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					                                                   Professional Engineers

June/July 2001
Volume 6, No. 2                                                                                                                                Membership News, Programs and Activities

Legislate authority of P.Engs in water resources
management, PEO tells Walkerton Inquiry
by Dwight Hamilton                             media release announcing PEO’s submis-
                                               sion. “Our submission discusses the                             PEO’s commitment to safe drinking water in Ontario
Professional Engineers Ontario has submit-     Professional Engineers Act and the role pro-                    1. Increase public health training.
ted to the Walkerton Inquiry its in-depth      fessional engineers have in the provision of
examination of a professional engineer’s                                                                       PEO will promote greater emphasis on public health training, through consultation and discussion with
                                               safe drinking water. PEO is committed to                        individual Ontario universities, the Council of Ontario Deans of Engineering and the Canadian Engineering
role in providing safe water in Ontario.       working cooperatively with the govern-                          Accreditation Board.
PEO has official standing for Part II of the   ment of Ontario and other stakeholders to
Inquiry, which is dealing with public policy   prevent another tragedy like Walkerton.”                        2. Raise awareness of the role of PEO through outreach.
issues surrounding water treatment, distrib-       PEO’s submission also recommends                            PEO will consult with stakeholders to:
ution and management.                          strengthening provincial regulation of                          x Identify and reach consensus on what activities require a professional engineer within both the mean-
    Forwarded last month, PEO’s submis-        water systems by having the Minister of                             ing and spirit of the Professional Engineers Act. This will include developing clear scopes of practice
sion identifies gaps in the current frame-     the Environment use the Ontario Water                               and responsibilities for professional engineers in these areas.
work of accountability for safe drinking       Resources Act to appoint P.Engs as the                          x Identify the needs and expectations of the public that PEO serves, the users of engineering services, the
water and recommends ways to clarify and       directors who issue directors’ orders, direc-                       broader regulatory community, and licensed practitioners with respect to what activities related to pro-
enhance accountability. The report also                                                                            viding safe drinking water should be regulated.
                                               tors’ reports, certificates of approval and
commits PEO to undertaking actions             other instruments prescribed by the act.                        During the 2001-2002 Council term, PEO will undertake a communications program on the Professional
aimed at increasing the effectiveness of its                                                                   Engineers Act, especially as it pertains to the responsibility of professional engineers to protect life, health,
                                               PEO’s submission anticipates that the
recommendations.                                                                                               property and the public welfare.
                                               directors would support municipal engi-
    In the submission, PEO offers to work      neers or consultants who exercise their                         3. Partner with regulatory and non-governmental organizations.
with the province and stakeholders to          duty to report public health risks under                        PEO will work with the provincial government and non-governmental organizations to develop appropriate
examine means of increasing professional       section 62 of the act.                                          demand-side legislation to give force of law to the defined scopes of practice and responsibilities for pro-
accountability and expertise in the provi-         PEO also recommends that the                                fessional engineers involved with the provision of safe drinking water.
sion of safe drinking water, through the       Attorney General amend the Professional
Professional Engineers Act. The submission     Engineers Act to make clear a professional                      4. Promote continuing excellence.
highlights the need to refine the definition   engineer’s obligation to report public                          PEO will incorporate feedback from its outreach activities and membership profiling, the users of engineer-
of professional engineering with respect to    health risks and to protect the engineer in                     ing services, the broader regulatory community and licensed practitioners into its Professional Excellence
safe drinking water, stating “the authority    such instances of “whistleblowing.”                             Program (PEP).
and mandate of professional engineers in           PEO’s commitments to the Inquiry                            5. Provide guidance and advice to practising engineers.
water resources management and in water        include:
supply systems need to be made clear in                                                                        PEO will produce Professional Practice Guidelines relevant to the provision of safe drinking water, such as
                                                                                                               guidelines on design approaches and quality assurance methods.
provincial legislation so that PEO can         x promoting greater emphasis on public
more effectively regulate the practice of        health training for engineers;
professional engineering.”
    Demand-side legislation that increases     x consulting with stakeholders on what                           profiles into the Professional Excellence                 includes professional engineers with
the participation of engineers in water-         waterworks activities require a profes-                        Program; and                                              extensive experience in water treatment
works operations and management would            sional engineer and developing clear                                                                                     and distribution. The committee also
provide greater accountability because of        scopes of practice and responsibilities                    x producing Professional Practice                             consulted with other expert practitioners.
professional engineers’ duty to public safe-     for engineers in these areas;                                Guidelines on topics like design                            Council received a draft of the submis-
ty, the submission states.                                                                                    approaches and quality assurance                            sion at its March 26 meeting, after which
    “Professional engineers are bound by a     x promoting continuing excellence by                           methods.                                                    the document was published on PEO’s
statutory accountability to the public,          incorporating information on stake-                                                                                      website for comment. The full text of
which includes a code of ethics and              holder expectations and membership                            The PEO submission was developed                           PEO’s submission is available at
requires that they place public welfare          practice and professional development                      by the Environment Committee, which                           www.peo.on.ca.
above all other interests,” said PEO
President Gordon Sterling, P.Eng., in a

                                                 PEO’s recommendations to the Walkerton Commission
                                                 1. Refine the definition of engineering in regards to safe drinking water in provincial legislation.
                                                 The provincial government and affected stakeholders should work with PEO to define specific activities and areas of prac-
                                                 tice that constitute the practice of professional engineering within the meaning and spirit of the Professional Engineers
                                                 Act. This should include considering whether current activities and regulations are consistent with PEO’s statutory man-
                                                 date, specifically with respect to the evaluation of water supplies and the design of treatment and distribution systems.
               IN THIS ISSUE
                      2                          2. Increase professional engineers’ participation in waterworks operations and management.
                 WEAC News                       PEO recommends that participation of professional engineers in the operation and management of water treatment
             Microsoft agreement                 works be defined in demand-side legislation, where appropriate, in order to provide greater accountability based on
                                                 engineers’ duty to the public welfare.
                        3                        3. Specify roles of engineers through demand-side legislation.
                    In Council
                                                 To ensure a higher level of accountability in the quality of Ontario’s drinking water, the provincial government should
             York Chapter forum                  use regulations to clearly define roles and responsibilities for professional engineers in aspects of drinking water supply,
            Certificate presentation             including design and construction, operation and water resource management. Such demand-side legislation should
                                                 reflect the outcome of Recommendations number 1 and 2.
         Introducing 2001-2002 Council           4. Strengthen provincial regulation of water systems.
                                                 The Minister of the Environment should use section 5 under the Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA) to appoint quali-
                     6-7                         fied professional engineers as directors for the purposes of issuing director’s orders, director’s reports, certificates of
                                                 approval and other instruments prescribed under the OWRA.
         2001 Annual General Meeting
                                                 Directors should support municipal engineers and/or their engineering consultants that exercise their duty to report risks
                                                 to public health and safety related to drinking water using section 62 of the OWRA.
                   Your Say                      5. Clarify and enhance duty to report.
                                                 The Attorney General should amend the Professional Engineers Act to clarify engineers’ obligations to report and pro-
                                                 vide a measure of protection for those who exercise them.
   Canada Publications Mail product sales
    agreement no. 1404016. Canada Post:          PEO believes that for this concept to be effective the engineer must be indemnified and protected from reprisal as a
    send address changes to 25 Sheppard          result of public notification of such conditions. In this way, the engineer would be provided with protection similar to
      Avenue West, Suite 1000, Toronto,          that clearly defined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, under which an individual has the right to refuse work
               ON M2N 6S9                        without fear of reprisal by the employer.

