Waiver of Breach of Contract

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					                                           Waiver of breach of contract.

   Agreement made this          day of       ,         , between A, of      , and B, of       , witnesseth:

   Whereas, by a contract made on the         day of        ,       , between A and B, it was provided that             , and

   Whereas, a breach of the contract has been committed by B in that [state particulars of breach], and

   Whereas, A has agreed with B to waive the breach above mentioned.

    Now, therefore, in consideration of       , A hereby waives all existing rights and remedies against B for damages
in respect to the breach of agreement and hereby ratifies and confirms the contract. Provided always, that the above
waiver shall not extend to or prejudice any rights of A in respect of any future breach by B of any of h— agreements
contained in the contract.

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