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					                                   ALLIANCE PRAYER REQUESTS
                                         August 10, 2009

August Prayer Focus: Pray for guidance and empowerment for Alliance missionary teams serving in fields where
the C&MA has labored for many years.

Cambodia: Rachel Thompson has been diagnosed with typhoid fever. Pray for complete healing.

Senegal: Pray for Mike and Valerie Stephens (first-year language students in France) as Valerie has been
hospitalized and may have to undergo an emergency C-section. The baby has received steroid shots to mature his
lungs. Pray for the baby's complete healing, a safe delivery, and protection for Valerie and the baby.

Also, pray for Nana, the grandmother of Michelle Davis. During an outpatient procedure in the hospital, the
physician inadvertently punctured a hole in Nana's intestines, and her lung collapsed. Currently she is in intensive
care, but her infection levels have decreased and there is evidence of some healing. Pray for complete healing so
that surgery will not be necessary and that her body will continue to fight all infections.

Taiwan: Pray for those who have been affected by Typhoon Morakot, which has resulted in the worst flooding in 50
years. The floods have ruined crops and have damaged homes and property through landslides. Pray that God will
use this disaster to draw many people to Himself.

International Ministries: Pray that God will supply buyers for the homes of the following appointees so they will be
able to deploy overseas on schedule: Karen Hessel and Jason Foster. Pray that Laura Eckman will find a buyer for
her car. She is scheduled to depart on Saturday.

Richard Mirpuri Update: Praise the Lord that Pastor Mirpuri's retina is 100 percent attached and the gas inside his
eye has subsided. He now has partial visibility in his right eye. He will not receive clearance to fly in an airplane
until the gas is completely gone. Pray that this will happen by his August 19 doctor's appointment so that he can fly
home on August 31 and return to normal posture.

Mary Ann Presher Update: Continue to pray for Mary Ann, wife of Pastor David Presher, who was diagnosed with
a serious and aggressive stage-four cancer. Pray for God's wisdom in all that lies ahead, as well as for Christ's
peace for Mary Ann and her family. Pray that God will be glorified in this situation. Read specific requests and

John Stumbo Update: Continue to pray for John Stumbo who has stepped down as lead pastor of Salem Alliance
Church. View a special video message from John:

Remember CAC workers around the world. Pray for protection, good health, and opportunities to share the good
news. Pray that contacts will be drawn to Jesus. Pray that God will break down strongholds and give courage and
boldness to national believers.

Burkina Faso: Two weeks ago, Esther and Andrew Schaeffer received word that 4,000 Jula songbooks had arrived
at customs in Ouagadougou. Pray that these songbooks will clear customs without expense and that they will be a
great blessing to Jula-speaking believers throughout Burkina Faso.

Pray for a smooth transition for Mark and Rebekah Schaeffer, who will begin eighth and fourth grade, respectively,
at The Christian School of Grace Baptist Church in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, on August 27.

Republic of the Congo: Continue to pray for Barb Sorensen as she begins ministry in Brazzaville to teenage girls in

Pray for God's protection and enabling for Vicki Murdock as she ministers in the village of Mboukou August 15-16.
Pray for safety and good health for team members and their children who are traveling and transitioning.

Pray that God will lead the right students to register this month for Alliance Bible schools in Pointe Noire and

Pray for renters to peaceably and quickly find other housing and move out of property purchased by the Pointe
Noire Center last fall so that those buildings will be available for church ministries. Pray for God's leading as a
secretary is chosen for the center this week.

Pray for the organization of a pastoral training program for the many willing pastors (mostly non-Alliance) in
Ollombo and the surrounding area.

Pray for the completion of Dave Bill's village survey. Also, pray for Dave as he begins youth ministry via English
class and a volleyball program.

Pray for new ministries in Ollombo (including kids' club ministry and leaders) and for the Congolese church leaders
there: Brice and Darliche.

Senegal: Pray for a smooth transition back into ministry for Doug and Karen Conkle after home assignment.

