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					New Freedom, PA                                                  August 2009                                                             Vol 26 Issue 8

 Grand Knights Message
 My Brother Knights,
 Pope Benedict XVI has declared the following 12 months as “The Year of the Priest”. I wish as
 Grand Knight of Council #8891 to motivate the Council to do even more to support the men who
 have chosen to take the Sacrament of Holy Orders. I am proud to be part of a Council that has
 done much to support these fellow men. We have recently dedicated a 10 Commandment
 Monument to Fr. Sylvan Capitani, for his many years as Pastor of St. John the Baptist Church. We have supported
 newly-ordained Fr. Paul Thiesz while he was a Seminarian all the way through to becoming a priest with support
 of money and brotherhood. We have been instrumental in supporting Fr. Phillip Chavez with the Amator Institute
 for Men’s spirituality – monetarily, support of the Band of Brothers, and the Institute’s Board of Directors. Fr.
 Larry Sherdell, the State Chaplain, has been very appreciated of the support of our Council (especially the 4th
 degree members) to his parish in McSherrystown (he recently came to visit us at the I-83 Rest Stop on July 3rd).
 When my uncle visited us in April, Fr. Ken Gering, he commented on how much he was impressed with the
 working of the Council and how much the Knights of Columbus supported him in Southern Indiana. At the PA
 State Convention, I run across other priests who come up to me at tell me how much they have heard how much
 we do (including Bishop Kevin Rhoades) and that we serve as a model for others.
 BUT……we can do more.
 We sometimes take these men for granted. Their mission is not easy. They have forgone the pleasure of having
 the support and love of a wife and children in order to serve the greater good of God’s Kingdom on Earth. Many
 times it is a thankless and lonely “job”. As all of you know, we need many more priests because not enough men
 are deciding to become a priest. We even have the problem that some ordained priests are “second-guessing” their
 calling and deciding to leave the priesthood – many times due to the pressures of secular society and the parishes
 on priests. Think about it – the average parish priest today is somehow trying to “shepherd” as best as he can the
 flock of Catholics – many who are straying away from the Church in droves – while somehow keep the ones who
 do go to Church happy. Secular society surely does not make his job easy. There is an article by Kathleen
 Kennedy Townsend a recent edition of Newsweek Magazine entitled “Why Barack Obama represents American
 Catholics better than the pope does”. Myself, I consider this argument by the eldest daughter of Robert F.
 Kennedy as a slap in the face to the Pope, the American Bishops and priests.
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                                                            In This Issue
  1-2     Grand Knights Message                                               4        Council #8891 Council Picnic
  2       Deputy Grand Knights Message                                        4        A Month to Remember (In History)
  2       Seminarian Raffle                                                   4        Fr. Cyril J. Allwein Assembly #944 Officers
  3       Faithful Navigator’s Message                                        5        Knight Edition Sponsors
  3       Assembly 944 Social                                                 5        Council Officers and Committee Directors
  3       York Revolution                                                     5        For the Good of the Order (FTGOTO)
  4       2009 4th of July Rest Stop Wrap-Up                                  6        Calendar of August 2009 Events

    Knight Edition - Published by St. John The Baptist Knights of Columbus Council #8891, P.O. Box 219, New Freedom, Pennsylvania 17349.
    This publication is the instrument of Council #8891 and not of the order at large. Some articles included in this publication may reflect the views of
    individuals and not that of the Council as a whole. Although the information contained herein is deemed accurate and publication worthy, the Council and
    Editor(s) are not responsible for its content.
    Articles are due via e-mail to Barry Price bapent @ by the Saturday prior to the Business Meeting.
New Freedom, PA                                  August 2009                                                Page 2

