Water Resources Demo Kit by uoi11893


									                                       Water Resources Demo Kit
                                                      Code 11-8540 or 11-8546
Safety Information
Please read the instruction manual thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the test procedures before you begin. Make note of any precautions in the
Labels on each LaMotte reagent container also provide important information pertaining to the nature of the reagents. Labels may include                              Soa

precautionary notes or antidote information. These reagents are for chemical tests only! Keep all chemicals away from children.*WARNING:
Reagents marked with an * are considered to be potential health hazards. To view or print a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for these reagents
see MSDS CD or our web site. To obtain a printed copy, contact us by e-mail, phone or fax.

Testing Hints
  1.          Tightly close all
              reagent containers
                                       2.            Avoid
                                                                           3. Protect reagents
                                                                              and components
                                                                                                        4. Wipe up any reagent 5.
                                                                                                           chemical spills,
              immediately after                      exposure of                from extreme heat       liquid or powder, as
              use. Be sure not to                    equipment                  and cold.               soon as they occur.
              interchange caps                       and reagents                                       Refer to label and
              and pipets from                        to direct                                          MSDS for proper                         Use care when dispensing
              different                              sunlight.                                          reagent disposal.                       or handling all reagents.
              containers.                                                                                                                       Some chemicals may
                                                                                                                                                cause permanent stains if

Soap Demonstration
  1.                                   2.                                  3.                           4.                                      5. With assembly
                                                                                                                                                         the screwcap
  Thoroughly                           Thoroughly                          Fill the                     Fill the                                        (0392), add 1 drop
  rinse the                            rinse the                           "HARD" flask                 "SOFT" flask                                             of *Soap
  "SOFT" water                         "HARD"                              (0452) with                  (0453) with                                              Reagent #4
  flask (0453)                         water flask                         untreated water              softened water                                           (4767) to
  with softened                        (0452) with                         until the bottom HARD        to the same                                              each flask.
  water.                       SOFT    untreated          HARD             surface is                   level.                    SOFT
                                       water.                              covered with a layer of                                               HARD
                                                                           water about 1" deep.

  6.    Cap and shake
        the flasks.
                                       7. A thickthe softened
                                          form in
                                                  lather will              8.                           9.
                                            water.                         Continue to add              Extremely hard
                                                                           *Soap Reagent #4             water may
                                                                           (4767) to the                require 30, 40, or
                                                                           untreated                    even 60 drops of
                     HAR                                                   "HARD" water,                *Soap Reagent
                           D                                               shake periodically           #4 to produce a
                 T                           SOFT        HARD
             SOF                                                           until a lather       HARD    lasting lather.             HARD

Precipitation Demonstration
  1.                                   2.                                  3.                           4.                                      5.

   Thoroughly                           Thoroughly                          Fill the "SOFT"                                                     Use the glass

   rinse the                            rinse the                           Demo Tube                    Fill the                               pipet with cap

                                                                                                         "HARD" Demo


   "SOFT" water                         "HARD"                              (0298) to the                                                       (0344) to add
   Demo Tube                            water Demo                          line with                    Tube (0297) to                         5 drops of
   (0298) with                          Tube (0297)                         softened water.              the line with                          *Precipitation
   softened                             with untreated                                                   untreated water.                       Reagent A
   water.                               water.                                                                                                  (4542)to each

  6.    Cap and mix.                   7.                                  8.    Cap and mix.           9.     Place tubes in the               10.


                                                                                                               Precipitation Rack
                                       Use the plastic                                                  (0879) and allow the tube               Hard water

                                       pipet with cap

                                                                                                        to stand for 5 minutes.

                                       (0392) to add                                                                                            will form a


                                 FT                                                               FT


                               SO      5 drops of                                               SO
                                       *Precipitation                                                                                           precipitate
                                       Reagent B                                                          5  UTES
                                                                                                                                  Heavy         while the Soft
                                                                                                          MIN                     precipitate
                                       (4543) to                                                                                                water remains
                                       each tube.                                                                                 clear         clear.

                        Softener With Resin & Charcoal
Instructions For Use
 1.                           2.                                 3. Filllayer of water is a
                                                                         chamber until           4.                          5.
  Attach adapter              SLOWLY turn on                                        visible                                    3
  on inlet hose to            faucet and adjust                                     over the                                  MIN

  faucet. Fully               the flow of water                                     resin.
  open clamp on               into softener until
  inlet hose.                 the stream of                                                                                  Let effluent run to waste
                              water is about 1/8                                                                             for about 3 minutes to
                              inch in diameter.                                                  Unclamp outlet hose at      wash out residue from
                                                                                                 bottom of softener.         the previous sample.

 6.        Adjust flow to
           maintain the
                              7.                                 8.                              9.   If softener is to be
                                                                                                      stored unused for
                 1" layer                                                             When            any length of time,
                 of water                                                             softener        keep a 1" layer of
                 over                                                                                           water over
                                                                                      is                        resin
                 resin.                                                         disconnected
                              After enough softened                                                             column to
                                                                                from faucet,                    prevent
                              water has been collected,                         clamp inlet
                              turn off faucet and clamp                                                         drying and
                                                                                hose.                           cracking.
                              outlet hose.

Regeneration of Resin
 1.           Prepare salt
              solution by
                              2.                  Remove         3. Clamp outlet tube.
                                                                    Add salt solution            4.   Allow to stand for     5.
                                                  black plug           until                          about 30 minutes.
              dissolving                          from top
              about ½                                             softener is
                                                  of             completely
              pound of                            softener.
              salt (sodium                                              full.
              chloride) in                                                                                         UT
                                                                                                                             Unclamp outlet tube
              1 quart of                                                                                                     and allow salt solution
              water.                                                                                                         to run to waste.

 6.    Replace black plug     7.                                 8.                              9.     At this point the
                                                                                                        resin should be
       in top of softener.
                                Attach                            Wash resin                     completely regenerated
                                adapter to                        with                           and is ready for use.
                                faucet.                           approximately                  Disconnect from faucet
                                                                  1 gallon of tap                and clamp inlet and
                                                                  water.                         outlet hoses for storage.

Replacement of Resin
 1.   Remove black plug
      from the top of
                              2.    Unclamp outlet
                                    hose and turn
                                                                 3.                              4.                          5.
      dispenser.                    softener upside
                                    down.                                                                                                      Tap
                              Pour the                                        By adding                                                        water
                              exhausted                                       more water                                                       may be
                              resin into a                                    to the
                                                                 column and shaking,             With the aid of a           added to the resin in the
                              bucket.                                                                                        funnel to facilitate
                                                                 the remaining resin can         funnel, add the fresh
                                                                 be easily removed.              resin to the column.        filling of the column.

 6.   Continue adding
      resin to the column
                              7.                                 8.                 Replace
                                                                                    the black
      until the resin is                                                            plug in      Connect
      about 2" from the                                                             the top of   softener to
      top of the column.                                                            column.      faucet and
                                                                                                 proceed with
                                                                                                 the above
                               Allow excess water to                                             section,
                        2"     drain from outlet hose.                                           Instructions for

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