Using Innovation for competitive Advantage

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 Using Innovation for competitive Advantage
carrier is the world leader in providing air conditioning, heating and refrigeration solutions. the Resi­
dential and Light commercial International (RLcI) emeA division wanted to work on its innovation
capabilities in order to gain competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market in europe.
mce (management centre europe) helped put together a program.

                                                  1 | The Challenge                                 3 | Results and Benefits
                                                  The residential and light commercial              The workshop was a success, with almost
                                                  air conditioning market in Europe has             all participants feeling it was relevant to
                                                  evolved significantly in recent years. As         their organization’s needs. It provided a
                                                  John Vernon, President of Carrier RLCI            set of tools and techniques to identify op-
                                                  EMEA describes ‘Not only is technology            portunities for innovation, and provided a
                                                  evolving quickly but also our customers’          common understanding to create new in-
                                                  needs are changing. We need to continue           novation processes within the company.
                                                  improving our capabilities to anticipate
                                                  those changes and innovate where it adds          For innovation to pay off, it has to create
                                                  most value to our customers.’                     value for the customer. Just as R&D teams
                                                                                                    need a better understanding of the cus-
                                                  The RLCI EMEA division wanted to focus            tomers, marketing and commercial teams
                                                  efforts on:                                       should be better informed about tech-
                                                  •	where	to	innovate                               nology and business issues. Structurally
                                                  •	how	to	spread	out	a	structured	innova-          combining customer insight and market
                                                    tion culture                                    foresight sets the foundation for success-
                                                  •	how	to	build	a	long-term	effective	proc-        ful innovation.
                                                    ess to get new ideas happening

                                                  2 | Development and Solution
                                                  Together with the senior management
                                                  team at Carrier, MCE developed a Custom-
                                                  er Specific Solution based on the business         ABouT CARRIER CoRP.
                                                  reality of Carrier. The purpose of the inter-
‘…the workshop has also helped rein-              active workshop was to:                            Carrier Corp., headquartered in Farm-
force the idea that innovation is not asso-       •	 develop	 a	 common	 understanding	 of	          ington, Connecticut, uSA, is the
ciated strictly with product development.            innovation                                      world’s largest provider of heating,
As illustrated by a number of the ideas           •	explore	innovation	roads	and	define	the	         air-conditioning and refrigeration solu-
brought up during the sessions, there are            innovation focus                                tions. With 2006 revenues of $13.5 bil-
                                                                                                     lion, Carrier has approximately 41,000
opportunities to gain competitive advan-          •	 integrate	 an	 innovation	 process	 in	 the	
                                                                                                     employees worldwide and operations
tage through innovation in non-product               business strategy and align it with ex-
                                                                                                     in more than 170 countries. Carrier is
areas of our business.’                              isting processes and strategy                   part of united Technologies Corp., a
                                                                                                     Hartford, Connecticut-based provider
John Vernon, President of carrier RLcI emeA       The sessions were practical and inter ac-          of products and services to the aero-
                                                  tive, with group discussion, peer ex-              space and building systems industries
                                                  change, and case studies. Participants from        worldwide.
                                                  several countries in Europe with different
                                                  backgrounds, from Marketing and Sales to           For more information,
  Customised solutions
                                                  Engineering or General Management, ef-             visit
  For further information and enquiries,
                                                  fectively applied specific tools and proc-
  contact our Director of customer spe­
                                                  esses, including:
  cific solutions, Patrick Faniel and let us
                                                  •	how	to	identify	specific	innovation	op-
  show you how we can put together and
                                                     portunities through an innovation as-
  roll out a programme that answers your
                                                     sessment approach
  specific needs.
                                                   •	identifying	and	assessing	industry	
                                                     trends and expected business impact
  Director customer specific solutions
                                                   •	how	to	anticipate	customer	needs	and	
  +32 2 543 21 20
                                                     identify innovative solutions
  or email:
                                                   •	assessing	impact	and	requirements	of	
                                                     specific innovation initiatives.

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