Grand Knights Message (Continued from page 1)
So here is what I suggest: Everyone in the Council take the time to make a list of the priest you know. Pray to the
Almighty Father for thanksgiving of knowing these fine men and for their continued good health and success of
their mission. Then send them a card of support, give them a phone call to say “Hi”, or even invite them over to
your home for dinner sometime. Find out if there is something they need or what and buy it for them (it doesn’t
have to be much). Whatever you do, do it! Believe me, growing up with an Uncle who is a priest, they also want
to be treated as fellow human beings and as friends. If you give, they will show their appreciation.
I hope to see all of you and your families at the COUNCIL Picnic at Steve and Laura Udzinskis on Saturday,
August 8th. Also, a number of us plan to go to Lancaster to St. John Neumann’s KofC Pig Roast on August 9th – to
see our fellow brother, Fr. Paul Thiesz. Call me if you plan to come along – I will also put something on the web
   Vivat Jesus,
   Greg Gering, Grand Knight of Council #8891

Deputy Grand Knights Message
My brother Knights, here is our schedule of upcoming events:
      Activity                          Date                   Time              Location
 Parish Picnic                   Sunday, July 26th         12:00 – 4:00PM     Parish Center
 York Revolution                 Tuesday, August 4th       5:00 PM            Sovereign Bank Stadium
 Council Picnic                  Saturday, August 8th      3:00 PM            Steve and Laura Udzinski
 Band of Brothers Meeting        **No meetings in July or August**
 York Revolution                 Saturday, August 15th     5:00 PM            Sovereign Bank Stadium
 General Meeting                 Thursday, August 13th     8:00 PM            SJNC (new church basement)
 4th Degree Meeting              Thursday, August 20th     5:00 PM            Grofts Woods
 Business Meeting                Thursday, August 27th     8:00 PM            Neuman Hall
As I wrap up my first year as DGK, I want to take a moment to say “thank you” to all of our Directors and
Committee chairs that are the core of our council activities. Past GK Tim Schott did a great job this past year with
our church activities, Band of Brothers, Rest Stop oversight, COAL and other related activities. Chuck Carey
coordinated and managed all of our breakfasts, luncheons, and dinners associated with our numerous activities in
support of the parish, and our council functions. Tom Evans did an excellent job as our spokesman for Pro-Life and
is always insightful in reminding us of our mission to protect life. (Make sure that you plan on joining us for the
March in DC next January!). Kevin Quinn was very active as our Youth Director with the Free Throw Challenge,
Soccer Challenge, York Revolution, Seminarian Raffle, and other related activities. Past GK Barry Price handled
both Council Director and Public Relations and coordinated our basket bingo events, card socials, and of course
stayed on top of us to get our Knights News articles and material to press on time. Rick Corveau did a fine job with
our PVK Scholarship and breakfast, and coordination of our 4th Degree Color Corps. Last but not least past GK,
Dan Beck did a masterful job in charge of Membership, Apparel (and Fashion). Dan keeps us looking good and
everything is always on sale (cheap), and he keeps us well supplied with egg rolls. There are many others to
mention as well (including all of our Officers) , and again, I want to thank all of you for your commitment and
dedication to our council. Under the strong leadership of GK Greg Gering, we have accomplished much, and we
have a lot to be proud of in terms of our contributions to the church, and our community (which was duly
recognized by our recent awards). I would ask you to take some time to acknowledge these folks as well. They
make a big sacrifice in the responsibilities they hold, and the support they provide to the council.
    Esto Dignus,
    Tony Steinauer, Deputy Grand Knight

                                                Seminarian Raffle:
With proceeds going in support of Josh Zeller, we'll be in the atrium selling chances after all masses August 29th
and August 30th. Thanking you in advance for helping with this worthy endeavor.
New Freedom, PA                                 August 2009                                                  Page 3

The Faithful Navigator’s Message
My Brother Sir Knights,

Many thanks to the Sir Knights who participated in the Color Corp for the 200th Anniversary of
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, the close of the Pauline Year at St. Patrick Cathedral, and for the
Silver Rose Celebration at Annunciation Parish. Respectively five, three and ten Sir Knights
participated in the aforementioned events. The Color Corp will resume activities in September for the closing of
40 Hours.

