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									[CANCER RESEARCH 41, 3270-3271,          August 1981]
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AMERICAN       SOCIETY        OF PEDIATRIC          HEMATOLOGY/ON-                 modated   on a first-come,   first-served   basis. The registration   fee is
COLOGY                                                                             $50.00. For further information, contact: Ms. Lili Zubar, Box 277,
                                                                                   University Hospitals, 420 Delaware Street, S.E., Minneapolis, Minne
   A new society, the American Society of Pediatrie Hematology/On-                 sota 55455.
cology, has been established, and applications for membership are
invited. Those eligible for membership are: any person holding the                 WORKSHOP        ON HEAD AND NECK ONCOLOGY
degree of M.D. or Ph.D. who is involved in relevant basic research;
                                                                                     A multidisciplinary workshop, entitled "Head and Neck Oncology:
physicians who have served residencies in pediatrics and in pediatrie
                                                                                   Update 1981," will take place at Boston University Medical Center,
hematology/oncology;     physicians trained in allied specialties such as
pediatrie surgery, pediatrie pathology, and pediatrie radiology; and               Boston, Massachusetts, on October 3, 1981. The workshop, which is
physicians trained in internal medicine as well as in hematology,                  sponsored by the Boston University School of Medicine, Department
oncology, or both, who have a special interest in the treatment of blood           of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, is accredited for 7 hours
diseases and cancer in children. The society offers a forum for ex                 in Category I by the AMA and 7 hours by the American Dental Associ
change of ideas on issues of special interest as well as a means for               ation and Academy of General Dentistry. The fee is $100. For infor
facilitating communication among members. A newsletter will be in                  mation, write to: Ms. Donna Marcy, Department of Continuing Medical
cluded in The American Journal of Pediatrie Hematology/Oncology.                   Education, Boston University School of Medicine, 80 East Concord
There will be annual scientific and business meetings, a certificate of            Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02118.
membership for new members, and a membership directory. Members
may purchase books of the series, Masson Monographs in Pediatrie                   ADVANCED SEMINAR IN UROLOGIC SURGERY: PROSTATE
Hematology/Oncology,      at a 25% discount. The dues for the society              AND BLADDER CANCER
are $25.00 per year. Additional information and application forms may
be obtained from: Dr. Carl Pochedly, Secretary-Treasurer      pro tern, The          The University of California at San Francisco will hold its Advanced
American Society of Pediatrie Hematology/Oncology,        Nassau County            Annual Seminar in Urologie Surgery on October 9 and 10, 1981, in
                                                                                   San Francisco. This seminar is designed to provide the most recent in-
Medical Center, East Meadow, New York 11554.
                                                                                   depth basic sciences and clinical information concerning bladder and
VIDEOTAPES ON CURRENT TOPICS IN CANCER RESEARCH                                    prostate carcinoma, with emphasis on controversial areas of clinical
                                                                                   management. Topics on prostate carcinoma will include: pelvic lymph
   Videotapes on current topics in cancer research are available on                node dissection and its place in diagnosis and treatment; the role of
loan from the International Cancer Research Data Bank Program of the               irradiation therapy in curative treatment; current diagnostic and staging
National Cancer Institute. Each tape provides the opportunity to see a             techniques; indications and techniques for radical prostatectomy; and
distinguished researcher present information in a field of cancer re               hormonal and cytotoxic therapy. Highlights of the presentations on
search of high current interest. They are designed for audiences at the            bladder carcinoma are: problems of carcinoma in situ; the role of
graduate level or above, and they will be especially useful for research           preoperative radiation therapy; significance of pelvic lymphadenectomy
group meetings or graduate seminars, as well as for individual instruc             and urethrectomy; current advances in diagnostic techniques; and
tion. Three series are available: Relation of Carcinogen Action on DNA             chemotherapy. The program meets the criteria for AM A/CMA Category
to Cell Transformation;    Mechanisms of Metastasis; and Automated                 I credit. For further information, write to: Extended Programs in Medical
Cytology. The format of the videotapes is %-inch U-Matics. All are                 Education, University of California School of Medicine, Room 569-U,
available in NTSC (American) format. The automated cytology video                  Third and Parnassus, San Francisco, California 94143.
tapes are also available in PAL (European) format. For more informa
tion, write to: ICRDB Program, National Cancer Institute, Westwood                 COURSE IN PEDIATRIC HEMATOLOGY
Building, Room 10A16, Bethesda, Maryland 20205.
