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									Senior Issue 2006
    Eagle’s Eye                                VOL.14/NO. 8
                                              Senior Issue 2006

    R O C K Y                P O I N T                 S E N I O R   H. S.
            82 Rocky Point–Yaphank Road, Rocky Point, NY 11778

          Time of Your Life
           by Billie Joe of Green Day

    Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road.
              Time grabs you by the wrist,
                directs you where to go.
    So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why.
    It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time.

             It’s something unpredictable,
                but in the end it’s right.
          I hope you had the time of your life.

                So take the photographs,
             and still frames in your mind.
           Hang it on a shelf in good health
                     and good time.
      Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial.
    For what it’s worth, it was worth all the while.

    It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s
          I hope you had the time of your life.
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                                                                                                                                                             Vol.14/No. 8
                                                      e n i o r I s s ue
            321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                                                                  Senior Issue 2006

Final Words of                                                     Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
Wisdom                                                                                 Top Academic Achievers for the Class of 2006

by Marissa Johnston
                                                             Valedictorian Ian Czekala
T   hroughout four years of high school, bonds form
    between students and teachers. When it is time
to graduate, the students will remember things that hap-
                                                             by Marissa Johnston
pened in classrooms and wisdom that their teachers
have given them. Some of the teachers would like the
seniors to remember one more thing.
                                                             I  n any high school, there are all dif
                                                               ferent types of students. Some have a hard time pass-
                                                             ing their classes, while others do their best and succeed.
                                                                                                                              a motivating force, and guidance counselor Mr. Mat-
                                                                                                                              thew Poole, who helped him so much applying to
                                                                                                                              college, and all his teachers as well.
                                                             Some students dedicate themselves to making the most                “I could not have become what I am without my
“As Lou Holtz said, ‘Every day, some ordinary per-           of their high school careers and achieve the highest de-         parents, teachers, and guidance counselor,” said
son does something extraordinary. Today, it’s your           gree of success. The valedictorian of the graduating class,      Czekala. He was able to help other students that were
turn.’” –Mr. Andrew Aschettino, physical education           Ian Czekala, has proven he is a dedicated student.               struggling in classes by tutoring for Math Honor
“The secret to life is to be grateful and helpful to oth-       As a result of his dedication, Czekala was accepted to        Society and National Honor Society. Czekala tries
ers.” –Mr. Brooke Bonomi, social studies                     nine colleges: Binghamton, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard,           to help out as much as he can when he has the time.
“Life is a learning process, so choose the path that makes   Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Notre Dame, Uni-          He would advise fellow seniors to be careful how
you happiest.” –Mrs. Kristin Coen, business                  versity of Virginia and Villanova. He plans on attending         they choose their classes while in college.
“If you go to Suffolk Community College, take it se-         University of Virginia as a Jefferson Scholar.                      “Find a subject you are interested in and try to
riously. It’s not high school, it’s college.” –Mr. Frank        “University of Virginia opens a lot of great opportuni-       do well in it, so you can enjoy yourself ,” said Czekala.
Hempton, science                                             ties, and was the only school that gave me a full scholar-       He always finds a way to do what he wants to do;
“At the end of the day ask yourself what you have done       ship,” said Czekala.                                             nothing holds him back from it.
to make the world a better place. Be the first to make          During high school, Czekala took seven Advanced Place-           “If it’s something you like, you’ll find time to do
a change for the better, one small act at a time.” –Ms.      ment Courses: American History, Calculus, Chemistry,             it,” said Czekala. No matter how busy Czekala gets,
Cynthia Krejci, physical education                           Computer Science, English Literature, Physics, and World         he still has time for everything he wants to do.
“Work hard, play hard, and give yourself enough time         History. His schedule was jammed, but he still kept his             “I’m proud to be valedictorian and glad to see that
to relax.” –Mr. Steven Lagnena, social studies               grades up and found time for extra-curricular activities.        I was able to accomplish everything,” said Czekala.
“Our mission in life is to never stop questioning!”          He has been involved in Student Council for one year, Be         Being valedictorian is an important role in the high
-Mr. Andrew Levine, English                                  A Nicer Neighbor for two years, Science Club and                 school on graduation day. It is something one should
“Remember Chaucer’s words, ‘If gold rusts, what shall        Envirothon Club. Czekala also has run track for four years       definitely be proud of.
iron do?’” –Mr. Gerald Maggi, English                        and won league in the high jump.                                    “I have had a good time in high school and it’s a
“Make the most of the next four to five years of your           “I got to go along on the journey and see the team get        shame I wasn’t able to make friends with every-
life; these are the years that will predict your future      better,” said Czekala. He also wrestled for one year.            one. There just wasn’t enough time.” •
friends, relationships and careers. You will get what           Czekala attributes his success to his parents, who were
you put in. Don’t be lazy!” –Mr. Seth Meier, art
“This will be one of the best times of your life; make
the most of it by putting in all your best. Take lots of
pictures or keep a journal. You’ll appreciate it when
you get older.” –Mrs. Roxana Nicholson, social stud-
ies                                                          Salutatorian Jaclyn Craig
“Don’t procrastinate. Start out on top, that way it’s
easier to stay on top.” –Mr. Jason Rand, math                by Lisamarie Gavin
“Work has hard as you can and wear sunscreen.”
–Ms. Donna Shapiro, science
“Whatever you do, do it with class.” –Mr. Stephen
Shultz, social studies
                                                             T    he     salutatorian      of     the     2006