I have received inquiries from Supreme regarding the By-Laws changes that were sent to the legal department. At
this point there may or may not be issues. As the situation develops, I will keep the Assembly informed.

The plans for the October Social are being finalized. The social will take place on October 10th 2009. There will
be a DJ along with dinner in the gym at Annunciation Parish. Due to the excellent quality of the food, assured to
me personally by Fr. Sherdel and Renee Bruder, the price will be increased slightly to $35.00 per person. It is
BYOB. As this event is not paid for by the Assembly, it is necessary to collect monies well in advance as the DJ
must be retained and a reasonable head count arrived at for purposes of meal planning.

I would like to extend an invitation to all Sir Knights to join us at our annual picnic at Groft’s Woods on August
20th. Our Master of Ceremonies will once again be Mark Bruder, Faithful Captain Nonpareil. He has promised an
event that will be bigger and better than last year’s.

Our next meeting will be at Groft’s Woods on August 20th, 2009. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

   Vivat Jesus
   Al Saenz, Faithful Navigator
   Fr. Cyril J. Allwein Assembly #944

                           Mark your Calendars! - Assembly 944 Fall Social
We have firmed up our date and activities for the fall social for the 4th Degree. This year, it will be held at
Annunciation BVM School at 316 North Street, McSherrystown on October 10th. Tentative schedule is (5:30
Mass), 7:00 Cocktails and Hors Douvres, 7:30 Dinner, and DJ Music from 8:00 – 12:00. This will be a BYOB
event and cost will be $25.00 - $35.00 per person ($50 - $70 per couple). We will finalize the cost shortly and start
collecting money at the August and September Council and Assembly meetings some bring your money or your
check books. Spread the word!

                                          York Revolution
Our next game is set for Tuesday August 4th, report time as close to 5:00 pm as you can
make it. The long range weather forecast is for a warm evening, great for fund raising!!!

We've given our third game Wed August 5th to Eastern Methodist Youth Group. Like most
groups these days, they are looking for additional fundraisers and we needed the help.

Game 4 is slated for Saturday August 15th, again with a 5:00 pm report time.

Attendance at the Revolution games is on the upswing as is their performance on the field. Go Revs!!!

   Kevin Quinn 235.0745
New Freedom, PA                                 August 2009                                                  Page 4

                               2009 Fourth of July Rest Stop – Wrap-Up
 Dear Brothers,
 This year’s Fourth of July Rest Stop Fundraiser, held on Friday, July 3, was a great success. The council received
 donations in excess of $300 over that which was projected.
 For the two Rest Stop events held this year, the council has exceeded the projected profit by almost $500. Each
 year this event is held at the Rest Stop on I-83 in New Freedom and is an opportunity to serve the traveling public
 by serving them bagels, sandwiches, coffee and other beverages. It, also, presents an excellent opportunity for you
 to bond with your brother knights, as well as socialize with them and the public. I would like to thank all those
 brothers who participated in the activity.
     Vivat Jesus,
     Tim Schott – PGK

                                  Council #8891 Family Picnic
Steve and Laura Udzinski have graciously invited all Council members and their families to their
home for our annual Council Family Picnic. This summer’s picnic is scheduled for Saturday
August 8th at 3PM. Burgers, beef, dogs, soda, sausages, and adult beverages will be provided,
and we ask each family to bring a covered dish to share, and a canned good per person for the
food pantry. There will be swimming, badminton, volleyball, basketball, croquet, and other
activities Let's all get together for some good fraternal and family fun. Since the picnic is a
week prior to our General Meeting, contact Steve or Laura at 717-993-9601 prior to Sunday,
August 2nd so we can get a head count to plan for the food and beverages

                                    A Month to Remember (In History)
 Apollo 11
 July 20, 1969
 Walter Cronkite
 November 4, 1916 – July 17, 2009
 Farrah Fawcett
 February 1, 1947 – June 25, 2009
 Billy Mays
 July 20, 1958 – June 28, 2009
 Michael Jackson
 August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

