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                                     CHAPTERS AND COUNCILS
                                                   DECEMBER 2004

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As we enter December, I would like to wish each of you a Happy Holiday season and the
happiest of New Years for 2005.



Well the National Elections are over. I hope your candidate won. Regardless of the
outcome, at least we live in a nation where disagreements on politics and your choice for
a political candidate is not a life and death decision. Now that the national elections are
over, the important elections can begin. In January, your chapter will be electing a new
chapter president and secretary. Your chapter’s winners should be submitted to the IMA
office in Montvale by January 31. All other officers elected are due in February. Just
when you thought heated political campaigns were over.
The IMA On Line is being revised. Your assistance in providing the following
information to your members would be appreciated:
    1. IMA members: You are invited to include news about career moves and changes.
        These items will be noted in future ION newsletters. Email ION editor,
    2. In addition, future ION newsletters will also feature a new section called “News
        from the “Front Lines”. This section will be specially created for Chapters and
        Councils to submit articles. Email ION editor at the address above. Please
       submit articles such as, Best Tips for Membership, Success stories, Topics for
       discussion and interesting speakers.

In a recent Chapter and Council teleconference, I was asked about the possibility of
councils being able to enter CPE for chapter members attending council seminars. This
has now been accomplished and council officers may enter CPE for council sponsored
events for chapter members attending.
The officers just have to select “Council” on the drop down menu asking for the event
type. This will permit CPE credit to be entered and credited to the chapter of the member

The Taipei Chapter of IMA is seeking assistance with CPE program development for its
members and those who are certified in Taiwan. Presently, there are 289 IMA members
in Taiwan with 30 CMAs and 23 CFMs. If you have a 4 or 8 hour CPE session which
you would be willing to share with the Taipei Chapter, please contact Jeff Albrechtson at or you may contact me. Thank you for your willingness to help
other IMA members who are seeking assistance.

The IMA Group Insurance Plan Administrator (Marsh) Customer Service contact
info is contained below. Please note and notify your chapter members.
     Auto and Homeowners:         1-800-225-8285
     Group Term Life:             1-800-225-6758
     Small Business Plan:         1-800-321-1998
     Prescription Plan:           1-800-770-8014
     All other plans:             1-800-448-3436
If you or a member in your region experiences any difficulty or delay in obtaining a
response to your inquiry from the Insurance Plan Administrator at Marsh, please
contact Gloria Weingartner, Supervisor, Operations Support for IMA at

In November, the IMA Board of Directors attended meetings in San Antonio. They had
sessions on ethics and governance of the IMA. The meeting also included a review of
committee reports, financial information on the IMA and a presentation by our Interim
Executive Director, Paul Sharman.

What are the purposes of chapters? The Brevard, FL. Chapter ran this article in their
current newsletter. “Local chapters are the basic foundation of the IMA. Chapters
provide the focus for members to achieve both personal and professional growth in an
informal atmosphere.
Professional Education programs bring together professionals for opportunities to
maintain and enhance their knowledge and competence in management accounting,
financial management and other closely related fields. In addition, these meetings help
develop close personal relationships between members which can lead to a network of
first-class, no fee consultants who are as near as the telephone.
Board service as a chapter officer and director is a training program to learn management
skills while serving the general membership. Officers and directors gain hands-on
experience in general management. Supervision, public speaking, sales, and getting
things done while leading or participating on a working team.”

The 86th Annual IMA Conference and Exposition will be held in Boston, MA from June
18 – 22. The theme will be “Building Value from the Inside: Navigating our Role.”
Programming is currently underway. Some of the topics will include: Strategic
Foundations: Business Analytics and Performance Management; Cost and Performance
Operations Methodologies; Technology and Technical Skills; Accounting and Financial
Reporting Updates. Rick Thompson and his team have worked diligently to provide us
with current and useful topics. Plan to join us in Boston. Family tours are being
reintroduced and Boston is a fun and interesting place to visit.
There will also be two morning sessions devoted to chapters and councils, as we have in
the past. What topics would you like to have covered in these sessions for chapters and
councils? Let me know your thoughts.

