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					                                 Maryland State Council
                                     June 12, 2008
                                     Baltimore MD
 PARTICIPANTS: Mary Alice Vanhoy, Linda Arapian, Maija Anderson, Lynn Brown,
Gail Schoolden, Jeff Jefferies, Diane Liebeskind, Mary Ellen Wilson, Cyndy Wright-
Johnson; By conference call: Pam Fox, Tamra White
 EXCUSED: Caroline Doyle, Sandy Waak, April Motovidlak, Marla Johnston, Anne
May, Emilie Crown
 NOTE TAKER: Mary Alice Vanhoy, Linda Arapian
 GUEST: Richard Alcorta, MD President of ACEP

       TOPIC/AGENDA                       FINDINGS/DISCUSSION
                            Meet new members:
                            May Anderson, Heidi Halterman & Amanda Falise
   Introductions                                                                None
                            Congratulations to Pam Fox on the birth of her
                            granddaughter Megan.
   Minutes Review &
                            Motion – Jeff Jefferies to accept minutes
   Approval                                                                     None
                            Second - Diane Liebeskind
                            State Checking: $13,135.06
                            State CD#1 $5393.70 (matures Nov 2008)
                            State CD#2 $2162.53 (matures May 2009)
                            ($3937.63 of the state total is ENCARE monies)
   Treasurer Report         Education Act Checking: $29,054.55
                            Education Act CD#1 $5393.70 (matures Nov
                            (approx $2200 of the total is remainder of
                            TNCC/ENPC grants)
   Old Business:

                                                                                Thank you to Sandy Wa
   501C3 Status             Success!!!
                                                                                Current Bylaws reflect 5

                                                                                Contact Carol Mays to s
                                                                                in coordination.
   Two Tier vs Three tier
                            Need to activate the workgroup                      Pam Fox has document
                                                                                Set up an separate mee

   New Business

                       Jeff Jefferies received a call from Legislative Chair of
                                                                                  Tamra White will make
MHA ER nurse to                                                                   Relliott@marylandadvoc
participate in Psych                                                              additional information ab
                       We need to additional information.
Patient Protocol                                                                  and timeline of Workgrou

ENA affiliate
                       Need to check on affiliate membership status               Mary Alice Vanhoy will c
membership of MNA
                       410-944-8200.                                              Waak about status.

                                                                                  Ask Chapters to make a
                       State Donation
                                                                                  chapter president. Chap
                       ENAF is asking for $1/member; MD has 834
                                                                                  make a donation of $1/m
                       members; due June 30.
ENAF State Challenge                                                              The state will subsidize u
                       “Pig” Balance will be applied to this.
                                                                                  the $ 834 donation.
                       Anne May made her personal ENAF donation
                                                                                  Motion: Tamra White
                       applicable to MD State Challenge (Thank you!).
                                                                                  Second: Jeff Jefferies

                       Developing an annual scholarship program where             Send to Education Comm
MD ENA scholarships
                       nurses could apply for a registration scholarship for      development and identif
                       Scientific Assembly                                        for longevity

                       Medication Reconciliation and Home Medications
                       ED Over Crowding
                       Yellow Alert
                       Change Verbage to Hospital Thru put
                             issues overcrowding
                       Pan Flu Drill Review
                       Change Ambulance Dispatch in Pan Flu Events
Guest                  Ameri Group – Insurance downgrading randomly and
                                                                                  Information only
Dr Richard Alcorta     denying admission – ACEP address directly,
MD ACEP President      introduced bill to prevent behavior – Poor billing
                       practice – non-ethical
                       MHCC – ED overcrowding – ACEP has a seat, look at
                       measurement criteria, CMS performance
                       Psychiatric – Beta criteria from CMS to present to
                       hospitals to beta test
                       White paper draft – looking at the infrastructure –
                       developing survives through ACEP list serve

                       Discussion reference mileage reimbursement for             Lengthy discussion
reimbursement for
                       attending functions where representing ENA
attending meeting
representing ENA
                       Tamra White and Pam Fox discussed cost related to          Motion failed: For (2), O
                       Governmental Affairs travel.                               Abstained (4)
                       Motion by Pam Fox and second by Tamra White for
                       the Governmental Affairs Committee to develop a
                       budget for financial reimbursement to be submitted to
                       the MD State ENA for consideration.
                       Diane Liebeskind identified that we are a volunteer
                       organization and many members travel to meeting for
                       ENA. Member must weigh their personal responses
                       with their other responsibilities. Visibility of ENA in
                       various arenas is important. Many members keep
                       ENA visible beyond Governmental Affairs. Maybe
                       there is a need to increase the membership on various
                       committees and share the responsibilities.