          Fr. Cyril J. Allwein Assembly #944 2009 – 2010 Officers
                                                                                        - - NOTICE - -
                        Faithful Navigator      Al Saenz                 235-3917
                        Faithful Comptroller    Ronald Funk              632-6359      Want to help save
                        Faithful Friar          Fr. Lawrence Sherdel     637-1191
                        Faithful Captain        Mark Bruder              637-6202     your Council money
                        Faithful Admiral        John Schwarzman          235-6220      and also be green,
                        Faithful Purser         Gary Crocetti
                        Faithful Pilot          Daniel Beck              235-4604      receive only an e-mail
                        Faithful Scribe         Nathaniel Fissel         646-9255
                        Inner Sentinel          Timothy Schott           993-8593
                                                                                     copy of the Knight Edition
                        Outer Sentinel          David Gamache            993-8994             monthly.
                        One Year Trustee        James Hintenach          235-6117    If I don’t already have your
                        Two Year Trustee        Dennis Cooper            993-6973
                        Three Year Trustee      Tony Steinauer       443-257-0053    e-mail address, e-mail me at
                        Color Corp Commander    Richard Corriveau        227-2728         bapent @
New Freedom, PA                                          August 2009                                                              Page 5
      Please Support Our Sponsors                                                                                                      Oct -09
    (Your Business Card size add can be here
    for only $5 a month or $60 for 13 months)                                      Wila’s Eggroll’s Etc…
E-mail your add to bapent @ & send a check to: K of C
      Council 8891, P.O. Box 219, New Freedom, PA 17349
                                                                                    Order the area’s best egg rolls and other
                                                                                           Outstanding Thai Food !!!
                                                                  May 10
                                                                                  For full menu and prices, call 717-235-4604
                                  Greg Gering                                      (Leave a message on the answering machine)
                                  Branch Manager
                                  2125 South Queen Street                                      Delivery or pick-up only
                                  York, PA. 17403                               (Traditional Thai Therapeutic Massage also available)
                                  Phone: 717-699-1100
                                  Cell: 717-552-8173
                                                                                                                                       May 09
                                  Email:                                          DAVID B. TAYLOR
                                  FHA Mortgage Lender since 1989                                      Financial Consultant
                                                                                                          RBC Wealth Management™
                                                                                                          201 International Circle
                                                                                                          Suite 100
                                                                                                          Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030
       Business Card Add Space Available                                                                  (410) 785-6000
                                                                                                          (800) 950-6001
                           $60 per year                                                                   Fax: (410) 785-1428
                                                                                                          Email: david.b.taylor @
     ½ Business Card Add               Space $35.00 per year                    A division of RBC Capital Markets Corp.,
                                                                                Member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC
                                      ¼ Business card Add Space
                                            $20 per year
                                                                                                    COUNCIL 2009 - 2010
                                                                                    GRAND KNIGHT - Greg Gering 717-993-2800
FTGOTO: Please keep the following in your prayers:                                  DEPUTY GRAND KNIGHT – Tony Steinauer, 443-257-0053
Our Priests           Law Enforcement      Paul Sepczynski                          CHAPLIN - Fr. Sylvan Capitani 235-2156
                                                                                    CHANCELLOR - Kevin Quinn 235-0745
Our Seminarians       Francis Schwarzman   William Caseday
                                                                                    RECORDER - Steve Udzinski 993-9601
Our Military          Linda Cooper         Ann Price
                                                                                    TREASURER – John Schwarzman 235-6220
Our Veterans          Don Christensen      Skip Snell                               ADVOCATE – Rick Corriveau 227-2728
Our Nation            Diana Schwarzman     Our President & Legislators              WARDEN – Sam Bongiovano 235-9930
                                                              Feb 08                INSIDE GUARD – Dominick Pennella 227-1152
       ACTIVITY DIRECTORS                         BUILDING FUND                     OUTSIDE GUARD – Gene Kornak 235-0322
                                                                                    TRUSTEE 1 YEAR – Joe Grohal 993-6693
 CHURCH – Tim Schott 717-993-8593           CHAIRMAN
                                               Barry Price 428-0365                 TRUSTEE 2 YEAR –Ron Seufert 235-5317
 COMMUNITY – Paul McMurtrie 410-357-0195
                                                                                    TRUSTEE 3 YEAR – Tim Schott 717-993-8593
 YOUTH – Kevin Quinn 235-0745               ASSISTANT CHAIRMAN
 COUNCIL – Barry Price 428-036              (Fund Raising)                          FINANCIAL SECRETARY - Al Saenz 235-3917
                                                Eugene Kornak 235-0322
 FAMILY - Sam Bongiovano 235-9930                                                   SPIRITUAL ADVISOR - Fr. Phil Chavez
                                            (Investment & Home Opportunities)
 APPARAL - - Dan Beck 235-4604                  Ron Seufert 235-5317                DISTRICT DEPUTY – Dennis Cooper 993-6973
 MEMBERSHIP - Dan Beck 235-4604             EX-OFFICIO COMMITTEE                    INSURANCE AGENT – Mark Lookenbill 717-630-8957 or
 VOCATIONS - Chuck Carey 235-0866              Greg Gering 717-993-2800   
 PRO-LIFE - Tom Evans 235.8833                 John Schwarzman 235-6220