                                                             to earn the second highest academic rank, with a GPA
                                                                  ating class is Jaclyn Craig. She has worked very hard
                                                                                                                                There are many memories and experiences that
                                                                                                                              will stay with her forever. She takes pride in the
                                                                                                                              glorious sports victories, academic triumphs, and
“To the girls, marry someone who’s nice to his mom           of 98.6. Throughout high school she has dedicated most           all of the laughter shared with her friends. By keeping
because he’ll treat you the way he treats his mom.”          of her time and energy to many commitments. Craig has            on top of everything, Craig has truly enjoyed her
–Mr. Joseph Spallina, physical education                     achieved great success in all she does, and the hard work        time in high school.
“Stay focused, set goals and follow your dreams. Con-        is finally starting to pay off.                                      “I always made sure I completed everything on
gratulations, to the first graduating cosmetology class!        “I worked hard for it, and now I know I really am rec-        time and did my work the best it could be done,”
You worked hard the past two years; I know you’ll            ognized for it,” said Craig.                                     said Craig.
all be very successful in your careers. I’ll miss you           Craig applied to several colleges including, Adelphi Uni-       Craig’s hard work and success comes from 100%
all! –Mrs. Jeanne Stiastny, cosmetology •                    versity, Boston University, Marist College, Stonehill Col-       self motivation and determination. She relies on herself
                                                             lege, and Quinnipiac University. In the fall she is plan-        for inspiration.
                                                             ning to attend Stonehill College, for their excellent lacrosse       “I always wanted to be on top in everything I
                                                             program.                                                         do. I always push for the best,” she said.
                                                                Craig also received a scholarship from Stonehill for her        Craig is very proud to be named this year’s salu-
                                                             strength in academics and athletics. Throughout her years        tatorian. For her final words, she would like to thank
                                                             in high school, she has worked hard and strived to be            the majority of the people who have shown sup-
                                                             the best in everything. She would advise others to do            port through the years.
                                                             the same.                                                          “I would love to say thank you to my teachers,
                                                                “Always try to do the best you can while you are in           coaches, family and friends for always being there
                                                             school,” advised Craig.                                          to encourage me.” •

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                             S              e n i o r I s s ue
For Seniors, By Seniors

                              You Know You’re a Rocky
                              Point Senior When...
                              by Danielle Walters

                              D    uring your high school career, there is one year that you wait for, the spe
                                   cial one, the last one: your senior year. As a younger student, walking through
                              the hallways, looking up to the bigger kids, you can only imagine what it is like
                              to rule the school. This year, it was your turn. When you walk through the hall-
                              ways of Rocky Point High School, what do you think?

                              “…getting good grades is a choice and your books haven’t been home since
                              you brought them to school.” -Anthony Anzalone

                              “…you and all your friends dress in pink on Wednesdays.” - Ashley Audette

                               “…you know the fifth period hall monitor better than your own teacher.” -
                              Shawn Cotter

                              “…you’re in the guidance office more than you’re in class.” -Carrie-Lynn

                              “…your hardest class becomes gym.” -Leanne Grieger

                               “… you’re just realizing you’re graduating in two months and are prepared
                              to go away to college.” -Robin Harris

                               “…after all those years, you realize those ridiculous colored blocks on the
                              side wall of the lunch room really do form an eagle.” -Andy Homer

                              “…you wake up at 6:50 a.m. and get to school by 7:15 a.m. and you are
                              never late.” -Jesse Iadanza

                               “…you are writing your name more times to sign into the bathroom than you
                              do on actual school work.” -Julianne Loscalzo

                              “…you sleep-walk through the hallways.” - Samantha Mansfield

                               “…you are nervous when report cards come, but only because it means
                              your parking spot might be taken away.” - Allison McKaney

                              “…you finally get to sit in the senior section in lunch.” -Hayrim Pil

                              “…you would rather talk to the teachers during lunch than your friends.” -
                              Heather Puckey

                               “…you’re scared to go to the bathroom twice in a day because they might
                              think you’re up to something.” - Lea Santini

                              “…you know where this so-called pool is in the high school.” - James Sutera
       54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                                                  Vol. 14/No. 8

                             S              e n i o r I s s ue
       54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                                                Senior Issue 2006

Up, Up, and Away!
Seniors’ College Plans                                                                                As We Go On,
by Andrew Homer and Marissa Johnston                                                                  by Ashley Audette
College information provided by the students.
SCCC=Suffolk County Community College