Thanks to all who prayed for Malick Fall, whose health is improving. Praise God for His healing touch.

Indonesia: Praise God for protecting Judy Gaskin as she traveled to the interior of East Kalimantan by car,
speedboat, and canoe. Some of those trips were long and rough. Thanks to all who prayed! Also, pray for Judy as
she travels to Jaffray Theological Seminary in Makassar, Sulawesi, to teach a course in the children's ministry
major and introduce the Awana program during a seminar for several Makassar churches.

Pray for Judy Gaskin as she translates more than 200 letters to sponsors from children enrolled in the educational
scholarship program. This correspondence is a crucial aspect of this ministry, as the sponsors need to hear from
their "adopted" children. Pray for approximately 40 children who have "lost" their North American sponsors due to
the recent financial crisis and need new sponsors.

Continue to pray for the finances at Camp Good News, which has been experiencing an ongoing decrease in
rental groups. Pray for wisdom for camp board members in overcoming this situation. Also, pray for Ivone Palar,
camp director, as she seeks God's will in her future ministry at the camp.

Pray for Jim and Sharon Kendall as they prepare for the October 9-11 ALMA (Alliance Marriage Encounter) retreat.
Pray that God will work mightily through the testimonies of the coordinator and presenter couples. Also, pray for
Jim and Sharon as they develop a coordinator and two additional presenter couples for the April/May 2010 ALMA

Praise God for five youth who received the Lord through Team Joshua. Pray for God's continued blessing on this

Mongolia: Pray for God's direction for Alliance team members as they work with local authorities to assist victims of
the flooding in Ulaanbaatar, especially in helping those who lost their documentation (passports, birth certificates,
etc.) in the floods. This documentation is required in order to receive further government assistance. Pray that
Alliance workers will have opportunities to serve the people in a spiritual as well as a physical capacity.

Pray for God's blessing on the September 1 opening of the Student Center and for His guidance in preparations.

Pray for the Maraat family from the Philippines, whose daughters were diagnosed with the H1N1 virus and have
been quarantined in another country for more than a week, thus delaying their entry into Mongolia. Pray for
complete healing and for their safe arrival in Mongolia.

Jason and Ruth Lee request prayer for the safety and physical well-being of their children, Peter and Hanuel, who
are in Korea. They will return August 17. Also, pray for Ruth as she faces many challenges working as field

Continue to pray for complete healing for Dennis Maves' eye. Pray that his recent first treatment will be effective.
Also, pray for preparations for the Maveses' tour ministries in U.S. churches beginning in the fall.

CAMA is still awaiting special permission to engage in community health care in Mongolia. The application was
submitted last month. Pray for a speedy and favorable answer from the Ministry of Health.

Taiwan: Pray for wisdom for Don and Rachel Kramer and Mark Edwards as their friends and neighbors celebrate
the August 14 "birthday" of a temple idol this week. Pray for the Kramers and Mark to know God's heart in relating
to people during these days.

Pray for Fungyee Lam as she completes language school in August and joins the Hwangs in Cidu to minister to
working-class people. Fungyee is in the process of preparing to use Taiwanese story-telling as a tool to share
God's story.

Thailand: Pray for Jon and Joy Chase as they are on home assignment sharing about the ministry among the
Isaan people. Pray that they will have time to enjoy with family and friends as well.

TEAM Isaan has not yet been allowed back into Sawang Daen Din and Sakon Nakhon prisons due to the H1N1
virus scare. Continue to pray that the believers in these prisons will grow in their relationship with God as they
study His Word on their own.

Pray for John Whitehead who will work with TEAM Isaan for the next two weeks during a short-term missions trip,
teaching English in a public school and assisting in construction of a job training center.

Ed and Sue Danneker request prayer that God will raise up Thai leadership for the new church plant they are
leading. Pray that God will grow His Church in Mahachai and that each believer will truly become new in Christ (2
Corinthians 5:17).