by Daniela Iliescu, P.Eng., WEAC member

2001 Future Engineers Initiative Program—
Grant Recipients
Young women are discovering           for three planned projects in     x Ryerson Polytechnic University,         Club and Girls Recognizing             mathematics, science and
the wonders and merits of engi-       which girls will have the           Faculty of Engineering,                 Engineering and Technology             technology courses in high
neering, science and technology,      opportunity to interact with        Toronto–Discover Engineering            (GREAT), and through work              school.
thanks in part to a program           dynamic female role models,         Summer Camp. Now in its                 with local Girl Guides and
administered by PEO’s Women           gaining a greater appreciation      11th year of operation, the             Brownies, this program’s           x University of Windsor, Faculty
in Engineering Advisory               of engineering and science.         camp provides education to              objective is to increase female      of Education & College of
Committee. Under the Future                                               girls going into grades 11 and          participation and confidence         Engineering &
Engineers Initiative (FEI)         x University of Guelph,                12. Applications are sent to            in the areas of science and          Science–Engineering T.A.P.
program, now in its third year,      Promoting Awareness–Girls in         guidance, math and science              engineering.                         Initiative. Professors from the
PEO provides financial support       Engineering & Science                departments in more than                                                     faculty of engineering present
to projects that encourage girls     (PAGES)–Creative Encounters          500 high schools in the GTA          x McMaster University, Faculty          information about engineer-
and women to consider careers        with Science. This initiative        and surrounding area.                  of Engineering,                       ing careers to grade 9 and 10
in engineering through a variety     comprises an all-female learn-                                              Hamilton–Venture                      students, and encourage
of initiatives.                      ing environment that explores      x University of Toronto, Faculty         Engineering &                         female students to participate
    The value of each grant          robotics, electrical design,         of Applied Science &                   Science/Adventures in                 in the university’s new engi-
depends on the type and scope        chemistry and even nutrition,        Engineering–Science Outreach.          Engineering Computer                  neering mentorship program.
of the project. This year, 13        while incorporating fun, orig-       This program consists of “in-          Programs. Travelling work-
projects will receive financial      inality and innovation.              class” workshops presented at          shops, guest lectures and           x University of Waterloo–
support, for a total of $20,000.                                          schools in both northern and           summer camps teach chem-              Engineering Science Quest.
Future Engineers Initiative                                               southern Ontario, and a                istry, biology, physics, geolo-       “Saturday Engineering Club
projects will run in the spring    x Carleton University, Faculty of
                                                                          week-long day camp for girls           gy, computers and the                 for Young Women” (a three-
                                     Engineering, Ottawa–Virtual
and summer of 2001.                                                       in grades 4 to 9 in the GTA.           Internet to children in the           day conference) promotes
                                     Ventures–Girls Outreach (GO!)
    The following recipients are                                                                                 Hamilton area.                        engineering and science
                                     Project. Girls in grades 7 to 10
approved to receive financial                                           x Queen’s University, Clark Hall,                                              careers to high school girls,
                                     will participate in hands-on
support for their FEI projects:                                           Kingston–Science Quest. This         x Scientists in School, Pickering.      and an “all girls” week of
                                     workshops covering computer
                                                                          program offers hands-on engi-          Now in its 13th year of oper-         camp in August introduces
x University of Ottawa, Faculty      programming, animation and
                                                                          neering and science workshops          ation, this program brings            young women to the many
  of Engineering–Adventures in       design, electronics and
                                                                          in elementary schools in east-         enthusiastic scientists into          aspects of science, engineer-
  Engineering and Science.           mechanics during summer ses-
                                                                          ern Ontario, as well as an on-         elementary classrooms to              ing and technology.
  Funding has been approved          sions.                               campus summer day camp for             facilitate hands-on science
                                                                          children entering grades 4             and engineering workshops.          x Deep River Science Academy,
                                                                          through 8. Both programs aim                                                 National Office, Deep River.
                                                                          to get children to have fun          x York Region District School           This six-week summer pro-
                                                                          with learning and learn by             Board, Aurora–Spotlight on            gram offers high school
                                                                          having fun.                            Women in Science and                  students the chance to work
                                                                                                                 Technology. Day-long events           on research projects, enjoy
                                                                        x University of Western Ontario,         held at Seneca College and            recreational activities and
                                                                          London–Discovery Western.              King Campus encourage girls           earn two high school credits
                                                                          Through the creation of Girls          in grades 7 and 8 to take             while they do it.

                                                                        Canadian engineers and
                                                                        Microsoft Corp. agree on
                                                                        use of “engineer” title
                                                                        by Sharon Van Ihinger                                     will lead to the belief that [they] may engage in the
                                                                                                                                  practice of professional engineering,” or a seal that
                                                                        Microsoft Corp. has advised Canadian holders of its       would give the same impression. Fines for breach-
                                                                        MCSE designation not to call themselves engineers         ing these sections of the Act can be up to $10,000
                                                                        or to use the full Microsoft Certified System             for a first offense and up to $25,000 for each subse-
                                                                        Engineer title. The move early in May came after          quent offense.
                                                                        several months of discussions between the engineer-           Engineering titles are protected in the Act so the
                                                                        ing profession and Microsoft.                             public can be assured that those calling themselves
                                                                            “We are very pleased by Microsoft’s decision,”        “engineers” have met defined academic and experi-
                                                                        said Marie Lemay, P.Eng., CEO, Canadian Council           ence requirements that qualify them to take respon-
                                                                        of Professional Engineers. Lemay; Neil Windsor,           sibility for engineering work affecting public welfare.
                                                                        P.Eng., executive director and registrar, Association         MCSE certification holders were inadvertently
                                                                        of Professional Engineers, Geologists and                 breaking the provincial and territorial licensing laws
                                                                        Geophysicists of Alberta; Claude Lizotte, ing., direc-    by using the title “engineer,” and could have been
                                                                        tor of professional affairs, Order of Engineers of        subject to enforcement action by the engineering
                                                                        Quebec; and PEO Registrar Roger Barker, P.Eng.            licensing bodies.
                                                                        met with Microsoft in Seattle late last year to               “We are very pleased to have reached an agree-
                                                                        explain the issues surrounding the use of the title in    ment with the engineering profession and to sup-
                                                                        Canada, and to ask the corporation to stop referring      port it,” said Anne Marie McSweeney, acting direc-
                                                                        to holders of the MCSE credential as engineers.           tor of Microsoft Certification and Skills Assessment.
                                                                            Provincial and territorial laws protect the public    “It opens the door for closer cooperation among all
                                                                        by restricting the use of the engineering title and       organizations in the information technology indus-
                                                                        the practice of engineering in Canada to licensed         try and the engineering profession in Canada. As
                                                                        professional engineers. In Ontario, the Professional      the Microsoft credentials continue to evolve, it is
                                                                        Engineers Act prohibits use of the title “professional    our goal to ensure they maintain the highest level of
                                                                        engineer” or an abbreviation or variation as an           relevance to the industry and represent leaders in
                                                                        occupational or business title by anyone who does-        cutting-edge technology.”
                                                                        n’t hold a PEO-issued licence. Unlicensed people              Microsoft is currently researching alternatives to
                                                                        also cannot use “a term, title or description that        the MCSE.

                                                                              The Link, June/July ‘01
Environment Committee to consider needed
qualifications for site clean-up engineers
by Connie Mucklestone                  Environment Committee “to             an interest in having PEO and          qualified professionals licensed      Councillors elected Eastern
                                       define, in consultation with rele-    APGO use their regulatory pow-         under provincial legislation” as a    Region Councillor Colin

           he Ontario govern-          vant stakeholders, a scope of prac-   ers to create a specialized scope      means of providing public assur-      Cantlie, P.Eng., as the Vice
           ment is prepared to         tice and the requisite qualifica-     of practice in contaminated site       ance in this area. “The resulting     President elected from among
           consider use of the         tions for professional engineers      cleanup with defined qualifica-        regime would potentially be sim-      Council for the 2001-2002 term.
           Professional Engineers      practising environmental site         tions for practitioners (i.e. a spe-   ilar to that in British Columbia,”    Councillors chose West Central
Act and the Professional               remediation work,” for Council’s      cialization). This would allow         he added. Explaining his support      Region Councillor George
Geoscientists Act to identify “qual-   approval. Council also asked the      PEO to designate professional          of the motion, Councillor Tony        Comrie, P.Eng., as a Member of
ified persons” to be responsible       committee to consult with stake-      engineers who are appropriately        Cecutti, P.Eng., said: “In the        the Executive Committee.
for contaminated site assessment       holders on an appropriate certifi-    qualified to perform this work.        past, PEO has taken the position      Council agreed to defer to an
and remediation, Council               cation protocol for determining       The Environment Committee              that it must decide what is engi-     upcoming meeting the appoint-
learned at its first meeting of the    the qualifications of professional    supports this approach, he             neering. Now, the government is       ment of one other Member to
2001-2002 term.                        engineers in this area. The APGO      added. If PEO is not prepared to       prepared to ask us what engi-         the Executive Committee, cho-
    MOE officials have challenged      has undertaken a similar approach     create a specialization and set        neering is, and to put this in leg-   sen from among the Lieutenant
PEO and the Association of             and has expressed its willingness     qualifications, he said, MOE has       islation, instead of telling us.      Governor-in-Council appointed
Professional Geoscientists of          to work with PEO to ensure that       indicated that it is prepared to       PEO must take advantage of this       Councillors. Council approved
Ontario (APGO) to propose a            the two professions can effectively   use an external third party to         opportunity by jumping in             extending the term on the
means to identify “qualified per-      protect the public interest.          establish and assess the qualifica-    quickly and doing what the gov-       Executive Committee of LGA
sons” and to ensure that they are          As background to his motion       tions required beyond being a          ernment has asked.”                   Laurier Proulx, CET, until this
accountable to the public. In          tasking the Environment               licensed professional engineer.                                              appointment is made.
response to this challenge and to      Committee, Councillor Max                 According to John Gamble,          2001-2002 Executive                      In a final bit of business con-
proposed amendments to the             Perera, P.Eng., said that in a        P.Eng., PEO government rela-           Committee                             cerning the 2001-2002 Council
Environmental Protection Act,          recent meeting the Ministry of        tions manager, the MOE “recog-         In a secret ballot conducted as       elections, Council also ordered
Council directed the                   the Environment had expressed         nizes the public accountability of     part of the Council meeting,          the destruction of the ballots.