Christa Abatemarco – Hofstra University
                                                                                                      O      ver the years in school, we have accumulated many
                                                                                                            great memories, and some not so great, but all are
                                                                                                      a part of us. Even though it happened a long time ago,
Joy Aiello – Fashion Institute of Technology                                                          many of us keep our childhood schooling vividly in our
Danielle Altebrando - SCCC                                                                            minds. Here are some students’ most memorable mo-
Anthony Anzalone – York College Pennsylvania                                                          ments from our elementary school years.
Justin Aprile - Undecided                                                                                The FJC was our first taste of school and came along
Marret Arfsten - SCCC                                                                                 with many embarrassing moments.
Ashley Audette – Marymount Manhattan College                                                             “One time in the FJC I was sick and still had to come
Anthony Ayers - SCCC                                                                                  to school; I was also wearing my new Mighty Ducks
Luke Bacerra – West Coast Baptist College                                                             sweatpants. During recess I puked all over the woodchips
Anthony Baggiano - Undecided                                                                          on the playground and split my pants, all at the same time,”
Michael Baptista – SUNY Stony Brook                                                                   said Anthony Anzalone.
Desiree Barcelo – SCCC                                                                                   “I remember getting put into the time-out chair with
Antoinette Barrella – Virginia Wesleyan                                                               Katie Murphy in kindergarten because we were talking
Lisa Barry - Undecided                                                                                when we weren’t supposed to. I cried,” said Ashley Byrne.
Matthew Blake – Island Drafting and Technical                                                            “One memory from FJC would have to be when we
Institute                                                                                             went to the circus at Madison Square Garden and Brian
Scott Blasberg - Undecided                                                                            LoRusso got lost in Penn Station and we couldn’t find
Brittany Bollbach – SCCC                                                                              him for like an hour. It was funny, but scary at the same
Ryan Boyle – Hofstra University                                                                       time,” said Jason Zitaglio.
Daniel Brand - Undecided                                                                                 Many students’ memories came from the world out-
Taylor Brocking – West Virginia University                                                            side the school building, the playground at recess.
Christopher Bruno – St. Joseph’s College                                                                 “Recess! I remember when we were to allowed to play
Karin Bua - SCCC                                                                                      outside, and didn’t eat lunch in a basement,” said Marret
Amber Butler - Undecided                                                                              Arfsten.
Ashley Byrne – Lynchburg College                                                                         “I remember playing in the tunnel at the playground.
Felice Caccavale – Delhi University                                                                   Once I hit my head and ended up getting stitches,” said
Sabrina Cacciatore - SCCC                                                                             Scott Blasberg.
Colleen Cain – Binghamton University                                                                     “I remember chasing butterflies every day with Stacie
Jamie Cain – SCCC                                                                                     Tiftitsoglou and Barrett Pall at the FJC during recess.
Chelsea Canepa - SCCC                                                                                 We thought we were so cool,” said Carrie-Lynn Flammer.
Kristal Cantone – Briarcliff College                                                                     “I remember raising money for the new FJC playground
Joseph Carotenuto - SCCC                                                                              - and then not being able to play on it,” said Janie Kramer.
Alyssa Chorzempa - Undecided                                                                             “I hated it when we couldn’t go outside and play on
Christopher Ciervo - SCCC                                                                             the playground because of a spider scare,” said Vicki
Matthew Cincotta – SUNY Oswego                                                                        Vivonetto.
Gina Circo – Binghamton University                                                                       The sixth-grade trip to Frost Valley was one that brought
Taron Clark - SCCC
Tom Comstock –SCCC
Alison Cordo – SUNY Cortland
Shawn Cotter – Christopher Newport University
Jaclyn Craig – Stonehill College
Johnathan Cronnelly – University of N. Carolina
Steven Cuervo - Undecided
Justin Curcio – Binghamton University
Megan Curtin – Franklin Pierce College
Ian Czekala – University of Virginia
William D’Ambrosio - Undecided
Mercedez Davidson - SCCC
Nicky DeLucia – Dowling College
Nicole DeMaio – Binghamton University
Kimberly Diamandopol - SCCC
                                                    Did That Really Just Happen?
Linda Diasparra - Undecided                         by Antoinette Barrella
Amanda Dixon - SCCC
Christopher Dozier - SCCC
Allison Duncan – SCCC
Raymond Edmonson – CW Post
Karl Ekstrom - SCCC
                                                        veryone in high school, at
                                                             time     or      another,
                                                        experiences the blood rush
                                                                                                                           or jumped on them)
                                                                                                                           64% Spilled something on your-
                                                                                                                           self and had to wear it all day
Carissa Ely – Binghamton University                 to their face when they know                                           56% Dropped your books
Elizabeth Erbacher – Boston University              they have done something ex-                                           48% Sat on gum
Jack Eso III- SCCC                                  tremely embarrassing. As se-                                           48% Had a pen explode
Matthew Fabian - NCCC                               niors, looking back on these in-                                       48% Drooled in class while sleep-
Andrew Facini – Boston University                   cidents that make our faces turn                                       ing
Brittany Fazio - SCCC                               red with laughter. The percent-                                        36% Were caught checking out an
Cody Fazio - SCCC                                   ages represent the seniors who                                         upper classman
Franklin Fehr – John Jay College                    admitted to these jaw-dropping                                         32% Fallen out of or broken a
Richard Ferrer – SUNY Brockport                     incidents; it seems that just about                                    chair
Sandra Fioretti – SCCC                              everyone has done something                                            24% Thrown up in school
Carrie-Lynn Flammer – University of Virginia        embarrassing at one time or an-                                        20% Had your cell phone ring in
Jessica Friss - Undecided                           other:                                                                 class
Michael Frudakis - Undecided                        80% Dropped your lunch                                                 12% Had your hair caught in your
Denise Galgano – Farouk Systems Academy             72% Fell down/up the stairs                                            locker •
Kelly Ann Gallagher - SCCC                          64% Tripped in the hallway
                                                    64% Mistaken someone for a friend (and said hi,
              “College Plans” continued on page 5

                                                       S               e n i o r I s s ue
     Vol. 14/No. 8             4321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
For Seniors, By Seniors

                                                                                                                                “College Plans” continued from page 4

We Remember                                                                                                                     Lisa Gallo – SCCC
                                                                                                                                Matthew Gangi – US Air Force
                                                                                                                                Cassandra Ganzer - SCCC
                                                                                                                                Lisamarie Gavin – SCCC
                                                                                                                                Matthew Geib – Genesee Community College
                                                                                                                                Madeline Gestone – Quinnipiac University
  back many memories of giggles and tears.                                                                                      Crystal Girzadas - SCCC
    “Before Frost Valley, my group wanted to kick me                                                                            Marco Giuliani – Springfield College
  out and I cried. They felt bad and ended up letting me                                                                        Alex Gladding - SCCC
  stay in their group. They also were really mean to me                                                                         Ashley Goldbach – Quinnipiac University
  and called me fat,” said Brian LoRusso.                                                                                       Brittany Goldman – Loyola University
    “I remember at Frost Valley when I made fun of Britney                                                                      Katelynn Graf - SCCC
  Spears by stuffing my shirt with water balloons. When                                                                         Leanne Grieger – University of the Arts
  the water balloons fell out, they exploded all over ev-                                                                       Karl Gross - SCCC
  eryone sitting around me. Making everyone laugh was                                                                           Stephanie Hall - SCCC
  priceless, awesome times,” said Lea Santini.                                                                                  Krista Hamann - SCCC
    “I remember when we were in Frost Valley telling                                                                            Rashad Hamdan - SCCC
  scary stories. I got so scared, I screamed and made                                                                           Robin Harris – SCCC
  Lisa Gallo fall off the top bunk bed. I couldn’t stop                                                                         Stephen Hayduk - SCCC
  laughing from her face afterwards,” said Samantha                                                                             Matthew Heller – Stony Brook University
  Spallina.                                                                                                                     Justin Hoffman – SCCC
    Our final year in middle school before entering high                                                                        Melissa Hogan - SCCC
  school had many embarrassing moments for our class                                                                            Samantha Holmes - Undecided
  of 2006.                                                                                                                      Andrew Homer - SCCC
    “I remember when we were at the sixth grade pic-                                                                            Julia Hryvniak – SUNY Environmental Science
  nic and we all got excited when the DJ started to play                                                                        and Forestry
  “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem, but the teachers                                                                             Jesse Iadanza – University of Wisconsin - Madi-
  pulled the plug because it was too ‘inappropriate,’”                                                                          son
  said Julianne Loscalzo.                                                                                                       Robert Inga - SCCC
    “When I was in sixth grade, my class had just fin-                                                                          Keri Anne Jetter – Pace University
  ished taking a science test so we were sitting around                                                                         Philip Johann – Nazareth College
  talking. Unknowingly, I was sitting next to Lea , talk-                                                                       Michael Johnson - SCCC
  ing to Ashley. Ashley made me say who I liked and                                                                             Marissa Johnston – SCCC
  guess who it was? Lea. I was very embarrassed,” said                                                                          Alexis Juhase – Fashion Institute of Tecnology
  Michael Nash.                                                                                                                 Denis Karachopan - SCCC
    “I remember in sixth grade I burped during snack                                                                            Andrew Keane - SCCC
  time. I ended up leaving the room crying,” said Christine                                                                     Nicholas Kelly – SCCC
  Retundi.                                                                                                                      Nicholas Kenyon – SUNY Buffalo
    No matter how far we go away to college, or how                                                                             Matthew Kershis – George Mason University
  much our lives change, all of us will have these memories                                                                     Clay Knapp – Rochester Institute of Technology
  and no amount of time can erase them. Thinking back                                                                           Nick Koridis – Dowling College
  on these times causes many students to smile, and                                                                             Laura Kowalski – SCCC
  someday when we have children of our own, we will                                                                             Janie Lynn Kramer – La Salle University
  see these memories start again.•                                                                                              Michael Krieger – University of Buffalo
                                                                                                                                Michael LaLota -SCCC
                                                                                                                                Brandon Lavista – US Marine Corps
                                                                                                                                Patrick Lemke - Undecided
                                                                                                                                Robert Lentin - SCCC
                                                                                                                                Joel Lepine - SCCC
                                                                                                                                Matthew Linz - SCCC
                                                                                                                                Brian LoRusso – Loomis Caffee Prep School
                                                                                                                                Julianne Loscalzo – Quinnipiac University
                                                                                                                                Christopher Love - Undecided
                                                                                                                                Kimberly Love - SCCC
                                                                                                                                Hayley Lubkeman – CW Post
                                                                                                                                Erik Luebbe - SCCC
What’s For Lunch?                                                                                                               David Maggio – Northeastern University
                                                                                                                                Paul Maggio – Dowling College
                                                                                                                                Laura Manno – SUNY Geneseo
                                                                                                                                Samantha Mansfield - SCCC
by Lisamarie Gavin                                                                                                              Joseph Masterson - SCCC
                                                                                                                                Lauren McAllister - SCCC