Marketing flyers have been added to the Chapter Management Tools section of the IMA
website. This will provide you access to the latest marketing materials to help you
promote IMA to prospective members. The link is:

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chapter or council use some of these?)
Council presidents, do your chapters know what your mission is and what you do? The
Florida Council recently published for their chapters their Mission Statement, which
chapters comprise the council and their history. This should help their chapters
understand the council functions. Helen Kramer, National VP for the Council, wrote the
article for the council.
Several chapters are using monthly meetings to keep members informed of current events
and future plans within their city or county by featuring mayors or other civic leaders as
their speaker. The Lake Superior Chapter, Tom Samson, President, is one of a
number of chapters who started their chapter year with this type of community
This chapter also stated the goals for the 2004 – 2005 chapter year as:
Improving the quality of technical meetings; Improving communications with members;
Establishing relationships with local corporations and educational institutions and
Encouraging members to achieve educational and certification goals.
The Charlotte, NC Chapter is replacing their normal dinner meeting with a
“Networking Event.” The price of admission will be $5.00 or food to benefit a local food
bank to help those in need. The Boulder Valley Chapter, Steve Harris, President, had
a similar community service project. The Catawba Valley Chapter, Jennifer Hughes,
President, is collecting coats and canned goods for families in need.
The Spokane Chapter President, David Stark, stated in his chapter newsletter that he
recently had to make a tough decision in the workplace. He based his decision on the
IMA Code of Ethics and urged other members to consider their ethics training and the
IMA to guide them when they have to make similar decisions.
The Austin Area Chapter, Lezley MacDonald, President, is being revived thanks to
efforts by the Texas Council and a group of local IMA members, including Bud Kulesza.
Thanks to all for your efforts. By the way, Lezley and Paul Sharman share a common
denominator: both are natives of Canada. We truly are becoming an international
organization. New international chapters are being established on a regular basis.
The East Cleveland Chapter, Sandy Brenner, President, has introduced “Mr.
Gladhand” to their meetings. The 6th member shaking Mr. Gladhand’s hand at a chapter
meeting receives a prize. This chapter furnished volunteers to a local food bank in
November to package food products for those in need.
The Dayton Chapter, Paul Myers, President, is offering, on a regular basis, a series of
half-day professional development seminars. This chapter also offers free tapes of the
seminars offered at the IMA’s National Conference in Chicago. This helps the members
by providing them free CPE.
The Spartanburg Area Chapter, Peggy Reeves, President, is hosting a Past President’s
Night in December. The members are invited to invite their spouse, an old friend and a
prospective member.
The Spartanburg Area Chapter is also using their newsletter to make corrections and
additions to member information for their chapter roster so that it contains the latest
information and remains current and useful.
The Syracuse Chapter, Jill Knittel, President, recently had a chapter meeting dedicated
to “Bring Your Boss to IMA Day”. They also provided a discounted meal rate for guest.
This chapter also had a successful Student Night in October when they had 90 students
and faculty from 8 local colleges and universities. They also had 40 members
The Mid-Atlantic Council, Dennis Adams, President, urged his council and chapters to
“build quality in” to their operations, stress increasing members in chapters, support
chapter operations, improve and expand the Leadership Training Sessions (LTS) and
improve communications and networking within the council.
The Fox River Chapter, Michael Duff, President, has suggested that all board
members select a college and visit the student chapter. The board member would also
invite the students to attend the chapter technical sessions and board meetings.

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Does education provided by the LLC qualify as IMA sponsored CPE? On page 10 of the
Competition and Compensation Guide, it states that LLC education qualifies as IMA
sponsored and therefore qualifies for compensation. These hours have to be
entered/submitted by the chapters in the same manner as chapter CPE.

When is the deadline for IMA email blasts for December? The December email blast will
go out on December 17. Your information for email blasts need to be sent to Jason
Gellman ( by Dec. 12.
Someone from the Board told me that there were some $2,000.00 grants available for
chapters to be used for innovative purposes. Can you tell me about this? The Memorial
Education Fund has established $20,000.00 for ten grants of $2,000.00 each to be
awarded to chapters for proposals to be submitted. The Member Services Committee,
Kris Brands, Chair, is working on establishing applications for these funds. As soon as
this process is completed, chapters will be notified so you can apply for one of these
How effective is teleconference participation with you and the councils? I have
participated in a number of teleconferences with councils and chapter boards and the
response has been positive. Some councils are also teleconferencing with their members
who can not personally attend. If you are interested, IMA has a teleconferencing service
available to you at a discounted rate. You may contact Susan Bender at 1-800-638-4427,
ext. 1543 to establish this service.

What are the criteria for the Chapter Website Awards? IMA’s IT staff performs the
evaluations. Each judge individually performed a site review of all live sites in both the
Stevenson and Warner Divisions. From these site reviews, sites deemed worthy of
nomination were identified on the basis of content, structure and navigation, visual
design, functionally and overall experience. Each judge then evaluated their own
nominees to select a top 3. Each judge then brought in their top three and had to support
their choices in open discussions. Upon completion of this process, a final vote was
taken of all judges to identify each winner in each division.