                       Look at developing Blogs for Committees.
                                                                                 Committee Chairs to loo
Committees                                                                       for faster communication
                       Discussion of issues related to web site:
                          Limited ability to update between monthly update
                                                                                 Heidi Halterman – discu
                          Time require to prep material for posting
                          New web technology since original development

                       Points sheets due June 16th to Linda.
                                                                                 ENA will notify us of num
Delegate Committee
                                                                                 June 20
                       Points sheet out of date due to changes in electronic
                                                                                 Delegate committee will
                       communication and committee meetings

                       Election time frame
                         Expression of interest
                         Electronic Voting
Nomination Committee
                         Transition meeting with strategic planning, budget      Call for nominations for J
                       development and State Achievement Award                   Electronic voting for Sep

Injury Prevention      November 14th, Advances in Pediatric Medicine –           Information only
                       Holy Cross.                                               Call or email Cyndy Wrig
                       Handouts for Booster seat law documentation.              Booster Seat Law Hando

                       Fee for advertising immediate posting:                    Motion passed unanimo
                          $50 ( $25 webmaster - $25 ENA)
                       Motion made by Lynn Brown and second by Linda
                       Arapian to allow for immediate advertising postings at
                       $50 with the above split.
                       Blast Emails                                              Blast emails – president
                                                                                 president, president elec
                       Discussion related to increasing communication to
                       membership by use of Newsletters 2 times a year.          Newsletter 2009 – budge
                       Will explore the fiscal impact and desire of              Jefferies and Diane Lieb
                  memberships for a Jan. 2009 newsletter (including the   committee.
                  ENA by the Bay flyer) and a July newsletter (with
                  election Bios and voting directions).

                  ENA by the Bay Report:
                  Review of draft of budget – few vendors outstanding
                  Motion by Diane Liebeskind, second by Tamra White :
                  MD ENA should reimburse Helen Bradley for the cost
                  of her room for ENA by the Bay

                  Helen Bradley had initially refused reimbursement –
                  Should she not accept the reimbursement, motion
                  made by Lynn Brown and second by Jeff Jefferies to
                  increase the amount to the basic 2009 Scientific
                  Assembly registration fee and give away a Helen
                  Bradley 2009 National Scientific Assembly
                  Date and location for 2009

                  Discussed issues
                     Low attendance
Education              Flyer not mailed out to members
                       Delayed placement on web
                       Blast emails late
                       ACEP conference within a week
                       EMS Care and ATS same time
                       Limited fund
                        3 with verbal commitment but no shows
                     Great facility – very cooperative
                     Location – evaluations from last year
                      recommended Ocean City

                  Helen Bradley and committee developed a tentative
                  time line for 2009.

                  New Chair – Pam Fox has family commitments.             Marla Johnston will serv
                  The following need to be updated:
                      Financial Guidelines
By Laws
                      ENPC/TNCC Participant Audit Guidelines
                      State elections
                      Points system                                       Based on 501C3 Status
                                                                          changed prior to 501C3
                  By-Laws Revisions

                     Need to develop the following:
                        New SOP
                        SIG operations
                        Decision Making and consensus forming
                        MD End of Year reporting

                     Trauma Net addressed “canned courses” (ie ENPC
                     and TNCC) and said that first run is full credit hours,
                                                                               Info only from Cyndy Wr
                     but if it is repeated or a recert course it is 8 hours
                     (even if it is an updated curriculum – ie 6th ed TNCC)
                     New ENPC renewal course
                                                                               Linda Arapian-informatio
                     Beta testing for CPEN – registration opens August 5

                     Budget presentation for 2008 Minneapolis:
                       Post card for handouts with Old Bay Sample
                       Continue to look for gift ceritificates for raffle      Decided to go with Red
2009 Annual            Raffle off Digital Frame with MD pictures               imprint. Amanda will ass
Committee              Booth at National 2008                                  Liebeskind with obtainin

                     Motion made by Gail Schoolden and second by Jeff          Motion passed unanimo
                     Jeffries to approved the budget of $800 for the 2009
                     Annual Committee for 2008 Minnesota meeting

                     National Election June 13, 2008
                     Posters for Leadership 8/1/08
Upcoming deadlines
                     Posters for 2009 Annual Meeting 1/15/09
                     Emergency Nurses Week 10/5-11, 2008

                     Fundraiser – Bull roast in the fall
                     July 8 at PG – next meeting
 Mid-MD              With possible sponsorship
                     Barbara Proctor – October 31, 2008 tentative
                     Membership increasing
                     Last meeting in Salisbury
 ESC                 Shore Health System in collaboration with
                     ESC considering a fall one day workshop

                     1300 adjourned
                     Bowie Health Center
                     August 26, 2008 @ 1200

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