A    t RPHS there are some pretty interesting lunch
    meals, and several are actually edible! The seniors
who have been here since seventh grade know what is
                                                                                                                                Colleen McGoldrick – SCCC
                                                                                                                                Kathryn McGrath - Undecided
                                                                                                                                Allison McKaney – James Madison University
good in the café. A poll of this year’s seniors has re-                                                                         Kelly McNeill - SCCC
vealed the best café foods.                                                                                                     Maria McCabe –Mitchell Univeristy
                                                                                                                                Jillian Meehan – Farouk Systems Academy
        10.       Grilled Cheese                                                                                                William Metcalf – SUNY Oswego
        9.        Popcorn Chicken                                                                                               Amanda Motti – SCCC
        8.        Stuffed Shells                                                                                                Amanda Mouzakes - AMDA
        7.        Salad                                                                                                         Marisa Mullane – CW Post
        6.        Pizza Nuggets                                                                                                 Stephanie Munzer - SCCC
        5.        Tacos                                                                                                         Kaitlyn Murphy – University of Pittsburgh
        4.        Spicy Chicken                                                                                                 Abby Napstad – Arcadia University
        3.        Nachos                                                                                 photo by Sal Nicosia   Michael Nash - AMDA
        2.        Mozzarella Sticks                           Students are very grateful for the helpful lunch ladies:
                                                                                                                                Kimberly Netusil - Undecided
        1.        Deli Sandwiches                             (from left) Natalya, Stephanie, Paddy, Barbara, and               Samantha Nicosia - SCCC
                                                              Dorothy.                                                          Krystie Nowaski - SCCC
Hopefully future students will read this article and                                                                            Michael O’Brien - SCCC
find out about the greatest lunch foods. The seniors
that are graduating this year will probably never                                                                                             “College Plans” continued on page 6
forget the foods they ate while attending RPHS.•
          54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                                                                                           Vol. 14/No. 8

                                   S                 e n i o r I s s ue
          54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                                                                                         Senior Issue 2006