                                                                                     The Maryland Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the
FELLOWSHIPS AND FUNDS FOR PILOT STUDIES                                            University of Maryland School of Medicine, and the Johns Hopkins
                                                                                   University School of Medicine are sponsoring a course, entitled "The
   The National Cancer Cytology Center has established a new program               Pediatrie Approach to Common Hematological Problems," to be held
for support of a limited number of pre- or postdoctoral fellowships at a
yearly stipend of $15,000. One year's stipend will be provided with an             in Ocean City, Maryland,     from October 9 to 11, 1981. Topics will
opportunity for a second year's funding on reapplication. An additional            include anemia, bleeding     disorders such as neonatal thrombocyto-
                                                                                   penia, and diagnosis and management of ITP. The course is approved
$10,000 each will be available for seed support of research projects
                                                                                   for 11 credit hours in Category I of the AMA. For further information,
by new investigators. Applications should be on the subjects of tumor
cytology or immunology with distinct relevance to the diagnosis or                 contact: Office of Continuing Education, 720 Rutland Avenue, Balti
treatment of human cancer. The deadline for applications is September              more, Maryland 21205.
1, 1981. Write to: Mrs. Ann L. Ayre, National Cancer Cytology Center,
88 Sunnyside Boulevard, Suite 204, Plainview, New York 11803.                      AMERICAN COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS COURSE IN MEDI
                                                                                   CAL ONCOLOGY
                                                                                     The University of Hawaii Cancer Center and The Royal Australasian
   The National Cancer Institute and the Cancer Clinical Investigation             College of Physicians are sponsoring "Medical Oncology Review,"
Review Committee are sponsoring a symposium, entitled "Contempo
                                                                                   Course Number 019 of the American College of Physicians. The course
rary Issues in Hodgkin's Disease: Biology, Staging, and Treatment," to
                                                                                   will meet at the Princess Kaiulani Sheraton Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii,
be held at the San Francisco Hilton, San Francisco, California, from               from October 12 to 16, 1981. It is designed for those preparing for the
September 9 to 12, 1981. Recent developments of importance will be                 medical oncology board examination, internists desiring a comprehen
reviewed, with special attention to controversial issues in clinical man           sive refresher course, and oncologists desiring a rigorous update.
agement. Those wishing to attend must preregister and will be accom                Clinically relevant aspects of causation, growth, biology, diagnosis,

3270                                                                                                                       CANCER      RESEARCH      VOL. 41

treatment, and rehabilitation from the view of the internist will be          be held in Sao Paolo, Brazil, from May 16 to 20, 1982. The scientific
reviewed. Methods of instruction will include lectures, luncheons with        program deals with prevention of tumor development by identification
professors, case presentations and discussions, panels, posters, film         of environmental, occupational, genetic, and other risk factors and with
strips, movies, and pre- and post-quizzes. Inexpensive accommodation          the review of recent advances in immunology, tumor susceptibility,
arrangements and reserved special rate airfares have been obtained.           identification of high-risk groups, and clinical and laboratory manifes
Registration is limited. This offering meets the criteria for 38 hours in     tations of cancer. Sessions on experimental and human tumorigenesis,
Category I of the Physicians Recognition Award of the AMA. For                multiple etiological factors, and detection methods for early cancer in
information, write to: Dr. Thomas C. Hall, Community Cancer Program           specific sites are provided to bridge experimental and clinical oncology.
of Hawaii, 1236 Lauhala Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.                       For further information, contact: Medical Congress Coordinators, Dept.
                                                                              A, 1212 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10036.
                                                                              CONFERENCE ON BIOCHEMISTRY, BIOPHYSICS, AND EN
  The 29th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society of               VIRONMENTAL EFFECTS OF CYTOCHROME P-450
Cytology will be held at the Chase-Park Plaza Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri,
from November 2 to 7, 1981. The scientific program will include                  The fourth international biannual conference on the structural and
seminars, workshops, poster and platform sessions, panels, and dis            functional aspects of cytochrome P-450 will be held from June 1 to 3,
cussions. Physicians may earn credit hours in Category I for the              1982, at the University of Kuopio, Finland. The aim of the meeting is to
Physician's Recognition Award of the American Medical Association.