Consider environment                                                            Certificate presentation features business guru
in development, York
Chapter forum told
by Dwight Hamilton

Drawn from the engineering, political, municipal operations, and con-
servation sectors, speakers at a public forum held by PEO’s York
Chapter on May 10 unanimously endorsed a development strategy for
the Oak Ridges Moraine that takes the area’s natural characteristics
into account.
    The Moraine is known as southern Ontario’s rain barrel, absorbing
precipitation through its permeable sand and gravel to its deep
aquifers. Groundwater from the 160-km-long ridge that runs along
the northern part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) feeds the head-
waters of more than 15 major watersheds. Since the 1980s, Toronto’s
population has advanced northward at an increasing rate and the
Moraine has become a “line in the sand” between property developers
and concerned local citizens.
    “Get interested in your neighborhood,” said Mike Colle, MPP for
Eglinton-Lawence, in the opening address. Colle has seen three of his           Radio and television commentator Fred Ketchen, chair of the Investor Learning Centre and managing
private member’s bills to stop development on the Moraine defeated.             director of ScotiaMcLeod Inc., shares his thoughts on the future of the Canadian economy at a recent
    Speakers agreed that land development proposals should take into            Penta Chapter certificate presentation held at the Islington Golf Club in Etobicoke. Notwithstanding the
                                                                                high-tech meltdown in the stock market, Ketchen feels fundamentals are fine and growth should pick up
account local environmental characteristics. Sustainable and economi-
                                                                                later in the year.
cally successful developments incorporate preservation of the environ-
ment, they said. “Basic scientific principles should underline all activi-
ties and they should revolve around one major principle: that ‘all flows
in the earth must balance for survival—thou shalt not breach the
sacred balance.’ The pre-development balance in a watershed should
be conserved in the post-development conditions,” said Mori
Mortazavi, P.Eng., manager and chief engineer, geo-environmental and
hydrological services, Peto MacCullum Ltd.
    Forum speakers also highlighted what they see as a growing public
demand for improved biological diversity in urban settings. Brian
Denny, P.Eng., director, watershed management division, Toronto
Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), presented an overview of
community-driven regeneration projects like the Don Valley
Brickworks. The TRCA’s Living City Campaign was also highlighted
as a new partnership with the corporate sector that aims to put sus-
tainability in the GTA on the political agenda.
    Similarly, Leonard Munt, regional forester, Municipality of York,
outlined his municipality’s “Greening Strategy” for increasing the level
of green space in York. Munt told the audience he’s “the man who
fines property owners if they cut their trees without permission.”
    Exactly a week after the York Chapter forum, Queen’s Park
imposed a six-month development freeze on the Oak Ridges Moraine
and halted an Ontario Municipal Board hearing on the region. This
was reportedly to give the government time to consult with environ-
mentalists, the development industry, politicians and the local com-            The beginning of a new journey: former PEO Vice President, West Central Region Councillor and current
munity to draft a moraine protection policy. Some environmentalists             Etobicoke Chapter Executive member Ted Wisz, P.Eng., congratulates a newly minted P.Eng.,one of the
called the government’s actions “unprecedented.”                                many who received their licence certificates on May 17.

                                                                                   The Link, June/July ‘01
                                                                                                                             Introducing PEO Council, 2001-2002
                                                                                                                                                                         Executive Committee
G. Gordon M. Sterling, P.Eng.                                   Peter DeVita, MASc, MBA, P.Eng.                               Richard W. Braddock, P.Eng.                                 Kenneth C. McMartin, P.Eng.                               Colin Cantlie, P.Eng.                                       George R. Comrie, P.Eng., CDP, CMC                                                        W. Laurier Proulx, CET
President                                                       Past President                                                President-elect                                             Vice President (Elected)                                  Vice President (Appointed)                                  Member, Executive Committee                                                               Member, Executive Committee
                  Gordon Sterling earned a bachelor’s                           Peter DeVita has enjoyed a successful                         Richard Braddock received a bache-                          Kenneth McMartin is a graduate of         Eastern Region Councillor                                   West Central Region Councillor                                                            Lieutenant Governor-in-Council Appointee
                  degree in mechanical engineering                              and varied career in the sales and mar-                       lor’s degree in engineering from the                        Carleton University, where he                             Colin Cantlie received a BSc degree in                        George Comrie received a BASc                                                          After graduating from the Northern
                  from the University of Toronto. He is                         keting of high technology electronic                          University of London in 1952. He                            received a bachelor’s degree in engi-                     engineering physics in 1979 and an                            degree in 1970 and an MEng degree                                                      College of Applied Arts and Technology,
                  chairman of The Office Planners and                           products. He is president of DeVita                           has a wide range of civil engineering                       neering in 1976, and went on to earn                      MSc degree is electrical engineering                          in 1973 from the University of                                                         Kirkland Lake, with an honours civil
                  Users Group, which conducts inter-                            Associates, specializing in custom-                           experience, and has spent the last 35                       a master’s degree in engineering in                       in 1983 from Queen’s University. He                           Toronto. He has held a variety of                                                      technology diploma in 1974, Laurier
                  national conferences on office build-                         made computers for high-availability,                         years working on municipal engi-                            1982. He has held the position of                         works for Nortel Networks, in                                 senior positions prior to becoming                                                     Proulx gained valuable experience in
                  ing design. Prior to that, he had a long                      high performance or industrial sys-                           neering and land development pro-                           manager, civil and environmental                          Ottawa. His expertise includes system                         president of Data Design Systems                                                       Iroquiois Falls and Kirkland Lake
career with Bell Canada, holding positions in project           tems with harsh environments. He has both BASc and            jects. Braddock joined PEO in 1955, serving on the          engineering laboratories with Carleton University’s                       engineering, software design, techni-                         Inc. in Mississauga. Comrie joined                                                     before moving to Kitchener to work
management, building design and facility management.            master’s degrees in engineering from the University of        Willowdale-Thornhill Chapter executive for several          Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering         cal management, software operations, development            PEO in 1973 and has been an executive member of                                           for Lingwood Robertson, Architects and Engineers.
Sterling served as an East Central Region Councillor for        Toronto, specializing in computer and environmental           years, including a year as chapter chair in 1971. He        since 1982. Prior to that he was with Morrison            process definition (ISO 9000) and technical project         the Etobicoke Chapter since 1990, as well as partici-                                     In 1976 he joined the City of Kitchener, working on
four consecutive terms, was a member of the                     studies, and an MBA from York University, specializ-          served as PEO Vice-President (appointed) from               Hershfield Burgess and Huggins Ltd., Consulting           management for product development in voice tele-           pating on many committees. He is also a member of                                         the construction of the Kitchener City Hall from
Willowdale-Thornhill Chapter executive for 25 years,            ing in energy economics and marketing. DeVita was             1999-2001 and East Central Region Councillor                Engineers. McMartin has been a member of the              phony, intelligent networks and carrier networks.           the Canadian Society for Professional Engineers, and                                      1990-93. Today, he is director of the facilities man-
and served as chapter chair. He participates in numer-          on the board of the Canadian Society for Professional         before being elected PEO’s President-elect.                 Ottawa Chapter executive since 1988, and served as        Cantlie has been a member of PEO since 1983, and is         a certificant of both the Institute for Certification for                                 agement division and project manager for the
ous PEO committees, and was inducted as a member                Engineers, and served as its president from 1984-86.                                                                      chapter chair during the 1991-92 term. His other          affiliated with other organizations, including the          Computer Professionals (CDP) and the Canadian                                             Municipality of Kitchener.
of the Order of the Sons of Martha (now the PEO                 He has been a PEO member since 1975 and was a                                                                             PEO activities include membership on the Advisory         Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.          Association of Management Consultants.
Order of Honour) in 1983. He was made an Officer of             Lieutenant Governor-in-Council appointee on PEO                                                                           Committee on Committees, Professional Engineers           Cantlie is involved with many community activities,
the Order of Honour in 1994. He also serves on the              Council from 1991-97. He was elected Vice President                                                                       Awards, Finance and Enforcement committees.               as well as PEO’s Ottawa Chapter.
board of directors of the Canadian National Exhibition.         in 1998 and President-elect in 1999.