“College Plans” continued from page 5                            Nineties Nostalgia
 Thomas O’Neill - SCCC
 Melissa Pantori - SCCC                                          by Andrew Homer
 Derek Pascarella – Chestnut Hill College
 Timothy Pendl - Undecided
 Kimberly Perez - Undecided
 Jeffery Piccolo – Lehigh University
                                                                 W        hile the differences between each and every Rocky
                                                                         Point senior are numerous, one experience is com-
                                                                 mon among everyone: we grew up in the nineties. Be-
                                                                                                                                          recently ended
                                                                                                                                          started in the nine-
                                                                                                                                          ties also, such as
 Hayrim Pil – Cazenovia College                                  cause of this, the fads and trends from the nineties and                 Everybody Loves
 John Prentice – NYIT                                            early 2000’s are something we are all familiar with. Some                R a y m o n d ,
 Leah Pucci - Undecided                                          of the shows, movies, and music we loved as kids may                     Friends,          and
 Heather Puckey – University of Rhode Island                     embarrass us now, or may be some of our fondest memo-                    Frasier. While
 Joseph Puricelli – Fullsail Technical Institute                 ries. Some of the things we enjoyed as kids might be                     most of these
 Christopher Quinto - SCCC                                       things we still love today.                                              shows are long
 Toni Radicella - SCCC                                              One of the more memorable aspects of nineties cul-                    gone, one show
 Christine Retundi – SUNY New Paltz                              ture is the music. During the nineties, boy bands such                   that first gained
 Joseph Riccardella – Wilkes University                          as The Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC were enormously                        popularity in the
 Nicole Robinson - SCCC                                          popular.                                                                 nineties is still run-                           photo courtesy of axellweb.com
 Frank Rodriguez – Lockhaven University                             “I was obsessed with N’SYNC,” said Toni Radicella.                    ning strong after Throughout the 90s, Friends was on
 Robert Ruibal - SCCC                                               Also popular, especially in the earlier years, was rock.              seventeen years. television sets across America.
 Emily Sadler - SCCC                                             Bands like Nirvana, Living Colour, and Pearl Jam were                    The Simpsons first
 Busra Sahin - SCCC                                              some of the most notable and influential of the decade.                  ran on Fox in
 Jessica Santiago – University of Delaware                          “Living Colour was one of the great bands in the nine-                1989, but in the early nineties it became one of the most-
 Lea Santini – Manhattanville College                                                                ties,” said Matt Fabian. “They       watched shows on television, appealing to younger view-
 Keith Sauer - Undecided                                                                             pioneered black musicians in         ers as well as older ones.
 Jessica Savastano - SCCC                                                                            rock music.”                            “Back in the nineties, The Simpsons was all I watched,”
 Shea Scally – US Navy                                                                                  It was not all good, though.      said Matt Gangi.
 Matthew Scheidt - SCCC                                                                              One of the worst atrocities of          Another animated show that is synonymous with 90’s
 Brian Schmeling – US Air Force                                                                      nineties music came in the form      pop culture is South Park. While it was in the same vein
 Alyssa Schmidt - SCCC                                                                               of a young rapper named Va-          as The Simpsons, the show stood out as breaking every
 Thomas Sciotto - SCCC                                                                               nilla Ice. Posing as a thug from     convention of broadcast etiquette, comprising of much
 Johnna Seno - SCCC                                                                                  the streets, he preyed on the        shocking and often poignant humor.
                                                                      photo courtesy of ryanbuck.com
 Andrew Serviss - SCCC                                                                               simple minded, but his popu-            “South Park was, and still is, one of the most liberal
 Katherine Smith - Undecided                                      Vanilla Ice had a rough larity plummeted when it was                    and satiric shows and never gets enough praise for its
 Vanessa Sotcheff – Adelphi University                            time keeping it cool after discovered he was just from                  clever assertions about our society,” said Paul Maggio.
                                                                  he was discovered to be
 Samantha Spallina - SCCC                                         a fraud.                           a regular suburb like Rocky             Like the old school Nickelodeon shows, old school
 Salvatore Spatarella – Manhattan College                                                            Point.                               video games are still very popular with high school stu-
 Danielle Stanisci - SCCC                                           “Vanilla Ice was a fraud,” said senior Matt Blake. “He                dents. The game series Mortal Kombat first started in
 Nicole Staudt – SUNY Cortland                                   is an unsightly blemish on the rich history of American                  1992 and is still continuing in the present. Other popu-
 Thomas Stebbins – Indian River College Florida                  culture.”                                                                lar series such as Crash Bandicoot, Madden Football,
 Andrea Stowell - SCCC                                              As well as music, the nineties decade was a good time                                                                 and Grand Theft Auto
 Dina Sullo - Undecided                                          for movies. Eighteen of the top twenty highest-gross-                                                                    all have roots in the
 James Sutera - Undecided                                        ing films worldwide were from the nineties. The top gross-                                                               nineties. Some of the
 Benjamin Swedish - SUNY Maritime                                ing film ever, Titanic, which raked in nearly $2 billion                                                                 most popular games
 Michael Tascarella - SCCC                                       worldwide, was from the nineties also. Movies that were                                                                  from the nineties are
 Christopher Tecarr – University of South Florida                less costly but influential and culturally significant were                                                              Metal Gear Solid and
 Anastasia Tiftitsoglou – University of Delaware                 from the nineties too, like Indie films Pulp Fiction and                                                                 Final Fantasy VII.
 Thomas Timmons - SCCC                                           Clerks.                                                                                                                     “I love Final Fan-
 Rebekah Trigo – Mount Holyoke College                              “Royale with Cheese,” said Matt Cincotta, in a refer-                                                                 tasy VII. Even though
 Allison Tumulty – Adelphi University                            ence to Pulp Fiction.                                                                                                    it came out in the nine-
 Brittany Villafane – Penn State University                         Adam Sandler also made a name for himself with his                                 photo courtesy of phantomcastle.it ties, I still love to play
 Laken Vitale – Fordham University                               classic comedies Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore.                          Final Fantasy VII brought the                 with it because I still
 Victoria Vivonetto – Iona College                                  Many of the great television shows from our genera-                     long-running series into the 3- can’t beat it,” said Matt
 Robert Vona - Undecided                                         tion started in the nineties as well. Unlike movies, TV                    D format.                                     Linz.
 Timothy Walker – SUNY Plattsburgh                               shows can span numerous years, and as a result, they                                                                        The video game se-
 Danielle Walters - SCCC                                         were more likely to become part of a person’s weekly                     ries Pokemon was also immensely popular for many years.
 Zach Ward - SCCC                                                life. Still popular among most teenagers are the old school                 “No matter how old you are, Pokemon will always
 Brendon Washburn – SUNY Farmingdale                             Nickelodeon shows, like Ren and Stimpy, Rocko’s Modern                   be the best,” said Mike O’Brien.
 Allison White – Southern Methodist University                   Life, Salute Your Shorts, Pete and Pete, and many more.                     While the nineties were a whole decade ago, some of
 Zachary Williamson – Alfred University                             “The phrase ‘Happy Happy, Joy Joy,’ will never leave                  the trends from our childhood still are close to our hearts
 Colleen Wright - SCCC                                           my mind,” said Nick Kenyon.                                              today. It is easy to see our childhood memories are still
 Kristine Wyer - Undecided                                          Some of America’s most popular shows that have                        close to us, and it is a safe bet to say they will be there
 Kody Zimmer - Undecided                                                                                                                  for years to come. •
 Jason Zitaglio – SCCC

A Summer to Remember
by Antoinette Barrella
                                                                                                                     enjoy your sum-         “Every year since eighth grade, Ashley Goldbach and
A      fter all the finals, Regents, and projects in June that
      lead to the freedom path at graduation, the seniors
of 2006 deserve a vacation. Some people choose to stay
                                                                                                                     mer after gradu-
                                                                                                                     ation.     Ocean
                                                                                                                                          I go to Ocean City. We are going there for our senior
                                                                                                                                          trip and Julia Hryvniak is coming also,” said Janie Kramer.
close to home, while others venture camping or to a nice                                                             City, Maryland is       Some people’s parents give them options about what
beachfront hotel.                                                                                                    a popular place to   they would like to do when they graduate.
   “I am taking a senior trip to Florida with a bunch of                                                             go for a break; it      “I have the choice of either living in Manhattan or going
my closest friends,” said Allison Duncan.                                                                            has a lot to offer   on a senior trip. I’m obviously choosing to live in Man-
   Some graduating seniors are choosing to vacation with                                                             teens who are        hattan,” said Joy Aiello.
friends who graduated earlier or are from another school.
                                                                            photo courtesy of nationalgeographic.com looking to have         Senior trips are extremely expensive, especially when
   “I am going to Florida with a few friends that are older,”    A tropical vacation might be just                   fun.                 you are paying yourself. Some people choose to wait
said Jim Sutera.                                                 what the class of ‘06 needs.                          “I am most         or not go on a trip at all to save their money.
   “We are going on a camping trip to the Hamptons. I                                                                likely going to         “I’m going to Cancun, but not until December for a
am going with some of my closest friends and some of             Ocean City, Maryland. I am going with my close friends-
                                                                 Megan Curtin, Alison Cordo, Allison Tumulty, Jackie Craig,                                          “Senior Trips” continued on page 7
the graduating class of 2005,” said Hayrim Pil.
   There are also many famous places closer to home to           and others,” said Allison McKaney.
     Vol. 14/No. 8
For Seniors, By Seniors                                              e n i o r I s s ue