                                 Ocean City Maryland Condo for Rent
 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Condo for Rent, 3 blocks from the beach at 120th street in Ocean City, MD.
 Comes with everything you might need except for sheets and towels. Very family friendly, outdoor
 and indoor pool, tennis and racquetball courts, with dock space available if you have boat.
       Contact Tom and Tricia Young, Parishioner’s, for special St John rate. 717-235-7016 or 410-707-5902 Cell

           Keep Up To Date Between Knight Editions - Check Out Our Council Web Site
   Our Council’s new web site is at . It’s continually being updated and growing.
         St. John The Baptist                                                                             Non Profit Org.
Knights of Columbus Council No. 8891                                                                      U. S. POSTAGE
& Fr. Cyril J. Allwein Assembly #944
             P.O. Box 219
                                                                                                           Permit No. 48
      New Freedom, PA 17349
                                                                                                          Shrewsbury, PA

Includes Fr. Cyril J. Allwein Assembly #944 Information

 New Freedom, PA                                          August 2009                                                     Page 6

                                   Knights of Columbus August 2009 Calendar
         Sunday           Monday        Tuesday            Wednesday         Thursday           Friday            Saturday

   26                     27       28                     29            30                 31             1
       Parish Picnic
        After 11am
                          3        4                      5             6                  7              8
   2                                   Revolutions                                                              K of C Picnic
    Don’t forget your                                                                                            3pm - 9 pm
   Sunday Obligation
                                       Game 5:00
                                   Kevin Quinn 235-0745                                                      For details or contact
                                                                                                           Steve Udzinski 993-9601

                          10       11                     12            13                 14             15
   9                                                                      Rosary 7:30                          Revolutions
    Don’t forget your                                                   General Mtg 8:00
   Sunday Obligation
                                                                                                               Game 5:00
                                                                              NH                              Kevin Quinn 235-0745

                          17       18                     19            20                 21             22
   16                                                                         th
                                                                           4 Degree                              September
   Don’t forget your                                                      Meeting and                             Newsletter
   Sunday Obligation                                                    Outdoor Social                           Articles Due
                                                                        Groft Woods 6pm             
                          24       25                     26            27                 28             29
   23                                                                       Business Mtg                      Seminarian Raffle
   Don’t forget your                                                          8pm NH                           After all Masses
   Sunday Obligation                                                                                          Kevin Quinn 235-0745
   30                     31       1                      2             3                  4              5
   Seminarian Raffle                                                                             Septem   ber
    After all Masses
   Kevin Quinn 235-0745

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