                                                                               Councillors-at-Large                                                                                                                                                                                                     Appointed Councillors
Dennis Dixon, BEng, P.Eng.                                            Daniela E. Iliescu, P.Eng.                                            Danny C. Marmora, B.Eng, P.Eng., CET                                                 Michael A. Butt, P.Eng.                                           Nick Monsour, P.Eng.                                                                            ate degrees in civil engineering and business administration
               After receiving his engineering degree from                            Daniela Iliescu received her Diploma of                               Danny Marmora has served on the executive                                            Michael Butt, P.Eng., is the president of                          After receiving an Honours BASc in                                             from the University of Toronto. Perera has been a member of
               Liverpool University in 1961, Dixon spent                              Engineering from the University of Bucharest,                         of the Toronto-Humber Chapter and on                                                 Buttcon Limited, a general contractor,                             mechanical engineering from the University                                     the Transportation Research Board and national highway
               four years with Rolls Royce Ltd. He has                                Romania, Faculty of Electrical Engineering                            PEO’s Professional Practice Committee. In                                            construction manager and design build                              of Toronto in 1951, Nick Monsour spent his                                     research panels. He has also served extensively on many PEO
               been a PEO member since 1966. He is an                                 and Energetics. The diploma is equivalent to                          2000, he became the chapter’s first Vice-                                            contractor located in Toronto. He joined                           early career working for Babcock-Wilcox &                                      committees, and was appointed to the First Directors board
               associate with Jag Mohan & Associates,                                 a Canadian master’s degree. She is head of the                        Chair of Advocacy. Marmora received an                                               PEO in 1965 and is a member of the                                 Goldie McCulloch. In 1954, he went to                                          of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers.
               Consulting Engineers. From 1976-88,                                    electrical department, Colt Engineering                               honours diploma in engineering technology,                                           Canadian Society for Civil Engineers,                              work for Polysar Ltd. (later Novacor Ltd.)
               Dixon was a consulting engineer in the                                 (Ontario) Corporation. Iliescu joined PEO in                          majoring in machine design from George                                               chairman of the Greater Toronto Airports                           where he stayed until retirement in 1991.                                      W. Laurier Proulx, CET
United Arab Emirates, and he completed projects in Saudi              1977, is a member of several provincial engineering associa-          Brown College in 1991, and went on to receive his engineer-                          Authority, and is affiliated with several other organizations.                     He worked as project manger for numerous                                       (See Executive Committee)
Arabia, Oman, Pakistan and several Gulf Islands. He is a              tions, and the Toronto Conference Committee for the 2001              ing degree in 1995 from Ryerson Polytechnic University. He                           Butt graduated with a BASc in civil engineering from the          plant additions in Sarnia and Belgium, and was promoted to
member of the Canadian Society for Professional                       IEEE Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference. She was a            is working part-time on his Masters of Applied Science in                            University of Toronto in 1963. His many years of experi-          principal engineer. He was a director of the Materials                                          David J.D. Sims, BComm, LLM, QC
Engineers, and is also active in PEO’s Brampton Chapter.              Lieutenant Governor-in-Council Appointed Councillor from              mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto.                                 ence have involved the construction of numerous office,           Technology Institute of the Chemical Industry. Monsour has                                                        David Sims has extensive municipal,
He was an executive member in 1989, vice-chair from                   1992 to 1998 and has participated on the Discipline and                                                                                                    commercial, hotel and government projects.                        also had a long history with PEO Council, serving as                                                              administrative, environmental and public
1989-90, and chair in 1990-91, 1996-97 and 1999-2000.                 Women in Engineering Advisory committees since 1992.                                                                                                                                                                         President in 1985-86 and Vice President in 1994-95. He has                                                        law experience, comprising civil and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Peter R. Frise, PhD, P.Eng., FCAE                                 worked on several committees and was invested as a                                                                administrative board litigation before all
                                                                              Regional Councillors                                                                                                                                              Peter Frise holds bachelor’s and master’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                degrees in mechanical engineering from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Companion of the Order of the Sons of Martha (now Order
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   of Honour) in 1988.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     levels of courts and tribunals. He has also
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     participated in public inquiries. Sims
Northern Region Councillors                                           River Utilities Environmental Assessment, and is currently           Richard H. Weldon, BASc, P.Eng.                                                                      Queen’s University, and a PhD in mechan-                                                                                                                             obtained his bachelor and master’s degrees
                                                                      working at Utilities Kingston. He is active in the Ontario                                                                                                                ical engineering from Carlton University.          Gul Nawaz, FCA                                                                                  in law from Osgoode Hall Law School, York University,
Tony Cecutti, P.Eng.                                                  Waterworks Association (OWWA) and in the Water
                                                                                                                                                            Richard Weldon received his engineering
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                In 1993, he received the Society of                                Gul Nawaz became a chartered accountant                                         and a bachelor degree in commerce from the University of
                 Tony Cecutti graduated from the University                                                                                                 degree from the University of Toronto in
                                                                      Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO). Lucas served                                                                                                                   Automotive Engineers’ award for contribu-                          in 1973, and a Fellow Chartered Accountant                                      Toronto. He began his practice in 1964, and since 1973,
                 of Waterloo in 1986 with a BASc in civil                                                                                                   1987. He is vice president at Carson
                                                                      on PEO’s Quinte Chapter as chapter chair in 1999-2000, and                                                                                                                tions in research, teaching and student                            in 2000. He is a partner at Nawaz Taub                                          has been a partner in the law firm of Sims, Thomson &
                 engineering. He is employed by Earth Tech                                                                                                  Dunlop Weldon & Associates Ltd., special-
                                                                      as the education coordinator from 1998-2000.                                                                                                               development. Frise is currently Professor and Daimler-                            Noor & Wasserman Chartered Accountants.                                         Babbs. After being called to the Bar (Ontario) in 1964, he
                 in Sudbury as a project manager and                                                                                                        izing in consulting engineering and build-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Chrysler Canada/NSERC Industrial Research Chair in                                Nawaz has served at the executive level in                                      was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1976, and has been a
                 designer. He is experienced in planning,                                                                                                   ing inspections. He joined PEO in 1987 as
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mechanical Design at the University of Windsor. He has                            Mississauga community organizations,                                            Certified Civil Litigation Specialist since 1988. He spent
                 designing and implementing municipal                 East Central Region Councillors                                                       an engineer-in-training, becoming a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 been a member of PEO since 1984 and a Certificate of                              including the Mississauga Arts Council,                                         five years as a public school trustee, and belongs to numer-
                 infrastructure projects. Cecutti is active in        R. Anthony Warner, P.Eng.                                            licensed P.Eng. in 1989. For the past four years, he has been
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Authorization holder since 1992. He has volunteered on a          Mississauga City Centre Opera, and was past President of the                                    ous professional associations, as well as PEO committees.
many community activities and committees. He has partic-                                                                                   active in the Etobicoke Chapter, holding a variety of posi-
                                                                                       Anthony Warner received a BSc degree from                                                                                                 number of CCPE and PEO committees and is currently a              Mississauga West federal riding association. He is a member
ipated in PEO activities, including several student outreach                                                                               tions including chapter chair. Weldon is a member of the
                                                                                       the University of West Indies in 1980 and a         Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE); the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 member of the Complaints Committee and the Ontario                of the Policy Advisory Committees on Finance and Taxation                                       Tom Sivalingham, C.Eng.
campaigns, and was responsible for starting the local PEO                              MSc degree in 1985 from the joint                                                                                                         Hydro Nuclear Task Group. In 2000 he was elected a fellow         and Social Services for the provincial government, as well as
                                                                                                                                           Ontario Building Envelope Council; the Ontario Plumbing                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tom Sivalingham received his bachelor of
charity golf tournament, as well as advancing a successful                             MSc/MBA program, Columbia University,                                                                                                     of the Canadian Academy of Engineering.                           other committees. Nawaz is a respected public speaker on tax
                                                                                                                                           Inspectors Association; and the Heating, Refrigeration and                                                                                                                                                                                                                engineering degree from the University of
student job shadowing event. Cecutti was a past chair of the                           New York, and also holds a PEO Certificate                                                                                                                                                                  and business topics and is active in legislative matters involv-
                                                                                                                                           Air Conditioning Institute of Canada.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ceylon, Sri Lanka. He has continued his
Sudbury Chapter, chair of the START Committee for revi-                                of Authorization. He practises as a consulting                                                                                            Nancy E. Hill, P.Eng., LLB                                        ing the CA designation.                                                                                           education in Canada through various pro-
talization of the chapter system, and vice-chair of the                                engineer for the Virtual Engineers Collective.
                                                                                                                                           Western Region Councillors                                                                              After receiving her engineering degree from                                                                                                                       fessional development courses, and is a
Regional Councillors Committee (RCC) in 2000. He cur-                 Warner joined PEO in 1992, and has been active with the                                                                                                                                                                      Maximus H. Perera, P.Eng., MASc, MBA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   the University of Toronto in 1981, Nancy                                                                                                                          member of the Institution of Civil
rently chairs the RCC.                                                York Chapter since 1997, serving as awards coordinator and           J. David Adams, P.Eng.                                                                                  Hill worked as a structural engineer, then                      Maximus Perera held a variety of positions                                                        Engineers in the U.K. He gained extensive
                                                                      as treasurer. He founded e-Engineer.com, a business-to-busi-                          David Adams received a BEng degree from                                                went on to obtain her law degree from the                       with Ontario Ministry of Transportation                                         professional experience around the globe, in Belize, Hong
Bruce E. Clarida, B.Eng, P.Eng.                                       ness company for engineers, and has given presentations on                            McGill University in 1955 and an MBA                                                   University of Ottawa in 1986. Since then she                    from 1974 until his retirement in 1996,                                         Kong and Sri Lanka, where he worked as quality assurance
                  After receiving his degree in civil engineering     virtual engineering and engineering on the Internet. Warner                           degree from the University of Western                                                  has worked extensively, advising and manag-                     including senior transportation planner and                                     manager, executive engineer and deputy director. He even-
                  from Lakehead University in 1980, Bruce             won the Quebec Ministry of Industry and Commerce award                                Ontario in 1958. Since that time, he has                                               ing all aspects of patent, trade mark, indus-                   head of highway inventory and capital plan-                                     tually settled in Ontario to work as an inspector with PCL
                  Clarida worked for the National Energy Board        for his work on economic development in that province.                                worked as project engineer, financial planner                        trial design and copyright law, including the securing, main-                     ning office. He received the ministry’s                                         Ltd. in Scarborough, until his recent retirement.
                  of Canada in Ottawa, as senior project engi-                                                                                              and analyst and manager for several large                            taining and enforcing of intellectual property rights. Hill has                   Valuable Individual Performer–Outstanding                                       Sivalingham became involved in his community, support-
                  neer with a firm in Sault Ste. Marie, and is cur-                                                                                         Canadian firms, eventually becoming presi-                           served on PEO committees, including as chair of the Women         Technical Achievement award in 1994. He has a mechanical                                        ing those in need through his work as social worker,
                                                                      John D. Reid, BASc, P. Eng.                                          dent of Quality Performance Engineering Inc. Adams joined
                  rently senior civil engineer with Great Lakes                                                                                                                                                                  in Engineering Advisory Committee, and is a long-time             engineering degree from the University of Ceylon and gradu-                                     teacher, and volunteer with various organizations.
                  Power Limited. He has participated on several                         John Reid graduated with a degree in mechani-      PEO in 1960 and served on the executives of two chapters. He                          member of the board of directors of the Canadian Coalition
PEO committees and has served on the Algoma Chapter since                               cal engineering from the Royal Military College    is past president of the Rotary Club, and has been a member                           of Women in Engineering, Science and Technology, and pres-                                        Council Structure
                                                                                        of Canada in 1953, followed by the University of
1991. Clarida is also a member of the Canadian Dam
Association and the Canadian Electrical Association. He has                             Toronto in 1954, and went on to complete stud-
                                                                                                                                           of Who’s Who in Canada and USA since 1983, and
                                                                                                                                           International Men of Achievement since 1986.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ident of the board of directors of the Women Inventors
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Project. She is a partner with Hill & Schumacher.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Governance Structure
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Council Structure
                                                                                        ies in international management at the Centre                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        President*
worked tirelessly in his community, advising on college curricu-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             President*
lum and environmental issues.                                                           d’Etudes Industrielles in Geneva, Switzerland.     Roydon A. Fraser, PhD, P.Eng.
                                                                                        Since becoming a member of PEO in 1957,                                                                                                  Kenneth G. Lopez, P.Eng., MASc
                                                                      Reid has worked on projects in Ontario, British Columbia,                            After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in                                          Ken Lopez graduated from the University
Eastern Region Councillors                                                                                                                                 engineering, Roydon Fraser went on to                                                 of Toronto with a BASc in 1955 and an
                                                                      Labrador, Indonesia, Egypt and the Caribbean Islands. Following                                                                                                                                                                                             President-*             Vice*
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (elected by members)            Vice*
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (elected by Council)           Past*              Councillor(s)*
Colin Cantlie, P.Eng.                                                 30 years as president and co-owner of Napier-Reid Ltd., a water                      obtain his master’s degree and doctorate in                                           MASc in 1959 in civil engineering, and has                                          Elect              President
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (elected by members)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (elected by Council)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         President                (existing)