At the Head of the Class                                                                                                                 Holla at the Teacher!
by Ashley Audette                                                                                                                        by Antoinette Barrella

E   very day we come to school and sit through eight peri
     ods, learning many different subjects by many differ-
ent teachers. All of us have gone through this process since
                                                                         as anyone else in need. He is such a fun, loving guy,”
                                                                         said senior Matt Fabian.
                                                                            “I would be Mr. Molloy. He is
                                                                                                                                          F    or every moment in life, there are people who in
                                                                                                                                               fluence the decisions you make and the fun times
                                                                                                                                          you have. As seniors getting ready to graduate and
we began our school career, but what if the tables were turned?          the most laid back guy I have                                    move on to the next step in our lives, we remember
What if we could be the teachers? What teacher would you                 ever met. It must be all the golf,”                              the teachers and faculty who we all made memories
be? Why would you be them? Here are some responses from                  said Anthony Anzalone.                                           with. Members of the senior class would like to let
the seniors of 2006.                                                        “ I would be Mr. Maggi. What                                  those special faculty members know how they feel.
  Some students gravitated toward the art or music depart-               a good guy he is, and so funny,”                                    I am most grateful for guidance counselor Mr. James
                                                                                                                  photo by Sal Nicosia
ments, and would want to trade textbooks for paintbrushes                said Madeline Gestone.                                           Jordan; he is one person who really helped me to make
and music notes.                                                            Many seniors would wish to Mr. Barry Molloy                   positive descions, apply to college, and to have the
  “I would be Ms. Donovan. I love music like she does and                be a gym teacher or a coach of                                   best time I could in high school.
I would get to teach kids something that they would enjoy,               a sport.                                                            “I’ll always remember Mr. Scalfani. Scalf always
                            and get to do the musical,” said Amanda         “Aschettino because I would get to play all dif-              helps me out when I have a problem or want to com-
                            Mouzakes.                                    ferent types of sports and get paid,” said Marco                 plain about something being unfair. ” -Taylor Brocking.
                              “I would like to be Mrs. Connolly be-      Giuliani.                                                           “Mr. Delaney, you’re one of the best teachers and
                            cause I love art and the creativity she         “I would be Ms. Famighetti because she has a very             I’m coming back to visit you.” -Jamie Cain.
                            has in all the topics she comes up with      cool and laid back job,” said Samantha Spallina.                    “Mrs. Reale (or Famigetthi), is such a cool teacher,
                            for our classes. She just gets you right        “I would want to be Mr. Nentwich if I could be                and she’s always been there if I’ve needed someone
       photo by Sal Nicosia brained and you really get into art,” said   any teacher. I have a lot of respect for the guy and             to talk to. I love her and I’m going to miss her so much.”
  Mrs. Joyce
                            Hayrim Pil.                                  I think being the coach of lacrosse would be pretty              -Megan Curtin.
  Connolly                    “I would be Mr. Texiera because he         cool,” said Sal Spatteralla.                                        “Mrs. Stiastny, my cosmetology teacher. I would
                            had it made. He taught what he loved            Other seniors remembered their teachers from                  like to say thank you so much for the two years you
and affected so many people and was so hilarious. I would                elementary years.                                                have been there for me. You were and still are like a
want to be happy doing what I love like he was,” said Lea                   “I would be Miss Hamann (Mrs. Poole). She was                 mother figure to all of the girls in your class. I’m
Santini.                                                                 my favorite teacher of all time. She was so nice and             happy to say that I love you and you will always be
  Other students would enjoy the jobs of our social studies              made class fun,” said Taylor Brocking.                           my favorite teacher and you will always be in my
or English teachers.                                                        Many Rocky Point seniors have everlasting memo-               thoughts.” -Mercedez Davidson.
  “I would be Mr. Bonomi, because he is one of the most                  ries of their favorite teachers, and who knows, maybe               “Mr. Aschettino will be one of the teachers I will
caring teachers and cares so much for his students as well               someday the tables really will be turned.•                       remember forever. He has not only taught me base-
                                                                                                                                          ball but also life lessons. He is a great teacher and
                                                                                                                                          coach.” -Marco Giuliani.
                                                                                                                                             “I will always remember Ms. Campbell; she was awe-
To Bring or Not to Bring                                                                                                                  some. I’m glad she was able to help me with Span-
                                                                                                                                          ish.” -Robin Harris.
                                                                                                                                             “Mr. Gabrinowitz, you are Superman.” -Jesse
by Jessica Santiago                                                                                                                          “There are a lot of teachers that I will remember
                                                                                                                                          that have helped me tremendously in school, sports,
                                                                    said Janie Kramer.                                                    etc. Mr. Nentwich, Mr. Rand, Mr. Hoffmeister, Mr.
D     eciding what to bring to college can be one of the hardest
      decisions one has to make. Trying to decide what is
“practical” can really make the difference between packing
                                                                       “I would bring my pictures of my friends and family
                                                                    because everything else I can replace,” said Allison
                                                                                                                                          Gabrinowitz, Mr. Kies, Coach Madsen. Thanks for
                                                                                                                                          being there. Where I end up in life will be due to their
out a car, and having to rent a U-Haul. However, imagine            McKaney.                                                              help.” -Brian LoRusso.
you were allowed only one                                                                                      “I’m just lucky I get         “Mrs. Ericson is one of the greatest teachers. Mrs.
thing. I know I would bring my                                                                              myself there,” said           Wilson and Mrs. Basileo teach you the things you need
Dr. Seuss book, Oh! The Places                                                                              Michael Nash.                 in life, and Mr. Molloy always brought a smile to my
You’ll Go. It is the greatest re-                                                                              “Of course it would        face” -Samantha Mansfield.
minder of the people and places                                                                             be a phone. I like to keep       “I will always remember Mr. Nobre, Mrs. Sullivan
who have changed my life thus                                                                               in touch with people,”        and Mr. Lagnena. I would like to thank them for helping
far, and what I can accomplish                                                                              said Sam Nicosia.             me through high school and becoming close during
with them behind me. So, how                                                                                   “My agenda. It has         my years at RPHS.” -Allison McKaney.
would you decide?                                                                                           every step of my life in         “I will always remember Mr. Shultz; being in his
                                                                                                            it, and I couldn’t live       class really opened my eyes to different things. I will
   “If I could bring one thing to                                                                           without it,” said Heather     never forget what a great teacher he was, and his speed
college it would be the ‘Never                                                                              Puckey.                       walk.” -Hayrim Pil.•
Give Up’ sign a parent made our                                                                                “I would bring my
team in Little League. I’ve had                                                                             laptop because it would
it hanging in my room ever since                                              photo courtesy of ils.unc.edu keep me connected with
and it keeps me motivated ev-                                                                               everyone and every-
ery time I take a look at it,” said Deciding which of your countless belongings to bring to thing,” said Lea Santini.
                                    college is a very difficult and time-consuming task.                       “I would bring my
Anthony Anzalone.
   “I would bring Cordo. No                                                                                 cross necklace; I wear
matter what we’re doing or where we’re going, she keeps it every day and I feel that if I don’t have it on, some-
me entertained,” said Marret Arfsten.                               thing bad will happen,” said Allison White.
   “It would be my pictures of my friends and family. I could          “My girlfriend. We have been through so much
remember the good times we had and keep a piece of home in this past year and I can’t even imagine how it’s
close to me,” said Ashley Audette.                                  going to be when we are forced to be apart. That
   “I would probably bring my blankie! I can’t sleep with- would definitely be my choice, no questions asked,”
out it,” said Taylor Brocking.                                      said Jason Zitaglio.•
   “Sadly, my older brother. I don’t know where I’d be without
him,” said Jamie Cain.
   “If I could only bring one thing from my room to college,
I would bring my scrapbook. It has so many photographs
                                                                         Bon Voyage!                                                     thirty or forty seniors is going to the Bahamas. They
and amazing memories in it!” said Carrie-Lynn Flammer.              “Senior Trips” continued from page 6                                 started planning last year as juniors.
   “My necklace that Stacie gave to me – Come What May –                                                                                    “I am going to the Bahamas with all my friends; there
it means a lot to me,” said Madeline Gestone.                       late trip. I planned it too late to afford it. I am going            are about 36 of us! We chose this because it is going to
   “My DVD collection. I would hope the one thing my with Danielle Waters and Kristal Cantone,” said                                     be a lot of fun and it is a celebration for seniors 2006,”
roommate would bring is a DVD player,” said Andy Homer. Samantha Mansfield.                                                              said Brian LoRusso.
   “I would bring my friends because they are all so won-              Others cannot wait to take out their passports and                   No matter where you chose to go, enjoy your last high
derful in their own way!” said Jesse Iadanza.                       leave the country to enjoy the sun on a gorgeous                     school summer vacation with all your friends. It is prac-
   “I would bring my I-pod because I would die without it,” beach hundreds of miles away. A large group of about                         tically guaranteed that everyone will have fun. •
                               321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                                                                     11
                                              S                e n i o r I s s ue
      Vol. 14/No. 8            321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
    Senior Issue 2006