                                                                              review the accumulated knowledge on the various forms of cytochrome
For additional    information,   contact:   Dr. Warren R. Lang, Secretary-    P-450 and its contribution to the metabolism of environmental chemi
Treasurer, American Society of Cytology,        130 South 9th Street, Suite   cals in various species from microbes to animals and plants. For further
810, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107.                                        information, contact: Dr. Eino Hietanen, Department of Physiology,
                                                                              University of Kuopio, P.O. Box 138, 70101 Kuopio 10, Finland.
AGEMENT                                                                       CONFERENCE ON DEFINED IMMUNOFLUORESCENCE,                            IM-
  A postgraduate symposium, entitled "Current Concepts in Cancer              MUNOENZYME STUDIES, AND RELATED LABELING TECH
Management: Successful Treatment and Its Consequences,"   will be             NIQUES
held on November 13 and 14, 1981, at the Fairmont Hotel, San                     The Vllth International Conference on Defined Immunofluorescence,
Francisco, California. The course, which is sponsored by the Claire           Immunoenzyme Studies, and Related Labeling Techniques will be held
Zellerbach Saroni Tumor Institute of Mount Zion Hospital and Medical          June 8 through 11, 1982, in Niagara Falls, New York. This meeting
Center, has been approved for up to 11 hours of Category I credit             consisting of plenary sessions, symposia, and workshops will review
under the California Medical Association's    Program of Continuing           the "state of the art" applications of immunofluorescence, immunoen-
Education. The tuition is $200 ($150 before September 15,1981 ), and          zyme studies, and related techniques to specific fields of study. Inves
advance registration is required. For further information, contact: Claire    tigators are invited to present their own research and exchange infor
Zellerbach Saroni Tumor Institute of Mount Zion Hospital and Medical          mation at workshops; areas to be stressed will include application of
Center, P.O. Box 7921, San Francisco, California 94120.                       these techniques to autoimmunity, biophysics-biochemistry,     dermatol
                                                                              ogy, endocrinology, microbiology, nephrology, neurology, oral biology,
POSTGRADUATE COURSE IN CLINICAL CYTOPATHOLOGY                                 physiology, and virology. For further information, please contact: Dr.
FOR PATHOLOGISTS                                                              Ernst Beutner, State University of New York at Buffalo, School of
   The 23rd Postgraduate Institute for Pathologists in Clinical Cyto-         Medicine, 219 Sherman Hall, Buffalo, New York 14214.
pathology will be given at The Johns Hopkins University School of
Medicine and The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, from            NEW JOURNAL: STEM CELLS
March 22 to April 2, 1982. The program is designed for pathologists
who are certified (or qualified) by the American Board of Pathology             The Swiss medical firm, S. Karger, introduced a new journal in July
(PA) or its international equivalent. Topics will be covered in lectures,     1981, entitled Stem Cells: The International Journal of Cellular Differ
explored in small informal conferences, and discussed over the micro          entiation and Proliferation. This publication, the first to be devoted
scope with the faculty. A loan set of slides with text will be sent to each   solely to stem cells, was created to provide comprehensive coverage
participant for home study during February and March before the               of the kinetics, morphology, and biochemistry of pluripotent and com
Institute. The entire course is given in English. Participants are eligible   mitted precursor stem cells. Contents consist of original research
for 125 credit hours in AMA Category I. Application must be made              manuscrips, editorials, reviews, and Letters-to-the-Editor.   Editor-in-
before January 27, 1982. For details, write: Dr. John K. Frost, 610           Chief Martin J. Murphy, Jr., of the Bob Hippie Laboratory for Cancer
Pathology Building, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland           Research, is assisted by Associate Editors Laszlo G. Lajtha, Donald
21205.                                                                        Metcalf, and Fumimaro Takaku, along with 52 members of an interna
                                                                              tional editorial board. Volume 1 will be six issues of 64 pages each and
SYMPOSIUM          ON THE PREVENTION               AND DETECTION        OF    will carry an institutional subscription rate of $96 and a personal rate
CANCER                                                                        of $48. Additional information concerning the journal can be obtained
                                                                              by writing: S. Karger Publishers, Inc., 150 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1103,
   The Fifth International Symposium on the Prevention and Detection          New York, New York 10011; or Martin J. Murphy, Jr., Director, The
of Cancer, sponsored by the Fundacao "Centro de Pesquisa de On
                                                                              Bob Hippie Laboratory for Cancer Research, Wright State University
cologia" and The International Society for Preventive Oncology, will
                                                                              School of Medicine, 3525 Southern Boulevard, Dayton, Ohio 45429.

AUGUST     1981                                                                                                                                  3271

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