                                                                      and wastewater treatment and pumping systems and equipment                           mechanical and aerospace engineering from                                             been a member of PEO since 1956, serving
(See Executive Committee)
                                                                      company in Markham, he sold his interest and is now a manager                        Princeton University. He is an associate pro-                                         on several committees. He retired in 1988                                        Lieutenant Governor               Councillors-at-Large                             Region Councillors (10)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Appointees (12)
                                                                      at VE. Collective Inc. in Markham, continuing his work in this                       fessor in the mechanical engineering depart-                                          after 30 years with Transport Canada man-                                        Lieutenant Governor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        P.Eng. (7)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Councillors-at-Large                         Region Councillors (10)
Allen K. Lucas, P.Eng.                                                                                                                                     ment at the University of Waterloo. Roydon                                                                                                                                Appointees (12)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Lay Members (5)                          (3)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               East     West Western
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Central Central      (2)
                                                                      field. He won the Arthur Sidney Bedell Award in 1980 for his                                                                                                               aging the design and construction of multi-                                            P.Eng. (7)                                                    Eastern  East
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                (2)     West Western
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (2)                   Northern
                 Since receiving his degree in civil engineering      contribution to the Pollution Control Association of Ontario.        joined PEO in 1991, serving on the executive of the                                   million dollar airport projects. Lopez is active in many
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Lay Members (5)                                                     (2)   Central Central      (2)            (2)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                (2)      (2)
                 from the University of Waterloo in 1989,                                                                                  Kitchener-Waterloo Chapter since 1993, and as chapter chair                           community activities and committees, and was a past
                 Allen Lucas has worked in the public utilities                                                                            in 1996. He is the director and co-founder of the Waterloo                            school trustee; president of the ratepayer’s association; and                                                                       PEO Committees                                        PEO Chapters
                 sector. His experience includes water and            West Central Region Councillors                                      Region Engineering Design Competition; director of the                                member of advisory committees for Pearson International                                                                 8 legislated, 5 regulated, 15 appointed                     38 grouped into 5 regions
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     PEO Committees                                        PEO Chapters
                 sewer infrastructure design and manage-                                                                                   Sanford Fleming Foundation; member of the Society of                                  Airport. In 1992, he was awarded the Governor General’s                                                                 8 legislated, 5 regulated, 15 appointed                     38 grouped into 5 regions
                 ment. He has worked on projects in the               George R. Comrie, P.Eng.                                             Automotive Engineers, the American Society of Mechanical                              Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of
                 Northwest Territories, managed the Catarqui          (See Executive Committee)                                            Engineers, and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers.                         Canadian Confederation, for his outstanding contribution                                 *Executive Committee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          *Executive Committee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 to the Etobicoke community.

                                                                                           The Link, June/July ‘01                                                                                                                                                                                                     The Link, June/July ‘01
                                                                                                      4                                                                                                                                                                                                                            5

“New beginnings” the                                                                                                 Join the quest for sustainable development:
                                                                                                                     AGM luncheon keynote
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Tie licence to high standards, sought-after
theme at PEO 2001 AGM                                                                                                by Sharon Van Ihinger
                                                                                                                                                                                                             skills to increase value: roundtables
                                                                                                                     The president of CH2M HILL Canada, one of the largest environmental engi-
                                                                                                                     neering companies in the world, offered professional engineers a glimpse into           Connie Mucklestone                                non-technical skills, which is the             wants to enhance the relevance                  vance of the P.Eng. licence,                neering as a case study. Tracing
Connie Mucklestone                     Designation Committee, said           and that the use of “cookies” no        the future of sustainable development, in his luncheon keynote address April                                                              result of fundamental organiza-                of licensure for employers of                   which recommends that the                   the development of software
                                       there is a need for a graduated       longer be mandatory on PEO’s            20 during the Strategic Sessions day at PEO’s annual general meeting.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        o make the P.Eng. rele-                tional changes in all sectors to               engineers like Celestica, it must               licensing bodies establish “an              engineering from craft to engi-

