WWII.
                                               - U-boats
What Native American empire was centered in the Andes Mountains of Peru?
                                                 - Incas

Identify the present day city located on the headwaters of the Ohio River, where Ft.
Duquesne was located.                                - Pittsburg

Identify the fort which defended Baltimore and was the inspiration for the “Star-Spangled
Banner”.                                           - Ft. McHenry

What famous WWII battle took place in Belgium in 1944?
                                                 - Battle of the Bulge

What Civil War battle in Maryland was the deadliest day of the war?
                                                   - Antietam

Name the site of Robert E. Lee’s surrender to Ulysses S. Grant.
                                                    - Appomattox Court House

What term was used to identify the European dividing line between the communist east
and the free west?                                 - Iron Curtain

What is the hometown of the Wright Brothers?
                                                    - Dayton, Ohio

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