           2006 Top 8 Senior Athletes
by Jessica Santiago

Jackie Craig is an athlete that excels in all areas. She       Ray Edmonson is a motivating and inspiring athlete.            Brian LoRusso is a four-year varsity athlete and three-
is a high achiever in both athletics and academics; her        All of his skill and technique come from years of hard         sport senior captain. Starting at an early age, LoRusso
talent is apparent on and off the field. Not only does         work and dedication. He is a foundation pillar of the          has displayed an enormous amount of devotion. He has
she hold many records and awards in sports, she is             Rocky Point football program and a driving force in            been awarded first team All Division in lacrosse and foot-
also salutatorian with a 98.6 GPA and six Advanced Place-      wrestling and baseball. This fall he will attend C.W.          ball. In seventh grade he wrestled at the varsity level,
ment classes under her belt. In the fall, Craig will be        Post with a scholarship and plans to play football.            and then returned for a victorious senior year. He will
attending Stonehill College and playing lacrosse.                 Edmonson is a two time All League wrestler, and has         attend Loomis Chaffee Prep School this fall and plans
   “Playing sports has been my favorite part about high        been playing baseball since he was only five years old.        to play football and lacrosse.
school and Coach Spallina has greatly helped me ex-            In seventh grade he started football, and through strong         “It’s been nothing but fun times and awesome friends,
cel as an athlete,” said Craig.                                determination he made third team All State and first team      and I wouldn’t take back a second of it,” said LoRusso.
   As an underclassman, Craig ran spring track and cross-      All Long Island. Whether it is on the field or in the weight     In football, LoRusso holds records for the longest
country. She joined the varsity soccer team in elev-           room, Edmonson never gives up. He is constantly                touchdown return, most yards and touchdowns in a quar-
enth grade, and is a two-time All State Goalkeeper and         working hard to improve his sport ability, and never           ter, and the longest interception for a touchdown. He
a Suffolk County Goalkeeper of the Year. She also joined       quits without achieving his goals. Edmonson displays           was also the Offense MVP and Most Outstanding Player
varsity lacrosse in eleventh grade, and was awarded            an enormous amount of courage in any sport he plays.           as a junior, and the team MVP as a senior. His favorite
All Division. In eighth grade she started basketball, and         “No pain, no gain,” said Edmonson.                          Rocky Point sport moment was when the varsity foot-
was awarded All League twice.                                     Edmonson looks up to his father, a strong supporter         ball team went to the playoffs for the first time ever
   Craig’s discipline and energy make her an inspira-          of every move he has made. He cherishes moments                  Because his two older brothers were such accom-
tion to others. Years of training contribute to the skills     like playing for Rocky Point in the football County Cham-      plished people, LoRusso aspires to be like them. LoRusso
she displays on the field, and in the classroom.               pionship, and appreciates all of his teammates.                also mentioned his father, “He is so smart with life situ-
                                                                                                                              ations and how to go about things. ”