         or the first time in its 79   system of licensing. “There are       website. In debate of this motion,           Drawing on his experience working with businesses, non-governmental                           vant, meet employer’s                  more team-based work. Greater                  imbue the P.Eng. with “a discern-               internship program that will be a           neering discipline, Voldner pre-
         years, PEO welcomed the       those, who aren’t competently         Communications Committee                organizations and government, Nicholas Sonntag defined sustainable develop-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        needs by making sure                   value is also being placed on pro-             able skill/capability advantage                 highly regarded postgraduation              dicted that by the year 2020 soft-
         Attorney General of           practising who need to be caught      chair Eric Nejat, P.Eng., pointed       ment as a positive synthesis of the environmental, social and economic dimen-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        it signifies technical                 ject and contract management                   above that possessed by engineer-               stage in the training and devel-            ware projects will be implement-
         Ontario to its Annual         up,” he said. Brampton Chapter        out that a report by the commit-        sions of the development process, and the means by which the sustainability
                                                                                                                     of civilization is ensured. An active participant in the 1992 United Nations
                                                                                                                                                                                                             excellence, proficiency in com-                   skills and presentation skills.                ing graduates,” Armstrong rec-                  opment of a professional engi-              ed by teams with a range of
Business Meeting. David Young          chair John Clayton, P.Eng., said      tee’s website subcommittee on
                                                                                                                     Earth Summit, Sonntag said the summit made it clear for him that sustainabil-           munications and teamwork, an                      Familiarity with quality control               ommended. It must also create a                 neer.” The CCPE plan sees                   skills, some of whose members
addressed the AGM and admin-           that while he agrees the C of A       redesigning PEO’s website for
                                                                                                                     ity can “only be achieved if the social dichotomies that characterize our soci-         appreciation for the arts and                     concepts is particularly impor-                demand for licensure among the                  internship programs focusing on             will be licensed, some certified
istered the oath of office to          fee needs to be rationalized to       ease of use had been approved by
                                                                                                                     eties, and particularly the disparities between rich and poor, can be bridged.”         humanities, and a commitment                      tant in the automotive, chemical,              company’s customers.                            development of in-demand non-               and some with no formal recog-
incoming Councillors on April          reflect the size of the firm offer-   PEO Council on March 26.
                                                                                                                          Sonntag said the role of the engineer should be changing from technical            to professionalism. That’s the                    aerospace and telecommunica-                       Taking his audience to the                  technical and applied engineer-             nition but having the necessary
21, 2001 at the Westin Harbour         ing or providing engineering ser-     Access by members to online
                                                                                                                     innovator to agent of change in the movement toward a more sustainable                  message of Strategic Roundtables                  tions industries, the research                 year 2020, Norman Ball, director,               ing skills through a combination            skills. Noting that one-third of
Castle Hotel in Toronto.               vices to the public, he disagrees     membership data will have to            society. Since Rachael Carson’s book Silent Spring warned about the impact of           on “The Professional Engineer in                  showed, and in international                   Centre for Society, Technology                  of mentoring, sector-specific               all software projects still fail,
    Calling his ministry’s experi-     with one licensing category.          wait until implementation of the        the use of hazardous chemicals nearly 40 years ago, environmental concerns              2020” and “Enhancing                              consulting engineering.                        and Values, Department of                       employer guidelines on experi-              Voldner said the need to imple-
ence of working with PEO                   On the vote, the motion was       new membership database soft-           have become a key focus for business, governments and communities, he said.             Relevance of the P.Eng.—                          Employers reported a lack of                   Systems Engineering, University                 ence, courses in key non-techni-            ment a recognized licensing
“rewarding,” Young said PEO            defeated.                             ware has been completed, he said.            In today’s “take-make-waste model” that draws freely on energy, materi-            Possible Responses,” held April                   practical experience as a key                  of Waterloo, demonstrated how                   cal skills and courses in profes-           regime remains. At present, he
and the ministry have similar              The first of two motions deal-                                            als, and resources under the assumption that they are limitless, engineers
                                                                             Driving change focus of                                                                                                         20 as part of PEO’s 2001 annual                   weakness in new graduates, he                  the value of the P.Eng. might be                sional ethics. The CCPE plan                said, software engineers are
goals. He said the then recent         ing with chapters was moved by                                                must develop new technologies to cut air emissions, treat industrial and
                                                                             farewell address                                                                                                                general meeting.                                  said. O’Grady reported that                    enhanced if engineers made a                    also involves establishing                  licensed in Ontario, British
Throne Speech had highlighted          Peter Broad, P.Eng., and second-                                              municipal wastewater, and clean up contaminated soils. Current engineering                  Addressing Trends in                          many employers of engineers are                conscious effort to integrate the               Industry Sector Councils across             Columbia and Texas, but each
the government’s commitment to         ed by Raj Mathur, P.Eng.              In his final address as PEO             efforts are often directed toward finding cheaper ways to extract more                  Engineering Education, Richard                    aware of licensing bodies’ intern-             technical and non-technical. For                Canada, to keep the profession              jurisdiction has slightly different
“increased accountability and          Comprising two parts, on which        President, Peter DeVita, P.Eng.,        resources, not on ways to recycle or use fewer resources, he said, adding:              Bonert, P.Eng., University of                     ship programs, but would like                  example, he said, if greater num-               apprised of industry’s needs and            standards, while the software
efficiency, not only within gov-       separate votes were held, it asked    reflected on change at PEO and          “Inner cities with their existing infrastructures are left to decay, while we           Toronto Faculty of Applied                        them made more structured and                  bers of engineers played more                   emerging trends, and to involve             industry itself is developing its
ernment, but applied to our            that chapters be accepted “as a       what he sees as the profession’s        claim more open lands, adding to our sprawl. We attempt to solve the trans-
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Science and Engineering Task                      rigorous. Support among                        active roles in journalism helping              industry in developing/adminis-             own certification regimes.
partners.”                             fundamental part of PEO,” and         obligation “to help drive techno-       portation gridlock by adding more highways instead of rethinking our trans-
                                                                                                                     portation systems.” Nevertheless, Sonntag observed that today, more and
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Force on Curriculum Change,                       employers for licensing varied                 to translate complex technical                  tering enhanced EIT programs.                   Gayle Mackay, RN, director,
    Emphasizing the government’s       recommended that “at the first        logical change.”
                                                                                                                     more companies around the world are taking on the sustainability challenge,             said the task force has concluded                 depending on the industry, but                 issues for a non-technical audi-                    PEO’s draft Strategic Plan,             practice and policy, College of
desire to cut red tape for global      possible opportunity, perhaps as          He said the 1999 opening up
                                                                                                                     because they have discovered that significant competitive advantages can be             that in general the curriculum                    appeared to have weakened over-                ence, the profession would likely               reviewed by then President-elect            Nurses of Ontario, and Peter
competitiveness, Young said his        early as the 2002 budget, deserv-     of PEO’s Council and commit-
                                                                                                                     realized through capturing new markets and financing opportunities, while               must be broadened to incorporate                  all during the past decade, he                 be discussed more in the media                  Gordon Sterling, P.Eng., and                LeFlair, registrar, Public
ministry is counting on PEO to         ing chapters should receive a sig-    tees to the public signaled a new
                                                                                                                     increasing shareholder value and profits.                                               more social science, humanities,                  said. There is a perception in                 and have more influence over                    Registrar Roger Barker, P.Eng.,             Accountants Council of
advise it where proposed legisla-      nificant injection of funds to        era, in which licensed practition-
                                                                                                                          Sonntag cited the forces supporting the sustainable development wave as            economics and business commu-                     some industries that registration              public policy, since the media sets             also focuses on enhancing rele-             Ontario, rounded out the ses-
tive change involves engineering:      enable them to operate as pro-        ers “now have significantly more        including the growing concern about future liability for emissions and/or               nications skills. It must increase                to ISO standards is an effective               the public agenda.                              vance by enabling PEO to add                sion by discussing how relevance
“You know better than we do            posed by START.” The Chapter          levers to make change” than they        clean-up; the need to reduce dependence on resource limited inputs; commu-              hands-on experience through pro-                  substitute for licensing, he                       However, achieving this future              value to the licence by better reg-         of licensing is enhanced in their
what changes will impact your          Structure and Revitalization          had in the past.                        nity and supplier demands for greater social and environmental responsibility;          jects and laboratories to integrate               reported.                                      will require a fundamental shift                ulating the profession in the               professions. In developing its
work.” The Attorney General            Team (START) report, endorsed             Creation of OSPE marked             and new, comprehensive international agreements and conventions.                        learning, and provide more design                     Gerry Armstrong, P.Eng., vice              in the engineering mindset, Ball                public interest, ensuring that the          five-year-old competence assur-
concluded by recognizing the Act       by chapters at PEO’s 2000             another significant milestone, he            Noting that some international engineering associations have adopted               courses. The curriculum structure                 president, quality and customer                said, since there are few engineers             meaning of the licence is well              ance program, which has both
and Regulation changes PEO has         AGM, recommended enhancing            said.                                   professional codes of conduct or policy statements on sustainability, Sonntag           must also be made more flexible                   satisfaction, Celestica Inc., said             in the media, and there is “con-                understood, and maintaining                 voluntary and mandatory
already requested for inclusion in     the chapter system through such           He explained further that the       quoted from the code of the international consulting engineering body called            to allow a diverse education and                  the company’s “degreed engi-                   siderable scorn in engineering                  and enhancing standards of                  aspects, Mackay says the nursing
the next Red Tape Reduction            initiatives as regional store front   ACDE Task Force report and the          FIDIC, which states: “Engineers should provide leadership in achieving sustain-         dual degree graduation in a rea-                  neers” are its “core resource.”                schools for the non-technical.”                 admissions, practice and ethics             profession learned that self-
Act, which are intended to             offices and paid staff. Both parts    resulting legislative changes likely    able development that will meet the long-term need of future generations of             sonable time. Continuing engi-                    Celestica is a multinational elec-             Even when engineers study                       through such initiatives as an              directed approaches that provide
implement recommendations of           of the resolution were carried,       coming this fall reflect new trans-     all nations without causing major modification to the Earth’s ecosystems.”              neering education must be                         tronics outsourcer, headquartered              humanities or arts subjects, he                 Engineering Internship Training             a menu of options and enable
the Admissions, Complaints,            after several speakers discussed an   parency modes and the desire to              He suggested that engineers can play an important part in helping to
                                                                                                                                                                                                             strengthened, he said.                            in Toronto, with 31,000 employ-                noted, it is generally in specially             program that fills the gap                  practitioners to learn skills spe-
Discipline and Enforcement Task        enhanced regulatory role for          create processes free from the          design and develop the institutions, planning and decision-making systems
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The flexibility of the program                ees. The company has engineers                 designed “for engineers” courses.               between knowledge provided in               cific to their areas of practice
Force, whose report he called          chapters as PEO’s window on           perception of bias. “I believe that     sustainable development requires through effective management. He said he
                                                                                                                     believes opportunities in this area will multiply as governments move to modi-          would be such that at the end of                  in every location, about 500 of                On graduation, engineering stu-                 engineering school and skills               work best. In discussing the sep-
“compelling and thought-pro-           engineering practice throughout       as we continue to implement the
                                                                                                                     fy the system of incentives, regulations and penalties by which they motivate           the four-year degree the graduat-                 them in Ontario. Seventy-five                  dents are handicapped by this                   required for practice. The PEO              aration of the CA title from the
voking.”                               Ontario.                              66 recommendations approved
                                                                                                                     the economic behaviour of individuals and corporations.                                 ing student would be either a                     per cent of its business is the                isolation, he said, for there are               plan also aims at ensuring that             licence in accounting, LeFlair
                                           A second chapter-focused res-     by Council from this report, we                                                                                                 generalist, a specialist, prepared
Member resolutions                                                                                                        In 2002, Sonntag said, world leaders will gather in Johannesburg, South                                                              assembly of printed circuit                    few jobs in today’s economy that                PEO operations are efficient,               noted that fewer than half those
                                       olution, by Ben Burke and             will feel that shift to a strong reg-                                                                                           for full postgraduate studies, or
New beginnings, or at least                                                                                          Africa, for the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, at which                                                                   boards for long-term customers                 don’t require the interaction of                effective, and transparent, and             who hold the CA designation
                                       Saleem Haq, also carried. It asked    ulatory focus,” said DeVita.                                                                                                    with enough additional credits to
change to PEO’s current way of                                                                                       they’ll review past successes and failures, and focus on future prospects. He                                                             that are mostly much larger than               people with many skills from                    that Ontario society is served by           are licensed to practise public
                                       PEO to enter into negotiations            To be responsive and relevant       said he believes engineers are uniquely positioned to take action because they          acquire a second degree within 12
doing things, was also at the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  it is, and the company is heavily              diverse professions. Engineering                global engineering.                         accounting, but all have quali-
                                       with the Ontario Society of           to society, DeVita said, PEO must       “possess the predictive tools to see this impending problem,” as well as “the           to 18 months, he said.
heart of six resolutions from                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  registered to ISO 9001 and 9002                licensing bodies can help initiate                  Peter Voldner, P.Eng., princi-          fied for the licence through their
                                       Professional Engineers (OSPE)         be open to the world around it.         technological tools and creativity to solve it.”                                            Research consultant John
PEO members, which dealt with                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  quality standards, Armstrong                   change, Ball said, by changing                  pal, Peregrine Software Inc., and           admission to the Institute of
                                       “with a view to having a common       Because new science drives new               Sonntag concluded by suggesting that the world has two simple choices.             O’Grady reported on the find-
the Certificate of Authorization                                                                                                                                                                                                                               said. Because they are the com-                their requirements for licensing                executive member, Software                  Chartered Accountants of
                                       chapter system for both organiza-     engineering, and the rate of scien-     “The first choice,” he said, “is to do what we have always done: tinker with            ings of industry focus group
(C of A) program, the chapter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  pany’s value proposition, he said,             and accreditation procedures for                Engineering Standards                       Ontario. The licence in
                                       tions,” if a majority of chapters     tific discovery is unprecedented,       the current production-consumption model hoping to make incremental reac-               research, done on behalf of the
system, fees for retired members,                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Celestica’s engineers must main-               engineering programs.                           Committee, Institute of                     accounting, he said, is simply
                                       representing a majority of PEO        he said, the engineering profes-        tive changes while navigating from crisis to crisis. The second and far better          Canadian Council of
and the PEO website and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        tain the currency of their skills                                                              Electrical and Electronics                  the permit that holds CAs prac-
                                       members agreed and if PEO pro-        sion can expect to grow rapidly in      choice is, I believe, to take the next natural step and use our vision and tools        Professional Engineers as part of                                                                Enhancing relevance
Members Forum. Resolutions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     through continuous learning.                                                                   Engineers, discussed how the                tising public accounting respon-
                                       vided and funded a regulatory         the future. “But just like the dis-     to proactively move away from this impending crisis and into a new industrial           its multi-year Engineering Work
carried at the AGM are referred                                                                                                                                                                                                                                However, licensure is not a criti-             Marie Lemay, P.Eng., CEO,                       engineering profession can main-            sible to the Public Accountants
                                       role for chapters.                    covery of fire, and our inventions      age of sustainable development. I urge you to join me, and a growing con-
to Council for consideration.                                                                                                                                                                                in Canada research project. He                    cal factor in Celestica’s                      Canadian Council of                             tain relevance by responding to             Council for their work in this
                                           Retired professional engineers    to control it, there is a potential     stituency in the engineering profession, in this quest.”
    Noting that “the cost of the                                                                                                                                                                             said the research shows an                        hiring/promotion decisions.                    Professional Engineers, highlight-              emerging areas of practice, using           area, and that prevents others
                                       as a resource for the chapters was    for both harm and well-being,”                                                                                                  increasing value being placed on                                                                 ed CCPE’s plan to enhance rele-
Certificate of Authorization for                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   If the engineering profession                                                              the experience of software engi-            from doing this work.
                                       recognized by a motion brought        DeVita said. And therein lies the
sole practitioners seems exces-        by Tim Kirkby, P.Eng., and Guy        challenge. The engineering profes-
sive,” the first resolution, from      R. Cuerrier, P.Eng., which asked      sion has to advise government
Michael Hogan, P.Eng., and             that membership fees for retired      and industry leaders to ensure
Cassandra Roads, P.Eng., called
on PEO to “reduce the annual
                                       members be waived. At present,        that the public derives benefits at     Technologist licensing,                                                                 specializations common themes at provincial roundtable
                                       retired members pay $40 annual-       the least amount of risk. “If there
fee, for sole practitioners only, to   ly. In debate, Eastern Region         is anything that has become crys-
$20/year, with an initial applica-                                                                                   Connie Mucklestone                                                                      Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC), said                      The Order of Engineers of Quebec is also no longer doing it all,            In common with PEO, CCPE has been examining the relevance
                                       Councillor Colin Cantlie, P.Eng.,     tal clear to me from the govern-                                                                                                APEGBC is also considering a licensing regime for technologists                 as a result of the creation of the Quebec Engineer Service                  of the licensed profession and reviewing its Strategic Plan to ensure
tion fee of $40.” Hogan with-          pointed out that in waiving the       ment ministers and politicians I