Pray for the Dannekers as they continue to reach out to neighbors. Pray especially that Nee, who owns a small
restaurant next to the church, will come to saving faith. Also, pray that God will work in the hearts of the
Dannekers' English students so that they will receive Christ.

Pray for a church member and her two-year-old daughter, both of whom have been fighting flulike symptoms for
more than a month. Pray that this woman will overcome the other obstacles that have kept her away from church.

France: Continue to pray for Doug and Priscilla Welbourn, pastoral couple from Mendham Hills, New Jersey, who
are serving in an interim role at Trinity International Church Strasbourg prior to Mark and Pattie Brinkmans' arrival.
Also, pray for a breakthrough in the visa process for the Brinkmans, which is taking longer than originally expected.

Pray for Fred and Carrol Henry from the Metropolitan District as they serve at Trinity International Church Paris
during the absence of David and Margot Kennedy.

Praise God that Andrew and Marcia Berry have had a good ministry at Beulah Beach's (Ohio) Bible and Missionary
Conference this summer. Pray that their visits to churches in Ohio and Wisconsin will result in renewed prayer for
Toulouse International Church (southwestern France) as well as the nation of France.

Praise God for new families that have been finding the new church plant in Leguevin, a suburb of Toulouse. Pray
that the needed funds will come in for a facilities expansion. If growth continues in this way, there will be
inadequate space in September.

Germany: Continue to pray for follow-up of those who attended a recent English camp, including 24 teenagers.
Praise God for attendees who rededicated their lives to God! Pray that their relationship with the Lord will grow
stronger in the coming weeks and months.

Russia: Jason and Joy Jordan request prayer for continued progress in their Russian communication.

Continue to pray for a permanent solution to the visa situation.

Dominican Republic: Praise the Lord for five leaders of the national church who are studying in FATELA. Pray that
these students will prioritize their time well as they take these online classes.

Pray for John and Colleen Schleh as they connect with their neighbors. Pray that their words and lives will
communicate Christ and that the Schlehs will have opportunities to deepen these friendships.

Pray for the August 20-23 National Youth Camp. Pray for Julie Stutler as she prepares to speak to the youth on
forgiveness and purity. Pray that Mike Baldwin, who is taking his daughter Brittany to the camp, will be used by the
Lord to minister in God-appointed times with the youth.

Pray for the short-term missions team from Lockport, New York, which will be working in Santo Domingo August 7-
15. Pray for protection, strength, good weather, spiritual renewal, and safety. Pray for strength and wisdom for
Doug and Nancy Carlson and Bruce and Becky Dyke as they oversee the team.

Venezuela: Pray for the Venezuelan Alliance church and in particular the youth of the Encuentro Biblico Church as
they mourn the death of youth pastor and church treasurer Jose Pacheco, who was killed in an auto accident along
with his wife and their little boy. Also, pray for their surviving family members, as many do not know Christ as their
Savior. Pray that God will be glorified through this tragedy.

Church Ministries: Praise God that Joe and Kay Kong's house in Colorado Springs is under contract and the
closing will take place this week. Pray that this final step will go smoothly.

Continue to pray for Kim Vincent who will have knee replacement surgery on August 26. Pray that she will be able
to stay mobile without much pain until the surgery takes place.

Pray for Iris Wetzel's mother who had hip replacement surgery and is recovering at home.

Pray for Kathy Taubeneck's mother who has been diagnosed with cancer and is recovering from surgery.

Church Ministries has learned that a boy who attended the July 27-August 1 Hmong Youth Conference has a
confirmed case of the H1N1 virus. He is doing better now and has been discharged from the hospital. Pray that the
other conference attendees (2,000+ youth from more than 12 Hmong churches) had limited contact with him while
he was sick and that there will be no further spread of the virus. Prayer is especially needed this week, because
the normal incubation period for the flu is anywhere from two to seven days, and attendees had come from many
churches across the United States.

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