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									       Securing Sponsorships for a
         Competitive Advantage

Student Planner of the Year Session
   Wednesday, 13 January 2010
              Diane Knoepke
Vice President, IEG Sponsorship Consulting
          • Background in healthcare association sponsorship sales
          and program development
          • Currently work with both sponsors and properties
          (sponsees) across all sectors; areas of emphasis include:
                 • Nonprofits: Associations, Causes, Cultural Institutions
                 • Healthcare: Medical societies, Hospitals
                 • Municipalities/destinations: CVBs, park districts, cities
                 • Developments: Malls, Resorts, Theme parks
          • Fun fact: First job out of college was part of three-person
          team that produced Chicago’s Thanksgiving Parade
     Diane’s Top Sponsorship Resources
 IEG: for Sponsorship News,
Resources, Blogs, Trends, Innovation, Jobs, Publications, Events
 Google: for free research on companies
 Hoovers: for paid research on companies
 TED: for inspiration and great videos on the
latest thinking in selling and business strategy
 SmartBrief: for industry-specific (e.g.,
medical devices, retail) and topic-specific (e.g., social media,
leadership) news
 AdAge, PROMO, and WARC for big-picture marketing trends
              Diane Knoepke
Vice President, IEG Sponsorship Consulting
Get in touch with Me and IEG:
• Web:
• E-mail:
• Twitter: @Knoepke_IEG
• Blog:
• LinkedIn: IEG’s Sponsorship Community (and you can find me
there too)
•Phone: 312.944.1727 x272
Mark Sergot, Vice President – Global Sales
 Fairmont Raffles Hotels International
                 Currently responsible for the strategic
                  direction, deployment and productivity
                  of the 75 person Global Sales

                 20 year hospitality career with
                  experience in various operations and
                  sales leadership roles. Currently based
                  in FRHI’s Toronto Corporate office

                 Fairmont Raffles Hotels International is
                  the parent company for the Fairmont,
                  Raffles & Swissotel brands.
     Mark Sergot, Vice President – Global Sales
      Fairmont Raffles Hotels International
 95 hotels in 23 countries currently in operation with recent additions in
  Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Pittsburgh, Tianjin China and Vancouver.
  50 additional projects are currently under development including the
  Peace Hotel in Shanghai and the Savoy in London

 Sponsorships currently include:
       Professional Convention Management Association
       Meeting Professionals International
       American Society of Association Executives
       Various individual chapters of the above organizations
Deborah Sas, Associate Director Strategic Partnerships
   ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership
  Deborah Sas is responsible for directing the Alliance Partnership Program for ASAE
   & The Center, including sales, benefit fulfillment and strategic planning. She directs
   a budget topping $3.5 million in revenue and serves as a prime liaison with key
   industry partners at the board and executive level.

  Deborah came to the association in 2003 as a Sponsorship Coordinator working at
   GWSAE. Within her five year tenure, she has worked closely with all sponsorships
   and special events, developing various activation opportunities for partners, and
   has been an integral part of the launch and subsequent growth of the established
   Alliance Partnership Program. She became Manager, Strategic Partnerships in 2005
   and in 2008 was promoted to Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships. Her
   current position is equal parts customer relationship management, strategic
   planning, negotiation, sales and creative direction for internal and external
   branding objectives.
Sponsorship Sales Structure:
 A La carte sales on an individual event basis – over 139 education events (35 to 300 attendees) with 7 Signature events
     (400 – 7,000 attendees)
 Over 71 individual sponsorships per year, 41 individual sponsorships at the 2005 Annual Meeting alone with a total yearly
     revenue of 1,732,950, logo clutter and lack of relevance

Downsize Sponsorship Access to Maximize Revenue
 How?
Bundled Assets for year-long package deals
 1- stop shop for visibility that Industry Partners wanted across ALL departments of the organization

The combination of sponsorship recognition in addition to access of other ASAE & The Center visibility opportunities created a
     total value proposition for us and our partners

    Increased program revenue to over 3.4 million – almost doubling yearly income and reduced the number of partners to
     26, creating a more manageable benefit fulfillment program along with added awareness and relevance to membership
     of participating partners.

    Expanded short-term commitments into long-term relationships through unique and bundled access opportunities and
     proprietary platform participations

                                      Deborah Sas, ASAE & The Center

Resource, Trends, News, Networking
Journal of Sponsorships -

Experiential Marketing
Experiential Marketing Forum -

Data Mining
General Information
Google –

                          Deborah Sas, ASAE & The Center
              Jon Hixon, CMP
Associate Director of Sales, Tourism Toronto
          • Background in association management and destination
                 •American Bar Association
                 •Tourism Toronto
          • Currently sponsor meetings industry organizations at an
          international and local level, including
                 • Professional Convention Management Association
                 • American Society of Association Executives
                 • Meeting Professionals International
                 • Association Forum of Chicago
          • Fun fact: First job out of college was travelling six months
          a year for Galaxy Expocard Registration
       Jon’s Top Sponsorship Resources

Sponsorship Models

 Google: for free research on companies
                Jon Hixon, CMP
  Associate Director of Sales, Tourism Toronto

Get in touch with Me and Tourism Toronto:
• Web:
• E-mail:
• Twitter: @jphixon
• LinkedIn: Involved in GMC-PCMA, MPI and MPICAC
•Phone: 847-236-0114
        Tamela Blalock
2009 Student Planner of the Year
     • Masters in Tourism Administration candidate at George
     Washington University.
     • Currently responsible for 360 association, government,
     and non-profit clients as Assistant Director of Summer &
     Conference Housing Sales at George Washington
     •Background in supporting and securing sponsorship efforts
     for non-profits for
            •Sports Events with the Home Depot
            •Association Conference with several Washington, DC
            local vendors

     • Fun fact: First job out of college was as an operations
     analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency
     Tamela’s Top Sponsorship Resources
   IEG, Off the Wire Newsletter
   Promo Xtra – The Promotional Marketing Newsletter
   Sports City – The Sports Business Portal
   Washington Business Journal – Daily Update
Twitter Feed
   SBJ/SBD – Sports Business Journal/Sports Business Daily
Google Alerts –
   Excellent tool to receive a Google list of your specific
   search topic as it appeared on websites, newspapers, blogs,
   etc. during that week
              Tamela Blalock
      2009 Student Planner of the Year
Get in touch with Me and GWU Summer & Intern Housing:
• Web:
• E-mail:
• Twitter: @blalockt
•Phone: 202.994.6883

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