                                                                                                                                   ur issues are your issues,” President Dan Hogan, P.Eng., Association      under its Act. (PEO is examining licensure of technologists, as part of         Corporation, said Zaki Ghavitian, ing., vice president, Order of            currency, Noel Cleland, P.Eng., than CCPE Chair, reported. The past
drew this resolution in favour of      fee for “membership,” PEO             have met, it’s that they want our                     of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan               a larger study of whether the public interest would be enhanced by              Engineers of Quebec (OIQ). The member services previously provided          year has seen great change at CCPE, he said, with the appointment
a second C of A resolution from        would actually be giving individ-     advice. Others are not going to                       (APEGS), observed at the National/Provincial Roundtable April 21 at       PEO regulating allied applied science practitioners under the                   by OIQ have been transferred to the new services corporation, he            of Marie Lemay, P.Eng., as its Chief Executive Officer last July.
Ben Burke, P.Eng., and Saleem          uals who have declared they no        say where the skills of an engi-        PEO’s 2001 annual general meeting. Speakers representing licensing bodies from          Professional Engineers Act or through some other mechanism.)                    said, and OIQ has a new Strategic Plan and Vision that focuses on           CCPE’s proposed programs to enhance relevance are long-term, he
Haq, P.Eng., which asked PEO           longer practise engineering a         neer are mandatory. That is up          seven provinces, the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers (CCPE) and the               In his remarks, Bremner also noted the trend toward specialist             eliminating inadequate engineering practice in Quebec and enhanc-           noted, and the effects of some initiatives may be 20 years in the
to “recognize that it is sufficient    licence to practise engineering.      to us to do.”                           Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) noted many common issues of            certifications in B.C. beyond the P.Eng. licence, with the first such           ing OIQ’s proactive supervision of engineers in industry. OIQ has           future.
to have one licence category for       Separating the ability to continue
                                                                             New beginnings                          concern and areas of activity, including trends toward specialist certifications and    specialty emerging about 20 years ago with the Building Code                    been attempting to revise its governing legislation for almost eight            Ensuring the profession’s future is also the focus of student and
all engineers and as soon as prac-     using the P.Eng. title, which                                                 regulation of technologists, concerns with the relevance of the P.Eng. licence and      Professional designation, which was introduced by the City of                   years, Ghavitian reported, but it is now difficult to predict the out-      Engineer-in-Training programs highlighted at the roundtable by New
tical, but in not more than three      retirees want, from the licence to    Gordon Sterling, P.Eng., PEO’s          licensing bodies, and such activities as the introduction of student and EIT pro-       Vancouver and subsequently turned over to APEGBC to administer.                 come of the Act revision, because the Quebec government is revis-           Brunswick, Quebec, and Manitoba. PEO has also recently introduced
months from the date of this           practise engineering, which they      2001-2002 President, closed the         grams, strategic planning, and revisions to their governing legislation.                     Jeremy Cook, P.Eng., then Chair and CEO, OSPE, also cited the              ing the whole system of professional regulation in the province.            a Student Membership Program and is enhancing its Engineering
meeting, reduce the cost of the        no longer need, would eliminate       2001 business meeting by briefly            Sue Eviston, P.Eng., president, Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists   trend toward government-driven specialization as among the issues of                A new Act that will bring geoscientists into the Association of         Internship Training program. Although APEGGA registers almost all
Certificate of Authorization to        this contradiction, he said. On       outlining his priorities for the        and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA), said its recently introduced Registered          importance in Ontario. “The government is becoming increasingly anx-            Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia (APENS) recently passed first         the graduating engineering students from its two universities,
$1, and that of Designated             the vote, however, the resolution     next year. Topping the list is          Professional Technologist (Engineering) licence “is proving very successful” with 20    ious to put in place certifications in safety-critical areas,” he said. “Will   reading, President Ron Gilkie, P.Eng., reported. New Acts bringing in       Alberta’s Eviston reported, keeping them within the profession is
Consulting Engineer to $1.”            was carried.                          completion and approval by              RPT(Eng)s registered, 60 more waiting for registration and the potential for about      this replace the P.Eng.? It is obvious that the profession needs a voice        geoscientists were also passed relatively recently in New Brunswick,        proving to be more difficult. “The relevance of the licence seems to
Burke said the resolution pro-             The final member resolution,      Council of PEO’s strategic plan,        300 in total. The program, which ended about 10 years of conflict between APEGGA        for it at the table.” He said that in its first year, OSPE has provided an      reported President Sherry Sparks, P.Eng., and Manitoba, said Executive      hinge on employers,” she said. “If they don’t value the P.Eng., peo-
posed $1 a year fees for the           which was also carried, called on     which focuses on improving reg-         and the Alberta Society of Technologists (ASET) involves ASET recommending quali-       engineering perspective to the Walkerton Inquiry, and on a revised reg-         Director/Registrar Dave Ennis, P.Eng. The Manitoba Act revision also        ple won’t keep it.”
superfluous licence and designa-       PEO to redesign its website           ulation in engineering to serve         fied members to be licenced by APEGGA in defined scopes of practice, which APEG-        ulation for Prestart Health and Safety Reviews under the Occupational           introduced a Certificate of Authorization for firms offering professional       While the roundtable reflected commonality among the associa-
tion in the knowledge that the         Members Forum to enable dis-          the public interest and enhance         GA works with them to define. The new licence, which obliges registered technolo-       Health and Safety Act, proposed changes to the Limitation Act, and hir-         engineering services to the public and mandatory professional liability     tions, it was also noted that PEO often voices different views from the
Act change to eliminate them           cussion threads to be more visible    PEO’s relevance.                        gists to work under APEGGA’s code of ethics and to APEGGA standards of practice,        ing decisions of the Ottawa Transition Board. “PEO is limited in what it        insurance. However, it has proven impossible for some practitioners to      other provinces and CCPE. However, Nova Scotia’s Ron Gilkie said
would take time to effect.             and accessible. It also asked that       Sterling also said he wants to       has added value to ASET’s designation, and enhanced public protection, she said.        can do to serve its members, he said. “OSPE isn’t. It is time for any           be insured, at any price, Ennis reported, so APEGM is looking for the       PEO’s “often disparate views” have caused him to think harder about
    Arguing another viewpoint,         members be allowed to view, and       work cooperatively with OSPE                John Bremner, P.Eng., executive director/registrar, Association of Professional     who still hold it to give up the notion that PEO can do it all.”                government to amend the legislation to relax this requirement.              the issues. ”We need this,” he said.
however, Larry Pond, P.Eng.,           make corrections and additions        and with the Canadian Council
chair, Consulting Engineer             to, their membership data online,     of Professional Engineers.