How does my chapter increase attendance at meetings? The Virginia Skyline Chapter,
Rick Galway, President, believes that the incentives of bringing a potential member to
dinner free of charge along with gift promotions has contributed to a noticeable increase
in chapter meeting attendance.

When are manuscripts due for submission? Manuscripts are due to Strategic Finance
magazine by April 26. Manuscripts received after that date will not be eligible for
chapter competition points.

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In 2005, we will be in Boston, MA. from June 18 – 22 at the Marriott & Westin Copley,
110 Huntington Avenue, in Boston for our National Conference.

In 2006, the National Conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Billie Drake and
John Campbell have been named Operations Co-chairs for this conference. The site will
be the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino, 3700 Flamingo.
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January 8, 2005
The Executive Committee and Nominating Committee will meet at the Doubletree La
Posada Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.

January 9, 2005
The Nominating Committee will meet at the Doubletree La Posada Resort in Scottsdale,

February 19, 2005
The Board of Directors meeting will be at the Wyndham Miami Hotel, Miami, FL.

March 18 – 20, 2005
The location for the National Committee meeting is the Doubletree Hotel, 300 Canal
Street in New Orleans, LA. Most committees will meet on Saturday.

June 18, 2005
The National Board of Directors will meet at the Marriott Copley Place & Westin
Copley, 110 Huntington Avenue in Boston, MA. The hotel cutoff date is May 25, 2005
to obtain the IMA rate.
For hotel information and rates, go to here.

July 15 – 17, 2005
Director Training will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

August 5 – 7, 2005
National committee meetings will be held at the Nikko Hotel, 222 Mason Street, San
Francisco, CA.

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Is information on your council’s meetings or educational offerings contained on the IMA
website? Could this be an additional source of information for your members? Click on:
If you would like to have me participate in your council meetings via teleconferencing,
please let me know.

The Texas Council will meet on January 22 in Austin, TX at the Lost Creek Country
Club. Cost is $20 a person for breakfast and lunch. Contact Bud Kulesza at for more information.

The Mid Atlantic Council has scheduled the following 8 hour CPE conference for the
remainder of 2004:
December 10 – King of Prussia
Contact Steve Rossi for more information at , or (610) 644-5905.
The MAC Board will meet at the Inn of Chester Springs, Lionsville, PA on October 28,
January 27 and April 28 at 6:30 p.m.

The Pacific Northwest Council’s scheduled meetings are:
February 10, 2005 – meet in conjunction with the REST in Reno.
April 30, 2005 – Seattle, with a morning seminar. The meeting will be held at the
Courtyard by Marriott at SeaTac Area.

The Northeast Regional Council will host the following meetings:
March 19, 2005 – Council will meet at UMASS Medical Center
April 30, 2005 – Council will host a Leadership Training Session at the University of
The Northeast Regional Council will host the National Conference in Boston from June
18 – 22, 2005.

The Potomac and Chesapeake Council scheduled meetings are:
January 22, 2005 and
April 23, 2005.
These meetings will be held at Capron Inc. in Rockville, MD. Contact Pat Martin
( for more details.

The Lincoln Trail Regional Council scheduled meetings are:
February 5 at the Blue Grass Chapter and April 22 in Indianapolis.
April 23, 2005 will be the Council’s Leadership Training Session (LTS).

The Ohio Council’s scheduled meetings are:
January 27th, 2005 (Thursday) in Columbus, OH
May 13th, 2005 (Friday) in Columbus, OH
May 14th, 2005 (Saturday) in Columbus, OH the council will hold a Leadership Training
Conference. It is titled “Sporting” Leadership Workshop in the spirit of the Annual
Conference in Boston. {Home of the Baseball World Champions)

The Mid-America Council’s scheduled meetings are:
January 29, 2005, in Montgomery, IL at the Dial Corporation, 9:00 a.m.

The Wild West Council will meet:
January 15, 2005, the council will meet in Carlsbad, CA. The meeting will be held at the
Calloway Golf headquarters in the Eagle/Birdie Training Room. Discounts on golf
equipment, Kyle? Contact Pem Smith at for more information.
April 23, 2005, the council will host a Leadership Training Session in Los Vegas, NV,
site of our 2006 National Conference.

The Gulf South Council will meet:
February 26, 2005 at the Radisson Suite Hotel, 6000 Memorial Parkway South in
Huntsville, AL. They will also host a student meeting. On Friday night, they will host a
social and dinner. Contact Robin Mangham at (205) 242 – 9982 for more details.
May 14, 2005 at the Hampton Inn on Pensacola Beach, FL.

The Michigan Council will meet:
December 2 at the LaSenorita Restaurant in East Lansing.
March 3, 2005 at the LaSenorita Restaurant in East Lansing.
Please contact Susan Crane for more information.