Jeff Piccolo is a dynamic and spirited athlete. He has
excelled in athletics and academics, creating a strength
of mind that is hard to beat on the field, court, or mat.
                                                                T    his year’s top eight senior athleteshave each con
                                                                     sistently demonstrated the key qualities of a phe-
                                                                nomenal competitor. But being a top athlete is not
                                                                                                                              Samantha Spallina is a passionate and committed athlete.
                                                                                                                              Throughout high school Spallina has been devoted to
                                                                                                                              soccer, winter cheerleading, and lacrosse. She is a hard-
Throughout high school Piccolo played football, wres-           just about competition: they are role models, MVPs,           working and animated team player. Sports are second
tling, lacrosse and tennis, all while balancing six Advanced    scholars, and teammates. Each of them has made                nature to Spallina, who started playing soccer at the age
Placement classes. Piccolo is also a part of the National       an impact on Rocky Point sports that will be felt for         of six. She takes pride in being a part of Rocky Point
Honor Society, and he is the senior class president. He         years to come.                                                sports, and is a respected part of it.
plans on attending Lehigh University and playing foot-            A select committee of coaches and physical edu-               “It’s an indescribable feeling that will be extremely hard
ball in the fall.                                               cation teachers contributed their votes and comments          to walk away from,” said Spallina.
   Piccolo has been wrestling since he was only four years      and ultimately made this difficult decision. There              Not only was Spallina awarded All League in soccer,
old. He has wrestled on the varsity level for six years,        were many other students besides the top eight whose          but also twice in lacrosse. She holds the award for Most
and has been awarded All League for five years, and All         names were mentioned again and again when try-                Outstanding and MVP in lacrosse as well. She looks
County for two. In football Piccolo was part of the Golden      ing to reach this final list.                                 up to her older brother Brian, calling him the perfect role
11, All Division 2004, and All County 2005. After play-           The other students who were also determined wor-            model, because of the heart and soul he puts into ev-
ing varsity lacrosse as a sophomore, Piccolo switched           thy of mention are: Anthony Anzalone, Karen Bua,              erything he does, and his drive to succeed. Spallina and
to varsity tennis where he played first doubles with se-        Shawn Cotter, Ashley Goldbach, Julia Hryvniak, Keri-          her brother share similar qualities.
nior Will Metcalf.                                              Anne Jetter, Phillip Johan, Michael Krieger, Joel Lepine,       Spallina’s favorite moment was when the varsity girl’s
   Piccolo is a driven athlete and an appreciated part of       Allison McKaney, Amanda Motti, Frank Rodriguez,               lacrosse team won the County Championship in 2005.
Rocky Point sports. His spirit and heart come through           Benjamin Swedish, Victoria Vivonetto, and Brendan             “It was an amazing feeling; all the hard work paid off,”
with every pin and tackle. Piccolo looks up to Coach            Washburn. While these students did not break into             said Spallina.
Madsen and Coach Goldstein because they do what they            the top eight, they certainly deserve to be commended
say and they are very trustworthy - Piccolo also holds          for their hard work and dedication, which made an
these same qualities.                                           impression on their coaches over the years. •

                                                                    Top Senior Athletes’ photos by Sal Nicosia

Nicole Staudt is a four-year varsity athlete. She main-        Allison Tumulty is a five-year varsity athlete. Her enor-      Zachary Williamson is a Rocky Point athlete with more
tains an excellent balance of academics and athletics,         mous drive and motivation have led to her many awards          endurance and self-discipline than anyone around. Since
with a 93 GPA. She has taken two Advanced Place-               and honors. Tumulty has devoted her time to soccer,            seventh grade Williamson has run cross-country, spring
ment classes, and runs cross-country, winter track,            winter track and lacrosse. In the fall she will attend         track, and winter track. In all, he has received ten
and spring track. She holds many records and hon-              Adelphi University on a lacrosse scholarship.                  plaques, twenty medals, and a watch from a cross-
ors due to her outstanding endurance and incredible              “Sports take up a lot of my time, but it’s definitely        country invitational in which he placed first. He will
drive to succeed. In the fall she will be attending SUNY       worth it,” said Tumulty.                                       attend Alfred University in the fall on an academic schol-
Cortland and will be running cross-country and track.            Tumulty has been a part of the varsity lacrosse team         arship, and plans to run cross-country and track.
  After joining cross-country in tenth grade, Staudt           since tenth grade, and has been awarded All County               “I enjoy running and strive for excellence,” said
has been awarded All League, All County and All State.         twice, Most Improved Player, the Coaches’ Award, and           Williamson.
She was awarded All League in both winter and spring           she was a captain in her junior year. Her dedication as          Williamson has maintained a 97 weighted GPA and
track. No matter what race she is running, Staudt is           a team captain contributed to her most memorable               has taken two Advanced Placement courses and ad-
amazing to watch. She runs with great concentra-               moment; when her team won the County Champion-                 vanced math through high school. In cross-country
tion and fearlessness, and never gives up no matter            ship in 2005. She was also a captain for the varsity           he was placed eighth in the state, Class A, and has not
how tough the challenge. Her hard work has definitely          soccer team in her senior year, and was awarded All            lost a race in over a year and a half. He holds the record
paid off, as shown in her favorite moment.                     League in her junior year. Since eighth grade, Tumulty         for the steeplechase in spring track, and both mile races
  “I was running in the state meet, and the whole race         has been on the varsity winter track team.                     in winter track. His fastest two-mile race was 9:53,
I was hoping that I could just come in 20th,” said Staudt.       Tumulty is a part of the National Honor Society, and         while his one-mile record is 4:43.
“When I learned I had placed 12th, I was happier than          receives the Honor Roll. Tumulty looks up to her older           His favorite moment was with last year’s spring track
I had ever been.”                                              sisters, who both played sports throughout high school         4 x 8 team. In a meet against East Hampton, Rocky
  Staudt looks up to her parents, who are constantly           and college, “They are both very talented athletes; I’ve       Point won the race, meet, and league title undefeated.
encouraging her to perform her best.                           always looked up to them.”

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