                                                                                   The Link, June/July ‘01                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Link, June/July ‘01
                                                                                              6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   7

Energy for all                                       would have much less environ-         Power Satellite. This proposal          Electronic Systems magazine, Feb.     unscrupulous activities passed
In his letter “A world without                       mental impact. Fusion has been        consists of a satellite that collects   2000, “Space Solar Power              off as engineering work by peo-
oil?” (October/November 2000                         demonstrated on a small scale in      sunlight on large solar panels.         Development” by Henry Oman.           ple who aren’t qualified? I, for
issue, p. 5), J.G. Carkner points                    plasmas in equipment called           The resulting electricity would be                                            one, am happy to pay the mem-
                                                     Tokamak, including one at             converted to microwave power            Seeing the forest for the             bership fee even if I do it, as
out the very real problems caused                                                                                                  trees
by the eventual exhaustion of oil                    Hydro Quebec. It will require a       and beamed down to collector                                                  Ms. Toffolo puts it, for the “sole
reserves, and says “engineers                        massive development for it to         antennas on the ground. This was        In the letter “Final Straw”           privilege of belonging to the
must lead the way.” He mentions                      become a practical major source       studied by NASA a number of             (February/March 2001 issue            profession.”
hybrid gas/electric cars, which                      of energy. The International          years ago and found not to be           p. 10), Robyn Toffolo said she           Apparently, the last straw for
will help to reduce the consump-                     Thermonuclear Experimental            economically feasible. However,         will not renew her membership         Ms. Toffolo was the announced
tion of oil, as will fuel cells.                     Reactor (ITER) is a joint propos-     recent improvements in solar cell       in response to a PEO fee              fee increase to form an advoca-
    Conversion to natural gas                        al to develop a full scale            efficiency and expected reduc-          increase. She should bear in          cy group. If she doesn’t want to
does require considerable capital                    Tokamak by Europe, Japan, the         tions in the cost of launching          mind that similar professional        help fund the activities of an
investment, though pipelines can                     US and the USSR. The USSR             equipment into space may make           associations have much higher         organization whose goal is to
be converted to carry natural gas                    effort has vanished, and the US       the solar power satellite a practi-     annual dues than (the old)            increase the image, and there-
with very little change except to                    pulled out to concentrate on          cal source of power.*                   $130 plus GST; some are over          fore potentially the fees com-
pumping equipment. However,                          implosion equipment using mas-            These last two proposals do         $1,000. $139.10 is $12/month.         manded by its members, then
sources of natural gas will also                     sive lasers. Canada is part of the    not involve continuous con-             Surely the many roles and activ-      perhaps she can volunteer her
reach exhaustion. There are enor-                    European consortium. ITER is          sumption of oil or gas, nor gen-        ities of the association can be       time to the group. If not, then
mous coal reserves that could be                     in the planning stage so far.         eration of greenhouse gases, and        justified against that low rate! If   she is right to leave. But she
used for feedstock for plastics.                     When built, it would be the pro-      deserve the support of engineers.       anyone isn’t sure how much            should try to see the forest for
Coal consists mostly of carbon.                      totype for practical sources of                                               PEO does for us, just take a          the trees.
                                                                                                           T.W.R. East, P.Eng.
The objection to the use of coal,                    electrical energy.                                                            look at the website. How much
                                                                                                               Waterloo, ON                                                       Gerard Gransaull, P.Eng.
oil or gas for energy is the release                     One other solution that would                                             do you value the role of defend-
                                                                                                                                                                                            Toronto, ON
of carbon dioxide, a major green-                    also be pollution free is the Solar   *Reference: IEEE Aerospace and          ing the public from some of the
house gas.
    Sources of energy other than
hydrocarbons that come to mind
are wind, solar, tidal, geothermal
and the remaining untapped
waterfalls. So far, they have not
taken over a substantial share of
the energy market, and may not
be able to.
    Nuclear fission plants using
uranium, such as the CANDU
reactor, are very capital-intensive,
and produce highly radioactive
byproducts whose disposal is dif-
ficult. If the latter problem and
the “bad press” can be overcome,
they could substitute for substan-
tial amounts of oil or gas used
for electricity generation.
    Nuclear fusion plants, which
convert hydrogen to helium,

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