The Golden West Council will meet:
February 5, 2005 in Sacramento, CA from 10:00 a.m. until noon.
May 7, 2005 in Pleasanton, CA. The Leadership Training Session will be held from 9:00
am until noon. The council meeting will start at 1:00 pm and last until 3:00 pm

The Carolinas Council will meet:
February 26, 2005 in Florence, SC
April 30, 2005 in North Myrtle Beach, SC

The New Jersey Council will meet on December 2 at the IMA building in Montvale.
They will receive a tour of the building and then hold their regular meeting.

The Upstate New York Council will meet on:
January 15, 2005
March 19, 2005
April 16, 2005 – Leadership Training Sessions
All meetings will be held at the Canandaigua Inn on the Lake, NY

The Northern Lights Council will meet on:
February 12, 2005. Location to be determined. The council subtopic will be
“Professional Development.
April 22, 2005 at Land O’Lakes for their Leadership Training Sessions. The council will
also meet and discuss Leadership.

The Birmingham Chapter is offering an 8 hour seminar on Detecting and Preventing
Computer Fraud on December 2. The cost is $189, including materials, breakfast and
lunch. The course will be held at the Hampton Inn Colonnade in Birmingham, AL.

The San Gabriel Valley Chapter is offering a seminar on “QuickBooks 2004” for
December 11. This is a technical learning session. Contact Eliot Ullman at if you are interested.
The Reading Chapter is co-hosting their 33rd Annual Tax Conference on December 16
at the Inn at Reading, Wyomissing, PA. This 8 hour CPE seminar costs $125.00 for IMA

On February 25, 2005, the Gulf South Council will offer a PD session at the Radisson
Suite Hotel in Huntsville, AL. The topic will be on “Fraud.”
On May 13, a PD session will be offered at the Hampton Inn at Pensacola Beach, FL.
Contact Robin Mangham at for more information.

The Pacific Northwest Council is co-sponsoring 20 hours of CPE with the Golden West
Council. This seminar is called “REST” and is scheduled for Feb. 10 – 12, 2005. The
location will be the Peppermill Casino Resort Hotel in Reno, NV.

The Carolinas Council will host a two day Spring Accounting Conference on April 28 –
29, 2005. In addition to timely and pertinent education for all accounting professionals,
the conference is held at a beach resort so you can combine professional education for
yourself and beach time for yourself and your family. Contact Robyn Verdery at for more details.
This council is also offering an 8 hour seminar in Florence, SC on February 25.

The Ohio Council will host their annual Kent State Seminar on Friday, April 29th, 2005
at Kent State University.

The Lincoln Trail Council will host a PD seminar on May 16, 2005. It will be held at
the Ritz Charles in Indianapolis, IN.

Send me information on your chapter or councils review courses for inclusion in the
Priscilla Payne, Vice President, Certification and Examinations for the IMA is
offering to list chapter and council CMA/CFM review courses in the Certification
Section of the IMA website. You will need to provide the name, location, dates and
contact information.
If you would like more information on the CMA certification, go to the IMA website
( and click on Certification.

St Joseph Pony Express Chapter
This St. Joseph Pony Express Chapter has an on-going review course. You may join at
anytime and when the course is completed, it begins again so you will be able to attend a
full course regardless of the date you started. The cost is $150.00 for all five parts,
including books and study materials. For more information, call Jerry Jensen at 816-236-

South Central Indiana Chapter
The South Central Indiana Chapter is offering a CMA Review Course beginning in
September 2004 and continuing through to May 2005. If you are interested, please
contact Carri Crane at

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The Tulsa Chapter, Michael Turner, President, featured the following quotes in their
“Never mistake motion for action.” Ernest Hemingway
“An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it
occupied.” Arnold Glasnow.

It has been my pleasure to participate in a number of council and chapter board meetings
through teleconference calls. If you would like me to participate in your chapter or
council activities via teleconference, please contact me. The information is below.

Correspondence can be addressed to:
       Kinsey Jenkins, Jr.
       Chapter and Council Services
       Institute of Management Accountants
       P.O. Box 211303
       Columbia, SC 29221
       Telephone:     1-800-638-4427, ext. 1580

This monthly newsletter is intended to serve as a communications tool between Chapter
and Council Services staff and you as council and chapter officers. It is designed to
provide you with useful information and to share what other chapters and councils are
doing. Please contact me with any suggestions for improvements, comments or with
items you would like to see added.
This newsletter is also provided to the IMA’s Executive Committee, the Members
Service Committee and other members who have requested to be placed on the email list.

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